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Hanlon Hill Cemetery

Ridgebury Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Read by Charlotte Stevens, Marolyn Cole, Pat Raymond  - September  1999

Typed by Pat Raymond

Photos by Joyce M. Tice  April 13, 1998

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Name of Cemetery:    Hanlon Hill, Ridgebury Twp.
Read By:  Charlotte Stevens, Marolyn Cole, Pat Raymond
Date Read:   September 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Turn in Centerville, PA on Centerville Rd, pass the golf course, turn left on Hanlon Hill Road
Other comments: Well kept, a lot of old, hard to read stones
Comment from JMT - The view from this cemetery is spectacular.
Reed Mary   1821 38 yr  
Rich John Crise Apr.28.1913 Mar.18.1987   U.S. Army WW II Marker & flag
Rightmire Cornelius   Jan.5.1841 58 yr  
Rightmire James G. 1885 1964    
Rightmire Ida M. 1884 1968    
Rightmire DeEtta 1917 1919    
Rightmire Alvin E. 1912 1914    
Rightmire G. Arnold Jan.8.1911 Jun.16.1989    
Rightmire Parcell A. 1914 1996    
Rightmire Sylvia 1916 1981   Same stone as Parcell A.
Rightmire Son   Aug.3.186?    
Rightmire Samuel J. Mar.21.1807 Jan.17.1845    
Rightmire James   Oct.8.1858   Reading questionable
Rightmire G.  1845 1924    
Rightmire Ellen 1852 1908    
Rightmire Cornea   Sep.10.1829   d/o ????
Roberts Sarah Dec.1.1811 Jan.3.1899   w/o Robert Porter Casada
Root Joel S. Jan.9.1847 Jan.19.1884    
Rosekrans Alvie 1901 1983    
Rosekrans Loretta 1901 1988    
Ryon Polly Dunn   Oct.23.185?   w/o Sturgis Squires
Samchisen William 1914 1990    
Samchisen Barbara L. 1926      
Samchisen Paul John 1953 1995    
Samchisen Lori Jo 1963      
Schaub Oscar 1884 1973    
Schaub Louise M. 1903 1987    
Scoza William J. Jul.2.1912 Oct.28.1987    
Seeley Betsey A. 1847 1905 91 yr  
Seeley Hannah Ann   Sep.3.1880 72-7-9  
Seeley Catherine Emily   May 11.1891 72 yr d/o Wm. & Fanny
Seeley William    186?   Stone broken
Seeley Fanny   May 12.1851 64-11-2 w/o William 
Seeley Hannah Ann   Sep.26.1849 9m 9da  
Seeley James 1823 1884    
Seeley Anginette 1827 1900   w/o James
Seeley Isaac       s/o James & Anginette (?) GAR Marker
Seeley Sally Ann   Feb.22.1866 53-2-2 w/o John F.
Seeley John F.   Jul.2.1888 81-10-14  
Simmons Harry Roe   Aug.12.1880 1-0-3 s/o Frank & Elma Simmons
Sinko B. Aeta 1911 1997    
Smith Henry   1875 71 yr  
Smith Sarah   1875 69 yr w/o Henry
Smith E. Marie 1896 1928    
Smith Mary Elizabeth 1916 1999   No stone-Funeral Home marker
Smith Cora E. 1882 1892    
Smith John F. 1870 1894    
Smith Linus H. 1879 1901    
Smith Permelia   Jan.21.1853 22-11-21 w/o L. Smith
Smith George W.   Mar.11.1860 2-7-2 s/o L. & M.J. Smith
Smith William W.   Jul.14.1856 7-3-2 s/o L.D. & Polly Smith
South Anna   Feb.20.1848 55 yr. w/o Daniel 
Squire  Franklin T.   Jul.21.1853 9-7-21 s/o Reuben & Eveline Squire
Squire Sarah May 18.1846 Jan.2.1884   w/o J. Root
Squires Elmira E. Jun.22.1840 Aug.16.1910   w/o H. N. Gridley
Squires Daniel   1848 55 yr.  
Squires Anna        
Squires Reuben   Nov.18.1874 54y 26da  
Squires Eveline M. Aug.16.18??      
Squires Sturgis   Aug.7.1879 87-9-11 1812 War Vet
Squires Amsy   1886 70 yr Civil War Vet GAR
Squires Roger R. Jul.24.1946 Apr.30.1998   Vietnam 1964-1975 Marker & flag--2 Stones for Roger
Squires Joyce A. Freeman Feb.28.1950     m.Apr.24, 1971--Children:Maria E. 1971 & David R. 1975
Squires Willie F.   Mar.12.1891 2-5-7  
Squires Child   1896   c/o T.C. & F.A. Squires (Stone broken)
Squires Florence B.   Apr.26.1888 18-6-16  
Squires Juliaette   Jul.1881 12-6-21  
Squires J. Lewis   May.8.1889 14y 7mo  
Stevens Eliel   May 30.1854 69y 9m  
Stevens Catherine   Jul.17.1852 66-11-18 w/o Eliel 
Stevens Richard   Oct.22.1849 18-3-3 s/o Eliel & Catherine
Stevens Maria   Oct.8.1873 55-2-13 w/o William 
Stevens Daughter   Oct.25.1862 15-2-0 d/o William & Maria
Stevens Sarah 1830 1910    
Stevens Jacob 1826 1904    
Stirton LaRue A. 1900 1962    
Stirton Inez B. 1898 1970    
Strait Leroy "Bick" Apr.23.1936 Mar.14.1996    
Strait Betty J. May 13.1950     m. Aug.2, 1969
Sydney Algernon 1853 1918    
Sydney Margaret Griswold 1861 1928   w/o Algernon
Tice Katherine Ruth Mar.16.1947 Sep.5.1990   and pal Rudy
Trexler N. "Bette" Apr.27.1922 Sep.5.1992   "Waiting for Jesus"
VanBuskirk Julia    1858 37 yr w/o Sylvanus
VanBuskirk Adelia       d/o Sylvanus & Julia
VanBuskirk David   Jan.17.1847 1 yr s/o Sylvanus - Age Unreadable
VanBuskirk Mary   1881 39 yr w/o William Halstead
Warren Robert F. Sr. Jan.3.1935      
Warren Margery J. Sep.22.1942     m. Oct. 12, 1962
Watkins Frank G. Mar.5.1925 Jul.25.1985   PFC U.S. Army WW II
Webb Anson   1861 60 yr  
Webb Elvira   Mar.8.1889 85 yr w/o Anson
Webb Sally Ann   May 10.1861 31-2-13 d/o Anson & Elvira Webb
Webb David   Jun.19.1854 9y 13d s/o Anson & Elvira Webb
Weeks Elisha   Jan.3.1850 20y 15d s/o Jacob & Hannah
Weeks  Permelia       d/o ???? Weeks (?)
Weeks Amy 1821 1891   w/o Charles
West Natalia M. Nov.27.1917 Feb.19.1977    
West Martin P. Nov.27.1952 Feb.18.1976    
Westbook Betsey A. 1818 1896    
Westbook Charles 1817 1900    
White Caroline 1850 1889    
Williams Daniel   Feb.10.1846 65-3-18  
Wood Eliza Jun.25.1800 Aug.28.1883    
Wood Christa A. 1810 1864    
Wood James T. 1806 1884    
Wood Margaret J.   Jul.31.1901 6-3-0 d/o Frank & Mary
Wright Phoebe E. Feb.12.1834 Jun.23.1857   w/o Edward F. Hanlon
Wright Martin M. 1828 1907    
Wright  Elizabeth 1832 1900   w/o Martin
Wright Frances J. 1857 1858   d/o Martin & Elizabeth Wright
  Father 1836 1903   Near Peterson
  Susie       Near John Hanlon
  Jennie       Near John Hanlon
  Jeanette   1882 70 yr w/o Joel Peterson??
  Kittie A.        
  Margaret   1876 48 yr  
  Mahalah 1819 1888    
  Sarah J.       d/o ?? & Mary - Rest unreadable
Chamberlain Sherri L. Warren Aug.8.1958 Aug.22.1991   "In Memory of Sherri L. Warren Chamberlain & Gregory Ray Inman Murdered Aug.22, 1991"
Inman Gregory Ray Oct.7.1948 Aug.22.1991   Vietnam marker 1964-75

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/21/99
By Joyce M. Tice