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by Joyce M. Tice 02 JUNE 2001
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Name of Cemetery: Park Cemetery
Read By: Pat Mott Gobea and Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read: September. 2001
Typed By: Pat Mott Gobea and Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Bradford County, Canton, PA
Other comments: Very Well Maintained
Section 3
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Coons A. P. Apr.23.1837 Jan.28.1900   Co. K 50th NY Eng. - GAR Marker & flag
Coons Martha Rockwell 1839 1918   On stone w/A. P.--Woman's Relief Fund Corps Marker
Coons Ruth E. Jun.13.1876 May21.1901   w/o Alfred W. Furman
Coons Samuel Fay 1834 1902   GAR Marker & flag
Coons Fidelia A. 1837 1876   w/o Samuel Fay - On same stone
Coons Philena A 1856 1948    
Coons E. Fay 1879 1945    
Coons Anna M. 1884 1921    
Foulkrod Edward P. Dec.3.1913 Jun.5.2001    
Foulkrod Prudence L. Sep.30.1916 Dec.8.1991   On stone w/Edward
Biddle Ruth 1898 1982    
Biddle Robert 1897 1968   On Stone w/Ruth
Biddle May 1878 1968    
Biddle Bly 1874 1954   On stone w/May
Anderson Robert E. Aug.21.1920 Mar.11.1928   s/o E. H. & G.S.
Anderson Edward H. 1885 1962    
Anderson Grace O. 1883 1974   On stone w/Edward
Owen Fred E. 1864 1936    
Owen Nancy M. Scudder 1863 1919   His wife
Wheatley Florence Josephine 1911 1993    
Wheatley Louise Geraldine 1911 1982    
Wheatley William Hiram 1879 1952    
Wheatley Florence Bacon 1882 1938    
Coons Jessie K. Oct.26.1889 Apr.1.1965    
Coons Howard S. Apr.22.1884 Dec.19.1943    
Coons Polly S. Jul.26.1808 Oct.12.1858   w/o Philip M. Coons
Coons Giles M. Dec.23.1839 Sep.4.1923   106 Reg. Pa Vol. - GAR Marker & flag
Coons Elizabeth  Mar.18.1848 Dec.24.1923   Mother
Coons G. Claude Aug.12.1874 Dec.12.1906    
Coons Frances M. Jan.9.1870 Aug.28.1940    
Hazelton Roswell Amzi 1847 1886    
Hazelton Ida Dartt 1848 1926   On stone w/Roswell
Hazelton Roswell    Mar.31.1886 38 yr Separate stone
Hazelton Ida Dartt   Jul.21.1926 78 yr Separate stone
Baby       No surname - next to Hazelton stones
Dartt Thomas M. Mar.5.1853 Nov.2.1862    
Dartt Clara A. Mar.29.1860 Aug.31.1875    
Dartt Maj. Benj. S. 1826 1886   7th PA Cav.- GAR Marker & Flag
Dartt Achsah Manley 1826 1913    
Knapp Irena Dartt Dec.19.1790 Jul.16.1881   Born at Castleton, Vt. 
Spaulding Aaron N.   Mar.6.1871 16y?m20d  
White Martha Jun.27.1822 Dec.18.1888   w/o Charles (?) White
Manley H. Waldo D.D. Apr.9.1902 Jan.22.1981    
Manley Ebenezer L. Sep.7.1830 Mar.17.1887    
Manley Sarah Elizabeth Apr.1.1833 Jan.1.1914    
Manley Carlton Waldo Jan.31.1874 Jul.19.1952    
Manley H. Josephine Johnson Jun.1.1873 Dec.13.1958   w/o Carlton W. Manley
Lindley Lizzie Ellen Manley Jan.20.1863 Jul.25.1955   w/o Earl S. Lindley
Lindley Earl Sheldon Jun.8.1862 Jul.10.1957    
McClelland Catharine M.   Oct.23.1873 43yr w/o R. W.
McClelland Reuben W. Oct.14.1830 Jul.26.1894   Father
McClelland Patience A. Jan.11.1835 May16.1900   Mother
Smiley Joseph M. 1820 1908   Father
Smiley Clarissa W. 1820 1902   Mother
Smiley Mary Adelia   Feb.10.1874 27y12d d/o J.M. & Clarissa Smiley
Musser Emma M. 1865 1938    
Musser John H.   Apr.5.1894 52y6m GAR Marker & flag
Jenkins Lucinda S. 1848 1920    
Jenkins Samuel  1845 1924    
Jenkins Bessie D. 1877 1926    
Jenkins William D. 1874 1927    
Jenkins Elma Marie   Mar.30.1911 2y1m20d d/o W. D. & Bessie Jenkins
Roenitz John E. 1867 1947    
Roenitz Martha T. 1884 1947    
Schmidt H. Belle Carl 1885 1912   w/o A. W. E. Schmidt
Johns Clifford L. Jul.13.1933 Aug.22.1993   A3C US Air Force Korea
Cease Carlyle 1906 1912    
Cease Charles L. 1866 1924    
Jenkins Clark 1853 1934    
Jenkins Caroline H. 1857 1946    
Jenkins Carrie M. 1884 1911   w/o H. Sawyer
Tuck Francis J. 1881 1968    
Tuck Ruth S. 1883 1973   On stone w/Francis
Tuck Catherine M. 1878 1950   Daughters of Francis & Fanny Tuck
Tuck Lilian F. 1883 1957   On stone w/Catherine - d/o Francis & Fanny Tuck
Rea Mabel Tuck 1886 1964   On stone w/Catherine - d/o Francis & Fanny Tuck
Tuck Fanny  Nov.5.1842 Aug.24.1926   w/o Francis Tuck - born at Westburton, Eng
Tuck Francis  Nov.5.1851 Aug.4.1811   born at Cricklade, Wiltshire, Eng
Bates Otto   Dec.3.1895 1y5m14d s/o B.L. & F.B.
Bates Flora B. 1870 1945    
Bates Baron L. 1869 1949   On stone w/Flora
Ayers Dana 1851 1933    
Ayers Grace  1860 1935   On stone w/Dana
Clark Effie May Oct.3.1866 Dec.16.1888    
Clark Little Laurie   Mar.24.1872 2y9m1d On stone w/Effie
Gleason Mabel  Jun.4.1833 Dec.13.1927   On stone w/Effie (On Clark Stone)
Clark Elizabeth M.   May31.1917 76y6m24d On stone w/Effie (On Clark Stone)
Clark B. W.   Aug.28.1879 47y5m5d  
Fitch Horace H.   Oct.28.1872    
Travis Lucy Fitch   Apr.11.1914    
Eberman Fannie E. 1861 1942    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12/24/2002
By Joyce M. Tice