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Ulster Cemetery, Ulster Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Ulster Cemetery

Ulster Township, Bradford County PA

Read in 1999 by Ken & Kevin Chapman, Charlotte Stevens, Pat Raymond & Marolyn Cole

Photos by Joyce M. Tice August and September 1999
Kevin, Ken, Marolyn, and Charlotte

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See also Ulster Catholic Cemetery which adjoins this cemetery
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Name of Cemetery:    Ulster Cemetery
Read By:  Ken & Kevin Chapman, Charlotte Stevens, Pat Raymond & Marolyn Cole
Date Read:   August/September 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  In Ulster, right behind Totem Pole Park
Other comments: Very well kept - Some of the stones in the older section were very difficult to read.
Simons John A.   Aug.20.1864 48-0-12  
Simons Sarah    Feb.2.1902 86-4-22  
Simons Adrial   Oct.12.1829 73-8-10 GAR Marker & flag
Simons Sarah    Jul.27.1803 43 yr. w/o Adrial Simons
Simons Septer   Nov.20.1798 15 yr children of Adrial & Sarah Simons
Simons John A.   Sep.5.1803 18 mo children of Adrial & Sarah Simons
Simons Reb   Aug.5.1803 15 yr children of Adrial & Sarah Simons
Simons P.   Jul.15.1803 14 da children of Adrial & Sarah Simons
Simons Harry   Jun.8.1877 6-7-15 s/o George & Ann M. Simons
Simons John A. 1847 1924   Co. C 97 Regt. P.V. Inf.
Simons Minerva P. King 1858 1923   w/o John A. Simons (Minerva P. King)
Simons Purley 1852 1924    
Simons M. Frances 1864 1943    
Sinclair Duncan   Feb.15.1864 62-6-0  
Sinclair Isabella   Feb.2.1890 77-9-0  
Sinclair Agnes   Aug.25.1867 25-9-2  
Sinclair Wm. M. Feb.2.1872 26-2-8  
Sinclair Walter P.   Nov.4.1882 27-6-0  
Sinclair John A. 1849 1929    
Sinclair Walter B. 1905 1906   s/o R. W. & Minnie Sinclair
Sinclair Minnie 1875 1913   w/o R. W. Sinclair (Minnie Gunderman)
Sinclair Raymond W. 1880 1973    
Smith Philander   Feb.17.1832 0-9-5 s/o John & Arabella Smith
Smith Matilda Jun.11.1813 Apr.15.1890    
Smith A. J. 1832 19--   Co. H 50 Reg. Wis Vol. Inf.
Smith Adolphus B. Nov.4.1835 Feb.12.1837 1-3-8 s/o Alanson & Matilda Smith
Smith Alanson Jun.10.1807 May 6.1886   (Father, Mother, Brother)
Smith Adolphus   Feb.12.1837 1-3-8 s/o Hanson & Matilda Smith
Smith Ida A.   Dec.1856 1-3-5 d/o E.W. & C.L. Smith
Smith Minnie E.       Child's stone - illegible
Smith Mera B.   Jan.8.1879 6-11-13 d/o M.K. & M.E. Smith
Smith Miles K. 1842 1932    
Smith Ellen Olmstead 1846 1935   w/o Miles K. Smith (Ellen Olmstead)
Smith Charles  1838 1925    
Smith Elizabeth 1844 1909   w/o Charles Smith
Smith Carrie M. 1866 1887   d/o Charles & Elizabeth Smith
Smith Adeline B. 1869 1968    
Smith Frederick Brown 1901 1902    
Smith John G. 1871 1947    
Smith John 1816 1897    
Smith Julia A. 1817 1912   w/o John Smith
Smith Frederick A. 1847 1926   Co. K. 161st N.Y. Vol.
Smith Catherine F. 1843 1925   w/o Frederick A. Smith
Smith Marshall S. 1862 1949    
Smith Jessie O. Baker 1865 1918   w/o Marshall S. Smith (Jessie O. Baker)
Smith Leroy Sheldon 1894 1983   s/o Marshall Smith
Smith Clara Oliphant 1894 1984   w/o Leroy Smith (Clara Oliphant)
Smith Gerald E. 1918 1985   s/o Leroy & Clara Smith
Smith Mildred O. 1918     w/o Gerald E. Smith
Smith G. S. Jan.29.1856 May 8.1923    
Smith Jennie K. 1867 1939   w/o G.S. Smith
Smith Cora A. Jun.17.1857 Nov.20.1892   w/o G.S. Smith
Smith Hazel      3 mo.  
Smith Lewis K. 1881 1915    
Smith Laura C. 1879 1922   w/o Lewis K. Smith
Smith Baby        
Smith Gracie M. Oct.30.1871 Jun.28.1892   "Daughter"
Smith Sarah L. Kitchin Apr.16.1848 Oct.22.1908   "Mother" w/o Hanford H. Smith (Sarah Kitchin)
Smith Hanford H. Mar.23.1847      
Smith Huron O. Sep.25.1832 Mar.7.1909 "Father"
Smith Rachel H. Jan.24.1837 Apr.13.1918   "Mother"
Smith George R. 1873 1953    
Smith Bessie R. 1879 1971    
Smith Helen E. 1902 1985    
Smith Ray Harry 1903 1955    
Smith Clara Isbell 1902 1979   (Clara Isbell)
Smith Leo H. 1910 1950    
Smith Marian G. 1915      
Smith JoAnn 1952      
Smith Johnny 1949      
Smith Herbert F. 1900 1963    
Smith Eleanor H. 1899      
Smith Blanche Reid 1875 1915    
Soper Phebe   Jun.13.1866 58-1-16 w/o Allen Soper
Soper Allen   Apr.1.1876 74-9-19  
Soper Edward O. 1832 1912    
Soper Carrie E. 1843 1926   w/o Edward O. Soper
Soper John 1864 1932    
Soper Mary 1862 1919    
Soper Ezra G. 1902 1955    
Soper Lelia V. 1893 1846    
Spencer Harl M. 1904 1962    
Spencer Janie L. 1901 1977    
Stack Donald T. Sep.11.1920 Nov.23.1973   Pennsylvania Cpl. US Army WW II
Stack Anna 1861 1948   "Mother"
Stack Laura B. Cole 1899 1935    
Stack Edwin 1897 1968   WW II
Stack Lawrence S. 1918 1984    
Stanton Clarence A. 1879 1958    
Stephenson James H. May 9.1861 Jul.13.1823    
Stephenson Jennie H. Apr.18.1864 Jan.23.1940   w/o James Stephenson (Jennie H. Hartshorn)
Stevens Carrie M. Nov.1.1884 Jan.30.1898   w/o H.M. Stevens - d/o A. & J.T. Murdoch
Stevens Robert H. Jr. 1890 1918   Killed in France - 1st Lt. Corps 47th Inf.
Stevens Alexander Jun.26.1825 Feb.17.1906   b. Galston, Ayrstam, Scotland
Stevens Janet Apr.30.1824 Aug.15.1885   b. Galston, Ayrstam, Scotland w/o Alexander Stevens
Stockwell O.H.   Jan.5.1852 27-8-25  
Straom Margaret   Dec.17.1889 55 yr  
Strope Elisha Oct.17.1838 Jun.27.1910    
Strope Mary A. Sep.2.1845 1933   w/o Elisha Strope
Strope Lewis  May 1.1873 Aug.8.1914    
Sturdevant E. Howard Feb.17.1902 Feb.21.1984    
Sturdevant Florence W. May 23.1904 Jan.27.1980`  
Sullivan John O. Jun.24.1837 Apr.14.1900    
Sullivan Emerette Smith Jul.17.1842 Jan.2.1937   w/o John O. Sullivan (Emerette Smith)
Sullivan Cora Ida Jan.9.1870 Dec.11.1872    
Sullivan John Jr. Feb.5.1869 Apr.20.1881    
Sullivan Fred Lee Jul.29.1867 Aug.8.1897    
Summers Edmund D. Jul.3.1892 Jun.9.1972    
Summers Ruth C. Aug.21.1897      
Sutphen Violet K. 1887 1974    
Sutphen Oliver B. 1891 1964    
Swain Annie H.   Aug.2.1964   Not sure this is death date
Swain Albert S. Aug.8.1906 Sep.20.1906   s/o Sidney & Anna M.
Swenson Eric J. 1895 1977    
Swenson Loretta C. 1893 1980    
Swingle Clinton C. 1882 1971    
Swingle Flossie C. 1884 1942    
Swingle W. Kenneth Mar.17.1921 Nov.9.1983   Cp. US Army WW II
Swingle Susie H. 1922      
Swingle Clarence "Dutch" 1904 1988    
Swingle Mildred C. 1908      
Sylvester Anna Marie Feb.18.1816 Apr.2.1884   w/o John Sylvester (Anna Maria Elsbree)
Tebo Etta  1878 1958    
Templeton Jane   Jun.7.1845 0-6-9 d/o Hugh & Marriam Templeton
Templeton Delilah R. 1860 1936    
Templeton Herbert P. 1882 1954    
Templeton Helen Ayres 1898 1958   w/o Herbert P Templeton (Helen Ayres)
Templeton Anna R. Adams 1886 1919   w/o Herbert P. Templeton (Anna R. Adams)
Templeton Hugh 1815 1897    
Templeton Marion Ritchie 1811 1895   w/o Hugh Templeton (Marion Ritchie)
Templeton Robert 1850 1926    
Templeton James A. 1907 1970    
Templeton Joseph 1914 1999    
Templeton Marian  1916     (Marian Morningstar)
Thomas Fanny   Mar.29.1845 2y1m  d/o David & Mary Ann Thomas
Thomas Floyd C. 1885 1948    
Thomas Elsie C. 1888 1976    
Thomas Phelps S. 1910 1925    
Thomas Lloyd M. 1919 1919    
Thomas Burton M. 1914 1994    
Thomas Baby Girl   Aug.20.1970   d/o Marvin & Sharon Thomas
Thomas Florence E. 1915      
Thompson Lockwood E. 1870 1873    
Thompson Clara 1860 1866    
Thompson Charlotte A 1838 1904   "Mother" (No dates)
Thompson Lockwood E. 1831 1906   "Father"
Thompson Baby   Jan.10.1905    
Thompson Charles W. 1829 1915    
Thompson Almira 1835 1913   w/o Charles W. Thompson
Thompson Martha G. 1869 1939    
Thompson Palmer C. 1870 1939    
Thornton William H. May 10.1842 Mar.7.1899   Pvt. Co. K 58 Regt Pa Vol Inf (GAR Marker)
Thorp E.D. Mar.5.1839 May 18.1906   Civil War 4 yrs 4 mo.
Thorp Amanda Aug.13.1844 Mar.18.1885   w/o E.D. Thorp (Amanda Nicols)
Thorpe Mary   Nov.19.1862 15-7-10 d/o Martin & Nancy Thorpe
Thorpe Nancy     77 yr "Grandma" Nancy
Tillman Daniel E. 1811 1889   "Father"
Tillman Susan M. 1822 1910   "Mother"
Tillman Sarah 1856 1909   "Daughter"
Tillman Frederick A. Nov.25.1889 May 3.1966 New York Lt. Col. US Army WW I & II
Tillman Lena B. 1886 1926   w/o Maj. A. Tillman
Tillman Effie 1868 1959    
Tillman Edward Danial 1863 1940    
Tillman Clara Pauly 1889 1964    
Tillman Charles 1868 1957    
Tillman Emily  1868 1929   (Emily Rosencrance) w/o Charles Tillman
Tillman Ethel C. 1896 1981   d/o Charles & Emily Tillman
Tillman Daughter        
Tillman Ira D. Oct.13.1884 Mar.19.1962    
Tillman Hugh W. 1852 1948    
Tillman Virgil W. 1852 1948    
Tillman Floyd E. Apr.18.1895 Dec.23.1965   NY PFC MG Co 310 Inf. WW I
Tomlinson Floyd P. 1889 1947   WW I
Tomlinson Nellie A. 1889      
Towner Frank W. Jan.8.1843 Dec.26.1922    
Towner Martha Gillett Aug.8.1848 Nov.14.1923   w/o Frank W. Towner (Martha Gillett)
Townsend Eva M. 1867 1945   "Mother"
Tuttle E. B.   Oct.15.1869 52 yr  
Tuttle Lucinda   Nov.25.1867 47 yr w/o E. B. Tuttle
Vallilee Bertha E. 1887 1967   Bertha Evelyn Strope w/o Harry Vallilee
VanDyke George H. Aug.27.1819 Jan.25.1912    
VanDyke Caroline   Jun.16.1865 45-7-0 w/o George H. VanDyke
VanDyke Elizabeth S.   Jan.24.1870 34-0-0 2nd w/o George H. VanDyke
VanDyke Mary J.   Mar.4.1878 38-0-0 3rd w/o George H. VanDyke
VanDyke W. H.   Apr.4.1888 37 yr s/o Geo. H. & Caroline VanDyke
VanDyke James   Dec.31.1881 6-4-0 s/o Geo. H. & Mary VanDyke
VanDyke William   Jul.15.1863 76-8-27  
VanDyke John   Sep.12.1835 83 yr.  
VanDyke Susie Sep.4.1856 Mar.20.1923   d/o Davis & Jane
VanDyke Jane Dec.27.1835 Sep.18.1914    
VanDyke Lawrence   May 7.1874 20-3-3 s/o Davis & Jane
VanDyke Davis Sep.6.1828 Jan.30.1912    
VanDyke W.   Jul.2.1901   No name or age
VanDyke Alta J. 1873 1931    
VanDyke James P. 1875 1932    
VanGorder Valeria C.       b. Raleigh, N.C.
VanGorder John H. 1889 1940    
VanGorder Mary G. A. 1854 1942    
VanGorder Stevens A. 1849 1924    
VanNess Hannah W. 1814 1891    
VanNess Clayton H. 1898 1961    
VanNess Etta R. 1893 1978    
VanNess Carlton Lewis May 25.1924 Mar.9.1993   PFC UX Army Air Corps WW II
VanWinkle Verna M. 1880 1962    
VanWinkle Oley J. 1876 1936    
Vaow Mary L. 1853 1933    
Vaow Arthur S.       Co. A 304 Engs 79 Div WW I
Vaow Willard 1888 1960    
Vaow Flossie M. Sep.21.1902 Feb.21.1989    
Vaow Donald D.   1931   Baby
Vosberg Ellen A. 1841 1899    
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