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This represents the first pages of the German Evangelical Church records in Elmira NY. We hope that we will be able to bring this project to full completion with access to the remaining records. Previously site guests have sent in partial information that they had compiled just on their own families. We are optimistic that we can present the full set of records on this site.

This church was organized in 1874 and the building erected in 1876. It is now used by the Church of Christ.

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7 PRESSLER, Bertha 21 Aug 1875 5 Sept 1875 Anton Pressler of Wollstein, Chur. Hessen Bertha Geib of Dormoschell (sp?), Rhein-Baiern (Rhineland-Bavaria) Elmira Lizzie Amberg
  WELLER, John Conrad 16 July 1875 15 Sept 1875 John Conrad Weller of Obersorg, Grand Duchy of Hesse Maria Walburgis, (maiden name Ruppert) of Gellheim, Rheinbaiern (Rhineland- Bavaria) Corning, Steuben, NY "the married couple" Christian & Maria Schonleber
  AHLE, Hattie 13 July 1875 15 Sept 1875 Valentin Ahle of Hesse-Darmstadt Anna Quandt of Delitzsch, Prussia Corning, Steuben, NY the married couple William & Auguste Quandt
  RETTIG, Emma 10 Apr 1875 15 Sept 1875 Valentin Rettig of Hesse-Darmstadt Maria Krieger of Angelten, Baden Corning, Steuben, NY Mrs.Anna Ahle, John Schonleber
8 DEGLER, Adelheid 2 June 1875 15 Sept 1875 Wilhelm Degler of Strassburg, Prussia Dora Miller of Bridgeport, CT Corning, Steuben, NY Miss Rosalie Berndhaler, Albert Quandt 
  DOBBERSTEIN, Wilhelm Ferdinand 12 Oct 1875 24 Oct 1875 August Dobberstein of Nitschescherow,Grand Duchy of Posen, Prussia Louise Janowsky of Gross Klenge bei (near)Ponitz, West Prussia Southport, Elmira, NY Carl Janowsky, Miss Caroline Minch, Ferdinand Bast, Miss Caroline Janowsky, Wilhelm Raas, Mrs. Dorothea Meyer, John Janowsky, Mrs. Alle Darner 
  ALBERS, Henry August 6 Aug 1875 24 Oct 1875 John Albers of Otterndorf, Hannover Josephine Frey of Klingenau, Canton Hargau, Switzerland Elmira Louis Gruneisen, MissAnna Weibel
  VOELKER, Albertine Wilhelmine Anna 30 Sept 1875 5 Dec 1875 Wilhelm Voelker of Gramontsdorf, Pommern (Pomerania), Germany Henriette Ludtke of Pommern (Pomerania), Germany not recorded Miss Anna Leisner, MissWilhelmine Ludke, Ferdinand Koeller (or Hoeller)
9 DIETZMANN, Johann Leonhard 13 Oct 1875 5 Dec 1875 Leonhard Dietzmann of Nanendorf (or Nauendorf), Principality of Reuss, Prussia Katie Breining of New York, NY Elmira Peter Staus, Miss Katie Minster
  HATTENBACH, Eduard 31 Oct 1875 6 Dec 1875 Heinrich Hattenbach of Sachsen (Saxony) Weimar Caroline Nagel of Konigshofen bei (near) Alsleben, Bayern (Bavaria) Elmira not recorded
  1876 Baptisms            
  SCHORNSTEIMER, Maria Magdalena 9 Sept 1874 16 Jan 1876 Peter Schornstheimer of Odenheim, Grand Duchy of Hesse Christina Stampp of Gemsheim, Grand Duchy of Hesse not recorded Mrs. Maria Magdalena Muller, Adam Muller
  KRAUTH, Christina Caroline 5 Sept 1875 5 March 1876 Friedrich Krauth of Leuffen, Wurtemburg Wilhelmine Misch of West Prussia Elmira Johann Schwarz and his wife Maria Schwarz
10 ECKELMANN, Julius 3 March 1876 12 March 1876 Ludwig Eckelmann of Jacobau, West Prussia Caroline Rutke of Gross-Leisenau, West Prussia not recorded Mrs. Anna Reigerdt
  KOOP, Anna Magdalena Christine 19 Jan 1876 29 March 1876 Charles Koop of Hemming bei (near) Magdeburg, Prussia Caroline C.(maiden name Dabelstein) of Neumunster, Holstein not recorded Miss Anna B. Kinley, Miss Magdalena Dabelstein, Mrs. Christine Schornstheimer
  KLEIN, John Frederick 4 April 1871 23 Apr 1876 Adam Klein of Herzen, Nassau Lydiana Walk of Richmond, Northampton, PA not recorded the parents
  KLEIN, Mary Jane 24 Dec 1873 23 Apr 1876 as above as above not recorded Mrs. Mary Walk
  KLEIN, William Henry  20 Feb 1876 23 Apr 1876 as above as above not recorded Heinrich Heine, Mrs. Johann Heine
11 HAGEN, Mary Alice 16 March 1873 23 Apr 1876 Frederick Hagen of Waldorf, Sachsen Meiningen Amanda Klein of Herzen, Nassau not recorded the parents
  PICKEL, Mary Amanda 6 March 1876 23 Apr 1876 Georg Pikel of Waldorf, Sachsen Meiningen Mary Rohr of New York, NY not recorded Frederick Hagen and his wife Amanda Hagen
  BREITUNG, Jennie Therese 13 April 1875 23 Apr 1876 Emil Breitung of Wolfershausen, Sachsen Meiningen Elisabetha Keller of Waldorf, Sachsen Meiningen not recorded Miss Therese Ziegler
  DOBBERSTEIN, Carl Theodor 21 April 1876 7 May 1876 Michael Dobberstein of Kreis (county of) Bromberg (or Bermberg?), West Prussia Elisabetha Berlau of Prussian Stargard, West Prussia not recorded Carl Meyer, Mrs.Dorothea Meyer
12 GIRARD, George 27 Jan 1876 14 May 1876 Anton Girard of Hilbensheim, Lothringen Wilhelmine Ludke of Jarchlin, Hinter Pommern (lower Pomerania), Prussia Harriet St., Elmira Wilhelm Voelker, Mrs. Mary Bropre
  HOLLATZ, Albert Christoph Julius 21 Dec 1875 27 May 1876 Johann Hollatz of Ratzeburg bei (near) Neu-Stettin, Pommern (Pomerania), Prussia Emilie Jerke of Barenburch, Rbyk(sp?) Coslin, Pommern (Pomerania), Prussia Elmira August Nimtz, Friedrich Tesch, Mrs. Christine Schornstheimer
  KOOP, August Edward 15 Dec 1875 28 May 1876 Wilhelm Koop of Henningen, Prussia Caroline Burick (sp?) of New York State 654 Dickinson St, Elmira August Koop, Edward Stiebeck, MissCatherina Kimmich
  KONIECZNY, Olga Albertine 13 March 1876 4 June 1876 Joseph Konieczny of Staude, Kreis (county of) Pless, Rbzk (sp?)Oppeln, Schlesein (Silesia), Prussia Albertine Richter of Benschen, Posen, Prussia 852 John St, Elmira the parents, Mrs. Louise M. Winterick
13 JANOWSKY, Ida Marie Caroline 29 May 1876 18 June 1876 Johann Janowsky of Gross Kronien, West Prussia Ottilie Bast of Briesen, West Prussia Robinson St, Southport Miss Mary Miller, Miss Caroline Minch, Mrs. Dorothea Meyer, Gustav Janowsky, Carl Tomowski, Daniel Janowsky, John Mansky, August Dobberstein
  WULFF, Franz Robert 1 May 1875 4 July 1876 Dietrich Wulff of Elmshorn, Schleswig Anna Zimmermann of Elmshorn, Schleswig 700 Oak St, Elmira the parents
  MEISSNER, Friedrich Hermann 6 April 1876 7 July 1876 Carl Meissner of German Eylau (or Eylan?), West Prussia Auguste Meissner of Tellwalde (sp?), near German Eylau (or Eylan?) not recorded Johann Kuster, Miss Anna Suttner
  LUDKE, Rosa Antoinette 3 June 1876 16 July 1876 August Ludke of Moschutz, West Prussia Wilhelmine Rux of Moschutz, West Prussia Oak St., Elmira Mrs. Antoinette Bien, John Schwarz
14 VOLLBRECHT, Gracie Therese 28 Feb 1875 3 Aug 1876 Hermann J. Vollbrecht of Wurchow, East Prussia Catherina Christ of Jeffersonille, Sullivan, NY 708 Water St, Elmira Mrs. Julie Wenzel, Hermann Wenzel
  GILSDORF, Emma Jane 9 Dec 1871 11 Aug 1876 Anton Gilsdorf of Oberstreit, Prussia Barbara Lux of Lyons, Wayne Co, NY 759 E. Water St. Elmira Miss Magdalena Lux
  GILSDORF, Elisabetha Josephine 27 Dec 1873 11 Aug 1876 as above as above not recorded the parents
  GILSDORF, Eleonora Frances 15 Sept 1875 11 Aug 1876 as above as above not recorded Miss Dora Lux
  DOMIDION, Louise Therese 30 June 1875 13 Aug 1876 Gustav A. Domidion of Wellstein bei (near) Bingen, Rhein (Rhineland)- Hesse. Auguste Mudrack of Liegnitz, Prussia 817 E.Water St., Elmira Miss Emma Mudrack, Miss Magdalena Lux
15 NIMTZ, Heinrich Albert Jacob 17 June 1876 15 Aug 1876 August Nimtz of Soltznitz, Pommern (Pomerania), Prussia Wilhelmine Nimtz of Soltznitz, Pommern (Pomerania), Prussia Hendy Hollow, NY Johann Hollatz, Heinrich Baumeier, Mrs. Emma Tesch
  STASCH, Emil Rudolph 29 April 1876 15 Aug 1876 Emil Stasch of Kempten, Posen, Prussia Bertha Wegner of Callies near Coslin, Pomerania, Prussia DeWitt St., Elmira  Anton Wegner, Heinrich Wegner, Christian Hasenmaier, Miss Elise Kuhn, Mrs.Catherina Hasenmaier, Miss Ida Renke 
  FREUND, Albert John 26 May 1876 24 Sept 1876 John Freund of Gimsheim, Hesse Darmstadt  Elisabethe Eckert of Gimsheim, Hesse Darmstadt Southport, NY Albert Wegemann, Mrs.Susanna Wegemann
  MILLER, Helene Auguste 3 Aug 1876 1 Oct 1876 John Miller of New York State Amalia Schmidt of New York State 555 E. Third St., Elmira Miss Auguste Eckelmann, Carl Boehlke
16 FISCHER, Heinrich 23 June 1876 1 Oct 1876 Jacob Fischer of Bohlenberg, Birkenfeld, Oldenburg Maria Hartmann of Oxford Furnace, New Jersey Hendy Hollow, Big Flats, Chemung Co. NY Heinrich Gardner, Heinrich Vockeman, Mrs. Maria Fischer, Mrs. Henriette Fischer
  ECKELMANN, Bertha Florentine Amalia 7 Sept 1876 8 Oct 1876 Rudolph Eckelmann of Graudenz, West Prussia Gottliebe Wiese of Burckowitz (sp?), West Prussia not recorded Miss Auguste Eckelmann, Adam Stampp
  WINTERICH, Hiram Wilhelm Albert 9 March 1876 22 Oct 1876 Friedrich Wilhelm Winterich of Pallien bei (near) Trier, Prussian Rhineland Louise Lipholtz, of Quanstett bei (near) Gartow, Hannover 43 Third Str., corner of Bloomfield St., Hoboken, NJ Wilhelm Lipholtz, Albert J.(?) Winterich, Miss Dorothea Winterich
  BOUILLE, Lottie 16 May 1876 12 Nov 1876 Andrew Bouille of Meiningen, Sachsen Meiningen Mary Keller of Meiningen, Sachsen Meiningen Norton St., Elmira Miss Ernestine Bouille
17 WIENECKE, Caroline Catherine 12 July 1876 19 Nov 1876 Ferdinand Wienecke of Hohenau, Kries (county of) Rathenow, Brandenburg, Prussia Marie Clemens of Auburn, NY 709 E. Oak St., Elmira Miss Caroline Schornstheimer, Miss Catherine Berner, Miss Catherine Bien
  JANOWSKY, Louise Anna Dorothea 8 Oct 1876 3 Dec 1876 Daniel Janowsky of GrossKronin, West Prussia Caroline Janowsky (maiden name) of Lembrekovrow (sp?), West Prussia Southport, NY Miss Caroline Minck, Mrs. Dorothea Meyer, Carl Janowsky, John Janowsky, August Dobberstein
  BRUNS, Auguste 14 Sept 1872 24 Dec 1876 Nicolaus Bruns of Bedekese (Bederkesa), Hanover Anne Catherina Kohler of Eisenach, Sachsen Weimar Horseheads, Chemung Co., NY Miss Auguste Vogt
  HEIB, John ? "see confirmations, 1891"        
  1877 BAPTISMS            
18 RAAZ, Heinrich Albert 20 Nov 1876 3 Jan 1877 Wiliam Raaz of Conitz, West Prussia Albertine Steege of Weidenhagen,Kreis (County of) Naugardt, Alt Stettin, Pommern (Pomerania), Prussia Oak St., Elmira Michael Dobberstein, Mrs.Maria Schwarz
  GIRARD, Nicolaus 19 Sept 1876 3 Jan 1877 Jacob Girard of Hilbensheim, Elsass (Alsace) Catherina Flinschbach of Massenbach, Wurtemberg. South Lake St., Elmira Nicholaus Brobre, Mrs.Maria Meyer
  SCHOELLER, John 8 June 1876 14 Feb 1877 Christian Schoeller of Bodenheim, Hesse Darmstadt Auguste Schultz of Plathe (sp?) Prussia 708 E. Oak St., Elmira John Schultz, Friedrich Becker, Mrs. Emilie Liesner
  BOGRAM, Catherina Caroline 11 May 1876 25 Feb 1877 Eduard Bogram of Parmonicky, Poland Marianne Winkel of Maciejowice, Poland Gillett's Station, Bradford Co., PA Miss Anna Lubinsky, John K. Winkel
19 AMBERG, Lizzie Louise 5 Nov 1876 7 March 1877 Friedrich Amberg of Saarbrucken, Prussia Lizzie Geib of Dormoschel, Rhein-Baiern (Rhine-Bavaria) 601 Lake St., Elmira Mrs. Catherina Lung, Peter Schornstheimer, Mrs. Bertha Pressler, J. Philip Weyer
  POLLMANN, Allie Pauline 11 Feb 1877 8 Apr 1877 John Gustav Pohlmann of Collub, West Prussia Auguste Bahr of Rewalde, West Prussia 712 Baldwin St., Elmira Mrs. Pauline Ellett, William Y. Ellett
  LA BURT, Howard William 12 Aug 1875 19 Apr 1877 not recorded, probably as below not recorded, probably as below not recorded, probably as below Howard Millspaugh, Miss Sarah Wayand
  LA BURT, Lottie Therese 15 Sept 1876 19 Apr 1877 Jacob W. LaBurt of New York State Therese Vollbrecht of Boblitz, Pomerania, Prussia 760 E. Water St., Elmira Miss Dora Lux, Charles Miller
  BAYARD, Frank Emory William 5 Jan 1873 22 Apr 1877 Emory Bayard of Montreal, Canada Emilie Eckstein of Raunstein, Sachsen (Saxony) Meiningen Orchard St., Elmira William Minch, Miss Anne Kinley
20 BAYARD, Charles Louis 16 Nov 1876 22 Apr 1877 as above as above  as above? Charles Main, Miss Christine Minch
  HOLLATZ, John Adolph  26 Apr 1877 1 May 1877 John Hollatz of Ratzebuhr, Pommern (Pomerania), Prussia Emilie Gehrke of Bahrenbusch, Pommern (Pomerania) 116 Second St., Elmira Henry Adolph Baumeyer, John Nimtz, Mrs. Auguste Bork
  HANSEN, Catherina  1 May 1877 15 May 1877 Anton Hansen of Ribe, Denmark Christine Jensen of Faaburg, (illegible) Funen, Denmark 411 Elm St., Elmira not recorded
  HARTMANN, Friedrich Wilhelm 22 March 1876 24 May 1877 Peter Hartmann of Tranenweier, Rhein, Prussia (Prussian Rhineland) Margaretha Eifert of Diensenort, Sachen Weimar, Eisenach Southport Township, Chemung Co, NY Friedrich & Katie R. Vockeroth, William M. E. Bauer
21 FREITAG, Benjamin 13 Aug 1875 19 May 1877 Wilhelm Freitag of Gustrow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin Elisabeth Basel of Reichelsheim, Hesse Darmstadt 719 North Oak St., Elmira Mrs. Anna Becker, Mrs. Josie Carpenter
  SCHMITT, Margaretha Elisabetha 28 Dec 1876 27 May 1877 Jacob Schmitt of Grotelbach, Rhein-Baiern (Rhineland-Bavaria) Anna Maria Stoeber of Hitzebrode (sp?), Sachsen (Saxony) Weimar, Eisenach. Southport Township, Chemung Co, NY Mrs. Johanette Elisabetha Stoeber, Mrs. Margaretha Motschmann, Johann Peter Heib, Michael Amann
  MESSING, Caroline Louise 11 Apr 1877 27 May 1877 Sebastian Messing of Tifenort, Sachsen Weimar Eisenach Caroline Louise Schmitt of Scranton, Luzern, PA 211 Gregg St., Elmira Mrs. Carolina Louise Diem, Heinrich Gottlieb Schmitt, Miss Elise Githler, Louis Valerius 
  DOBERSTEIN, Helene Christine Caroline  17 March 1877 17 June 1877 August Doberstein of Nitzseler (sp?), Posen, West Prussia Louise Janowsky of Gross Kronien, West Prussia Esty St., Southport, NY Miss Christine Minch, Wilhelm Janowsky, Carl Tomowsky, Mrs. Ottilie Janowsky, Mrs. Maria Mansky, Carl Meyer
22 SCHMELZER, Johannes Duttenhofer 22 Sept 1876 1 July 1877 Johannes Schmelzer (deceased) of Hessheim, Reg. Bez. Frankenstein, Prussia his widow Catherina Schmitt of Neiderhochstatt bei (near) Landau, Rhineland-Pfalz not recorded Jacob Duttenhofer, Miss Elisabeth M. Schmitt
  BOELKE, Anna Regine Caroline 24 Apr 1877 1 July 1877 Carl Boelke of Doderlage, Prussia Emma Borck of Juchow, Prussia Southport, NY Mrs. Cath. Girard, John Mansky, Adam Stampp, Mrs. Caroline Janowsky, Mrs.Anna Bien
  HAGEN, Charles Frederick 6 Dec 1876 24 July 1877 Frederick Hagen of Waldorf, Sachsen Meiningen Amanda Klein of Herzen, Nassau 1121 Elm St., Elmira the parents
  STORCH, Carl Wilhelm August 28 Apr 1877 25 July 1877 Friedrich Storch of Weidenhagen, Pomern  Ottilie Bohm of Daber, Pommern (Pomerania) Big Flats, Chemung Co., NY Carl Steege, Wilhelm Storch, Miss Anna Liesner
23 ZOEBISCH, Carl Albert 25 Jan 1877 26 July 1877 Gustav Adolph Zoebisch of Neukirchen bei (near)Altorf, Sachsen (Saxony) Marie Anna Wegemann of Elmira, NY (illegible), NY Albert Wegemann
  METZGER, Blanca Sophia 30 June 1877 26 July 1877 Jacob Metzger of Gimbsheim, Hesse Darmstadt Sophie M., maiden name Wegemann, of Elmira, NY South Main St., Elmira the parents, Mrs. Marie H. Zoebisch, Mrs. Emma Gucker 
  VOLLBRECHT, Ida 10 July 1877 30 July 1877 Hermann J. Vollbrecht of Wurchow, East Prussia Catherina Christ of Jeffersonille, Sullivan, NY 708 E. Water St., Elmira Mrs.Therese LaBurt, Wilhelm Christ
  KOOP, Hermann Conrad 6 Sept 1876 3 Aug 1877 Hermann Koop of Henningen, Sachsen (Saxony), Prussia Anna Dorothea Hausmann of Henningen, Sachsen (Saxony), Prussia 815 Walnut St., Elmira Conrad Schornstheimer, August Ritter
24 JONSON, Ellen Sophie 11 Nov 1876 6 Aug 1877 Charles Jonson of Grenna, Jonspring Lan, Sweden Lena Carlsen of Grenna, Jonsping Lan, Sweden Beaver Dam, Schuyler Co., NY the parents
  SUSEMIHL, Hermann Heinrich Robert 22 May 1877 12 Aug 1877 Robert Susemihl of Konigsberg, Prussia Ernestine Haupt of Centreville, Chemung, NY 556 John St., Elmira Hermann Susemihl, Heinrich Dabelstein, Mrs. Katie Krause
  GIRARD, Hermann 24 May 1877 19 Aug 1877 Anton Girard of Hilbensheim, Lothringen Wilhelmine Ludke of Jarchlin, Hinter Pommern (Lower Pomerania), Prussia Oak St., Elmira Hermann Ludke, Mrs. Elisabeth Girard
  RIEGERDT, Friedrich 5 Aug 1877 19 Aug 1877 Georg Riegerdt of Stadt Scherwind, Prussia Anna Spengart of Russian Poland 839 Canal St, Elmira Friedrich Kuster, Miss Anna Schneider, Carl Liesner, Miss Christine Eifert
25 ZIMMERMANN, Martin Albert 30 May 1876 23 Aug 1877 Johann Georg Zimmermann of Gussenstadt, Wurtemberg Margaretha Bantzhaff of Sohnstetten, Wurtemberg Elmira Township Martin Bantzhaff, Mrs.Albertine Konieczny
  BANTZHAFF, Georg Immanuel 9 Sept 1875 23 Aug 1877 Michael Bantzhaff of Sohnstetten, Wurtemberg Maria Schwarz of Gussenstadt, Wurtemberg Elmira Township the parents
  BANTZHAFF, Caspar Albert 7 Dec 1876 23 Aug 1877 as above  as above  not recorded, probably as above George Zimmermann, Miss Mathilde Schwartz
  MARINGER, Wilhelm 8 Sept 1876 16 Sept 1877 Joseph Maringer Catherina Hofmann Hendy Hollow, Southport township, Chemung Co NY Wilhelm Uhl, Mrs. Catherina Gardener, (illegible), C.R. Beyer of Attica, NY
26 ALEXANDER, Harriet May 21 Sept 1877 3 Oct 1877 Minor Alexander of Breesport, Chemung Co NY Louise Emma Plate of Waterloo, Ontario, NY Town Of Southport, NY/ Christian Hollow Mrs. Adamine Jung, Frederick Wm. Plate
  MAAS, Ferdinand Heinrich 5 Aug 1869 1 Nov 1877 Ferdinand Maas of Greifswald, Prussia Fridericke Loffler of Vaihingen, Wurtemberg 653 Walnut St, Elmira August Vogt
  MAAS, Otto 19 Apr 1873 1 Nov 1877 as above as above as above? Mrs. Catherina Klapproth, Howard Knapp
  MAAS, Lilian Fridericke 29 May 1875 1 Nov 1877 as above as above as above? Mrs. Gertrude Mander, Adam Mander
  MAAS, Charles Christian 25 Apr 1877 1 Nov 1877 as above as above as above? Charles Deck, Mrs. Christine Miller
27 STOERGE, Rosa 25 Apr 1876 in Springfield, PA 11 Nov 1877 in Elmira Johan Stoerge Mina Kasuth (sp?) not recorded Frank Odlysky (sp?), Franziska Zerwinsky

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