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Ulster Cemetery, Ulster Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Ulster Cemetery

Ulster Township, Bradford County PA

Read in 1999 by Ken & Kevin Chapman, Charlotte Stevens, Pat Raymond & Marolyn Cole

Photos by Joyce M. Tice August and September 1999

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See also Ulster Catholic Cemetery which adjoins this cemetery
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Name of Cemetery:    Ulster Cemetery
Read By:  Ken & Kevin Chapman, Charlotte Stevens, Pat Raymond & Marolyn Cole
Date Read:   August/September 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  In Ulster, right behind Totem Pole Park
Other comments: Very well kept - Some of the stones in the older section were very difficult to read.
Lamb Albert W. 1905 1974   "Father"
Lamb Adis L. 1906 1950   "Mother"
Lamb Samuel W. 1927 1982    
Lamb Elisabeth Wolff 1892 1975    
Lane William I 1877 1944    
Lane Ruth J. 1883 1967    
Lane Admiral M. 1872      
Lane Carrie E. Davis 1878 1929   w/o Admiral M. Lane (Carrie E. Davis)
Lane Carl R. Apr.10.1907 Oct.2.1983    
Lane Grace Cox Dec.8.1909 Aug.19.1986    
Layman John J. 1860 1932    
Layman Mary A. 1860 1937    
Layman Harry J. 1896 1979    
Layman Lu Ella M. 1897 1975    
Layman William H. 1870 1950    
Layman Mattie L. 1875 1947   w/o William H. Layman
Layman Lenox P. 1903 1931   s/o William H. & Mattie L. Layman
Layman Charles P. 1891 1986    
Layman Lottie M. 1900 1999    
Learn Robert D. 1933      
Learn Shirley A. 1935 1986   Married Sep.18.1965
Lee David        No dates
Lee Lois Kennedy   Nov.8.1945   w/o David (Lois Kennedy)
Lee Gladys Smith Jan.18.1878 Dec.13.1931   Gladys Smith Lee
Leiser Harry W. Aug.10.1910 Sep.6.1984    
Leiser Cecelia E. Apr.11.1928      
Leiser John E. II Nov.5.1944 Apr.1.1991    
Leiser Helen D. Jun.6.1945      
Lenox John S.   Sep.20.1849 7-0-0 s/o John S. & Emily H. Lenox
Lenox Catharine P.   Jan.19.1857 2-5-6 d/o George & Julia Lenox
Lenox James   Mar.11.1853 32-5-7  
Lenox Daniel M.   Dec.12.1871 41-9-16 Co. C 188 Regt. NY Inf. (GAR Marker)
Lenox Daniel Aug.7.1794 Feb.24.1874    
Lenox Betsey Apr.22.1799 Apr.13.1881   w/o Daniel Lenox
Lenox Enie   Nov.23.1866 2-7-18 s/o John & Susan Lenox
Lenox E. P. Feb.9.1841 Mar.15.1904   Co. E 141 Reg. Pa Vol.
Lenox Mary J. Jul.20.1847 Mar.23.1918   w/o E.P. Lenox (Mary J. Templeton)
Lenox Myrtle M. Feb.13.1873 May 13.1895    
Lenox Anna E. Nov.16.1874 Apr.6.1902    
Lenox Mary J. Oct.20.1889 Apr.27.1902    
Lenox Robert S. Jan.17.1868 Aug.6.1907    
Lenox Harrie A. Jul.19.1884 Apr.24.1907    
Lenox Kenneth M. 1938 1942    
Lenox Edward P. Mar.17.1891 Aug.31.1899    
Lenox Leroy K. 1916 1990    
Lenox Ethel Mae 1919 1999   w/o Leroy K. Lenox
Lent Susan Aug.10.1804 Oct.27.1866   w/o Major Lent
Lent T. Fleming 1840 1912   Co F 6 Regt P.R.V.C.
Lent Mary U. 1847 1922    
Lewis Mary   Nov.1.1869 45-10-11 w/o Levi Lewis
Lewis Frankie Bell   Nov.29.1880 2-10-6 d/o Wm. & Angeline Lewis
Lewis Ann   Sep.20.1868 83 yr. w/o John Lewis
Lewis John   Dec.1.1853 66 yr  
Lewis John   Mar.1.1857 28-2-24 s/o John & Anna Lewis
Lewis Thomas   Aug. - 1850 5 yr s/o John & Anna Lewis
Lewis Nancy May 7.1866 May 7.1866   d/o Evan & Amanda Lewis
Lewis Manford   Feb.5.1865 2-1-18 s/o Wm. & Angeline Lewis
Lewis Emma Oct.7.1851 Oct.7.1851   d/o Evan & Amanda Lewis
Lewis William G. Nov.25.1852 Oct.23.1918    
Lewis Adelia 1865 1889   (Adelia Huxley-Lewis)
Lewis William Nov.26.1833 Jan.26.1900    
Lewis Tillie B. 1864 1924    
Lewis George B. 1863 1935    
Lewis Evan Sep.1.1823 Dec.27.1902   b. In Ulster, Pa.
Lewis Amanda Nov.15.1821 Nov.28.1904   w/o Evan Lewis b. Tomkins Co., N.Y.
Lewis Thomas H. 1853 1934    
Lewis John J. Sep.17.1856 Aug.9.1936    
Lewis Sarah E. Nov.4.1862 Jun.16.1915   w/o John J. Lewis
Lewis Horace E. 1885 1961    
Lewis Leah M. 1882 1945    
Lewis C. Reese Sr. 1892 1951    
Lewis Kate W. 1890 1975    
Lewis C.Reese Jr. 1925 1951    
Lewis Rita C. 1926      
Lewis Donald E. 1910 1970    
Lewis Doris A. 1907 1964    
Lewis Earl D. 1886 1928    
Lewis Pearl A. 1887 1955    
Lewis J. Harold Jun.6.1912 Feb.3.1984    
Lewis Bernice Cole May 6.1911     Same stone as J. Harold Lewis
Lockwood Charles   Oct.21.1862 1-8-0 s/o Edward & Mary Ann Dixon Lockwood
Lockwood Drake Dec.3.1776 Apr.6.1840    
Lockwood Col. Edmund Nov.24.1769 Jan.16.1834    
Lockwood Mary Ann Mar.8.1793 Jul.5.1865   Widow/o Robert Russell-d/o Isaac&Sally Gore Cash
Lockwood Mary A. Jun.27.1836 Mar.1.1902   w/o Simon S. Lockwood
Lockwood Simon S. Feb.22.1823 Aug.24.1903    
Lockwood Edmund Jr. Nov.12.1816 May 14.1886   "Brother"
Lockwood Charles Houston Mar.8.1830 Oct.24.1833   "Brother" (b/o Mary Ann Lockwood Walker)
Lockwood Frances  May 15.1834 Mar.17.1837   "Sister" (s/o Mary Ann Lockwood Walker)
Loman Henry P. Esq.   Jul.26.1836 44-6-2  
Ludwig Max 1881 1951    
Ludwig Blanche M. 1892 1952    
Ludwig Leo J. Mar.14.1913      
Ludwig Esther R. Mar.14.1916      
Lull Daniel   Jan.25.1852 74yr  
Lundy Henry W. Mar.8.1864 Dec.2.1894    
Lundy Ronald A. 1910 1923    
Lundy I. Lavern 1889 1969    
Lundy Bessie M. 1886 1960   Real Name McMorran 
Lyons John D.        
MacCarthy Adeline Dixon 1867 1933   w/o Gerald MacCarthy (Adeline Dixon)
MacKay James H.   Dec.28.1862 66 yr a native of Ayrshire, Scotland
MacKay Jane   May 10.1891 80 yr Jane Stuart-MacKay - A native of Ross-shire, 
MacKay **       Scotland
Mahoney Jack A. Aug.1.1918 Jan.17.1920    
Mallory Laura E.   Nov.29.1852 11 yr d/o Charles & Purlina Mallory
Mallory Hollis   Apr.1862   GAR Marker
Mallory Chester C. Jul.5.1810 Sep.9.1896    
Mallory Pauline Mar.22.1816 Aug.31.1900    
Mallory Janie M. 1863 1926   "Mother"
Mallory Edmund J. 1849 1936   "Father"
Mallory Leslie E. 1886 1969   "Son"
Mallory Rodney Duggan Sep.3.1898 Feb.6.1985   Pvt. US Marine Corps WW I (Marker & Flag)
Mallory Ray E. 1890 1919   WW I
Mallory Wanda L. 1892 1902    
Mallory Collis C. 1899 1983    
Mallory Pauline K. 1905 1989    
Maneval Seymour W. 1899 1964    
Maneval Irene S. 1901 1993    
Marshall Martha   Mar.13.1842 63 yr w/o Mosus Marshall
Martz Ray C. Feb.28.1899 Oct.28.1977 PFC US Army WW I
Martz Jean B. Jul.9.1902 Jun.15.1987    
Maryott Clifford R. 1890 1950    
Maryott Marguerite H. 1893 1975    
Maryott Ethel Louise Jan.16.1917 May 30.1922   d/o C.R. & Marguerite Maryott
Mather John   Jan.30.1848 46-7-11  
Mather Agnes   Feb.13.1840 38 yr w/o John Mather
Mather Andrew   Nov.7.1880    
Mather John 1761 1849    
Mather Agnes Apr.19.1763 Oct.8.1839   w/o John Mather
Mather John D. 1824 1896    
Mather Susan Conklin Apr.6.1827 Mar.17.1886   w/o John Mather (Susan Conklin)
Mather Thomas  1831 1895    
Mather Rachel E. 1840 1867   w/o Thomas Mather
Mather Hannah 1832 1908   w/o Thomas Mather
Mather Edward M.   Aug.11.1864 0-4-17 s/o Thomas & Rachel E. Mather
Mather John C. 1860 1938    
Mather Mary E. 1864 1941   w/o John C. Mather
Mather Wm. Oct.24.1833 Apr.12.1904    
Mather James 1840 1906    
Mather Arlette E. Tuttle 1845 1891   w/o James Mather (Arlette E. Tuttle)
Mather Fred E. 1869 1947    
Mather Frances C. 1876 1957    
Mauger William J.   Apr.18.1881 57 yrs  
Mauger Lydia   Feb.27.1850 22-6-14 w/o William J. Mauger
Mauger James   Nov.12.1843 51-0-12  
Mauger Sarah   Aug.8.1837 52-8-0 w/o James Mauger
Mauger James W.   Feb.21.1905 59-9-16  
Mauger Clara Dec.26.1858 Jun.6.1949   w/o James W. Mauger
Mauger Helen O. 1896 1991    
Mauger Dexter 1931 1938   s/o C.W. & Helen Mauger
Mauger Charles W. 1895 1993    
May William S. 1870 1949    
May Mary Mosier 1866 1937   w/o William S. May (Mary Mosier)
May Paul O. 1899 1958    
May Guy W. 1894 1968   WW I
May Ruth L. 1897 1983    
May William I. Jr. 1945 1984   A1C USAF Vietnam
May Joyce Holcombe 1924 1977    
May Miriam P. 1914 1995  
McArdle Mabel M. 1885 1909    
McAtee James 1874 1952    
McCammon Martha H. 1852 1947    
McCardle Mabel M. 1885 1909    
McCarty Mary Margaret 1831 1909    
McCarty Mary F. Aug.26.1964 Feb.4.1931    
McCarty James M. Nov.25.1822 Apr.27.1897    
McCarty Louisa L. Jul.30.1845 Feb.2.1905   w/o James M. McCarty
McCarty Leonard W. 1896 1982    
McCarty Marguerite S. 1899 1963    
McCauley James Oct.14.1880 Oct.16.1910    
McCauley John Jul.22.1859 Nov.1.1950 91 yr  
McCauley James   May 3.1863 22-7-0  
McCauley Robert S.   Oct.20.1863 1-8-0  
McCauley Wm. R.   Nov.19.1913 61 yr  
McCauley Anna   Apr.14.1932 80 yr w/o Wm. R. McCauley
McCauley Peter   Mar.28.1881 83 yr  
McCauley Jane   Jul.25.1902 86 yr  
McCauley Gertrude P. 1882 1976    
McCauley Frank B. 1911 1991    
McCauley Wanda G. 1918     w/o Frank B. McCauley
McCauley Frank Sr. 1885 1965    
McCauley Florence 1887 1952   w/o Frank McCauley, Sr.
McCauley Hugh C. Mar.22.1907 Feb.19.1986   WW II
McCauley Mary R. May 2.1916 Jan.31.1991   w/o Hugh C. McCauley
McCormick Irene A. 1919      
McCormick Harold J. 1916 1963   World War II
McCormack Norman 1913 1994    
McCormack Phyllis 1927 1987    
McCracken Buster Boy 1941 1944    
McCracken Little Pauline     11m 5 d No dates
McCracken George L.   1963    
McCracken Ida B.   1945    
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