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 Tioga County, Pensylvania Death Records 1893-1896
Transcribed from Court House ledgers by Linda C. Reese, Published by Joyce M. Tice 12/26/2015
Page Four- Names H to K
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Column Labels
Surname First Name Death Date Color Sex Age Marital Status Occupation Born Place of Death Cause - Duration Buried Date Burial Parents Date of Record
Surnames H to K
Hackett Seth B. 4/27/1894 W M 45y2m Farmer Chatham Twp. Middlebury Consumption - 6 mo. Keeneyville 6/30/1894
Hackett Seth B. 2/13/1896 W M 87y5m M Farmer Chenango Co,NY Middlebury Cancer - 6 wk Keeneyville
Hagstrom Charles E. 8/8/1894 W M 56y1m28d M Laborer Sweden Hoytsville Heart disease - 1 mo Antrim Cem
Haight Willard G. 8/2/1895 W M 15y2m2d Mainesburg St.James St., Mansfield Meningitis - 4 da Mansfield Orlando T & Sarah Moriva Haight
Haight Fred R. 9/22/1895 W M 28y3m15d S Teacher Rose Valley, Lycoming, Pa Mainesburg Heart - 3 wk Mainesburg
Haker Fredericke 5/4/1895 W F 36y3m1d M Housekeeper Germany Wellsbor St., Tioga Consumption - 6 mo Brookfield Cem
Hall Esther Mar.1894 W F 35 yr S Delmar Chatham Heart Failure - 8 wk Marmer Cem. March 1894.
Hall Jane A. 9/10/1894 W F 63y11m27d S Rensselair Co,NY Farmington General Debility - 6 mo Farmington Cem
Hall Cornelia 4/18/1895 W F 34 yr M Mansfield Arnot Pneumonia - 1 wk Blossburg w/o William E. Hall
Hall William 7/1/1895 W M 43y8m M Fireman Wales State Hosp., Blossburg Brights disease -5 mo Fall Brook
Hall Jane 7/16/1896 W F 83y24d Wd England New Castle Old age - 6 wk Newell Cem.
Ham Effie Belle 2/20/1895 W F 18 yr
Hamblin Anna M. 2/26/1894 W F 55y6m23d M Brookfield, Pa Brookfield Debility - 3 wk Plank Cem
Hammond Adeline L. 6/27/1893 W F 49y5m23d M Triangle,Broome Co,NY Elkland,Main St. Tumor - 5 mo Elkland Ranson Egleston
Hammond Mary 2/19/1894 W F 42y20d S Farmer Nelson Nelson, Pa. Drowned - 2 Nelson, Pa
Hammond Anson D. 7/23/1895 W M 67y3m20d M Otsego Co., NY E. Main St.,Mansfield Heart D. - 4 wk Mansfield
Hammond David A. 8/29/1895 W M 36y8m M Station Agent Elkland Elkland Maleria - 2 mo Highland Cem.
Hamsley Gertrude 7/1/1893 W F 15 yr Clymer Clymer Complication - 4 mo Hill Cem. Henry Hamsley
Hancher Gertrude A. 7/21/1896 W F 18y5m12d Liberty Twp Blossburg Tumor - 10 da Luthern Cem. Lycoming Jabez & Addie Hancher
Hand Sarah M. 4/21/1894 W F 17y5m4d M Housewife Hector, Potter Co Westfield Twp. Consumption - 10 da Potter Brook
Hanngan Bridget 7/8/1896 W F 45 yr M Ireland Arnot Consumption -2 mo Blossburg
Hanson Blanch 12/13/1894 W F 21 da Blossburg Gulick St., Blossburg Pneumonia - 4 da Blossburg Gunder & Matie Hanson
Hanwell Sarah L. 2/14/1894 W F 53y8m10d M Ruah St, Blossburg Heart Failure - 2 mo Blossburg 2/17/1894
Harden Mrs. Josiah 2/10/1895 W F 75 yr M Housekeeper Out of State Williamson St., Covington Boro Paralysis - 4 da Grey Cem.
Harding Josiah 8/26/1894 W M 80y1m1d M Gunsmith Vermont Covington Boro Old Age - 4 wk Grey Cem.
Harding Loretta 3/3/1895 W F 47 yr M Housekeeper Charleston Twp. Wellsboro Consumption Wellsboro
Harding Lydia Ann 9/25/1895 W F 46y3m29d M Covington Twp. Covington Twp. Dropsy - 6 wk Gray Cem. G.T. & Mary Goodenough
Harkness Irving O. 6/28/1894 W M 67y3m10d M Tanner & Currier Covington, Tioga Co,Pa Cherry Flats Consumption - 3 yr Cherry Flatts 6/30/1894
Harlow Eva M. 1/10/1897 W F 19y3m15d S Charleston Shippen Appendicitis - 1 wk Ansonia J.M. & Clara W. Harlow
Harrer Viola 5/21/1895 W F 24 yr S Housekeeper South Union Consumption - 6 wk East Point
Harrer Carrie M. 10/28/1895 W F 22y8m9d S Liberty Liberty Typhoid - 4 wk East Point Daniel & Elizabeth Harrer
Harris E. W. 3/12/1896 W M 60 yr M Lawrence Lawrenceville Heart - 1 hr Lawrence
Harrison Richard 4/3/1894 W M 3 da S Canton St.,Fallbrook,Pa Canton St.,Fallbrook Bronchitis - 3 da Fall Brook H. & Alice Harrison
Harrower Col. G. T. 8/15/1895 W M 78y4m M Sidney, NY Lawrenceville Old age - 3 mo Lawrenceville
Hart James 8/26/1893 W M 80 yr Laborer Ireland Tioga Co. Poor House Old age - 2 mo Wellsboro
Harvey Alexander 1/9/1895 W M 69y9m7d M Farmer Monkland Co Lanurk, Scotlad Liberty Twp. Asthma - 4 mo Blossburg
Haskins R. A. 10/24/1896 W M 32 yr M Hector, Potter Co Chatham fever - 4 wk Wormer
Hastings E. H. 3/14/1896 W M 66y11m M Vermont Wellsboro Gripp - 9 da Wellsboro
Hathaway Bernice 6/18/1894 W F 1y2m S Elk Twp. Gaines Pneumonia - 6 da Phoenix Cem. Wm. & Elizibeth Hathaway
Havens John 1/18/1896 W M 81 yr M Tompkins Co,NY Potter Brook Dropsy Sunderlanville John & Dinah Havens
Hawley Nina 2/14/1894 W F 5m3d S Osceola Osceola Brain Fever - 12 hrs Fairview Cem W.A. & Anna Hawley
Hawley Nettie 1/19/1894 W F 19y10m11d M H.K. Potter Brook Potter Brook 1 mo Potter Brook 1/2/1894 Merritt & Jane Potter
Hawley Louise 2/28/1895 W F 22y4m6d S Chatham Chatham Brain Tumor - 3 wk Wormer Cem.
Hay Robert 11/23/1893 W M 45 yr M Miner Scotland Arnot Fall off Rock - Instant Blossburg Lizzie Hay
Hayes Mary 9/23/1894 W F 3y3m2d Morris Run Summit St., Morris Run Scarlet Fever - 5 da Blossburg William & Rosa Hayes
Hayes Reney 10/3/1894 W F 4y4m15d Morris Run Summit St., Morris Run Diphtheria - 7 da Blossburg William & Rosa Hayes
Hayes Robert J. 12/12/1895 W M 1y2m Richmond Twp. Richmond Bowl comp. 4 wk Mansfield M. G. & Mary A. Hall Hayes
Hayner Elias 7/11/1894 W M 64 yr M Farmer Chatham Gaines Heart Failure - 2 mo Maynard
Hazlett Amariah 10/13/1895 W F 68y7m19d M Middlebury Middlebury Insanity - 3 mo Keeneyville
Hazlett John 11/10/1895 W M 65 yr M Middlebury Chatham Cancer-stomach- Middlebury
Head Fred 10/20/1894 W M 22 yr S Laborer Clymer Gaines Heart Failure - 12 da Phoenix Cem.
Hebe Eliza 9/12/1895 W F 79y9m9d Schuylkill Co,Pa Liberty Stomach trouble -1 wk Union Cem.
Heckman Harry H. 10/21/1896 W M 6y2m15d Woodhull, NY Elkland Larynx - 5 da Highland Cem. Charles & H. L. Heckman
Henderson Homer 8/9/1895 W M 1y6m23d S Morris Morris Cholera - 3 wk M. J. & Emma Henderson
Henderson Maud 12/30/1895 W F 5y6m15d S Morris Morris Scarlet fever -2w2d Mt. Pleasant Emma Henderson
Henry Lucy 4/27/1894 W F 1 da S Antrim Antrim Wellsboro 4/28/1894 Jas. & Susie Henry
Henry Jennie 11/21/1895 W F 21y5m3d M Leiden, NH Delmar Pneumonia -5 wk Shumway John & Clara Langerborn
Herrington George W. 1/3/1894 W M 71y2m2d M Farmer Shippen Shippen Heart Disease - 8 mo Wellsboro Reuben & Eunice Herrington
Herrington Martha Ann 6/6/1894 W F 67y8m4d Farmer New York Ogdensburgh Paralysis - 6 da Ogdensburg Charles & Marenda Whitcomb
Herrington Marie 7/28/1894 W F 67y S Ostego Co, NY Lawrence Dropsy - 4 yr Tioga
Heyler Rosana 9/1/1896 W F 60y1m3d M Liberty Twp. Liberty Twp. Cancer - 8 mo Sebring Cem.
Hickok William 7/24/1896 W M 47y8m7d M Bradford Co. Tioga Twp Ulcers - 1 yr Gillets,B.Co.
Higland Helma 10/1/1894 W F 2y4m Morris Run Wather St., Morris Run Diphtheria - 6 da Morris Run Gus & Christine Higland
Hill Sara Jane 2/19/1894 W F 4y3m Morris Run Morris Run-Front St. Scalded - 3 da Morris Run Thomas/Sara Hill
Hill Grant 8/7/1896 W M 26y8m21d S Chatham Waterloo Fever - 4 wk Hill Cem.
Hitchcock Howard F. 9/28/1895 W M 1y1m28d S Knoxville, Pa Knoxville Dysentery - 5 da Deerfield-RS Cem Andrew & Ola Hitchcock
Hogancamp Maryland 11/23/1893 W F 21y20d S Knoxville, PA Deerfield Twp Insanity - 3 yr Deerfield 11/26/1893 12/23/1893
Holcomb Levater 1/2/1895 W M 11y2m22d Laborer McNett Hoytsville Diphtheria - 8 da Mount Pleasant C.H. & Bell Holcomb
Holiday Georgia 3/25/1894 W F 4y4m9d North Delmar N. Delmar Croup - 2 wk Wellsboro Cem. S.V. & Etta Holiday
Hollands Henry 10/27/1895 W M 81y1m10d Wd Weightmaster Lewes,England Blossburg Old age - 2 wk Odd Fellows Cem
Hollenbeck John L. 9/28/1895 W M 62y2m M Schoharie, NY Lawrenceville Cancer Lindley, NY
Holmes Mary Ann 7/5/1895 W F 18y10m S England Water St.,Morris Run Consumption - 3mo Fall Brook James & Lizbeth Holmes
Holt Isabel 2/20/1894 W F 84y1m16d S Canada,Cumberland Co. Granger St,Blossburg Old Age - 8 da Blossburg 2/22/1894
Hoose Julia Annette 8/10/1896 W F 66y5m24d M Madison, NY Westfield Twp. Debility - 4 yr Champlin Cem D.L. & Fila Thompson
Hopkins Pearl 9/24/1893 W F Arnot Landrus Liver - 36 Blossburg Wm. & Maggie Hopkins
Hopkins Russell 10/22/1895 W M 3 wk Arnot Arnot Bowel - 3 da Blossburg William & Maggie Hopkins
Hopkins thomas 4/27/1896 W M 23y6m20d S Morris Run Charleston Twp. Bowels - 5 da Blossburg
Hornsby Iva 2/5/1895 W F 2y2m5d Chatham Chatham Pneumonia - 8 da Wormer Cem. Charles & Cora Hornsby
Hornsby Edmon 9/25/1895 W M 83y6m24d Barton,England Chatham Old age - 6 mo Wormer Cem.
Horton Clifford 12/18/1894 W M 10y3d Lawrenceville Main St., Lawrenceville Pneumonia - 10 da Lawrenceville J. S. & Mary E. Horton
Horton Thomas C. 7/22/1896 W M 75y10m M New York State Delmar Palsy - 1 wk Stony Fork T. C. Horton
Hoskins Mark 6/18/1895 W M 59y M England Arnot Miners Asthma-6m Blossburg
Hotelling P. V. 4/3/1894 W M 70y10m M Farmer Otsego, NY Chatham Paralysis - 6 mo Middlebury Cem. 4/6/1894
Houghton Mary 1/26/1897 W F 86y5m S Tioga Co. Williamsport Old age - 20 da Wellsboro
Howard John W. 12/16/1894 W M M Farmer Lycoming Co,Pa Roaring Branch Pneumonia - 5 da Roaring Branch
Howard Mrs. Hattie 3/19/1896 W F 40 yr M Lawrence Lawrenceville Peritonitis - 5 da Lawrence
Howd Isaac E. 6/3/1896 W M 71y8m20d M Herkimer, NY Wellsboro Paralysis - 2 wk Penfield, NY
Howe Chloe 12/28/1894 W F 86 yr M Delmar Delmar Dropsy - 4 mo Stoney Fork
Howland Eva B 11/26/1894 W F 5y6m4d S Deerfield Deerfield Twp Pneumonia - 4 wk Howland Cem. Eddy & Dora Howland
Howland Malvin 1/11/1894 W M 82 yr Deerfield Twp Pneumonia Riverside
Howland Eva B. 11/26/1895 W F 5y6m4d Deerfield Deerfield Whooping Cough-3mo Deerfield Eddy & Dora Howland
Hoyt Sarah 3/10/1894 W F 74y11m28d M Farmer England Blossburg, Pa. Pneumonia - 4 da Nelson
Hoyt David 9/12/1895 W M 78y10m21d M Blacksmith Northumberland Nelson, Pa. Old age - 2 yr Nelson
Hoyt Isaac G. 11/12/1895 W M 3m21d M Kingston, Pa Osceola Meningitis - 3 wk Osceola Levi & Sally Gunn Hoyt
Hozenski Jacob 11/26/1895 W M 44 yr M Miner Poland Antrim Paralysis Antrim
Hubbard Delos W. 3/20/1894 W M 70y5m19d Farmer Otsego Co., NY Richmond Twp Dropsy - 40 da Goodall Cem.
Hubbell Catherine B. 12/28/1895 W F 88y10d Wd South PA Covington Boro Old age - 8 da Glass Factory Cem
Hubers Elizabeth 10/11/1893 W F 79y M Bavaritt, Germany Marshfield, PA Old Age - 3 wk Germania, PA 10/13/1893 12/21/1893
Hudson Eliza J. 11/12/1895 W F 39y9m3d M Jackson Jackson Cancer - 2 yr Jackson
Hudson Sarepta 11/8/1896 W F 76y1m13d M Simbery, Conn. Jackson Appoplexy - 12 da Jackson
Huggler 1/25/1896 W F 1 da Leetonia Leetonia Asthma Leetonia Mike & Maggie Huggler
Hughes Mahala 10/12/1895 W F 62y7m27d M Allegheny Co.NY Jackson Abscess - 6 wk Elmira, NY
Hughes Josiah G. 9/24/1896 W M 53y M Lumberman Liberty Ruah St., Blossburg Apoplexy - 15 da I.O.O.F. Cem.
Hughes Benjamin 3/9/1896 W M 48 yr M Tioga Twp. Mitchells Creek Heart - short Tioga Cem. Frederick & Harriet Hughes
Hulburt Nancy 7/1/1893 W F Clymer Clymer Age Sabinsville
Hunsinger Absalom 6/6/1894 W M 73 yr M Wellsboro, Pa Cancer Stomach Wellsboro 6/7/1894
Hunt Phebe 2/7/1894 W F 78y1m9d M Dutchess Co. Brookfield Grippe - 7 da Brookfield Cem
Hunter Kate 7/10/1893 W F 45y1m4d M Fifreshire, Scotland Ogdensburg, Pa. Heart Failure - 6 hr Barclay, Brad.Co.
Hunter Margaret 8/3/1896 W F 76 yr M Scotland Landrus,Pa. Bloss 2nd Dropsy - 6 wk Long Valley,Pa
Hurd Isaac Aug.1895 W M 43y2m S Farmer Liberty Westfield Accident - 1 mo Elk Run Cem.
Hurlburt Daniel 11/30/1895 W M 1 da Brookfield Brookfield Heart failure - 1 da Troopsburg Arthur & Grace Hurlburt
Hurst Ellen 5/17/1894 W F 50 yr M Westfield Boro Diptheria - 5 da Westfield Cem. 5/17/1894 Daniel Boilean
Hurst Bertha 5/8/1894 W F 8 yr S Westfield Boro Westfield Boro Diphtheria - 10 da Westfield Cem. 5/8/1894 Thomas & Ellen Hurst
Husted Henry 4/5/1894 W M 33y4m10d M Farmer Covington Shippen Grippe - 9 wk Blossburg George & Susan Husted
Husted Henry K. 3/12/1895 W M 72y4 da M Farmer Richmond Twp Heart - 4 da Hope Cem.
Husted Asa 5/27/1895 W M 69y4m22d M Yeoman Alba,Brad. Co. Cor.Dyar &Lynd, Blossburg 2 yr Odd Fellow Cem
Hutchinson Sarah 12/5/1893 W F 53 yr M Housekeeper Terone Co.Ireland Blossburg Pneumonia - 8 da Blossburg
Hutchinson W. S. 7/13/1897 W M 47y11m16d M Addison, NY Osceola Electricity Osceola
Huyler Morgan 1/23/1895 W M 74 yr M Farmer Gaines Westfield Twp. Brights Disease - 5 yr Champlin Cem
Hyde William 6/25/1895 W M 60y5m10d M Miner Ardramore,Ire Blossburg Asthma - 1 wk Catholic Cem.
Hymes Lucretia 10/11/1895 W F 67y5m22d S Middlebury Middlebury Paralysis - 2 wk Hammond
Iceburg Andrew 5/9/1895 W M 7 da Brownlee Brownlee Unknown - 3 da Antrim Olif & Tilda Iceburg
Iceburg John 4/29/1895 W M 1 da Brownlee Brownlee Unknown - 1 da Antrim Olif & Tilda Iceburg
Ingerick Ethan Wesley 9/?/1896 W M 3m2d Arnot Arnot Liver - 2 da E. Charleston Norman & Cornelia Ingerick
Ingerick Elmer 3/13/1897 W M 68y3m10d Rochlund,Sullivan Co., NY Charleston Disease - 14 mo E. Charleston
Inscho C. M. 9/8/1894 W M 48y8m M Farmer Lawrence Lawrence Consumption - 3 mo Powers Cem.
Inscho Leon E. 10/18/1896 W M 5 mo Lawrence Lawrence Cholera - 3 da Button Cem. Charles & Susie Inscho
Inscho Lucius C. 1/8/1896 W M 62y1m4d M Knoxville Church St., Westfield Apoplexy Westfield
Irvin Betsey A. F. 12/6/1896 W F 61 yr M Delaware Co,NY Lawrenceville Ogdensburg
Irving Janett 10/3/1893 W F M Scotland Ogdensburg Old Age - 2 mo Liberty 10/5/1893 12/27/1893
Isaacson Frank 9/8/1895 W M 37y6m13d M Laborer Sweden Antrim Injury Antrim
Ives Versal D. 3/23/1896 W M 70y8m M Carpenter Pa. Wellsboro Cancer - 2 mo Wellsboro
Jackson Baldwin 11/30/1895 W M 83y2m24d M Delaware,NY Delmar Brights - 2 yr Wellsboro
Jackson Agnes 6/9/1896 W F 27 yr M England Covington Boro Childbirth - 2 da Blossburg
Jackson Charles 4/11/1896 W M 74y7m7d M Painter Shropshire, England Main St., Blossburg Dropsy - 3 mo I.O.O.F. Cem.
Jacobson Anna 5/9/1895 W F 5y11m Antrim Antrim Whooping cough-6wk Antrim Andrew & Anna Jacobson
James Martin D. 9/26/1894 W M 39 yr Miner England Arnot Bowel trouble-4 da Blossburg
James Daniel 1/10/1896 W M 77y2m26d M Montgomery,NY Roseville Paralysis - 4 da Roseville, Pa.
Jaquish Harry 5/12/1894 W M 1m12d Richmond Twp. Richmond Twp Dropsy E. W. & Martha Jaquish
Jeliff Benj. S. 11/23/1894 W M 88yr4m13d M Rutland, Vermont Covington Old Age - 20 da Mansfield Benj. & Ellen Jeliff
Jenkins Margaret 5/24/1895 W F 45y5m M Wales Morris Run Blood Poison-4 da Odd Fellows Cem
Jenkins John D. 8/6/1895 W M. 46 yr S Miner Wales Log Row, Morris Run Asthma - 2 mo Blossburg William G. & Mercey Jenkins
Jenkins Thomas 1/11/1897 W M 16y3m8d Elk Gaines Dropsey - 3 mo Lick Run Robert & Nancy Jenkins
Jennings Sarah A. 4/11/1895 W F 68y4m14d S Scipio, NY Charleston Sweet Cem., Richmond Twp.
Jennings Sarah 9/9/1896 W F 64y2m29d M Charleston Harrison Valley Cancer - 6 wk Potter Brook
Jerold Elvira H. 1/18/1895 W F 48y3m27d M Susquehanna Co Richmond Twp Kidney disease - 6 wk Mansfield
Johnson Annie P. 10/10/1893 W F 42y M Hallen, Sweden Fall Brook Heart - 7y-2mo Fall Brook 10/11/1893 12/21/1893
Johnson Arthur 11/17/1893 W M 77y9m6d S Farmer Scotland Ward Heart - 6 mo Canton, PA 11/19/1893 12/21/1893
Johnson Agnes 10/17/1893 W F 1m3d Arnot Arnot Fits - 5 hrs Blossburg Joel & Christina Johnson
Johnson Samuel 9/1/1893 W M 3 mo Arnot Arnot Convulsions - 1 wk Blossburg Annie Johnson
Johnson Joel 11/9/1893 W M 75y1m11d M Barber Broome, NY Knoxville 5 da Broome, NY
Johnson F. M. 4/6/1894 W M 41y2m1d M Farmer New York Jamison Cr. Pneumonia - 1 wk Mount Pleasant Abraham & Eliza Johnson
Johnson Chas 1/21/1894 W M 2y7d Antrim Antrim Diptheria - 6 da Antrim 1/22/1894 John & Ida Johnson
Johnson Bennet 6/5/1894 W M 29 yr M Laborer Morris Run-Mill St. Consumption - 3mo Morris Run
Johnson Emil 1/8/1895 W M 8m23d Antrim Antrim 6 wk Antrim John & Hilda
Johnson Oscar 9/24/1894 W M 13y10m9d Antrim Antrim Diphtheria - 10 da Antrim Olif & Matilda
Johnson L. Orville 12/31/1894 W M 77y M Carpenter Candor, NY Mansfield Old Age Mansfield Henry Johnson
Johnson Gustaf Galmar 12/7/1894 W M 2y3m7d Stokesdale Hoytsville Diphtheria - 11 da Mount Pleasant Alfred & Emma Johnson
Johnson Alexander Edwin 12/3/1894 W M 1y4m8d Hoytsville Morris Diphtheria - 4 da Mount Pleasant Alfred & Emma Johnson
Johnson Ella M. 9/30/1894 W F 5y11d Candor, NY Elkland Scarlet fever Candor, NY Charles & Matilda Johnson
Johnson Sophie 6/1/1895 W F 35 yr M Sweden Arnot Childbirth - 3 da Blossburg w/o A. F. Johnson
Johnson Myra A. 2/15/1895 W F 26y5m6d S Dressmaker Farmington Nelson, Pa. Pneumonia - 3 wk Farmington Cem Myron & Sarah Johnson
Johnson Tilda 1/16/1895 W F 7m7d Antrim Antrim Croup - 4 wk Antrim John & Amelia Johnson
Johnson Willie 8/27/1895 W M 3 mo Arnot Arnot Bowel - 1 wk Blossburg Joseph & Mary Johnson
Johnson Nelson 6/16/1895 W M 84 yr Jeweler Centerville Knoxville Kidney disease - 3 mo Jasper, NY
Johnson Sophia 8/3/1895 W F 38 yr M Sweden Antrim Dropsey Antrim
Johnson Hilda 8/3/1895 W F 1 da Antrim Antrim Unknown Antrim John & Sophia Johnson
Johnson Elsie 1/23/1895 W F 71 yr M Housekeeper New York Richmond Old age - 13 yr Mansfield
Johnson Joseph 5/24/1896 W M 76 yr M Farmer Swanington,Eng Covington Twp. LaGrippe - 3 mo Mansfield Nathaniel Johnson
Johnson Eric P. 1/23/1896 W M 52 yr M Sweden Arnot Cancer - 6 mo Blossburg
Johnson Genalha 3/6/1896 W F 46 yr M Sweden Arnot Consumption - 2 mo Blossburg
Johnson Adele 6/18/1896 W F 11 yr Arnot Arnot Fever - 2 wk Blossburg Nels & Selma Johnson
Johnson Serafia 7/10/1896 W F 8 yr Arnot Arnot Fever - 10 da Blossburg Nels & Selma Johnson
Johnson Luther W. 6/29/1896 W M 64y1m26d M Wellsboro Granger St., Blossburg Heart - 1 da Wellsboro
Johnson Mary A. 3/19/1896 W F 88y4m26d S Trenton, N.J. Trobridge Old age - 3 mo Jackson Twp
Johnson Agnes 8/17/1896 W F 4m7d Sweden Antrim Fever - 6 wk Antrim Peter & Ida Johnson
Johnson George 10/16/1896 W M 30 yr M Union Twp. Blossburg 2 da Liberty
Johnson Maude L. 5/22/1896 W F 2y8m12d Candor, Tioga Co., NY Elkland Bowel - 2 wk Elkland C. L. & M. M. Johnson
Johnston Frank J. 11/18/1896 W M M Charleston Twp. Charleston Twp Consumption - 2 yr Shumway Hill
Jones Jane R. 6/24/1893 W F 34y3m21d M Arnot Arnot Inflamation Lungs - 9da Blossburg
Jones Jennie 8/14/1893 W F 3 mo Arnot Arnot Fits - 1 da Blossburg Thos. R. & Jane R. Jones
Jones Myrtle 10/25/1895 W F 1y6m15d Gaines Gaines Pneumonia Furman R. K. & Mary Jones
Jones Anna 4/12/1896 W F 48y6m20d M Cherry Flats Mansfield Pneumonia - 10 da Welsh Settlement
Jones Frank H. 5/24/1897 W M 30y7m22d S Sullivan Shippen Diseases - 4 mo Bartle
Jordan Sabrina 6/19/1895 W F 50y11m21d M Steuben Co.,NY Charleston LaGrippe - 11 da Niles Valley
Judd Jasper B. 4/25/1895 W M 67y8m M Conductor Monroeton,VT Blossburg Apoplexy - 1 da Ithaca, NY
Junk Margret 3/23/1894 W F 59y7m Wd. Kilckinney,Ireland Mill St.Fallbrook LaGrippe - 2 wk Blossburg
Juppenlaz William 1/4/1896 W M 27 yr S Farmer Germany Richmond Diseases -10 yr Mansfield
Kayoski Lewis 7/26/1893 W M 1y2m9d Arnot Arnot Summer Complaint -14d Blossburg Lawrence & Josie Kayoski
Keagle William 7/9/1896 W M 26 yr S Morris Run Blossburg Consumption - 1 yr I.O.O.F. Cem.
Keeler Celestia M. 1/26/1897 W F 61y1m M Middlebury Twp Keeneyville Cancer - 2 yr Keeneyville
Keeney A. J. 4/4/1895 W M 79y S Farmer Laceyville,Wyoming Co. Lawrence Heart failure - 2 wk Tioga
Keeney Clarinda 8/11/1895 W F 87y1m29d S Middlebury Middlebury Old Age - 1 mo. Niles Valley
Keeney Rhoania 12/17/1895 W F 75y11m16d M Butnut, Otsego Co., NY Middlebury Pneumonia - 3 wk Middlebury
Keeney Geo. D. 2/11/1896 W M 70 yr M Lumberman Cortland, NY Middlebury, Keeneyville,Pa Pleurisy - 3 mo Keeneyville
Kelley Martin 12/13/1893 W M 89y2m16d M Carpenter Otsego, NY Mansfield Old Age - 2 wk Mansfield
Kelley James B. 10/22/1895 W M 60 yr S Laborer Ireland Woodhall Fall from wagon-2hr Blossburg
Kelley Ivan 3/15/1895 W M 2m6d S Brookfield Brookfield Fever - 7 da Brookfield Galusha & Rose Kelley
Kelsey Bernice E. 5/17/1895 W F 16y20d S Wellsboro Wellsboro Typhoid Wellsboro B.F. & Azubah Kelsey
Kelsey Elsie A. 6/15/1896 W F 30y1m7d M Pa. Wellsboro Blood poison - 3 wk Wellsboro
Kelts Sophronia 11/27/1893 W F 36y5m26d M Knoxville Knoxville Heart Failure - 1 hr Deerfield
Kelts Philena 8/8/1894 W F 44y10m M Richmond Twp. Richmond Twp Unknown - 3 mo Mansfield
Kelts Frank 12/25/1894 W M 49y5m20d M Laborer Knoxville Maple St.,Knoxville Pneumonia - 8 da Deerfield
Kendrick 5/6/1895 W M 24 da Covington Twp. Covington Inflam. Bowels - 5 da Covington Twp Samuel & Alma Kendrick
Kennedy Demmis 12/20/1893 W F 45 yr M Housekeeper Delmar Wellsboro Fever - 14 da Wellsboro 12/22/1893 12/29/1893
Kennedy M. M. 6/22/1894 W M 81 yr Laborer Elkhorn,Tioga Old Age-Long time Evergreen Cem.
Kennedy Susannah 4/5/1895 W F 47y4m13d Delmar Shippen Twp. Heart-dropped dead Kennedy James & Creta Warriner
Kennedy Letetia A. 12/27/1895 W F 39 yr M Delmar Delmar Consumption - 1 yr Kennedy Cem Avery Kennedy
Kennedy Lee 12/9/1896 W M 12 yr Delmar Delmar Dropsy - 11 mo Wellsboro Orr Kennedy
Kenney Lawrence 5/3/1896 W M 2y2m M Lawrence at Lathrops Mann Hill Old age - short Tioga Cem. Thos. & Catharine Kinney
Kervan William 9/5/1893 W M 38y9m4d M Conductor Corning, NY Blossburg Typh. Fever - 3 wk Blossburg
Kerwan Mary 8/29/1896 W F 66 yr M Ireland Blossburg Dropsy - 3 mo Catholic Cem.
Kilbourn Esther 9/7/1893 W F 3m14d Blossburg Blossburg Inflamation - 8 da Blossburg Kenyon & Elnora Kilbourn
Kilpatrick Catherine 4/22/1894 W F 73y20d M Delaware Co,NY Liberty, Tioga Co,Pa Tumor of Bowels-6 mo Harts Cem. 4/25/1894
Kimball Leonard 6/21/1894 W M 79y10m15d M Farmer Osceola Tuscarora St.,Osceola Old Age - 1 yr 8/12 Fairview Cem
Kimball Alonzo 4/1/1894 W M 76y4m M Merchant Onondaga Co,NY Charleston Inflamation Bowels-8 da Austin Cem 4/3/1894
Kimball Lazell 9/13/1894 W M 82y9m Farmer Montgomery Co, NY Round Top Paralysis - 2 yr Shumway Hill
Kimball Emily 3/16/1895 W F 75 yr S Unknown Charleston Liver - 6 wk Austin Cem.
Kimball Arvin E. 8/21/1895 W M 21y6m21d S Farmer Charleston Twp. Charleston Bowels - 24 da Shumway Hill
Kimball Leonora 8/4/1895 W F 79y7m4d S Onondago Co Charleston Old age - 8 wk Shumway Hill
King Adrial 1/4/1894 W M 81y M Farmer Burrille, R.I. Church St.,Westfield Old Age - 40 da Westfield Cem. 1/7/1894 James & Roby King
King Josephine 6/9/1894 W F 45 y M Canisto, NY Clymer Twp. Diphtheria Sabinsville Henry Oakley
King Alonzo 6/21/1894 W M 79 y S Farmer Clymer Clymer Twp. Old Age Farm-Clymer
King Myrtle 10/11/1894 W F 7 mo 15 da Ovid,Seneca Co., NY Westfield Twp. Debility - 5 mo Champlin Cem Alfred & Mary King
King Jesse 1/18/1895 W M 6m5d Shippen Twp. Shippen Twp. Pneumonia - 6 da West Branch Lewis & Lena King
King Ellen 5/30/1895 W F 24 yr S Housekeeper South Union Brain Fever - 3 wk Canton
King Mary 12/17/1896 W F 28 yr M Chatham Chatham Consumption - 11 wk Closs Hill
King Earl 2/25/1897 W M 1y1m Niles Valley Holidaytown Meningitis - 11 da Niles Valley Lyman & Mary King
King James 4/4/1894 W M 73y11m25d Wd. Deerfield, Pa. Jamison Cr. Grip-Insane 3 - 4 wk Mount Pleasant Prince & Sally King
King E. Sylvester 9/8/1895 W M 34 yr M Farmer Westfield Clymer Consumption -6 mo Champlin Cem
Kinglsey Dennis C. 4/4/1895 W M 76y6m1d M America Tioga Twp Cancer - long Lawrence Cor.
Kingsley R. R. 12/26/1893 W M 83y6m17d M Tanner Pittsford, Vt. Mansfield Old age - 1 yr Mansfield
Kinnaird Malcolmn 8/15/1893 W M 1m23d Arnot Arnot Bowel - 3 da Blossburg John & Deborah Kinnaird
Kinner 12/18/1894 W F Millerton Millerton Millerton C. M. & Blanch Kinner
Kinner Mills 8/10/1895 W M 85y5m9d M Orange Co., NY Elmira, NY Old age - 10 da Jackson
Kinney Bridget 3/18/1896 W F 58 yr M Ireland Arnot Dropsy - 8 mo Elmira, NY
Kirkendall Emily 4/15/1894 W F 56y M Tioga Co., NY Lawrence Cancer - 4 mo Powers Cem.
Kirkendall Jerusha T. 10/3/1895 W F 54y5m3d M Jackson Millerton Heart failure - 1 da Jackson
Kirtland Lydia S. 7/7/1895 W F 76y26d M New Hampshire Deerfield Heart - 7 mo Swing Gate
Kiser 11/12/1896 W M 14 da Liberty Twp. Liberty Twp. Weakness At home Emma Kiser
Kitchum Mary 5/27/1895 W F 1 da Antrim Antrim Unknown Antrim James & Mary Kitchum
Kittell Lura 1/10/1897 W F 5y21d Charleston Charleston Fever - 2 wk Kinney Cem. Adelbert E. & Minnie M. Kittell
Kizer Hannah J. 10/9/1894 W F 52 yr M Housekeeper Brookfield, Pa Wellsboro Dropsy - 6 wk Wellsboro
Kline Susie 12/25/1894 W F 10 yr Germania, Potter Co. Leetonia Heart - 2 wk Leetonia, PA Mike & Mary Kline
Klinger Wm. Earl 3/25/1894 W M 10 m S Main St.Fallbrook,Pa Main St.,Fallbrook Pneumonia - 2 wk King Hill P.M. & Emma A. Klinger
Klinger Dorsey 9/9/1895 W M 10y9m FallBrook FallBrook Kicked by horse-2 hr Sullivan Twp. P. M. & Emma A. Klinger
Kmediak Kate 12/13/1894 W F 6y8m11d Poland Pleasant Hill, Morris Run Diphtheria - 6 da Blossburg Joseph & Annie Kmediak
Knapp Jacob 8/9/1893 W M 86y4m15d Farmer Lindley, NY Lawrence Old Age R.Stewart Farm 8/11/1893 Elijah Knapp & C/ Benner 12/28/1893
Knapp Libbie 5/16/1895 W F 20y6m6d S Tioga Twp Poisoned - short Evergreen Cem
Knapp Vern 8/20/1895 W M 6m13d Richmond Richmond Cholera - 2 da Rutland Hiram & Eliza Knapp
Knapp Catherine 5/18/1896 W F 77y6m5d S Orange Co., NY Daggett Rheumatism - 5 wk Wells,Brad.Co
Knapp T. C. 7/17/1896 W M 65 yr M Lawrence Lawrence Heart - 17 da Cady Cem., Lawrence
Knapp William 3/8/1897 W M 3 mo S. Delmar S. Delmar Pneumonia - 7 da Knapp Cem. John & Netta Knapp
Knowlton A. 3/31/1895 W M 70y5m13d M Laborer Marshfield Brights Disease - 2 mo Elk Run Cem. Gurdion & Laura Knowlton
Knox Mary E. 12/11/1893 W F 32y8m7d M Farmer's wife Deerfield Twp Consumption - 1 yr Deerfield 12/14/1893 12/23/1893
Kohler Gottleib F. 3/10/1896 W M 76y7m7d M Carlisle, Pa. Liberty Twp. Consumption - 6 wk Sebring Cem, Liberty Twp.
Koneka Mary 8/12/1896 W F 61 yr M Poland Log Row, Morris Run Pneumonia - 1 wk Blossburg
Konimski Kate 6/18/1893 W F 60 yr M Germany Arnot Cancer - 5-6 mo. Blossburg
Kostocki Mike 12/23/1895 W M 14 da Arnot Arnot Cramps - 2 da Blossburg John & Mary Kostocki
Kreo Joe 1/30/1897 W M 42 yr Poland Antrim Injury - 1 da Antrim
Kress William C. 6/26/1895 W M 48y6m M Supt.Water Co Wellsboro State St., Wellsboro Cancer - 4 mo Wellsboro
Kress William C. 6/26/1895 W M 48y6m M Supt. Water Co Wellsboro Wellsboro Cancer - 2 mo Wellsboro
Krise Albert 8/6/1893 W M 55y3m27d Farmer Germany Union Tumor of stomach-1/1/2 yr E.Point, Liberty 8/8/1893 12/27/1893
Krolack Polly 4/21/1895 W F 3 mo Morris Run Kismark St, Morris Run 4 da Blossburg Andrew & Casie Krolack
Kuaski John 11/27/1894 W M 2 yr Morris Run Summit St., Morris Run Croup - 2 da Blossburg Casper & Zifia Kuaski
Kuaski Ellen 12/1/1894 W F 5y4m Morris Run Summit St., Morris Run Diphtheria - 5 da Blossburg Casper & Zifia Kuaski

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Bradford County PA
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Tioga County PA
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