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 Tioga County, Pensylvania Death Records 1893-1896
Transcribed from Court House ledgers by Linda C. Reese, Published by Joyce M. Tice 12/26/2015
Page Six - Names N to R
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Column Labels
Surname First Name Death Date Color Sex Age Marital Status Occupation Born Place of Death Cause - Duration Buried Date Burial Parents Date of Record
Surname N to R
Neal John J. 12/27/1893 W M 54y3m1d M Farmer East Charleston East Charleston Catarrh of stomach-1 yr On his farm 12/30/1893
Neal Maria 9/9/1895 W F 76y11m11d S Scholarie Co,NY Charleston Dropsy - 2 wk Dartt Settlement
Nelson August 8/24/1893 W M 61 yr M Laborer Sweden Water St. #45 Accident Morris Run
Nelson Mrs. Matilda 3/7/1894 W F 75 yr County Poor House Dropsy - 2 wk Poor House 3/9/1894
Nelson James 8/24/1894 W M 30 yr Laborer Co. Poor House Bladder County Farm
Nelson Carl A. 10/22/1894 W M 6 da Antrim Antrim Croup - 1 da Antrim John & Jennie
Nelson Benjamin A. 4/27/1896 W M 4y6m Liberty Twp. Ward Twp. Scarlet fever - 23 da Frost Settlement Jonathan & Julia Nelson
Nelson Agnes 1/20/1896 W F 2y1m Arnot Arnot Fits - 1 da Blossburg Alfred & Charlotte Nelson
Newell Lewis P 4/18/1895 W M 81y3m6d S Conn, Charleston Pneumonia - 2 da Armenia, Brad.Co
Nichols Sarah J. 5/7/1896 W F 82y7d M Pa. Wellsboro Old age - 1 wk Wellsboro
Nichols Sarah J. 5/8/1896 W F 82y7d M Pa. Wellsboro Old age - 4 wk Wellsboro
Niles Catharine 11/28/1893 W F 62y6m11d Farmington Cancer - 7 yr Niles Valley
Niles Angeline 9/6/1896 W F 78 yr M Pa. Wellsboro Old age - 4 wk Wellsboro
Niles Eliza C. 11/9/1896 W F M Susquehanna Co, Pa Charleston Twp Heart Niles Valley
Nobles D. W. 3/11/1894 W M 70y5m7d M Farmer Brookfield, Pa Brookfield Grippe - 10 da Brookfield Cem
Nobles Jane C. 4/4/1895 W F 76y9m18d M Housekeeper Springfield,Mass N. Delmar Dropsy heart - 2 da Wellsboro
Nolan Charles Frederick 2/10/1894 W M 42y4m10d M Merchant Elmira, NY Main St,Blossburg Consumption - 2 mo Blossburg 2/12/1894
Nordstrum Charles R. 5/9/1895 W M 38 yr S Invalid Sweden Wellsboro Heart disease Shumway Hill
Northrop Amos 5/2/1896 W M 78y4m26d M Pike,Brad.Co,Pa Main St.,Westfield Paralysis - 1 1/2 da Potter Brook
Novitnski Frank 11/8/1895 W M Antrim Antrim Diphtheria - 4 wk Antrim Mike & Julia Novitnski
Novitzski Joe 12/26/1894 W M 7y2m Antrim Antrim Croup - 4 da Antrim Mike & Rosa
Nowakoski Agnes 4/8/1896 W F 60 yr M Poland Near Tanney, Blossburg Heart - 3 da Polish Cem.
Nowlan Truman M. 5/23/1895 W M 72 yr M Laborer Steuben Co.,NY Croton on the Hudson, NY Paralysis - 8 mo I.O.O.F. Cem.
Noyd Frank O. 12/21/1895 W M 6y8m8d S Antrim Antrim Consumption Antrim John & Mary Noyd
Nye Esther J. 2/20/1894 W F 42 yr M Westfield Boro Consumption - 10 yr Whites Corners 2/22/1894 Hendrickson
Nyland Edwin 8/14/1896 W M 8m18d Covington Twp. Covington Twp. Diarrhera - 3 da Morris, Pa. Charles & Elma Nyland
O'Brion Patrick 12/20/1896 W M 73 yr M Limerick,Ireland Blossburg Old age - 2 mo Catholic Cem.
Och Geo. Frederick 10/20/1895 W M 68 yr M Brewer Germany Tioga Twp Heart disease-short Evergreen Cem
O'Conner Miles 8/4/1894 W M 68 yr Laborer Co. Poor House 1 mo Wellsboro
O'Conner John H. 4/18/1895 W M 16y7d Stokesdale Wellsboro Pneumonia Wellsboro James O'Connor
Odell James W. 5/4/1897 W M 10 mo S. Delmar S. Delmar Fits - 10 mo Wellsboro Cem Dayton & Emma Odell
Odle Mary 4/11/1896 W F 1 mo Farmington Farmington Consumption - 2 wk Farmington P.V. Cem Defrance & Ella Odle
O'Donivan Margaret 8/26/1895 W F 36 yr M Ireland Arnot Child birth - 1 wk Blossburg
O'Donivan Francis 9/1/1895 W M 12 da Arnot Cramps - 3 da Blossburg James & Margaret O'Donivan
Ogden Phebe 2/6/1894 W F 64y4m7d M Farmer Troy Union Twp. Stomach D. -30 da Troy
Ogden Eva Alisa 9/26/1895 W F 3m5d S Leetonia-Elk Twp Leetonia-Elk Twp Cholera - 5 da Leetonia, PA Marshall & Hannah Ogden
Ogden Lydia 10/3/1896 W F 72y6m5d M Union Union Abcess - 24 hr Ogdensburg
Ogsodolph Anna 12/1/1895 W F 18y5m M Poland Hoytville Childbirth Bloss Cath.Cem
Ohearn Hannah 9/2/1893 W F 84 yr M Ireland, Co Kerry Arnot Old age - 13 da Blossburg
Olmstead Florence 8/14/1894 W F 2m20d Jersey Shore Jersey Shore Cholera - 2 wk Jersey Shore Levi & Norah Olmstead
Olson Hilda 11/19/1895 W F 19y3m29d M Sweden Antrim Consumption Antrim
Ordway ??ah May 8/15/1895 W F 3m2d Westfield, Pa Westfield Boro Meningitis - 21 da Austinburgh,Pa J.B. & Abbie E. Ordway
Orr Charles Sen 9/29/1895 W M 80 yr S Scotland Delmar Stomach - 2 wk Wellsboro James & Catherine Orr
Ostrander Frank 5/20/1896 W M 18y2m20d S Hammondsport,NY Gaines Rupture - 4 da Phoenix George & Helen Ostrander
Ouderkirk Ruby 5/26/1895 W F 72y6m26d M Elkland Farmington Twp Apoplexy - 3 wk Elkland
Outman Ella L. 4/7/1894 W F 1y3m7d S Westfield, Pa. Westfield Twp. Membranous Cr.-6 da Mt.Pleasant C 4/8/1894 W.H. & Maggie Outman
Owen Marion 1/20/1895 W F 1y20d Ward Ward Sickness - 7 da Ward Burt (under age) & Sadie Owen
Owens J. G. 3/1/1894 W M 62y10m28d M Farmer Bradford, Columbia Co., NY Austinburg Pneumonia - 7 da Pioneer Cem
Owens James 3/15/1894 W M 60 yr M Farmer Canton Job's Corners Pneumonia - 5 da Jobs Corners
Owens Sarah 12/23/1895 W F 74 yr M S. Wales, Eng. Blossburg Heart failure - 1 hr Old Cemetery
Owens George 5/3/1895 W M 84 yr S Farmer Orange Co., NY Lawrence Old age - 5 da Powers Cem.
Owens Helen M. 8/14/1895 W F 56y5m11d M Woodhull, Steuben, NY Brookfield Heart - 10 da Brookfield Alonzo & Phoebe Foot
Owlett Adelia 9/21/1893 W F 86 yr Wd. Housekeeper Tioga Boro, Wellsboro St. Old Age Old Cem -Tioga
Packa Victor 12/18/1896 W M 4m2d Hoytville Hoytville Whooping cough-6da Blossburg,Cath Clemento & Anna Packa
Palmer Joel 2/10/1894 W M 70y7m22d Farmer Bradford Co.,Pa Middlebury Typhoid Pneumonia-10 d Keeneyville 2/13/1894
Palmer Mrs. H. 4/4/1894 W F 88 yr M Rutland, Pa Old Age Jobs Corners 4/7/1894
Palmer C. K. 12/12/1896 W M 56y1m M Granville,Brad.Co Middlebury Consumption - 6 mo Keeneyville
Palt Julia 3/20/1894 W F 43 yr Poland Antrim Heart Disease - 6 mo Blossburg 3/21/1894
Parfit Robert 2/4/1894 W M 65 yr M Miner England Morris Run-Main St. Dropsy - 4 yr Blossburg
Parker Isaac P. 5/201895 W M 64y5m16d M Farmer Brookfield Brookfield Diabetes - 1 yr Brookfield Ambrose & Ruby Parker
Parker Arvilla 1/20/1897 W F 75 yr Wellsboro Cancer Wellsboro
Parkhurst Lillian 8/22/1896 W F 29 yr M Lawrence Lawrenceville Childbirth - 2 da Lawrence
Parks Oral 10/21/1893 W F 21y1m11d M Westfield Knoxville Fever - 9 da Deerfield
Parmerter J. B. 10/24/1893 W M 66 yr Farmer Millerton Elmira,NY Water St. Heart Failure Millerton
Parsons Edna 8/31/1894 W F 34y5m7d S Nurse Cherry Flats Cherry Flats Diabetes - 2 yr Cherry Flats
Parsons Lottie 10/26/1895 W F 23y8m9d M Middlebury Middlebury Paralysis - 2 wk Keeneyville
Parsons Will S. 4/23/1897 W M 3y9m6d Covington Twp. Covington Twp. Convulsions - 6 wk Cherry Flats Charles J.& Lelia A. Parsons
Partridge Wesley 4/15/1895 W M 61 yr M Laborer Charleston Chatham Heart Disease - 6 wk Wormer Cem.
Passmore Jane E. 4/14/1896 W F 90y9m Bodmin, England McIntyre St., Blossburg Old age - 4 mo Old Cemetery
Patchen Laura Bell 12/7/1893 W F 1y3m20d S Covington Boro Covington Croup - 4 da Gray Cem. 12/9/1893 T.W. & Phoebe Patchen 12/23/1893
Patchen Ira 4/17/1895 W M 83 yr M Gunsmith Oxford, NY Covington Boro Pneumonia - 2 da Troy Cem.
Paterson Selma 10/13/1894 W F 10y1m10d Morris Run Water St.,Morris Run Diphtheria - 9 wk Morris Run John G. & Hannah Paterson
Patterson Margaret 9/6/1893 W F 62y27d M Bannockburn,Scotland Arnot Dropsy - 7 mo Blossburg James Patterson
Patterson Bertha 8/25/1895 W M 16y6m Morris Run Ward Sickness - 1 mo Sullivan/State Rd. Cem Jewett & Prudence Patterson
Pattison ??s L. 4/9/1896 W M 55y1m23d M Chester, Warren Co., NY Philadelphia,Pa Operation Elkland
Pattison Thurman 5/1/1897 W M 82 yr M Warrensburg,NY Wellsboro Bowels - 1 wk Watkins, NY
Paul Martha 4/12/1894 W F 3 yr S Nelson Nelson, Pa. Pneumonia - 4 wk Nelson, Pa Wm. & Myrtie Paul
Peake Otis 8/18/1893 W M 27y3m M Laborer Brownlee Brownlee Inflamation Shumway 8/20/1893 12/26/1893
Pearson Pher 6/22/1895 W M 63y3m5d M Laborer Sweden Canton St.,Fallbrook Consumption - 3 yr Fall Brook
Pearson Petleowella 1/19/1896 W F 62y5m28d M Sweden Fallbrook Heart - 3 da Fall Brook
Pease Lemuel 10/11/1895 W M 76y8m21d M Farmer Deerfield Westfield Twp. LaGrippe - 8 mo Champlin Cem
Peer Katharine 11/20/1895 W F 43 yr M Unknown Antrim Confiment Antrim
Peer Kate 11/20/1895 W F 1 da S Brownlee Antrim Unknown Antrim Marinus & Katharine Peer
Perigo Charles 2/20/1894 W M 22 yr M Laborer Woodhull, NY Clymer Twp. Tree fell on him Sabinsville 2/23/1894 Wm. & Susan Perigo
Perry Almeron M. 3/3/1895 W M 48y8m M Farmer Richmond Twp. Richmond Heart disease - 1 yr Mansfield
Peters Moritz 3/19/1896 W M Germany Antrim Wellsboro
Peters D. Stephen 8/23/1896 W M 64y1m4d S Canton, Pa. Covington Boro Exhaustion Mainesburg
Peterson Tickley 4/10/1895 W M 25 da Antrim Antrim Whooping cough-6da Antrim August & Augusta Peterson
Peterson Gust 6/10/1896 W M 3y5m7d S Antrim Antrim Typhoid fever Antrim And. & Gustia Peterson
Peterson Gust 6/30/1896 W M 33y21d M Sweden Antrim Fever Antrim
Peterson Ida 6/10/1896 W F 6y2m1d Antrim Antrim Fever Antrim Gust & Augusta Peterson
Phelps Sarah L. 2/28/1894 W F 87y13d Peru, Vermont Maple St,Westfield Old Age - 20 da Osceola 3/3/1894
Phillips Lena 8/1/1895 W F 11 da Jackson Jackson Fits - 4 da Jackson Edward & Louise Phillips
Phillips Rachel 8/7/1895 W F 67y7m18d S Morris
Phillips Charlton 4/2/1896 W M 81y1m5d M Shippen Twp. Westfield Twp. Brights Dis. 1 yr Mt. Pleasant Richard & Amity Phillips
Pickering Sarah A. 9/27/1894 W F 82y2m4d M Muncy, Lycoming Co Wellsboro St. Tioga Boro Old age - Several months Tioga Twp.
Pierce Clarence 10/1/1895 W M 10 mo Elkland Elkland Cholera - 3 wk Highland Cem. Willard & Della Pierce
Pitts Apollas 3/9/1895 W M 84y9m26d Wd Richmond Twp Paralysis - 10 da Oakwood Cem
Pittsley Geo. W. 9/9/1893 W M 92y3m M Mason Elkland,Coats St. Old Age Elkland
Place Climena H. 4/30/1895 W F 77y1m14d M Pittsfield, NY Sullivan St., Mansfield Bronchial - 6 wk Mansfield
Plank Arthur L. 2/7/1894 W M 18y6m8d S Farmer Brookfield, Pa Brookfield Typhoid Fever -21 da Plank Cem Welcome L & Jane L. Plank
Plank John 6/12/1896 W M 41y M N. Y. State Brooklyn Pneumonia - short Tioga Cem.
Playfoot James 5/4/1895 W M 79 yr M Farmer Delmar Delmar Old age - 3 mo West BranchCem
Poliski Lottie 8/18/1893 W F 1y10m14d S Antrim Antrim Scarlet Fever Antrim 8/20/1893 Val & Christina Poliski 12/26/1893
Potter Cora J. 10/12/1894 W F 18y9m29d S Troupsburg,NY Brookfield Consumption - 1 yr Pioneer Cem Wesley & Sarah J. Potter
Potter Leona D. 11/14/1894 W F 50y6m23d Farmer Dartt Settlement Cherry Flats Heart Dis. - Instant Dartt Settlement
Potter Nora D 12/14/1894 W F 51y7m23d M Charleston Charleston Heart disease Dartt Settlement
Potter Bertha 9/29/1896 W M 30 yr S Gaines Troy,Bradford,Pa O.W. & Mary Potter
Preston Daniel 12/19/1895 W M 69y6m10d M Farmer Troy Twp.Bradford Co. Union Twp. Dropsy - 8 wk North Union
Preston Alanson J. 12/6/1896 W M 28y9m29d M Farmington Farmington Unknown - 4 da Nelson
Prethers John 5/13/1895 W M 57y3m M Laborer Wales Antrim Asthma - 3 mo Blossburg
Price Evan 11/2/1894 W M 65y1d Miner Wales High St.,Morris Run Dropsy - 2 yr Morris Run
Price Margaret 7/25/1894 W F 62y6m6d Wales High St.,Morris Run Cancer-Stomach - 2 wk Morris Run
Price Sadie 12/25/1894 W F 28 yr M Morris Morris Consumption - 2 wk Oregon Hill
Pritchard Wm. 11/22/1893 W M 72y1m11d Farmer Lawrence Lawrence Debility - 1 yr River Cem. Calvin Pritchard 12/28/1893
Pritchard Richard 7/4/1895 W M 47y1m19d M Laborer Blaenamon,S. Wales, England Blossburg Heart disease - 5 wk I.O.O.F. Cem.
Prutsman Rachel 8/18/1896 W F 87y10m14d S Spinster Tioga Twp. Tioga Boro Old age - 10 da Tioga Twp
Puchowak John 3/9/1896 W M 64 yr M Ireland Morris Run Peumonia - 2 wk Blossburg
Pysk Anthony 8/28/1893 W M 6 mo Landrus, Pa Landrus Fever - 2 wk Blossburg Paul & Annie Pysk
Quackenbush Nora 12/26/1893 W F 49 yr M Millerton Millerton Pneumonia - 10 da Elmira, NY
Quigley John C. 6/22/1895 W M 19y10m S Miner Blossburg Blossburg Killed by cars Odd Fellows Cem John & Margaret Quigley
Quinlan Philip 3/25/1895 W M 68y M Laborer Glen Rue,Ireland FallBrook Grippe - 1 mo Blossburg
Raab George 4/13/1895 W M 83y4m28d Montgomery,NY Charleston Heart Dartt Settlement
Raker Eva Rebecca 11/18/1894 W F 3 da Liberty Twp. Liberty Twp. Fever - 5 hr Lutheran Cem Geo & Sarah Raker
Randall Lewis B. 2/28/1894 W M 76 yr Farmer Delaware Co,NY Union Twp. Grip - 60 da North Union Cem
Raymond Daniel 9/2/1896 W M 76 yr M N. Y. Wellsboro Asthma - 2 wk Horseheads, NY
Redfield Mary 11/24/1893 W F 76y5m1d Farmington Pneumonia - 10 da Peters Cem.
Redfield Joseph R. 5/15/1897 W M 80y9m M Franklin Co.Mass Farmington Consumption - 3 mo Nelson
Redner Ive 11/11/1895 W F 11 yr S Tioga Tioga Twp Diphtheria -short Evergreen Cem
Reed Joseph 7/20/1896 W M 78y3m26d Northumberland Co. Liberty Twp. Dropsy - 6 mo Lutherm Cem. Lycoming
Reep Daniel 11/3/1894 W M 71 yr Farmer Lawrence Lawrence Pneumonia - 2 wk Powers Cem.
Reid Thomas 11/6/1894 W M 1y8m4d Dublin St., Fall Brook Dublin St., Fall Brook Bronchitis - 8 da Fall Brook John & Jane Reid
Reid Andrew 4/15/1896 W M 80 yr Miner Scotland Landrus Dropsy - 1 mo Blossburg
Reitter Lee A. 1/15/1896 W M 7 da Brookfield Brookfield Unknown - 7 da Brookfield John F. & Hannah Reitter
Rennie Agnes 3/17/1894 W F 1y6m4d S Arnot Arnot Bronchitis - 6 da Blossburg Hugh & Mary Rennie
Repard Sarah 7/30/1894 W F 66y M Germany Delmar Dropsy - 4 mo John Fochts
Reppard Sara 8/31/1894 W F 72 yr M Delmar Dropsy - 3 mo Brill Cem
Reppard Martin 9/15/1895 W M 85y6m10d M Farmer Augusta,Lancaster Co. Liberty Old age - 3 mo Salems Cem.
Reppard Thomas 12/6/1896 W M 40y7d S Liberty Twp Liberty Twp. Suicide by shooting Hart Cem.
Reppard John 1/2/1897 W M 77y5m26d Berks Co,Pa Delmar Palsy - 1 wk Wayen Hill
Retan Levi C. 4/20/1894 W M 64y M Farmer Chemung, NY Millerton Pneumonia - 2 da Millerton
Retan Angeline 4/12/1896 W F 60y11m28d M Daggett Mills Millerton Heart - 8 mo Wells,Brad.Co
Rexford Ray 8/?/1895 W M 2 mo Gaines Gaines Heart Failure Phoenix Bert & Olive Rexford
Rexford Mary Vernette 8/20/1895 W F 55y9m7d Cortland Co. Clymer Adison Dis. - 3 mo Sabinsville
Rexford Betsey 9/18/1895 W F 78y5m2d M Cortland Co. Clymer Cancer - 2 yr Sabinsville
Reynolds J. S. 12/23/1894 W M 63y6m17d M Doctor Jasper, NY Westfield Twp. Heart Failure-6 wk Mt. Pleasant
Reynolds Thomas 10/3/1896 W M 88y7m22d M Sullivan Twp. Sullivan Heart - 7 da State Rd. Cem.
Rhinevault Newton S. 12/21/1893 W M 50 (About) M Not able to work Covington Wounded in the late war-2 wk Mainsburgh Cem 12/24/1893 12/23/1893
Riberolle Elizabeth 11/9/1896 W F 85 yr N.J. Wellsboro Pneumonia - 2 wk Wellsboro
Rice Florence 1893 W F 7y11d Richmond Twp. Richmond Twp Lung Fever Whitneyville J.O. & Emma Rice
Rice Grant A. 7/11/1894 W M 25y5m29d S Farmer Richmond Twp. Jackson Twp. Kicked by horse-3 da Mansfield
Rice Luther S. 9/2/1895 W M 85y5m1d M Worcester,Mass Nelson, Pa. Old age - 3 wk Nelson
Rice Ida 4/29/1896 W F 15 yr S Hooper Valley, Tioga Co., NY Chatham Fever - 5 wk Middlebury Chancy & Minnie Rice
Richard Otis F. 5/27/1894 W M 65y2m27d Farmer Franklin, NY Nelson, Pa. Brights Disease - 5 da Nelson, Pa
Richards J. H. 7/181894 W M 38 yr S Farmer Charleston Twp. Covington Chloroform Charleston W.J. & Jane Richards
Richardson Mary 5/19/1895 W F 1y7m FallBrook N. Delmar Cholera - 2 wk Dartt Settlement Arthur & Amy Richardson
Richardson Lloyd E. 1/18/1897 W M 2m20d Spring Mills,NY Marsh Creek Pneumonia - 4 da Dartt Settlement Ira & Myrtle R. Richardson
Richie Mott 8/28/1894 W M 20y7m Laborer Charleston Clarks'Mill Brights Disease-10d Shumway Hill John & L. B. Richie
Richmond Lyman 5/6/1896 W M 52y24m M Farmer Sullivan Sullivan Fever - 6 wk Roseville, Pa.
Ridge Joseph 10/22/1893 W M 68 yr M Farmer Covington Twp. Covington Heart Disease - 8 mo Covington
Ridge Rachel A. 9/25/1894 W F 40y8m14d M Canton, Bradford Co., PA Granger St., Blossburg Blood Poison - 19 da Blossburg
Rightmire Charles H. 9/20/1894 W M 55 yr M Laborer Dimmerick Lane, Tioga Army wounds - 2 wk Evergreen Cem.
Ripley Dwight 12/24/1893 W M 81y5m14d M Farmer Cooperstown,NY Richmond Twp Pneumonia - 1 wk Mansfield
Ripley Philip S. 4/14/1895 W M 83y21d M Near Albany,NY Extension St., Mansfield Pneumonia - 6 da Richmond Nehemiah Hobart & Lucy Ball Ripley
Ritter Claretta 11/28/1895 W F 52 yr M Housekeeper Middlebury Wellsboro Consumption - 2mo Wellsboro
Ritter Orlando 2/11/1895 W M 23y5m21d Laborer Liberty Liberty Twp. Consumption - 2 yr Salems Cem.
Ritter Frederick 1/11/1897 W M Physician Elmira Paralysis - 3 mo Wellsboro
Robbins Mary E, 7/23/1894 W F 71y8m14d M Farmer Rutland, VT Sullivan Heart trouble - 30 min Ames Hill
Robbins Canduce 2/6/1896 W F 62y7m4d M Genesee, NY Mansfield Heart trouble-1 1/2hr Mansfield
Robbins Sophronia 10/7/1896 W F 74y8m7d M Sullivan Twp. Sullivan Old age - 6 mo Ames Cem.
Robena Maggie 4/24/1896 W F 16y3m S Arnot Arnot Consumption - 3 mo Blossburg Amos & Rose Robena
Robena Lewis J. 5/20/1896 W M 42 yr S Miner Bulfour,France Morris St., Blossburg Heart14 wk Catholic Cem.
Roberts William H. 10/24/1893 W M 35y1m20d M Merchant Wellsboro Wellsboro Typhoid Fever-10 da Wellsboro 10/27/1893 12/19/1893
Roberts Gordon L. 9/9/1893 W M 8m24d Waln. St. Blackwell Cholera - 4 da Wellsboro 9/10/1893 Frank A. & Bertha Roberts 12/29/1893
Roberts William 3/22/1897 W M 71 yr M Canton,Brad.Co Wellsboro Paralysis Wellsboro
Robinson Jesse W. 8/6/1896 W M 43y2m20d Wellsboro Wellsboro Appendiicitis - 2 wk Wellsboro
Robinson James L. 4/3/1897 W M 75 yr M Corning, NY Wellsboro Paralysis - 3 mo Corning, NY
Rockwell A. W. 7/21/1893 W M 67y4m19d M Farmer Warren Hosp. Paralysis - 19 hrs Canton
Rockwell L. A. 7/18/1894 W M 55y6m23d M Farmer Conn Chatham Consumption - 8 mo Middlebury Cem.
Rockwell Thomas Newell 1/30/1896 W M 39y10m6d M Orange Co., NY Elkland Liver - 5 wk Elkland
Rodger Claud
Roff Horace 7/10/1896 W M 66 yr M Mansfield Nervous - 3 mo Lawrenceville
Roland Alfred C. 3/20/1895 W M 42 yr M Druggist Delmar Twp Wellsboro Endocarditis Wellsboro
Rollerson John 11/2/1893 W M 73 yr M Farmer Orange Co., NY Sullivan Gen. Debility - 4 mo Sylvania
Rood Harry E. 10/4/1895 W M 2m11d S Morris Morris Infl. Bowels - 2 wk Oregon Hill Mortimer & Alice Rood
Root Isaiah T. 3/26/1894 W M 86y8m14d Farmer Oxford Twp.,Chenango Co,NY Middlebury Old Age - 12 da Holidaytown 3/28/1894
Root George 4/20/1894 W M 75y11m3d M Farmer Hudson, Greene Co,NY Wellsboro,Tioga Co,Pa Fever Sores - 1 yr Harts Cem. 4/22/1894
Root Marinda 4/22/1897 W F 88 yr M Wellsboro Pneumonia Wellsboro
Rose Alanson 9/6/1893 W M 71y1m12d M Farmer Rutland, PA Roseville Boro Paralysis - 3 da Roseville Boro 9/8/1893 John L. & Ellen Mills 12/22/1893
Rose J. W. 12/29/1893 W M 78y5m11d M Farmer Sullivan Twp. Richmond Twp Old age,Broken Leg-2mo Sullivan Twp.
Rose Warren 5/2/1894 W M 69y5m10d M Farmer Roseville, Pa. Roseville Boro Heart Disease-6 mo Roseville Cem 5/4/1894
Rose Gertrude A. 5/26/1896 W F 35 yr M Brooklyn,NY Niles Valley Blood Poison -2 da Keeneyville
Rose Daniel 3/4/1896 W M 68y3d M Sullivan Twp. Charleston Twp. Heart - 4 wk Sullivan Twp.
Rose Enos 7/28/1896 W M 66y3m29d M Sullivan Twp. Sullivan Fire - 1 da State Rd. Cem.
Roth Henry 3/23/1894 W M 2y2m S Main St,Hoytville Main St,Hoytville 3 wks Mount Pleasant 3/26/1894 Henry & Katie Roth
Rouse Mary C. 11/29/1893 W F 64y5d M Housewife Charleston, Pa Charleston Paralysis - 5 hrs. Catlin Hollow
Rouse Ray Joshua 8/19/1894 W M 3m9d Infant Tioga Boro Wellsboro St. Tioga Boro Cholera Charleston Twp. Thaddeus D. & Sadie Rouse
Rowan Mary 9/24/1894 W F 67 yr M Ireland Tioga-Brooklyn Bowel Compl.-4 wk Unknown
Rox Margaret 2/5/1896 W F 29y6m21d M Fallbrook Nevins St., Blossburg Kidney - 4 wk Catholic Cem.
Rumsey Lila 8/5/1893 W F 1y7m25d Wellsboro Wellsboro Cholera - 10 da Wellsboro 8/6/1893 Nelson & Rose Rumsey 12/29/1893
Rumsey D. Clark 2/18/1894 W M 24y1m9d M Farmer Sullivan Twp. Sullivan Twp. Consumption - 6 mo. Mainesburg
Rumsey W. H. 2/12/1896 W M 71y9m6d M Unknown Brookfield Old age - 3 mo Westfield Unknown
Rusling Joseph F. 10/6/1896 W M 65 yr M Salem, N.J. Lawrenceville Pneumonia/heart-2hr Lindley, NY
Russell Fred E. 1/9/1894 W M 18y11m21d S Delmar, Pa Wellsboro, Pa Diphtheria - 9 da Wellsboro, Pa. 1/10/1894 Stephen & Sarah Russell
Russell Jonathan 2/15/1897 W M 73y2m M N.Y. State Farmington Brights - 2 yr Farmington
Ryan Bridget 11/25/1893 W F 96 yr S Ireland Antrim Old Age Canton, PA 11/27/1893 12/26/1893
Ryan Patrick 4/14/1894 W M 82 yr M Laborer Tipperary,Ireland Arnot Kidney - 4 yr Blossburg
Ryan Charles 11/24/1894 W M 74y2m7d M Elkland, Pa Summit St., Tioga Boro Heart Disease - 1 wk Tioga Twp.

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By Joyce M. Tice
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