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Ulster Cemetery, Ulster Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Ulster Cemetery

Ulster Township, Bradford County PA

Read in 1999 by Ken & Kevin Chapman, Charlotte Stevens, Pat Raymond & Marolyn Cole

Photos by Joyce M. Tice August and September 1999

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See also Ulster Catholic Cemetery which adjoins this cemetery
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Name of Cemetery:    Ulster Cemetery
Read By:  Ken & Kevin Chapman, Charlotte Stevens, Pat Raymond & Marolyn Cole
Date Read:   August/September 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  In Ulster, right behind Totem Pole Park
Other comments: Very well kept - Some of the stones in the older section were very difficult to read.
Pearsall Willie E.   Mar.8.1885 0-1-3 s/o Embery A. & Laura Pearsall
Pearsall Henrietta E.   Dec.16.1880 8-11-10 d/o Embery & Laura Pearsall
Pearsall Russell M. Jun.8.1819 Aug.31.1898    
Pearsall Mary A. Mar.1.1829 Feb.16.1904    
Peckham Albert M.   Feb.18.1851 0-8-25 s/o John & cynthia Peckham
Perry Clint 1880 1970    
Pearsall Laura Wright 1840 1923   w/o Embery A. Pearsall (Laura Wright)
Pearsall Embery A. 1841 1923   Co I 6 Pa Reserves (GAR Marker)
Personius Everett 1862 1923   Co D 42d US Vol Spanish-American War
Peters Earl C. May 23.1896 Aug.27.1985   US Army WW I
Phelps Andrew W. 1887 1964    
Phelps Mary T. 1891 1981    
Phelps Addison W. 1865 1930    
Phelps Mattie B. 1867 1945    
Pierce Perley C. 1870 1958    
Pierce Maude J. 1876 1969    
Pierce Gertrude I. 1902 1928    
Pitcher Hezekiah E.   Dec.23.1886 65-7-0  
Pitcher Helen M. Lent   Apr.19.1911 79-6-0 w/o Hezekiah Pitcher (Helen M. Lent)
Pollock Walter P.   Nov.20.1867 67-6-18  
Pollock Margaret   Aug.6.1854 60-3-29 w/o Walter Pollock
Pollock Edward M..   Feb.25.1891 25-5-0  
Pollock Robert Apr.26.1829 Mar.2.1915    
Pollock Mary A. Jul.16.1837 Aug.1.1905    
Pollock John M. Apr.6.1827 Feb.3.1892    
Pollock James Jul.11.1831 Apr.6.1909    
Pollock Wm.  Jan.18.1856 Apr.24.1908    
Pollock Thomas Sep. 1824 Jun.24.1919   Native of Scotland
Pollock Ann Howie Dec.23.1830 Aug.27.1910   w/o Thomas Pollock (Ann Howie)
Pollock Walter M. Apr.16.1861 Sep.7.1939    
Pollock John H. Oct. 9.1865 Jul. 12.1935    
Pollock Archie R. 1863 1936    
Pollock Mary E. 1866 1936    
Pollock Howard E. 1898 1972    
Pollock Allen Thomas 1868 1933    
Pollock Maggie Biles 1869 1964   (Maggie Biles)
Pollock Thomas W. Jul.22.1902 Aug.25.1958    
Pollock Ellen Huff Jan.10.1919 Jun.3.1999   w/o Thomas Pollock w/o Willard L. Keeler
Potter Orville 1869 1932    
Potter Beatrice Clark 1874 1940   w/o Orville Potter (Beatrice Clark)
Potter Alberta Louise 1909 1910   d/o Orville & Beatrice Potter
Potter Reva E. 1906 1937    
Potter Clark F. 1905 1993    
Potter Alice W. 1909 1990    
Powers Thomas O.P.   Jun.27.1853 2-5-2 s/o John & Charlott
Powers Warren 1884 1908   141 Reg (rest unreadable)
Price Orill   Apr.17.1873 ? 65-2-11 w/o Enos Price - Stone badly worn
Price Enos Jan.15.1801 May 15.1883    
Quick Annie V.   Apr.4.1886 24-3-0 w/o J.W. Quick
Ransom Miles Forman   Nov.13.1899 82-9-13 s/o Ira Ransom "Sacred to the memory of--
Ransom Sarah Forman   w/o Ira Ransom
Ransom Adelaide    Feb.12.1905 76-6-15 w/o Miles Ransom (Adelaide Delpeuch Ranson) &
Ransom         d/o Maj. Matthias Lent & Susan Miner
Ransom Katie 1852 1857    
Ransom Alice E. 1848 1945    
Ranson H.E.   Jun.7.1852 24yr 22d w/o G.M. King
Reazer Lloyd W.   Mar.31.1897 1-7-23 s/o H.W. & K. A. Reazer
Record G.A.   Dec.20.1878 14 yr  
Record Mrs. M.E.   Apr.2.1892 84 yr  
Record Almon   Sep.13.1918 76 yr  
Regn Elizabeth S. 1903 1991    
Regn Jacob T. 1888 1978    
Regn Sally Ann 1939 1964    
Reinhart Harry J. 1896 1957   WW I Marker & flag
Reinhart Carrie E. 1895 1926   w/o Harry J. Reinhart (Carrie E. Biles)
Reinhart Harriet 1863 1932   "Mother"
Reinhart Howard E. 1861 1934   "Father"
Rensel Iva Wise 1892 1982    
Rettberg Jennie H. 1883      
Rettberg George Sep.25.1876 1932    
Rettberg Coral M. Terry May 24.1879 Dec.6.1904   w/o George Rettberg (Coral M. Terry)
Reynolds Anna L. Brooks 1884 1936   w/o George C. Reynolds (Anna L. Brooks)
Reynolds George C. Feb.17.1897 Mar.5.1992   Pvt. US Army WW II
Rice Mercy   Apr.12.1813 42 yr Consort of Wanton Rice & d/o O. Gardner
Rice William A.   Apr.21.1892 82-0-25  
Rice Julia A.   Jul.3.1883 71-4-20 w/o Wm. A.
Rice Welcome   apr.21.1892 82-0-25  
Rice Frank B. 1869 1935    
Rice Jennie Matson 1873     w/o Frank B. Rice (Jennie Matson)
Rice Edward Delos 1894 1918   WW I s/o Frank & Jennie Rice
Rice George H. 1873      
Rice May Fralley 1874     w/o George H. Rice (May Fralley)
Richley Michael 1868      
Richley Georgiana 1865 1944    
Ridall Samuel J. Oct.21.1861 Apr.27.1909    
Rockwell         Child of Geo. B. & Lizzie
Rockwell Chauncey May 1.1807 Mar.19.1852    
Rockwell Wealthy Jun.14.1814 Jun.12.1903   w/o Chauncey
Rockwell W. H. 1840 1912   GAR Marker
Rockwell Lovilla 1843 1923   w/o W. H. Rockwell
Rockwell Guy E. 1888 1973    
Rockwell Clemence G. 1894 1973    
Rockwell Albert M. 1853 1934    
Rockwell Ella M. 1860 1950    
Rockwell Charles       GAR Marker & flag
Rockwell Alfred       No information
Rodgers Ellen   Feb.17.1871 84 yrs w/o George S. Rodgers
Rodgers George S.   Dec.7.1859 83-11-6 a native of Ayrshire, Scotland
Rodgers George B. 1832 1920    
Rodgers Julia D. 1842 1901    
Rogers Dorson E. 1878 1958    
Rogers Myrtle M. 1890 1962    
Rogers Eliza A. Oct.11.1846 Jul.15.1907   w/o T.H. Rogers
Rogers Ethel C.   Sep.12.1896 11-2-12 d/o T.H. & E. A. Rogers
Rogers  George E. 1881 1937    
Rosbach Charles 1882 1963    
Rogers  Rettie R. 1885 1957    
Rosengrant Joseph        Co A 79 Regt Pa Vet Vol
Rosengrant Mother Apr.23.1839 Apr.10.1900   w/o Joseph
Rosengrant Percy Matthew 1893 1969   See Note Below
Rosengrant Elizabeth Blow 1896 1970   (Elizabeth Blow Rosengrant)
Ross Elmer 1860 1945    
Ross Edith E. 1867 1903   w/o G.E. Ross
Ross George M. Jul. 28.1824 Feb.6.1903    
Ross Mary A. Lenox Jun.25.1824 Mar.23.1885 w/o George M. Ross (Mary A. Lenox)  
Ross D. Fillmore May 8.1851 Jul.17.1879    
Ross Guy L. Jul.22.1875 Mar.10.1878    
Ross Mary B. 1887 1906   d/o G.E. & Edith
Ross Letha 1893 1954   d/o G.E. & Edith
Ross Charles H. 1864 1943    
Ross Harriette 1870 1937   w/o Charles H. Ross
Ross Marsden W. 1852 1950    
Ross Mable 1867 1901   w/o Chas. H. Ross
Ross Madge 1891 1931   d/o C. & M. Ross
Ross Benjamin 1818 1899    
Ross Eunice 1829 1900   w/o Benj. Ross
Ross Puella 1819 1862   w/o Benj. Ross
Ross Tabor 1841 1848   s/o B. & P. Ross
Ross Hamilton 1843 1862   s/o B. & P. Ross
Ross Sumner 1855 1864   s/o B. & P. Ross
Ross Dean A. 1891 1979    
Ross Sarah K. 1915 1979    
Ross Arthur May 1.1862 Mar.30.1947    
Ross Myrtie L. Sep.10.1866 Jun.3.1946    
Ross Henry W. May 21.1887 Jan.19.1954   WW I Marker & flag
Rowe William L. Jul.1.1809 Jan.16.1890    
Rowe Rhoda A. May 10.1815 Dec.3.1912   w/o William L. Rowe
Rowe J. H.       Co. H 57 Regt. P.V. Inf.
Rowe James 1877 1942    
Rowe Clara Cole 1891 1978   w/o James Rowe (Clara Cole)
Rowe DeWitt C.   1918   Son
Rowe Arthur M. 1874 1948    
Rowe Henrietta 1877 1963    
Rutty Nellie M. 1861 1941    
Sayles Emma N. 1864 1948    
Schlosser Edward F. Sr. 1936 1991    
Searfoss Nathan 1875 1961    
Searfoss Lilly A. 1873 1945    
Searfoss Arthur N. 1913 1920    
Searfoss Ruth A. 1933 1955   Plaque "In memory of Ruth A. Searfoss 
Searfoss **       Westinghouse Employees"
Searfoss Florence I Fuller 1908 1926   w/o Joe Searfoss (Florence I Fuller)
Searfoss Paul R. Dec.21.1902 Nov.29.1988    
Searfoss Viola B. Jun.12.1907 Feb.24.1995   "Aunt Vi"
Searfoss Marjorie L. 1982 1998    
Searfoss Anna L.  1906 1993    
Searfoss Joseph F. 1906 1986    
Searfoss Eugene M.  Feb.20.1956 Jan.2.1989   "Geno"
Searfoss Pamela L. Jun.2.1956     w/o Eugene Searfoss
Segar Henry H. Feb.13.1817 Dec.28.1902    
Segar Maria P. Mar.22.1830 Jan.24.1906   w/o Henry H. Segar
Seymour Charles         
Shaffer Irene MacMorran 1908 1991   "Grandma"
Shaw Percival A.       Co. F. 34 Regt. Pa Vol.
Shaw Olivia L.   Aug.1.1850 4-8-22 d/o Norman & Mary A. Shaw
Shaw Infant   May 5.1835   s/o N. & M.A. Shaw
Shaw Frances M.   May 25.1845 1-7-25 d/o Norman & M.A. Shaw
Shaw Cynthia 1846 1913    
Shaw Uriah 1806 1895    
Shaw Lenity 1807 1900    
Shaw Guy R.   Feb.3.1877 42yr "My Husband"
Shaw Henry Irvin 1900 1940   WW I - Bugler 109 U.S. Inft.
Shaw J. Raymond 1905 1964    
Shaw Clara M. 1867 1950    
Shaw F. Harper 1870 1926    
Shaw Hattie   Sep.30.1878 5-9-0 d/o Henry & Maria Shaw
Shaw Edward P. Apr.9.1885 Mar.19.1891   c/o George A. & Martha
Shaw Earl Jun.20.1890 Nov.5.1890   c/o George A. & Martha
Shaw Georgia A. Jun.24.1885 Aug.6.1887   c/o George A. & Martha
Shaw Belle K. 1855 1924   Belle K. Walker-Joslin-Shaw w/o H.H. Joslin 
Shaw **       & H.Z. Shaw
Shaw Mary Ann Feb.10.1886 75-3-0 w/o Norman Shaw
Shaw Norman   Mar.22.1890 81-7-0  
Shaw Edna   Jan.10.1890    
Shaylor E. Burton 1860 1923    
Shaylor Estella W. 1864 1940    
Shaylor Nelson Jun.23.1834 Jul.13.1906   Co C 171 Regt. Pa Militia
Shaylor Triphena Mar.12.1841 Sep.4.1914   w/o Nelson Shaylor
Shaylor Robert Apr.4.1897 Aug.29.1897    
Shaylor Vera O. May 12.1891 Apr.3.1896    
Shaylor Reid N. Oct.18.1892 Apr.24.1896    
Shaylor Effie Sep.5.1864 Sep.29.1891    
Sheridan Bernard J. Nov.24.1907 Nov.7.1956    
Sheridan Blanche A. Feb.19.1909      
Sherman John 1863 1927    
Sherman Lottie 1866 1936    
Shumway Ruth A. 1875 1952    
Shumway Charles 1874 1948    
Ms Tice, While researching my ancestry I found a discrepancy in the Ulster Cemetery listings. Rosengrant, Percy Matthew should read Blow, Percy Matthew, and Rosengrant, Elizabeth Blow should read Blow, Elizabeth Rosengrant. Thank you very much for the wonderful work you have accomplished with your site. Bruce Blow, Hinesville, Ga. [March 2007]
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 9/14/99
By Joyce M. Tice