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Hanlon Hill Cemetery

Ridgebury Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Read by Charlotte Stevens, Marolyn Cole, Pat Raymond  - September  1999

Typed by Pat Raymond

Photos by Joyce M. Tice  April 13, 1998

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Name of Cemetery:    Hanlon Hill, Ridgebury Twp.
Read By:  Charlotte Stevens, Marolyn Cole, Pat Raymond
Date Read:   September 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Turn in Centerville, PA on Centerville Rd, pass the golf course, turn left on Hanlon Hill Road
Other comments: Well kept, a lot of old, hard to read stones
Comment from JMT - The view from this cemetery is spectacular.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Allen Hattie S.   Feb.26.1807   d/o ?? (Reading questionable)
Anderson Robert G. Apr.21.1942 Sep.15.1994    
Anderson Beverly J. Aug.6.1948      
Barnhart John   Sep.28.1851 66 yr  
Barnhart Polly Dunn   Nov.22.1881 81 yr w/o John 
Baxter S.S. 1838 1914    
Baxter Hattie 1854 1923   w/o S.S.
Baxter Adelia M. Mar.1.1875 Mar.9.1891   d/o S.S. & Hattie E.
Benjamin Lois Jean Perry Oct.5.1958 Apr.19.1984    
Boughton Harry M. 1875 1932   "Father"
Boughton Adele E. Hanlon 1883 1967    
Brink Minnie 1869 1942    
Brink Fred 1870 1940    
Brown Rev. Walter   Mar.5.1842 51 yr  
Brown Richard Marvin 1921 1990    
Brown Margarete 1921 1992    
Burnham Theodore 1843 1930 70 yr  
Burnham Asahel R. 1838 1927    
Burnham Elizabeth C. 1856 1921    
Burnham George I. 1836 1927    
Burnham Rachel 1843 1930    
Burnham Mahalia 1811 1902    
Burnham Perrin   1890 82 yr  
Burnham Ida A.       Rest unreadable
Burnham George I. 1836 1927    
Burnham Harriet Comfort 1841 1920   Same stone as George
Burnham Perrin W.   Jan.1.1890 82 yr  
Burnham Mahalia M. 1811 1902   w/o Perrin W. Same stone as Perrin W.
Burnham Theodore M. 1843 1930   Same stone as Perrin W.
Burnham Rachel Brown 1840 1927   w/o Theodore M. Same stone as Perrin W.
Burnham Robert 1888 1911    
Burnham Anna H. 1886 1897    
Burnham Mable 1892 1895    
Burnham Mattie 1892 1893    
Burt Harry A. 1939 1988    
Butler Marjorie E. Jan.1.1930      
Butler James F. Feb.5.1920 Aug.26.1989   WW Marker w/flag 1941-45
Cain Jennie   May 14.1867   d/o C.H. & E. L. Cain
Carr Mills   Apr.1.1885 79 yr  
Carr George S.       Co. L 161 Regt. N.Y. Vol. GAR Marker
Carr Charles    Oct.10.????   Can't read year
Carr Elmo Burton 1911      
Carr Charles Steven 1913 1914    
Carr John   Aug.7.1884 44 yr  
Casada Robert Porter May 29.1813 Jan.8.1887    
Casada Sarah Roberts 1811 1899    
Caulkins Roswell Oct.10.1812 Feb.15.1849    
Caulkins Anna Stevens Jan.29.1811 Sep.21.1895    
Caulkins Catherine M. May 26.1835 Sep.27.1899   w/o Edward Hanlon
Caulkins James H. May 18.1846 Aug.28.1848   s/o R.H. & A. Caulkins
Coleman Iona J. Jul.18.1929      
Coleman George A. Sr. Dec.21.1928 Oct.6.1997    
Coleman Nannette N. Feb.27.1936 May 22.1997    
Comfort Harriet 1841 1920    
Cook Hattie Brink 1899 1901   Cook, Hattie, Clara & Harry - Same Stone
Cook Clara B. 1892 1958    
Cook Harry L. 1885 1962    
Cowles Mabel L. Smith 1904 1990    
Cragle Seth D. Jul.19.1925 Apr.26.1975    
Dailey Virginia M. 1905 1963    
Darling Lucinda Feb.14.1800 Apr.2.1879   w/o Willis Nichols
Davidson Joseph   Aug.7.1890 67 yr Veteran GAR Marker
Davidson Jeremiah Dec.26.1812 Feb.27.1847    
Davidson Sally C. Feb.12.1811 Aug.3.1863   w/o Jeremiah
Davidson T. B. 1827 1897    
Davidson Elizabeth  1834 1908   w/o T. B. Davidson
Davidson Joseph   Dec.19.1874 2-1-11 s/o J. B. & A. Davidson
Davidson Anna Maria Feb.29.1836     d/o J. & S. Davidson
Davidson Infant son       s/o J. & S. Davison
Decker Mary Belle Jun.28.1799 Aug.28.1861    
Decker Thomas 1817 1892    
Decker Mary  1827 1895    
Decker Thomas 1817 1892    
Decker Mary 1827 1895    
Decker Delphine 1846 1927   w/o George Halstead
Dickerson Dan   Dec.24.1846 43-4-5  
Dickerson Lydia M.   Nov.30.1847 41-7-28 w/o Dan
Dickerson Permelia   Apr.2.1858 24 yr w/o William (Questionable reading)
Dickerson     Nov.5.1866 10-6-27 d/o Hiram & Permelia-First name unreadable
DuVall Virgil W. 1919 1991    
DuVall Dorothy P. 1917      
Forsey Mary F. 1909 1995    
Forsey William 1901 1980    
Freeman Geraldine 1912      
Freeman Howard L. 1907 1989   WW II 1941-45 - Marker & flag.
Frisbie Deloris D. DuVall Jun.18.1941 Oct.21.1981   Death due to cancer
Garrison William J. 1900 1973    
Garrison Violet L.        
Gilbert Lena B. 1884 1966    
Gilbert Charles G. 1879 1960    
Goodrich Emory F. Feb.4.1929 Nov.7.1998    
Goodrich Hannah E. Feb.6.1938     married July 27, 1974
Goodrich Emory D. 1907 1987   US Marker & flag
Goodrich Mildred 1905 1978    
Gorden Eliza Ann   Jul.4.1845 29-7-6 w/o Joseph Gorden
Green Anna    May 18.1855 68 yr  
Green Samuel May 19.1820 Aug.30.1882    
Griswold Burt H. 1852 1895    
Griswold Adelbert   Aug.7.1885 30-9-5  
Griswold Cressy E. 1880 1899   Same stone as Adelbert
Griswold Wallace M.   Apr.13.1876 30-2-8  
Griswold Nancy Hewitt   Feb.17.18??   w/o Elisha
Griswold Elisha       Can't read

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/21/99
By Joyce M. Tice