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by Joyce M. Tice 02 JUNE 2001
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Name of Cemetery: Park Cemetery
Read By: Pat Mott Gobea and Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read: September. 2001
Typed By: Pat Mott Gobea and Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Bradford County, Canton, PA
Other comments: Very Well Maintained
Section 3
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Fitch Jennie Landon   Dec.26.1895   d/o Horace & Lucy Fitch
Fitch Hyatt LeRay   Jan.28.1915    
Fitch Baby   1847    
Fitch Baby Vandevere   1883   On stone w/Baby
Vandevere J. Lillian 1885 1957    
Vandevere Clara H. 1855 1948    
Vandevere George W.   May 5.1904    
Smith S. Macy       Sergt. Co. C 106 PA Inf. - GAR Marker
Brann James 1833 1893    
Brann Betsey E. 1830     w/o James
Brann Jamie  1865 1875   On stone w/James & Betsey
  Anna I. H.       Stone broken & repaired on line - Baby
Keeney Hiram Dec.25.1805 Aug.16.1881   GAR Marker & Flag
Keeney Olive Aug.8.1844 Jun.4.1900   On stone w/Hiram-w/o A.A. Dakin
Keeney Ataline May21.1839 Feb.3.1899   On stone w/Hiram-w/o J. B. Butler
Butler J.B. 1838 1916   GAR Marker & Flag
Keeney Narcissa Oct.25.1810 Jun.16.1890   On stone w/Hiram
  Side Stones       MOTHER FATHER
Watts T. Wilson Jul.21.1858 Apr.30.1947    
Watts Elizabeth Apr.7.1860 Apr.11.1912   w/o T. Wilson - On same stone
Murray John J. 1852 1942   Side stone "John"
Murray Sarah C. 1842 1924   w/o John J. - On same stone (side stone "Sarah"
Kiff Delos E. 1873 1944    
Kiff Lucy M 1879 1969    
Strauss Donna Lou Jun.26.1939 Nov.18.1940   "Granddaughter"
Kiff Willie 1861 1944    
Kiff Susanna 1834 1915    
Rundell W. Fay 1874 1965    
Rundell Lura E. 1880 1978    
Rundell Helen L. 1899 1992    
Rundell Anna J. Brooks 1880 1912    
Rundell Ernest B. 1876 1960    
Lee Charles  1844 1905   GAR Marker & Flag
Lee Elnora Rogers 1851      
Patterson Marie Thereze Josine Smits Feb.7.1887 Apr.21.1909   w/o Charles Patterson
Weis Casper H. 1872 1965   See Obit on the Park Cemetery obit pages
Weis Jane Mab 1882 1973   On stone w/Casper - See Obit on the Park Cemetery obit pages
Lawrence Lucy B. Cole 1882 1950    
Cole Lucy A. Spencer Jul.26.1847 Jun.30.1911   w/o L. D. Cole
Cole Lyman D. Jan.1.1842 Mar.10.1919   Co. F 11th Reg. Pa Cav. - GAR Marker & Flag
Rundell Florence Cole 1890 1965    
Cole Bessie M. 1888 1983    
Moody Lewis H. 1863 1927    
Moody Ettie Little 1862 1956    
Moody G. Harold 1887 1958    
Moody Millie May 1880 1967    
Porter Lucinda Horton Little 1836 1907   w/o M. A. Porter
Little Josiah H. 1822 1863   Back of L. Porter's stone Co. - C 171 Reg. P.V.--Buried at Philadelphia-GAR Marker & fla
Saxon Mark May 2.1843 May.1.1889   Pvt. Co. B 84th Pa Vol. - GAR Marker & flag
Saxon Maud Apr.4.1882 May 9.1882   On stone w/Mark
Saxon Harriet E. Apr.23.1883 Jun.22.1887   On stone w/Mark
Saxon Mabel J. Hall Dec.19.1848 Oct.8.1914   w/o Mark Saxon
Saxon Mark Sep.13.1886 Dec.25.1943   US Army WW I - Stone directly in front of other Saxon stones
Saxon Elizabeth Oct.18.1875 12y8m21d d/o Joel & Mary Ann 
Saxon Joel 1820 1890   GAR Marker & flag
Saxon Mary Ann 1834 1908    
Dye L. H. 1858 1916    
Dye Bertha Butler 1863 1924    
Smith Susan A.  1840 1908   On a large Dye marker
Hawthorne Charles Jul.10.1918 Aug.31.1918   s/o C. W. & Laura
Rundell Josephine 1853 1925   w/o D. W. Rundell
Rundell D. W. 1851 1910    
Brooks Perry C. 1841 1927    
Brooks Mary A 1848 1933    
Teeter Flora Hill 1860 1941    
Teeter Chauncey L. 1863 1936   On stone w/Flora
Fletcher Selah C. 1848     Father
Fletcher Carrie C. 1861 1913   Mother
Fletcher William  1898 1903   Son
Fletcher Ruby    Dec.10.1901 20yr d/o ??
Fletcher Howard 1880 1905   Son
Pierce Theodore Oct.9.1839 Feb.1.1911   GAR Marker & Flag
Pierce George C. Feb.12.1849 Dec.9.1909   On stone w/Theodore
Inscho D. J. 1840 1910   Father
Inscho Anna M. 1852 1934   w/o D. J. Inscho
Inscho Frank B. 1878 1947    
Smiley J. Merton 1862 1936   Father
Smiley Cora Haight 1863 1915   Mother
Smiley Clara S. 1893 1986    
Smiley Pauline F. 1902 1973    
Smiley Allen W. 1903 1992    
Drumader Large Monument        
Drumader Jacob H. 1847 1913    
Kelley Ethel Kenyon 1884 1960    
Kelley John Harrison 1884 1933    
Kelley Charles B. 1868 1919    
Kelley Amelia S. 1847 1923   Mother
Kelley Edmund B. 1844 1915   Co. I 12th NY Cav. - GAR Marker & Flag "Father"
Morgan Henry 1833 1914    
Morgan Philena Spencer 1840     w/o Henry
Morgan John 1872 1949   Written on with paint on stone laying flat-
Morgan Virginia W. Oct.9.1921 Jan.17.1995    
Morgan Charles C. Mar.17.1915 May19.1997   Married Aug.28.1939 - On stone w/Virginia
Morgan Charles D. Aug.19.1952   In back of other Morgan stones
Spencer Charles C. Dec.14.1971 Jan.3.1972   In back of other Morgan stones (same stone)
Clark H. Lee 1869 1934    
Clark Ida G. 1867 1947    
Clark Leroy G. Jun.21.1896 Oct.3.1918   In France S.S.U. 525 - WW 1 Marker & Flag
Spencer Henry H. Sep.18.1840 Apr.2.1909   Father -Co. C 106th Reg. PA Vol - GAR Marker & flag
Spencer Marie M. Griffin 1842 1924   Mother
Wright Claude   Nov.29.1896 22y s/o Charles E & Florence A
Brown Edward W 1877 1957    
Brown Florence M. 1870 1951    
Brown Harry O. 1863 1943   On stone w/Florence
Brown Eleanor  1842 1935    
Brown Calvin M. 1834 1908   Co. K 2nd NY Cav. - GAR Marker & flag
Hagar James W. Dec.6.1861 Jan.16.1934    
Hagar Eva S. Aug.6.1863 Sep.3.1945    
Hagar Mabel C. Jul.6.1889 May.12.1912   d/o J.W. & Eva
Sherman Elsie J. Jul.7.1854 Dec.11.1917    
Landon F. Leander L. 1837 1909   Father - Co. C. 106 Regt. P.V. - GAR Marker & flag
Landon Eliza Hackett 1838 1895   Mother
Isaacs Richard 1838 1904    
Isaacs Sarah Davis 1843 1918   w/o Richard Isaacs
Wright W. H. Feb.10.1840 Aug.5.1910    
Wright Clara A. Dec.6.1859 Sep.2.1916   w/o W. H. - On same stone
Landon David S. Mar.2.1802 May12.1880    
Landon Lucy Dec.26.1804 Aug.18.1831   On back of David's stone--w/o David Landon
Landon Fiche Feb.20.1806 Oct.25.1865   Same stone as David-Under Lucy's name - w/o David Landon
Werline David R. Mar.14.1838 Jan.18.1922   Co. C 8th PA Cav.-GAR Marker & flag
Werline Clara E. Jul.11.1851 Jan.15.1923   On stone w/David R.
Werline Charles H. 1877 1945    
Werline Raymond L. 1907 1908   On stone w/Charles
Werline Frances I. 1879 1963   On stone w/Charles
Stull Lotta B. 1871 1907    
Stull Ida B. 1850 1927   Mother
Stull Dayton E. 1835 1907   Father
Collins Allen  1866 1940    
Collins Bertha E. Mar.11.1868 Mar.5.1906   w/o A. Collins
Collins Earl Nov.26.1893 Jul.20.1904   s/o Allen & Bertha

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12/24/2002
By Joyce M. Tice