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by Joyce M. Tice 02 JUNE 2001
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Name of Cemetery: Park Cemetery
Read By: Pat Mott Gobea and Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read: September. 2001
Typed By: Pat Mott Gobea and Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Bradford County, Canton, PA
Other comments: Very Well Maintained
Section 3
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Tears Fred L. Jun.18.1860 Jun.23.1876    
Tears John Apr.25.1817 Jan.27.1890    
Roupp J. C. 1834 1908    
Roupp Catherine Aug.30.1836 Apr.7.1869    
Roupp Adella C. Jul.11.1857 Jul.4.1927    
Irwin Thomas G. Jan.19.1819 Mar.10.1900   Father
Irwin Mary R. Feb.6.1829 Apr.5.1899   Mother - w/o Thomas G.
Willhelm John       Co. K 106 PA Inf. - GAR Marker & flag
Gleason Richard I. 1909 1991    
Gleason Harriett Rury 1870 1935    
Gleason John 1864 1936    
Montanye N. M.  1843 1918   Capt. Co. F 53 Regt. P.V.V. - GAR Marker & flag
Montanye Martha E. 1846 1926   On stone w/N. M. Montanye
  Grace       Side stone matches Montanye stones
Tripp James Arthur Jun.28.1916 Apr.23.1917   s/o Berton & Emma Tripp
Tripp Wm. Jessup 1851 1936    
Tripp Sarah P. 1848 1938   On stone w/Wm. Jessup
Bacon Ruth Melicent Jul.19.1886 Sep.14.1934    
Bacon Howard D. Apr.3.1850 Nov.5.1932    
Bacon Lucy A. Converse Jul.11.1849 Jun.22.1926   w/o H.D. Bacon
Bacon Leon C. Aug.28.1873 Aug.8.1874    
Bacon Alvin G & Mable C       Infants buried in Fair-Haven, Vt.-On stone w/Leon C.
Holford Lydia Watts 1849 1931   Mother
Holford Edward  1852 1931   Father
Bates Lafy 1872 1960    
Bates Bertha 1878 1933   On stone w/Lafy
Bates Clifford H. 1902 1956   s/o L. & B. Bates
Bates Donald K. Mar.4.1900 Feb.26.1915   s/o Lafay & Bertha Bates (NOTE: spelling of Lafy different)
Williams Seth E. 1888 1932    
Williams Sarah Wirth 1887 1951   w/o Seth E. - On same stone
Williams Charles M. 1855 1917    
Williams Belle  1864 1939   On stone w/Charles
Dennison Adelaide Lyon Sep.5.1837 Dec.12.1904   Born in Troy,Pa. - Died in Berlin Germany
Cleveland Jennie Elliott 1859 1925   Beloved wife of Emerson J. Cleveland
Cleveland Emerson J. 1856 1922    
Cleveland Adelle V. 1853 1922    
Cleveland Nancy Theresa Lyon Mar.17.1826 Nov.5.1907   w/o Dr. J. Emory Cleveland- b.Bloomville, NY -d.Canton, Pa.
Cleveland Dr. J. Emory Aug.4.1829 Dec.6.1913   b.Masonville, NY d. Canton, Pa
Cleveland Charles Wesley 1827 1891    
Manley Mary A. 1868 1938    
Manley Jurve R. 1871 1944   On stone w/Mary A.
Wheatley Helen Josephine 1853 1940    
Spaulding Christine D. 1888 1928    
Burt Clyde F. Aug.14.1893 Mar.12.1908    
Burt Ella E. 1853 1943    
Burt Almeron Apr.18.1844 Oct.26.1924    
Burt Charley H. 1872 1943    
Smith Fernando D. 1860 1931    
Smith Frances Gibbon 1863 1913   w/o Fernando
Smith Henrietta 1899 1923    
Woodward Bessie L. 1883 1942    
Smith Sam E. 1885 1960    
Rockwell Clara B. 1887 1944    
Rockwell Harry P. 1871 1943    
Rockwell Melville 1846 1926   Co. H. 15th Reg. NY Eng. - GAR Marker & Flag
Rockwell Margaret McMahan 1848 1926   w/o Melville - Same stone
Foulkrod Floyd W. 1916 1921    
Foulkrod William G. 1888 1965    
Foulkrod Alice E. 1892 1967   On stone w/William G.
Nye Frederick O. 1897 1984    
Nye Beatrice L. 1911 1983   On stone w/Frederick
Biddle Anna C. 1872 1941    
Biddle Arthur E. 1867 1942   On stone w/Anna
Biddle Fidello Sep.5.1842 Nov.9.1913   Co. D. 106 PA Vol - GAR Marker & Flag - Side stone Father
Biddle Fanny C. Jul.20.1845 Dec.8.1920   On stone w/Fidello - Side stone Mother
Owen Wm. D. 1876 1913    
Owen Nellie 1876 1962   On stone w/Wm. D.
Owen Baby Harry   Jul.31.1911 3 mo  
Wheatley Frederick L. 1869 1938    
Wheatley Geraldine Fairchild 1845 1930    
Wheatley William  1842 1920   Co. B. 207th Pa Vol. - GAR Marker & flag
Fox Anna    Apr.19.1876 2y8m?d d/o Harry F. & Mattie (?) Fox 
Snyder (?)   189? 1916 (?)   s/o F.A. & M. A. (?)-Stone in real bad condition
Wheat  Lewis    1871 (?)   Civil War info unreadable - date is best guess-GAR Marker & flag
Wheat Martha  Jul.17.?? Jul.5 ??   w/o Lewis - Same stone 
Wheat Rosaltha (?) D. Jun.8.1841 Jun.10.1891   On stone w/Lewis
Wheat Charles Aug.21.1846 Mar.13.1882   Only s/o Lewis & Maria Wheat - On same stone
  Walter       Side stone 
  Rosaltha        Side stone

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12/24/2002
By Joyce M. Tice