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German Evangelical Church, Elmira, Chemung County NY
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This represents the first pages of the German Evangelical Church records in Elmira NY. We hope that we will be able to bring this project to full completion with access to the remaining records. Previously site guests have sent in partial information that they had compiled just on their own families. We are optimistic that we can present the full set of records on this site.

This church was organized in 1874 and the building erected in 1876. It is now used by the Church of Christ.

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40 AMBERG, Katharina Christina Sophia 2 Jan 1879 in Elmira 25 July 1879 in parents' home Friedrich Amberg Elisabetha Amberg Sophia Amberg (the grandmother), Christina Schornstheimer
  GARDNER, Henry Ward 2 May 1879 in Elmira 17 Aug 1879 in parents' home Heinrich Gardner J_ (illegible) Ward Heinrich Schornstheimer, Charles Ward, Gen__(illegible) Smith, Katharine (sp?) Gardner
  SCHORNSTHEIMER, Karl Conrad 9 Dec 1867  17 Aug 1879  Konrad Schornstheimer Friedricke Schornstheimer Karl Koop, Kati (sp?) Koop
  SCHORNSTHEIMER, Eduard Heinrich 28 June 1875 17 Aug 1879 in (illegible's) house as above as above Heinrich Doberstein, Konrad illegible
  SCHORNSTHEIMER, Lizzie Fridericke 13 Aug 1869 17 Aug 1879 as above as above Heinrich Koop, Dorothea Koop
  SCHORNSTHEIMER, Ella Christina 9 Sept 1873 17 Aug 1879 as above as above Peter Schornstheimer, Theresia (sp?) Schornstheimer
  KOOP, Magdalena Fridericka 18 Jan 1879 17 Aug 1879 Hermann (sp?) Koop Lena Dorothea(sp?) Koop Magdalena Ritter, Friedricke Schornstheimer
41 EISENACHER, Minnie Mathilde Sophie 23 Dec 1875 2 Sept 1879 August Eisenacher Katharine Eisenacher, nee L___ (illegible) Sophia Freeoff, Kate Winkel, Frank Berner
  EISENACHER, Emma Maria Katharina 22 Nov 1877 2 Sept 1879 as above as above Maria Heine, Kate Koop, Frank Berner
  FISCHER, Yakob 30 July 1879 7 Sept 1879 Yakob Fischer Maria Fischer, nee Hartmann (sp?) Peter Hartmann, Martin illegible, Johannes Walsh, Alwina Wagner
  WHITE, Ollie Delia 5 Sept 1871 in Rochester, NY 7 Sept 1879 in Southport, NY Henry White Lizzie Hauenstein John Freund, Minna Schlutter, Anna Weiler
  MEYER, Stella May 8 Nov 1877 in Elmira 18 Sept 1879 Joseph Meyer Libbie Haupt  Maria Haupt
  BOEHLCKE, George Friedrich Wilhelm 18 June 1879 28 Sept 1879 Karl Boehlcke illegible Lo__(illegible) Friedrich Janowsky, Friedrich Kuster (sp?), Maria Mansky, Louisa Doberstein
42 KICKBUSH, Sophia Maria 5 Nov 1857 in Elmira  28 Sept 1879 Johann Kickbush ("deceased")  Maria Wurster  the mother
  KICKBUSH, Emma Christina 22 Jan 1858 28 Sept 1879 as above as above the mother
  KICKBUSH, Johann Martin 31 March 1861 28 Sept 1879 as above as above the mother
  BRAUN, Albert Wilhelm 21 Aug 1875 21 Oct 1879 Albert Braun Anna Kreutter Adam Kinley, Karl (illegible), Mathilda Kreutter
  BRAUN, Magdalena Hulda 24 May 1877 21 Oct 1879 as above as above as above
  BRAUN, Mathilda Alice 30 May 1879 21 Oct 1879 as above as above as above
  WINKEL, Heinrich August K. 30 Jan 1879 29 Oct 1879 Johann K. Winkel Katie K. Bien Heinrich Schornstheimer, August Kuster, Lizzie Friday, Philippina Baker
43 BOEHMER, Carolina Elisabetha 12 Nov 1873 7 Nov 1879 Heinrich Boehmer Elisabetha Boehmer The parents
  FRITSCH, Charles Moritz 18 Oct 1879 in Hendy Creek 9 Nov 1879 Karl Fritsch Katharina Fritsch, nee (illegible) Gottlieb Kimmich, Moritz Vogt, Luisa Wright, Rosina F__ (illegible)
  HADE, Maude Latifa 23 Jan 1875 30 Nov 1879 Justus Hade Elisabetha Krauss  The parents
  HADE, Minnie Bertha 30 Dec 1877 30 Nov 1879 as above as above The parents
  YONSON, Almor Siegfried 31 Oct 1879 near Watkins, Schuyler, NY 10 Dec 1879 in Elmira Karl Yonson Lena Yonson The parents
  KLEIN, Minna Elanor 18 Jan 1878 in Elmira 28 Dec 1879 in parents' home Adam Klein Lizzie Klein Samuel Klein, Jennie J. Olendenien (sp?)
  KLEIN, Samuel Robert 7 Dec 1879 in Elmira 28 Dec 1879 in parents' home as above as above as above
44 HAGEN, Jennie May 13 April 1879 in Elmira 28 Dec 1879  Fred Hagen Emma Klein Samuel Klein, Jennie J. Olendenien (sp?)
  1880 Baptisms          
45 KRAUT, Katharina Margaretha 14 Feb 1880 21 March 1880 Friedrich Kraut Wilhelmina Kraut Margaretha Wulff, Fred Schornstheimer
  KRAUT, Wilhelmina 22 Oct 1877 in Elmira 21 March 1880 as above as above Christiade (sp?) Schornstheimer, Johanna Richard
  JANOWSKY, Augusta Emma Amalia 4 Dec1879 in Big Flats, NY 18 April 1880 in Southport NY Daniel Janowsky Karolina Janowsky John Mansky, Luisa Doberstein, Julius Janowsky, Emma Boehlke, Karl Janowsky, Johanna Lies or Lus (Sp?)
  MEISSNER, Emma Augusta Fridericke 19 Oct 1879 in Southport 18 April 1880  Karl Meissner Augusta Meissner Karl Meier, Friedrich Janowsky, Augusta Renartschek, Wilhelmina Gundelsweiler
  SUSEMIHL, Emma Ida Josephina (Sp?) 11 July 1879 18 April 1880 Robert Susemihl Ernestina Susemihl Karl Haupt, Ida Susemihl, Emma Kuhlmann, Kate Zarps
46 KOOP, Rosa Anna 3 Oct 1879 in Elmira 23 May 1880 in parents' home Wilhelm Koop Karolina Koop August Koop, Anna Koop
  KARGER, George Friedrich August 30 Nov 1879 3 July 1880 Friedrich Karger Luisa Karger George Friedrich K__st (illegible)
  SNYDER, Edith May 13 Oct 1879 in Elmira 11 July 1880 Alois Snyder Jennie Snyder The parents
  ELLIOTT, Anna Grace 7 Dec 1879  29 July 1880 Wilhelm Elliott Paulina Elliott the grandmother, Mrs. G__ (illegible)
  GRUENISEN (sp?), Julia Elisabeth 31 July 1879 in Elmira 31 July 1880 Louis Gruenisen Anna Gruenisen Karl Starke, Elisabeth Blake
  MESSING, Thielmann Jakob 19 Dec 1879 in Elmira 15 Aug 1880 Sebastian Messing  Carolina Luisa Schmitt Jakob Schmitt, Elisabeth Gartner, Andreas Messing, Anna Maria Schmitt
47 SNIDER, Carrie May 17 March 1875 15 Aug 1880 in Elmira L.T.S. Snider Mary Snider not listed
  BARCHET, Maria Paulina 2 Dec 1877 in Elmira 29 Sept 1880 Mattius (Matthias?) Barchet Anna Barchet Johann Georg Zimmerman, Margaretha Zimmerman
  BARCHET, Emilie Christina 19 Jan 1879 in Elmira Township 29 Sept 1880 as above as above Michael Bauntzhoff, Maria Bauntzhoff
  BARCHET, Maria Barbara 11 June 1880 in Elmira Township 29 Sept 1880 as above as above Georg P. Lux, Dora Lux
  GERBER, Karl Wilhelm 24 July 1880 30 Sept 1880 Karl Gerber Nellie Wood Karl Klapproth, Minnie Thro (sp?)
  LEISNER (sp?), Lizzie Ernstina 12 Aug 1878 in Pennsylvania 4 Oct 1880 in Elmira Jakob Leisner (sp?) Emilie Leisner (sp?) Ernstine Boehm, Karl Opelt, Joseph (illegible)
48 OPELT (sp?), Friedrich 23 Jan 1879 in Elmira 4 Oct 1880  Charles Opelt (sp?) Anna Opelt (sp?) Albertine Kongeny (sp?) and the mother
  OPELT (sp?), Wilhelm 8 Jan 1877 in Elmira 4 Oct 1880 as above as above Emilia Boehm (sp?), Emilia illegible)
  STORCH, Ernst Friedrich Herrmann 19 Aug 1880 in Big Flats 21 Nov 1880 Friedrich Wilhelm Storch  Ottilie Boehm (sp?) Ferdinand Kollner, illegible
  SCHUSLER, George Heinrich Joseph 23 June 1879 in Elmira 12 Dec 1880 in grandparents home George A. Schusler Emilia Gruene (sp?) Heinrich Gruene (sp?), George Schusler
  SCHUSLER, Emilia Emil Christiana 3 Sept 1880 12 Dec 1880 as above as above Emilia Grune (sp?), Emil Klipperstein, Christina Schwenke
  1881 Baptisms          
49 GIRARD, Maria Anna 3 Sept 1880 in Elmira 2 Jan 1881 Anton Girard Wilhelmine Ludke Wilhelm Storch, Maria Meier
  KOOP, Friedrich 4 Aug 1877 in Elmira 3 March 1881 Karl Koop Katharina Koop Friedrich Kluge, Lena Kluge
  PLATE, Gracie May 27 Sept 1879 in Elmira 29 March 1881 F.W. Plate Lena Plate The parents
  PLATE, Ida Bell 18 Jan 1881 in Elmira 29 March 1881 F.W. Plate Lena Plate The parents
  ALEXANDER, W. Minor 19 Nov 1879 in Elmira 29 March 1881 Minor Alexander Louisa Y. Alexander The parents
50 DOBERSTEIN, Emma Dorothea 24 Feb 1881 in Webbs Mills 17 April 1881in Elmira Michael Doberstein Elise Doberstein Karl Meyer, Dorothea Meyer
  RAATZ, Bertha Henriette Albertina 9 Dec 1880 in Elmira 8 May 1881 Wilhelm Raatz Albertina Raatz Johann Raatz, Henrietta Storch, Albertina Steege
  SCHACHER, Friedrich 25 July 1876 in Elmira 8 May 1881 Xavier Schacher Henriette Schacher August Steege, Karl Steege, Maria Broper (sp?)
  SCHACHER, Johann 23 July 1879 in Elmira 8 May 1881 as above as above Hermann Steffen, Wilhelm Storch, Friecricke Keller
  SCHORNSTHEIMER, Harry William 26 June 1880 in Elmira 24 May 1881 Konrad Schornstheimer Friedericke Schornstheimer the parents, Wilhelm Koop
51 WEYER, Laura Elisabetha 11 Feb 1866 in Elmira 27 May 1881 Philipp Weyer Albertine Weyer (maiden name Pautz) Friedrich (illegible), Friedrich Amberg, Elisabetha Weyer
  SCHUMACHER, Markus Robert 24 Feb1881 in Elmira 1 June 1881 Peter Schumacher Carolina Schumacher Markus Lehnleitner, Emilie Fischer
  EWALD, Katharina 20 July 1879 in Elmira 28 June 1881 John Ewald Maria Ewald Elisabetha Stryker, Simon Stryker
  KOOP, Katharina Carolina 27 Oct 1880 in Elmira 9 July 1881 Heinrich Koop Philippina Koop Carolina Koop
  KOOP, Bertha Philippina 9 June 1881 in Elmira 9 July 1881 Wilhelm Koop Carolina Koop Philippina Koop
52 SCHON, Wilhelm 26 Nov 1872 in Corning, Steuben, NY 21 July 1881 Leonhard Schon Louise Schon Peter Barenthaler
  SCHON, Cresentia 24 July 1873 in Olean, Cattanaugus, NU 21 July 1881 in Corning, Steuben, NY as above as above Karl W. Eichorn, Cresentia Barenthaler
  SCHON, Friedrich 19 June 1875 in Olean, Cattanaugus, NY 21 July 1881 in Corning, Steuben, NY as above as above Wilhelm Quandt
  SCHON, Rosalia 14 Nov 1879 in Olean, Cattanaugus, NY 21 July 1881 in Corning, Steuben, NY as above as above Rosalie Barenthaler
  HASELBAUER, Friedrich Smith 15 Oct 1877 in Corning, Steuben, NY 21 July 1881 in Corning, Steuben, NY Joseph Haselbauer Maria Haselbauer Christian Smith
  HASELBAUER, Allen Gertrud 10 March 1876 in Corning, NY 21 July 1881  as above as above Magdalena Smith
53 GIRARD, Jakob Isidor 20 May 1881 in Webbs Mills, Chemung, NY 21 Aug 1881 in Elmira Charles Girard Elisabetha Girard Jakob Girard, Katharina Girard
  WIESE, Pauline 24 Jan 1880 in Elmira 28 Aug 1881 in Rock Spring, Chemung, NY Wilhelm Wiese Anna Wiese Wilhelm Krauss, Paulina Krauss, George Willowsky (sp?), Augusta F__ (Illegible)
  WIESE, Friedrich Wilhelm 2 May 1881 in Horseheads, Chemung, NY 28 Aug 1881 in Rock Spring, Chemung, NY Wilhelm Wiese Anna Wiese as above
  METZGER, Emma Susanna Katharina 14 Nov 1878 in Southport Corners, Chemung, NY 1 Sept 1881 Jakob Metzger Sophia Metzger George Guecker (sp?) , Emma Guecker (sp?) of Rochester, Susanna Wagemann
  GIRARD, Johanna Elisabetha 25 Apr 1881 in Elmira 11 Sept 1881 Jakob Girard Katie Girard Charles Girard, Johanna Romer (sp?), Elisa Flinsbach
54 AYERS, Mary 5 Aug 1881 in Elmira 15 Sept 1881 in Carr's Corner, Chemung, NY Henry Ayers Lena Ayers Maria Ruppertsberger
  LENZ, Wilhelm Albert Gustav 26 July 1881 in Elmira 18 Sept 1881 Ferdinand Lenz Mathilde Lenz Gustav Janowsky, Bertha Manske, Johan Kuster (sp?)
  TESCH, Emma Helena 25 Apr 1881 in Caton, Steuben, NY 25 Sept 1881 Friedrich Tesch Emma Tesch Maria Schneck, Helena Batzold, Karl Block
  BOETTSCHER,Katharina Margaretha 21 Oct 1880 in Elmira 30 Sept 1881 Wilhelm Bottscher Charlotta Bottscher Margaretha Boettscher, Katharina Witt
  WIEGAND, Arthur Friedrich 3 March 1881 in Elmira 17 Oct 1881 George Ch. Wiegand Emilie Wiegand Friedrich Wiegand, Emma Schidlen
55 MEISSNER, Heinrich 23 Oct 1881 in Elmira 29 Oct 1881 Karl Meissner Augusta Meissner Herrmann Vollbrecht
  ECKELMANN, Alfred Rudolph Theodor 20 Oct 1881 in Elmira  6 Nov 1881 Rudolph Eckelmann Gottliebe Eckelmann Friedrich Eckelmann, Augusta Eckelmann
  HEPPE, Emma Amalie Wilhelmine 8 Feb 1880 in Elmira 13 Nov 1881 Julius Heppe Paulina Heppe Joseph Friedmann (sp?), Karl Boehlke, Maria Schwarz, Ottilie Janowski
  JANOWSKI, Ollie Anna 16 Jan 1880 in Big Flats, Chemung, NY 13 Nov 1881 in Elmira Johan Janowski Ottilie Janowski Mathilde Bast, Louisa Janowski, John Manski, Julius Heppe
  JANOWSKI, Heinrich Martin 21 Aug 1881 in Big Flats, NY 13 Nov 1881 Johann Janowski Ottilie Janowski Albert Bast, Karl Boehlke, Justus Hade, Bertha Manski
56 LAKNER, August 25 Oct 1881 in Rock Spring, Elmira, NY 18 Dec 1881 Heinrich (Andreas is (inserted here) Lakner Anna Lakner August Noll, Emilie Riegert
  GARDNER, Gertrud 19 Nov 1881 in Southport, Chemung NY 18 Dec 1881 Peter Gardner Julianna Gardner Jakob Duttenhofer, Gertrud Gardner
  KIMMICH, Anna May 15 March 1880 in Horseheads, Chemung, NY 21 Dec 1881 in Elmira Gottlieb Kimmich Cornelia Kimmich the parents
  KOOP, Friedericke Mathilda 8 July 1881 in Elmira 27 Oct 1881 Hermann Koop Anna Dorothea Koop Friedericke Schornstheimer, Mathilda Kreutter

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