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by Joyce M. Tice 02 JUNE 2001
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Name of Cemetery:Park Cemetery
Read By: Pat Mott Gobea and Pat Smith Raymond
Typed By:  Pat Mott Gobea and Pat Smith Raymond
Location:  Canton, Bradford Co., PA
Other Comments:  Thanks to Charles Rockwell for his maintence and clearing of the tombstones.
Section 5: This section is on the South side of the cemetery across the road that wraps around the cemetery.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Brown William E. 1881 1960    
  Minnie L. 1878 1958   On marker with William E. Brown
Hibbard Mary L. 1851 1924    
Brown Perley G. 1901 1918    
Brown Verna M. 1903 1918    
Mandeville William E. 1897 1918   Son of A. E. & Mary Mandeville -8th Rec. Co. 553 U.S.N. -WWI Flag
Mandeville A. Eugene 1868 1949   Father
Mandeville Mary W. 1873 1956    
Kellogg John W. 1853 1926    
Kellogg Frances E. 1861 1914    
Webster Elsie K. 1893 1959    
Porter Ellen Tripp 1849 1919    
Porter William E.       Gov't. marker -Co. A 85th NY Inf. -GAR Flag
          Father & Mother stones no names no dates
          Broken field stone
Butt Henry E.   Apr 20 1871   age 2 yrs. 7 mos. 16 days -Son of Charles H. and Mary C.
Lowell Carlos M.   Aug 9 1874   age 8 mos. -Son of Rev. J. V. & Sarah
Wright Angeline 1842 1928    
Wright Merton C. Feb 1 1897   age 55 yrs. 9 mos. 17 days. -12 Reg. NY Vol. Cav. -GAR Flag
Taylor J. W.       Gov. marker -Co. G 93rd PA Inf. -GAR Flag
Taylor Martha A.   May 12 1881   age 36 yrs -Wife of Jonathan W. Taylor
Taylor Frank E.       Marker unreadable
Leonard Laura H. Aug 13 1883 Dec 24 1888    
Leonard Melville C. May 16 1850 Dec 9 1908    
Leonard Fannie S. Apr 8 1880 Oct 30 1883    
Leonard Emma E. 1855 1897    
Wilcox Frances 1861 1897   Wife of Henry R. Wilcox
Wilcox Lee 1884 1889    
Wilcox Anna M. 1926 1927    
  Baby 1892 1892   In Wilcox plot
Wilcox Ira M. 1883 1947    
Mandeville Julia 1841 1920    
          Tool shed
Kniffin Daniel O. 1863 1925   Father
Kniffin Fluella L. 1870 1960   Mother
Kniffin Daniel    1905   Baby son of D. O. & F. L. 
Watts Clyde  1877 1963    
  Margaret M. 1881 1955   On marker with Clyde Watts
Watts Caroline 1844 1906   Mother
Watts Anna 1875 1930    
Watts Theodore 1910 1933    
Allen Floyd C. 1873 1931    
Allen Rose M. 1873 1955    
Allen Laura L. 1903 1918    
Rudy Louise 1894 1918   Wife of H. Rudy
Andrus Roy E. 1899 1918    
Walburn Elton 1872 1927    
Lee Ida Walburn 1874 1937   On marker with Elton Walburn
Shaffer Helen S. 1894 1949    
Andrus Ethen M. 1850 1935    
Pease Sophia F. 1852 1917   His wife -on marker with Ethem M. Andrus
Andrus Mary       On cement vase
Lyle George 1866 1936   Carnegie Lifesaver
Harvey James D.   Jan 4 1921   Pvt. Co. D 23rd Reg. PA Vol. Inf. GAR Flag
Andrus Anna M. Jan 12 1912 Jan 24 1916   Dau. Of Mack & Jennie Andrus
Schooley R. L. 1857 1920   F. L. T. standard
Schooley Frances M. 1865 1939    
Davy Jane 1848 1915   Mother
          The rest of these markers are on the back side across the road and down around a small trail.
Gaines  Daniel   Jan 22 1914 age 69 years  
Hutchison Laverna Francilla   Jul 23 1913 Age 9 mos. 23 days  
Beals  Hannah      age 75 yrs.  Wife of Hiram -Stone broken
Hardy U. W. Jun 18 1816 Feb 13 1885    
Coddington Celia M. 1883 1904   Wife of Elmer Coddington (A tree stump with scroll on top)
Gleason J. D.        
          A flag stone with the J. D. Gleason stone leaning against it.
Walborn Carletta Faith 1942 1944    
Walborn Dorothy E. 1929     May be a death date.
          Spire totally unreadable
Washington Lizzie   Jul 19 1892    
          Marker Unreadable
          Broken marker
  Henry E.   Feb 8 188? age 7 yrs. Son of ?? Rundall
          4 wreaths no markers, 2 with Mother and 2 with Father
Dann Brigham       Gov't. marker -Co. B 20th PA Inf. GAR Flag
Frost Robert   Oct 19 1896  age 60 yrs. GAR Flag

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12/24/2002
By Joyce M. Tice