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Ulster Cemetery, Ulster Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Ulster Cemetery

Ulster Township, Bradford County PA

Read in 1999 by Ken & Kevin Chapman, Charlotte Stevens, Pat Raymond & Marolyn Cole

Photos by Joyce M. Tice August and September 1999

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See also Ulster Catholic Cemetery which adjoins this cemetery
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Name of Cemetery:    Ulster Cemetery
Read By:  Ken & Kevin Chapman, Charlotte Stevens, Pat Raymond & Marolyn Cole
Date Read:   August/September 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  In Ulster, right behind Totem Pole Park
Other comments: Very well kept - Some of the stones in the older section were very difficult to read.
McKee Robert E. 1857 1937   "Father"
McKee Olive J. 1862 1922   "Mother"
McKee Laura E. 1889 1919    
McKeon Charles Leo 1893      
McKeon Pearl Rice 1892 1940   w/o Charles Leo McKeon (Pearl Rice)
McKeon Virginia Margaret 1918 1920   d/o Charles & Pearl McKeon
McKinney James H.   Oct.8.1866 15-6-0 s/o R. & E. McKinney
McKinney Russell   Jun.12.1865 44-0-0 Co. K 179 Reg. NY Vol. (GAR Marker)
McKinney Ruth 1913    
McKinney Reid 1915    
McKinney Hugh Jr. 1916    
McKinney Hugh H. 1876 1962    
McKinney Elizabeth Blow 1883 1917   w/o Hugh H. McKinney
McKinney Eva M. 1892 1956    
McKinney Flora H. 1881 1966    
McKinney Leon R. 1881 1944    
McKinney William H. 1907 1908    
McKinney Frances G. 1912 1913    
McKinney Gerald R. Feb.14.1909      
McKinney I. Lorena Jul.26.1915 Dec.22.1983   w/o Gerald R. McKinney
McKinney Leon A. Sep.10.1935 Sep.10.1992    
McKinney Irene A. Jun.8.1924     w/o Leon A. McKinney
McMorran James   Aug.31.1853 2-7-27 s/o William & Martha McMorran
McMorran A. Duncan 1863 1945    
McMorran Mary A. 1873 1950    
MacMorran Charles  1827 1890    
MacMorran Elizabeth  1830 1904   w/o Charles McMorran (Elizabeth Gibson)
MacMorran William A. 1853 1931    
McMorran William Jan.10.1820 May 7.1895 75 yr  
McMorran Martha F.   Feb.27.1883 58 yr w/o William McMorran
McMorran W. Wylie 1856 1940    
McMorran Martha A. 1859 1950    
McMorran Edward S. 1861 1941   "Father"
McMorran Kate 1864 1945   "Mother"
McMorran Ray 1898 1915   "Son"
McMorran James S. 1876 1947    
McMorran James   Jul.9.1909 86-3-16  
McMorran Martha P.    Dec.22.1918 80-2-0 w/o James - (Martha P. Sinclair)
McMorran Edna Ruth 1917 1931    
McMorran Charles L. 1889 1964    
McMorran Tillie 1887 1976    
McMorran Edna Ruth 1902 1990    
McMorran Allen J. 1857 1946    
McMorran Etta L. 1862 1952    
McMorran Abram 1867 1934    
McMorran Annie E. 1870 1931   w/o Abram McMorran
McMorran  Ellen 1876 1918   w/o James S. McMorran (Ellen McCauley)
McQueen Hugh S.   Nov.6.1769 5-11-0 "Also an infant son"
McQueen John M. Mar.1.1859 Feb.18.1887 27-11-0  
McQueen Lee Dec.31.1878 Mar.15.1902    
McQueen Luella 1863 1891    
McQueen Hugh C.   Nov.6.1869 5 yr s/o John & Emma J. McQueen
Mead Francis C. Feb.11.1844 Jan.26.1868   Co. I 6 Regt. P.R.V.C.
Mead Annie   May 20.1865 23-3-23 w/o Francis Mead
Mercereau Lucy A. Sep.30.1855 Jun.28.1882   w/o Edward F. Mercereau
Merrill Frances   Jan.13.1874 26-3-0 w/o M. W. Merrill
Merrill M.W. Jun.7.1844 Sep.18.1895    
Merrill Orrin     Co. A. 57 Regt. Pa Vol. GAR Marker
Merrill Wm. R. Oct.9.1806 Dec.19.1889  
Merrill Sarah A. Sep.17.1807 Feb.3.1889   w/o Wm. R. Merrill
Merrill William C. 1851 1935    
Merrill Anna 1862 1932   w/o William C. (Anna Hartshorn)
Merrill H. Bruce 1872 1961    
Merrill Martin L. 1847 1925   "Father"
Merrill Emma E. 1850 1931   "Mother"
Merrill Charles R. 1891 1941    
Merrill Paul V. 1875 1950    
Merrill Jennie 1876 1959    
Merrill Harry 1880 1902    
Merrill Rosena 1900 1991    
Merrill Luella G. 1902 1994    
Merrill Mary Hunt 1873 1928    
Merrill H. Bruce 1872 1961    
Middaugh Mary A.   Sep.25.1876 22-5-23 d/o Patrick & Margaret Kane, w/o C.A. Middaugh
Miller Mary Ann   Dec.1.1832 1-3-0 d/o John & Mary Miller
Miller Adam   Nov.29.1832 3-3-13 s/o John & Mary Miller
Miller Clyde H. 1889 1977    
Miller Reba Park 1887 1940    
Miller Janice 1928 1930    
Miller Arthur L. Mar.27.1917 Mar.3.1990    
Miller Winifred C. Oct.8.1918     w/o Arthur L. Miller "Married Aug.18.1937"
Mills Helen A. 1896 1952    
Mills Anna Luella   1923   child
Mills Infant son   1923   s/o Helen Mills
Mills Dayton W. Mar.2.1880 Jan.10.1975   Co. M 9 Pa Inf Spanish-American War
Mills Wilson H. 1841 1917    
Mills Margaret 1846 1920   w/o Wilson Mills
Mills Emily A. 1843 1920    
Mills Harry E. 1882 1968    
Mills Dr. Edward Mar.21.1813 Jan.17.1887    
Mills Patience Rutty Apr.3.1822 Dec.13.1889   w/o Edward Mills (Patience Rutty)
Mills ? Anna Luella   1923    
Mingle Clarence Mahlon 1848      
Mingle Margaret Rachel 1846 1924   w/o Clarence Mingle
Moore Robert F.   May 31.1880 23 yr  
Moore Lizzie R.   Feb.27.1879 19 yr  
Moore Eathan B.   Feb.1.1876 49-6-0  
Moore Loues   Jul.21.1883 57 yr w/o Eathan Moore
Moore Fred   Aug.26.1885 20-11-25 s/o E.B.L.
Moore Phebe   Dec.8.1867 49-10-11 w/o Abram C.
Moore Sarah B.   Mar.31.1864 42-4-5 w/o R.A. Moore
Moore Robert   Jun.12.1862 76-5-0  
Moore Mary R.   Apr.1.1833 13-3-20 d/o Robert & Mary Moore
Moore Abraham Grafius   Jun.26.1895 66 yr  
Moore Lovilla   Oct.17.1895 61 yr w/o Abraham Moore (Lovilla Cleveland)
Moore William   Jul.27.1862 10 mo s/o Eathan B. & Loesa Moore
Morgan H. D.       No dates
Morrison Margaret   Feb.25.1858 57 yr w/o Andrew T. Morrison
Morrison Mary Agness   Jul.23.1878 8-1-3 d/o Andrew & Annie Morrison
Morrison Andrew 1841 1920   Co B 7th Penna Cav (GAR Marker)
Morrison Anna McKee 1849 1912   w/o Andrew Morrison (Anna McKee)
Morrison Thomas M. 1872 1944    
Morrison Minnie C. C. 1872 1961    
Mounsey Matthew   Oct.30.1839 28-9-27  
Mounsey Thomas     21 yr Stone repaired - Not readable
Mowry Martha Watkins 1898 1976   (Martha Watkins)
Mundy LeCompte Jul.29.1811 Mar.3.1887    
Mundy Jane Aug.10.1815 Mar. 1.1900 84 yr w/o LeCompte Mundy
Murdoch Ray C. 1885 1917   WW I 
Murdoch Alexander Jun.26.1825 Feb.17.1906   b.Galston Ayrshay, Scotland
Murdoch Janet Apr.10.1824 Aug.15.1885   b.(same) w/o Alexander "She was fruitful"
Murdoch Roger P. Aug.8.1868 Aug.16.1868   s/o A. & J.T.Murdoch
Murdoch Robert 1847 1918   "Father" s/o Alex & Janet
Murdoch Ophelia Watkins 1855 1924   "Mother" w/o Robert Murdoch
Murdoch Roger    Aug.16.1868   s/o Alex & J. Murdoch
Murdoch Robert H. Jr. 1890 1918   1st Lt. Medical Corps 47th Inf. "Killed in France"
Murdoch Carrie M. Nov.1.1864 Jan.30.1898 d/o A & J.T. Murdock Jr. w/o H.M. Stevens
Murdoch George R. 1847 1935    
Murdoch Georgia Irving 1855 1922   w/o George R. Murdoch (Georgia Irving)
Murray Emma G. Oct.28.1846 Nov.18.1923    
Murray Alexander Feb.19.1842 Nov.29.1918 Co F 11 Reserve Pa Cav
Murray Carrie 1895 1972    
Myers Loren 1871 1957    
Myers Grace 1880      
Neiley Lincoln Feb.12.1910     Married July 4.1942
Neiley Nina I Feb.10.1915     Married July 4.1942
Newbury Jos. P. Jun.22.1837 Nov.25.1906    
Newbury Eliza  Mar.21.1841 Mar.8.1918   w/o Jos. P. Newbury
Newbury Nettie Mar.9.1866 Jan.26.1889    
Nichols Elizabeth B.   May 3.1872 48 yr w/o G. W. Nichols
Nicol Jessie Ransom 1854 1930   Jessie Ransom Nicol
Nicol Robert A.   Apr.20.1927    
Noble William 1883 1957    
Noble Frank W. Apr.11.1892 May 2.1955   Pa PVT 6 Regt Repl Depot WW I
Northrup Carl E. 1917      
Northrup Marion B. 1917      
Northrup Sheldon B. Oct.25.1950      
Nye Richard 1870 1943   "Father"
Nye Katherine 1868 1942   "Mother"
Nye Harry F. Oct.4.1915 Jan.12.1982   T Sgt. US Army WW II
Nye Betty J. Jun.5.1929      
Olmstead Maryett   Jan.30.1832 18-2-2 d/o Matthias & Sally
Olmstead Charles 1818 1899    
Olmstead Eliza   Feb.26.1875 51-10-6 w/o Charles Olmstead
Olmstead Mary E.   Sep.4.1852 0-3-4 d/o Ansel & H.J. Olmstead
Olmstead Esther H.   May 28.1844 2y1m2d d/o Charles & Eliza Olmstead
Olmstead Sarah A. Apr.17.1855 Sep.11.1893   w/o James Olmstead
Olmstead Nellie May Sep.2.1879 Sep.27.1893   d/o J.R. & S. A. Olmstead
Olmstead Herman J. May 18.1855 Nov.23.1933    
Olmstead Mary A. Sep.16.1857 Feb.17.1939    
Olmstead Baby   Sep.18.1922   Grandchild of Herman & Mary Olmstead
Olmstead Donald E. May 7.1924 May 12.1924   Grandchild of Herman & Mary Olmstead
Olmstead John A. 1894 1959    
Olmstead Luella M. 1892 1966    
Olmstead Charles 1854 1930    
Olmstead Ida  1860 1910    
Olmstead Ancil M. 1887 1843    
Olmstead Jennie M. 1885 1960    
Olmstead Eugene M. Jan.26.1919 Apr.29.1982   US Army WW II
Olmstead Arleigh Marie Apr.11.1921 Jun.25.1986    
Olmstead Carl M. 1928      
Orser Asahel O. 1903 1944    
Overton Thomas   Nov.11.1835 70-1-21  
Overton Mary   Apr.18.1813 50 yr Consort of Thomas Overton "She lived respected 
Overton **       and dies lamented"
Owen Rose Sheridan 1921 1985    
Owen Vincent C. Sep.27.1925 Feb.9.1982   Cp. US Army WW II
Page Blanche A. 1889 1960   Blanche Patterson Page
Palmer John N. 1856 1931    
Palmer Nettie J. 1862 1927    
Palmer Leland R. Mar.12.1900 Jun.1.1981    
Palmer Clemence G. Apr.20.1899 May 6.1996   w/o Leland R. Palmer
Park Winifred 1887 19--    
Park Howard 1885 1954    
Park Donald Mar.28.1899 Sep.8.1899    
Park Leonard 1894 1901    
Park Thomas D. 1854 1907   "FATHER"
Park Josephine H. 1858 1928   "MOTHER"
Park Russell 1856 1907    
Park Grizella 1855 1928    
Park Russell M. Jun.8.1819 Aug.31.1898    
Park Mary A. Mar.1.1829 Feb.16.1904    
Park (?) Charles       Stone is on Park Lot
Park (?) Emma       Stone is on Park Lot
Parr Thelma Wittig 1925      
Patterson Edward L. 1885 1961    
Patterson Clare R. 1890 1949    
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