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 Tioga County, Pensylvania Death Records 1893-1896
Transcribed from Court House ledgers by Linda C. Reese, Published by Joyce M. Tice 12/26/2015
Page Seven - Names S to T
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Column Labels
Surname First Name Death Date Color Sex Age Marital Status Occupation Born Place of Death Cause - Duration Buried Date Burial Parents Date of Record
Surnames S to T
Sampson Leon H. 1/8/1895 W M 3m6d Covington Twp. Covington Spinal - 1 wk Covington Twp James W. & Jane Sampson
Sampson Nancy M. 8/22/1896 W F 73y3m18d M Ireland Covington Twp. Old age Glass Factory Cem
Sanders William H. 10/1/1893 W M 16y10m15d S Laborer Mansfield, PA Asaph Blood Poison - 6 da Ansonia 7/16/1893 Luman & Elsie Sanders 12/21/1893
Sanford William M. 5/15/1896 W M 9m12d Somers Lane,Pa Somer Lane Grip - 3 da Lawrence Twp. P.B. & Gracie Sanford
Satterlee Fannie 5/22/1895 W F 75y2m6d Housekeeper Steuben, NY N. Delmar Paralysis - 1 wk Stoney Fork Cem
Satterly Jerl 8/26/1893 W M 6 mo Wellsboro Wellsboro Cholera - 1 da Wellsboro 12/3/1893 George & Cora Satterly 12/19/1893
Satterly Earl 11/28/1893 W M 2y7m Delmar Twp. Wellsboro Croup - 2 da Wellsboro 11/29/1893 George & Cora Satterly 12/19/1893
Satterly Ray 10/13/1894 W M 10m3d Wellsboro Wellsboro Spinal Meningitis-2wk Charles & Eva Satterly
Satterly Eva G. 12/29/1896 W F 32y5m M E. Charleston Twp Wellsboro Abscess - 6 wk Wellsboro
Sawyer Flora 10/28/1894 W F 5y1m7d Brookfield, Pa Brookfield Typhoid Fever - 10 da Wood Lawn H.C. & Mary Sawyer
Saxbury Cornelius 2/6/1897 W F 19 yr Tioga Middlebury Killed - 2 da Tioga Eugene & Rose Saxbury
Saywer Olive 12/1/1895 W F 81y26d M Shippen Sabinsville Debility - 2 yr Sabinsville
Scallin John 10/18/1895 W M 27y4m3d S Elkland Osceola Meningitis - 2 da Elkland Stephen & Anna Scallin
Scanlin John 3/17/1895 W M 15 yr Delmar Delmar Mumps - 2 wk West Branch Cem Patrick & Ellen Scanlin
Scase Clarence 3/11/1895 W M 5 mo Antrim Antrim Fever Antrim James & Jennie Scase
Schambacker Addah 12/3/1894 W F 16 yr S Covington Boro Consumption - 1 yr Grey Cem. Daniel Schambacker
Schaver Frank 3/12/1897 W M M Gaines Consumption - 5 yr Rathboneville
Schieffelin Emily P. 9/17/1894 W F 51y4m24d M Knoxville Broad St., Tioga Boro Peritonitis - 1 mo Tioga Twp.
Schoonover Norma 4/25/1894 W F 45 y M Housekeeper Sabinsville, Pa Sabinsville, Pa Pneumonia Sabinsville Stephen/Estella Strait
Schoonover 1/5/1895 W M 4 da Westfield Twp Westfield Twp. Diabetis - 4 da Lucas Hill Job & Polly Schoonover
Schoonover George 3/26/1895 W M 65 yr Farmer Troopsburgh Clymer Erysipelas
Schoonover Ira 1/9/1896 W M 11 mo. Gaines Galton, Gaines Cholera - 2 da Elk Run George & Rosa Schoonover
Schoonover Sheridan 11/5/1896 W M 25y10m25d S Clearfield Clymer Pneumonia - 5 wk Sabinsville
Scogland Charley 10/5/1895 W M 7 yr Arnot Arnot Disentery - 2 da Blossburg Gust A. & Minnie Scogland
Scudder G. W. 10/28/1894 W M 76y2m M Farmer Ontario-Goram,NY Covington Paralysis -1y6m Mainsburg
Seaman Eugene 5/14/1894 W M 4y S Clymer Clymer Twp. Fever Sabinsville Eugene & Estella Seamans
Searles Charles 12/3/1896 W M 42y9m S Richmond Richmond Liver & nerves -2 wk Mansfield
Searles George 1/23/1897 W M 61y3m10d S Wells,Brad.Co Roseville Boro Heart - 1 mo. Roseville
Sears Walter L 11/30/1893 W M 4y5m S Gaines Gaines Diptheria Phoenix Cem. 12/1/1893 W.M. & Dedama Rose 12/23/1893
Sebring Clara Bell 8/20/1893 W F 4y3m5d Liberty Boro Williamson St. Chloresis - 1 mo Lutheran Cem 8/22/1893 Grant & Emma Sebring 12/28/1893
Seeley Hannah 3/2/1894 W F 78 yr M Deerfield Twp Pneumonia - 15 da Carpenter Cem.
Seeley Fanny 6/1/1895 W F 95y8m19d M Sussex Co,CT Brookfield Old age - 9 mo Brookfield Isaac & Polly Beardsley
Seeley Eliza Ann 8/23/1896 W F 79y6m6d M Knoxville, Pa Westfield Twp. Debiity - 10 da Woodlawn, Pa Dolphus & Polly Potter
Seely Mary 8/20/1893 W F 73y5m4d M Brookfield, Pa Brookfield, Pa Cholera Morbus - 7 da Woodlawn Cem.
Seely Mary Ann 5/17/1894 W F 67y9m25d M Farmers wife Nelson Holden St.,Osceola Consumption - 1 yr Fairview Cem
Seely Mry 11/12/1894 W F 92y8m13d M Farmer Deerfield Deerfield Twp Cancer Riverside
Segar Stephen 7/18/1894 W M 72y7m4d M Farmer Susquehanna Co Ward Erysisilas - 8 da Ward
Sendlinger Lewis 6/30/1895 W M 73y18d M Farmer Liberty Liberty Accident-fall from tree - 7 hr Sebring Cem
Sensabough Peter H. 5/5/1894 W M 81y11m S Minister Clymer Clymer Twp. Old Age Sabinsville
Shaffer Jonathan 10/5/1896 W M 64y11m M Middleton, Pa. Mansfield Paralysis - 9 da Mansfield
Shaler Lorina 12/6/1893 W F 79y6m2d M Canada Mansfield Grip - 2 wk Mansfield
Sharping Ella M. 10/9/1893 W F 5y0m18d Morris Morris Dyptheria - 1 wk Hart Cem. 10/10/1893 Gust & Elizabeth Sharping 12/28/1893
Shaufner Jacob 8/25/1896 W M 76y3m Germany Delmar Dropsy - 3 mo Niles Valley Jacob Shaufner
Shaw Francis M. 2/25/1895 W M 64y1m5d M Farmer Richmond Twp. Main St., Mansfield Heart - 9 wk Mansfield
Shaw John M. 10/2/1895 W M 74y7m7d M Locke, NY Knoxville Insanity - 2 mo Keeneyville
Shaw Mary A. 3/7/1896 W F 86y8m4d M Knoxville Mansfield Old age - 6 da Mansfield
Shaw Elizabeth 10/13/1896 W F 71y6m Wd Rutland Twp. Mansfield Dropsy - 3 mo Mansfield
Shay Francis J. 9/10/1895 W M 7mo Wellsboro Wellsboro Cholera - 1 da Corning Jeremiah & Jennie Shay
Sheeley John 1/29/1895 W M 23y4m16d S Charleston Twp. Charleston Consumption - 13 mo Wellsboro
Sheive A. N. 10/26/1893 W M 4 da Jobs Corners, Pa. Jackson, Pa 4 da Jobs Corners A. & L.E. Sheive
Sheive Chas. 3/22/1894 W M 51y10m5d M Farmer Jackson Millerton Heart Failure Millerton
Sheptock W. 8/1/1893 W M 6 mo Landrus, Pa Landrus Croup - 6 wk Blossburg Lewis & Rose Sheptock
Sherman Nellie C. 3/19/1894 W F 8y1m16d S Rutland Marshfield Meningitis - 21 da Knowlton Cem. W.T. & Mary L. Sherman
Sherman Betsey 12/19/1893 W F 85y6m4d M Colerin, Mass Covington LaGrippe - 4 da Covington 12/21/1893 Walter & Rebecca Sherman
Sherman Maud 12/17/1894 W F 24 yr M Farmer Rutland Jackson Consumption - 1 yr Roseville John & Mother Baker
Sherman 6/24/1894 W M 26 yr M Carpenter Sullivan Sullivan Heart trouble - 6 da Roseville
Sherman Elmer 2/23/1895 W M 6m23d Shippen Twp. Shippen Twp. Croup - 5 da West Branch Arthur & Emma Sherman
Sherman Charles 6/20/1895 W M 10y2m Wellsboro Gaines Accident Wellsboro Mary Sherman
Sherman Charles 4/5/1895 W M 88y6m M Farmer Rhode Island Richmond Twp Old age - 2 yr Roseville, Pa.
Sherman Tyler 4/13/1897 W M 85y9m1d M York State Shippen Grippe - 7 wk Kennedy Cem
Sherwood Stanley 11/27/1894 W M 92y1m M Bridgeport,Conn Wellsboro Old Age - 1 wk Wellsboro
Sherwood Jane 7/4/1895 W F 87 yr S Orange Co., NY Lawrence Paralysis - 4 da Seeley Cr., NY
Sherwood Henry 11/10/1896 W M 83y1m1d M Conn. Wellsboro Bladder - 4 wk Wellsboro
Sherwood Albert 9/4/1896 W M 79y9d M Marathon, NY Richmond Cancer - 2 yr Mansfield
Shinka Eddie 7/8/1896 W M 1y6m Arnot Arnot Convulsions - 1 wk Blossburg Edward & Annie Shinka
Shoemaker 7/9/1894 W M 4 da Lawrence Lawrence Inflamation E. Lawrence Seyman & Nellie Shoemaker
Short Eliza 2/26/1894 W F 50y7d S Chatham Abscess - 3 wk Middlebury Cem. 2/28/1894
Short Perry 10/31/1896 W M 79y2m M Chatham Twp. Farmington Apoplexy - 3 mo Keeneyville
Shufelt Melinda 7/27/1893 W F 81 yr M Ontario, NY Brookfield, Pa Paralysis - 1 hr Pioneer Cem
Shumway Emily C. 11/4/1893 W F 77y10m W Lindley, Steuben Co., NY Lawrenceville Paralysis - 6 wk Lindley, NY 11/7/1893 12/21/1893
Shumway Charles W. 3/9/1894 W M 13y9m S Charleston Shumway Hill Brain disease - 1 yr Shumway Hill 3/11/1894
Simmons Ainsley 11/11/1894 W M 84 yr S Laborer Co. Poor House Catarrh - 1 yr Stoney Fork
Simmons Frank L. 8/19/1896 W M 68y6m22d M Belbast, Alleghany, Co.,NY Delmar Brights - 5 da On his farm Ensley Simmons & Irene Gleason
Simons Anna M. 4/23/1896 W F 65y10m M Schenectady,NY 1st St.,Westfield Heart - 10 mo. Borden, NY
Simpson Ellen 9/30/1893 W F 78y25d M Fifeshire, Scotland Arnot Old Age - 1 wk Blossburg
Sixby Reynolds Oct.1895 W M 78y4m S Farmer Jackson Rutland Twp. Old age Lawrence Cor. Reynolds Sixby
Skelley Sarah Ann 3/29/1895 W F 49y9m3d Covington Twp. Danville Prostration - 3 yr Bloss Twp. Matthew & Lucy Skelly
Skoj Andrew J. 11/7/1894 W M 47y7m M Laborer Hoytsville Apoplexy - 1 da Mount Pleasant
Skosburg Sarah 12/3/1896 W F 59 yr M Sweden Antrim Cancer - year Antrim
Skuleney Garfield 7/21/1896 W M 6 mo Morris Run Log Row, Morris Run Drowned Blossburg Frank & Mary Skuleney
Slingerland Baby 10/10/1893 W M 8 da Richmond Twp. Richmond Twp Unknown - 1 wk Mansfield J.D. & E. Slingerland
Slingerland J. W. 9/20/1893 W M 47 yr M Farmer Richmond Twp. Richmond Twp Rheumatism of Heart-2d Mansfield Geo. Slingerland
Slingerland Abraham 4/29/1894 W M 65y11m9d M Farmer Sullivan Twp. Sullivan Twp. Cancer - 2 yr East Sullivan
Slocum Alfred 11/14/1895 W M 41y30d S Chatham Chatham Pneumona - 6 da Middlebury
Small Charles 12/26/1893 W M 21 da Arnot Arnot Convulsions - 1 wk Blossburg Thos. & Emma Small
Smith Charlie 12/8/1893 W M 6 yr Lawrence Rheumatic Fever-2 wk River Cem. Ed Smith 12/28/1893
Smith Lee 10/15/1893 W M 8 yr Millerton Millerton Pneumonia - 7 da Alder Run E. & M. Smith
Smith Clyde 10/20/1893 W M 5 yr Millerton Millerton Pneumonia - 5 da Alder Run E. & M. Smith
Smith Thomas 3/11/1894 W M 69y4m7d Farmer Sullivan Twp. Sullivan Twp. Heart - 5 min. Ames Hill
Smith Henry 2/21/1894 W M 81y11m21d M Farmer Jasper, NY Nelson, Pa. Heart - 1 wk Nelson
Smith Leroy Francis 3/20/1894 W M 1y5m1d S Charleston Twp. Charleston Croup - 3 da Flatts 3/22/1894 R.Nelson & Miriam Smith
Smith Elias M. 1/13/1894 W M 54y11m6d M Middlebury Twp,Tioga Co Main St,Tioga,Pa Diphtheria - 3 da Evergreen Cem,Tioga Co 1/14/1894
Smith Sallie E. 12/26/1893 W F 80y3m20d Wd. Wellsboro, Pa Grip - 2 wk Wellsboro, Pa. 12/28/1893
Smith Phineas 4/4/1894 W M 47 yr M Laborer Chatham Twp. Deerfield Twp Fever - 20 da Riverside Philemon & Mahala Smith
Smith Daniel D. 5/14/1893 W M 72 yr M Farmer Tioga Twp Home-Tioga Twp Liver Complaint - 3 wk Evergreen Cem.
Smith James 9/26/1894 W M 7 mo Gurnee Gaines Cholera - 3 da Blossburg John & Marguerite Smith
Smith Ezra 7/6/1894 W M 75 yr Laborer Co. Poor House Apoplexy -2 mo County Farm
Smith Harry 3/15/1894 W M 2 mo Jackson Millerton Pneumonia -5 da Millerton Clark & Flora Smith
Smith John 4/17/1895 W M 72 yr Wd Supt.R.R.Track England Wellsboro Paralysis Wellsboro
Smith Fanny 4/12/1895 W F 64 yr M Farmer Sullivan Ward Dropsey - 14 da Ward Jasper Smith
Smith Rhoda 7/11/1895 W F 71y3m1d M Lawrence Twp. Jackson Heart Trouble - 1 da Jackson
Smith Alexander C. 4/14/1895 W M 68y4m3d M Hector, NY Sullivan Cancer - 30 da Card Cem.
Smith William 9/23/1895 W M 10y7m Tioga Antrim Diphtheria Antrim Pat & Florence Smith
Smith John 9/19/1895 W M 11y8m Tioga Antrim Diphtheria Antrim Pat & Florence Smith
Smith Northrop 11/6/1895 W M 76y5m28d M Farmer Ridgefield, Fairfield Co., CT Sullivan Heart trouble - 2 hr Wood Cem.
Smith Vaughan W. 9/25/1895 W M 60 yr M Farmer Sullivan Sullivan Heart trouble -21 da King Hill
Smith Addie 2/14/1895 W F 36 yr M Housekeeper Richmond 10 yr Elk Run
Smith Samuel H. 12/5/1895 W M 45 yr M Laborer Tioga Delmar Heart - 4 da Tioga Moses & Julia Smith
Smith Mary 2/25/1895 W F 84 yr S Carmurthen, S. Wales Charleston Austin Cem.
Smith Emnro N. 6/25/1895 W F 38y7m Charleston Twp. Charleston Pneumonia - 17 da Wellsboro
Smith Henry 5/2/1896 W M 62y3m14d M Liveryman NY Wellsboro Apoplexy - 1 wk Horseheads, NY
Smith Minnie M. 3/1/1896 W F 26y5m S Blackwell Gaines Pneumonia - 2 da Ansonia John C. & Elizabeth Smith
Smith Frances E. 1/3/1896 W F 43 yr M Poland Morris Run Dropsy - 1 yr Blossburg
Smith George F. 3/18/1896 W M 89y2m5d M New York Roseville Tumor - 1 yr Roseville, Pa.
Smith Solomon H. 5/17/1896 W M 68y5m19d M Sullivan Twp. Ward Twp. Brights - 21 da Sullivan Twp. Rufus & Emma Smith
Smith Mrs. Carrie 5/4/1896 W F 44 yr M Lawrenceville Lawrenceville Consumption - 2 yr Lawrence
Smith Kate 9/4/1896 W F 45y6m M Blossburg Mansfield Nervous - 4 mo Mansfield
Smith James C. 10/2/1896 W M 53y6m M Farmer Jackson Jackson Heart - 1 da Jackson
Smith Mary E. 4/1/1896 W F 44y5m5d M Sullivan, Tioga Co Sullivan Tumor - 9 mo Cord Cem., Columbia
Smith Ralph 3/8/1897 W M 9m8d Charleston Charleston Bowels - 2 wk Welsh Settlement Edwin & Carrie Smith
Snyder Catherine 10/18/1893 W F 75y4m4d Germany Liberty Cancer of bowels-6 mo Lutheran Cem 10/21/1893 12/28/1893
Snyder John R. 10/4/1895 W M 15y1m2d Mahanoy City Fathers house-Elk Peritonitis - 2 wk Maynard Cem Robert & Viola Snyder
Soap Jack Mary 2/4/1894 W M 1 da S Antrim Antrim Antrim 2/6/1894 Joe & Maggie
Soper William 3/27/1894 W M 79y3m M Farmer Columbia,Brad.Co,Pa Rutland, Pa Roseville
Soper Rebecca 3/7/1894 W F 75 yr M Farmer Bradford Co.,Pa Rutland, Pa Heart 3/8/1894 George & Katy Baker
Sorenson Ruth 1/8/1894 W F 4y7m1d S Westfield Boro Maple St,Westfield Heart Disease - 21 da Champlin 1/9/1894 Randolph & Mary Sorenson
Spalding Irene 5/29/1894 W F 27 yr M Housekeeper Lycoming Co,Pa Union Twp. Carpenters 5/31/1894
Spangeburg Temperance 10/23/1893 W F 86y10m M Farmer Orange, NY Ogdensburg Old Age - 1 yr Ogdensburg 10/25/1893 12/27/1893
Sparling Richard 12/19/1895 W M 19 yr S Miner Arnot Arnot Dropsy -5 mo Blossburg David & Elizabeth Sparling
Spear 9/12/1893 W F 25y M Antrim Antrim Consumption Stoney Fork 9/3/1893 12/26/1893
Spencer Mary 3/3/1894 W F 54 yr M Buffalo St.,Elkland Heart - Instant Highland Cem
Spencer Allen 4/8/1894 W M 5m10d North Delmar N. Delmar Brain Fever - 6 da Wellsboro Cem. Lyman & Phebe Spencer
Spencer Archibald 5/28/1895 W M 51y6m14d M Jackson Jackson Diseases - 10 da Jackson
Spencer Ashley 8/12/1895 W M 52y10m M Chatham Chatham Meningitis - 1 da Hill Cem.
Spencer Lorenzo D. 1/3/1896 W M 76 yr M Miller Tioga 1st Ward,Wellsboro Old age - 2 wk Wellsboro
Spencer Jewett 5/17/1896 W M 85y5m21d M Conn. Union Apoplexy - 3 da Spencer Cem.
Spencer William 3/21/1896 W M 73y3m26d M Blossburg Union Brights - 2 wk Spencer Cem. Lynds Spencer
Spicer M. C. 1/24/1895 W M 81 yr M Cooper Waterbury,CT Nichols St.,Wellsboro Liver - 2 wk Wellsboro
Squires Mary A. 9/19/1895 W F 68y1m8d S Farmer Rutland Sullivan Shock - 5 da Gray's Valley
Stafford Maggie 8/21/1893 W F 5 mo S Brownlee Brownlee Cholera Shumway 8/28/1893 Chas. & Addie Stafford 12/26/1893
Stafford Mattie 8/20/1893 W F 5m1d S Brownlee Brownlee Cholera Shumway 8/28/1893 Chas. & Addie Stafford 12/26/1893
Stage Frank 4/27/1894 W M 4y28d S ShippenTwp,Tioga Co,Pa Morris Twp. Diphtheria - 2 wk Mount Pleasant 4/27/1894 Albert & Susan Stage
Stage Mira 3/2/1895 W F 11y1m3d Marsh Creek Hoytsville Diphtheria - 1 wk Mt. Pleasant Albert & Susan Stage
Stanley Homer D. 7/13/1894 W M 1y7m28d Lwrence Twp Windfall Road, Osceola Cholera - 9 da Highland Cem. Sylvester H. & Eliza J. Stanley
Stanley Flora 11/15/1894 W F 20y1m15d M Hornellsville Westfield Twp. Brights Disease -18 da Mt. Pleasant
Stanton Vernd L 10/20/1893 W M 18y11m10d Brookfield, Pa Brookfield, Pa Fits - 1 da Plank Cem Rufus & Ann Stanton
Stanton Aurilla 10/30/1894 W F 83y10m5d Wd Burlington,Vt Brookfield Accident -21 da Plank Cem Jno & Lucy Campbell
Starkey Benj. S. 11/10/1894 W M 67y3m5d M Farmer New Lisbon, Ostego Co., NY Middlebury Consumption - 6 mo Hammond Town
Starkey Mercy 2/18/1895 W F 65y8m7d M Middlebury Middlebury Cancer - 1 yr Hammond
Starr Rachel 3/31/1897 W F 6y15d Farmington Farmington Lungs - 7 da Peters Cem. Charles& Elsie Starr
Stebbins Lulu B. 2/22/1894 W F 11y8m14d S Sabinsville, Pa Sabinsville, Pa Diphtheria Sabinsville 2/23/1894 M.B. & Roxy Stebbins
Stebbins Maxwell B. 2/26/1894 W M 6y2m27d S Sabinsville, Pa Sabinsville, Pa Diphtheria Sabinsville 2/27/1894 M.B. & Roxy Stebbins
Stebbins Jerome W. 3/5/1894 W M 9y9m S Sabinsville, Pa Sabinsville, Pa Diphtheria Sabinsville 3/6/1894 M.B. & Roxy Stebbins
Stebbins Earl 3/9/1894 W M 2y2m9d S Sabinsville, Pa Sabinsville, Pa Diphtheria Sabinsville 3/10/1894 M.B. & Roxy Stebbins
Steele William 4/7/1894 W M 22 da Morris Run Morris Summit Cold - 4 da Morris Run Stewart Steele &Lizzie Hughes
Steele Vida B. 10/2/1894 W F 16y6m2d S Sodus, NY Covington Boro Consumption - 2 yr Grey Cem. T. M. Steele
Steele Hannah 4/28/1895 W F 88 yr M Delmar Delmar Old Age - 1 mo. Stoney Fork
Steele Mary A. 12/26/1895 W F 79y6m5d M Morris Twp. Delmar Cancer - 18 mo Wellsboro Wm. & Sarah M. Blackwell
Steele Julia A. 11/28/1895 W F 84y4m12d Shamokin, Pa Delmar Heart -mins Stony Fork Nathan & Catherine Howe
Steele John 3/14/1896 W M 55y11d M Delmar Delmar Rheumatism - 3 wk Wellsboro
Steele Polly Ann 5/12/1897 W F 56y5m M Delmar Twp. S. Delmar Kidney - 1 yr Bartles Cem. Andrew & Martha Bartle
Stephens Eviline 9/3/1895 W F 75y8m Wd Albany, NY Academy St., Mansfield Old age - 11 da Hammond
Stephens Levi 9/18/1895 W M 72y3d M Millwright Danbury, CT Patterson Ave., Elkland Bowel - 4 da Knoxville
Stevens Cordelia 11/20/1896 W F 83y11m24d M Durham, NY Nelson Old age - 8 wk Farmington
Stevens Erastus P. 7/27/1896 W M 72y5m20d M Jasper, Steuben Co.NY Sabinsville Heart - 1 mo. Sabinsville
Stevenson Will 11/1/1894 W M 13 yr Morris Run Rookery,Morris Run Diphtheria - 1 wk Blossburg John & Jenett Stevenson
Stewart C. A. 12/15/1893 W M 43 yr M Farmer Farmington Elkland Consumption - 6 mo Farmington Robert & Hannah Stewart
Stewart F. A. 12/16/1893 W M 87y8m16d M Inventor Kent, Conn. Mansfield Old Age - 1 wk Mansfield
Stewart Frank 6/15/1895 W M 23y3m S Brakeman Lawrence State Run RR - Killed Powers
Sticklin Eva M. 5/5/1894 W F 64 yr M Germany Wellsboro, Pa Gen.Debility Wellsboro 5/7/1894
Stiles Glenn 3/8/1895 W M 4y8m29d Brookfield Brookfield Scarlet fever - 3 wk Brookfield Wm. & Mary E. Stiles
Stilson Andrew J. 2/1/1895 W M 36 yr Carpenter Hoytsville Typhoid Fever - 2 wk Lewis
Stincel Frank 9/13/1894 W M 42 yr Laborer Finland Morris Run Drowned Morris Run
Stocking John A. 12/28/1895 W M 77 yr S Yates Co., NY High St., Westfield Boro Old age - 12 mo Bath, NY
Stoddard Dorris L. 5/1/1895 W M 27y5m13d Wd Painter Lawrence Twp. Washington,DC Enlargemen liver-30h Lawrenceville
Stokes Alice C. 11/9/1895 W F 6m4d Morris Run Dulchtown, MR Croup - 5 da Morris Run George & Lizebeth Stokes
Stone Emma M. 11/19/1896 W F 46y1m28d M Deerfield Twp Deerfield Illnes - 3 wk Butler Cem. Seldon & Lucretia Butler
Stone Charles 9/25/1896 W M 56y6m M Chatham Clymer Paralysis - 10 da On farm Clymer
Storks Philander 6/3/1894 W M 69 yr S Farmer Germany Lawrence Tumor - 2 wk E. Lawrence
Stott Joe 2/19/1894 W M 2 yr Westfield Twp Westfield Twp. Heart Failure - Instant Mt. Pleasant Nimrod & Harriet Stott
Stout David W. 10/29/1895 W M 50y1m19d M Blacksmith Rutland Roseville Boro Tumor - 3 mo Roseville
Stowell William B. 1/6/1894 W M 63y7m12d Wd. Bainbridge,NY N. Delmar Pneumonia - 7 da Wellsboro Cem. Warren Stowell
Stradley Artelissa 9/23/1894 W F 60y5m23d M Herkimer, NY Delmar Fever - 1 mo Shumway Hill Daniel & Olive Burns
Strait Richard 2/9/1894 W M 36y3m26d M Farmer West Union, Steuben, NY Brookfield Pneumonia - 1 wk West Union
Strang Elizabeth 11/22/1895 W F 89y9m M Orange Co., NY Westfield Debility - 14 da Potter Brook
Stratton John H. 3/7/1894 W M 7y7m26d S Arnot Arnot Bronchitis - 5 da Blossburg Robt. & Bertha A. Stratton
Stratton Susie 10/5/1896 W F 35 yr M Liberty Arnot Fever - 2 wk Liberty
Strong Winnie 12/13/1896 W F 13 yr Antrim Antrim Fever - 6 wk Antrim Edward & Sarah Strong
Strum John 10/23/1896 W M 60y10m M Finland Main St.,Morris Run Lungs - 1 wk Morris Run
Stull Nancy 6/15/1893 W F 45y4m2d Teacher Elkland, Pa Elkland,Main St. Fever - 3 wk Elkland W.H. & Matilda Stull
Stull Raymond H. 5/29/1895 W M 18 yr Blossburg Blossburg Heart failure - 1 da Odd Fellows Cem George & Edith Stull
Stull Bertha 11/4/1895 W F 22y11m29d M Ogdensburg Ogdensburg Tumor - 9 da Ogdensburg Cem
Sturdevant Anna 12/4/1893 W F 83y10m26d M Farmer Thompkins Co.,NY Jackson, Pa Old Age - 1 mo. Daggett Mills
Sullivan Mrs. Margaret 10/18/1893 W F 84 Ireland Wellsboro Old Age - 1 mo. Wellsboro 10/21/1893 12/19/1893
Sullivan Mary 4/28/1894 W F 65 yr M Ireland Morris Run-Main St. Heart Trouble - 7 da Blossburg
Sullivan Daniel 5/18/1895 W M 49 yr M Miner Ireland Arnot Erysipelas - 2 wk Blossburg h/o Mary A. Sullivan
Sullivan Mary A. 7/30/1895 W F 41 yr M Corning, NY Arnot Childbirth - 2 wk Blossburg
Sullivan Isedore 1/9/1896 W F 7 mo Arnot Arnot Heart - 1 wk Blossburg Daniel & Mary A. Sullivan
Sullivan Edward J. 9/30/1896 W M 26y3m18d M Emporium, Cameron Co. Wellsboro Paralysis - 10 da Wellsboro
Swanson Andrew 11/1/1894 W M 66y27d M Miner Sweden Antrim Fall of coal Antrim
Swanson James 11/22/1895 W M 3y6m13d S Laport,Sullivan Co Gaines Croup - 2 da Furman August & Augusta Swanson
Sweet Alta 11/1/1894 W F 1y4m27d S Middlebury Middlebury Consumption - 3 mo Keeneyville Chas. H. & Lillian Sweet
Swimley Christopher 7/2/1893 W M 79y8m2d M Farmer Deerfield, PA Brookfield, Pa Heart disease - 4 mo Westfield Cem
Swimley Sattie R. 3/17/1894 W F 31y7m7d M Clymer Twp. Westfield Twp. Grip - 8 wk Riverside J.G. & Sophia Morgan
Tabor Juliette G. 4/15/1894 W F 75 yr M Farmer Hector, NY Daggett Mills Suicide Daggetts Mills
Tator John W. 11/1/1896 W M 12y11m21d S Middlebury Middlebury Diphtheria - 1 da Keeneyville H.D. & Cora Tator
Tator Mary B. 11/6/1896 W F 11y11m22d Middlebury Middlebury Diphtheria - 4 da Keeneyville H.D. & Cora Tator
Taylor B. F. 6/28/1894 W M 76y8m26d M Minister Charleston,S.C. Lawrenceville Gastric Fever - 2 wk Lawrenceville
Taylor Almira B 7/23/1894 W F 53y9m3d S Shippen Heart Disease - 5 hr Olmsville
Taylor Sally 3/1/1896 W F 87y2m4d M Southport, NY Osceola Pneumonia - 5 da Osceola John & Susan Tubbs Ryon
Taylor Margaret A. 1/29/1896 W F 69 yr Wd Northumberland, Pa. Lawrenceville Cancer - 4 mo Lawrence
Taylor Rosa A. 11/4/1896 W F 17y10d M Westfield Chatham Fever - 10 da Wormer
Taylor Minnie 11/6/1896 W F 20y6m6d S Chatham Chatham Fever - 12 da Middlebury Geo. & Adah Taylor
Teachman Abraham 5/6/1896 W M 85y5m M New Jersey Farmington Paralysis Farmington P.V. Cem Andrew & Eleanor Teachman
Teachman Eppa 4/10/1897 W F 21y2m4d M Woodhull, NY Osceola Brights - 2 yr
Tenbroeck Sara E. 8/30/1896 W F 66 yr M York State Lawrence Operation - 1 wk Powers Cem.
Teneyck Richard 2/12/1895 W M 79 yr S Laborer Madison Co.,NY Roseville Heart-found dead Roseville
Thetgee Mrs. Maura 1/29/1896 W F 59y3m12d M Binghamton,NY Mansfield Brain trouble - 6 da Mansfield
Thiele Hugo 7/27/1893 W M 34 yr M Laborer Germany Clymer Convulsions - 3 da Sabinsville
Thomas John 2/7/1895 W M 15 da Arnot Arnot Croup - 8 da Blossburg William & Ellen Thomas
Thomas W. L. 1/2/1895 W M 79 yr M Farmer Wales Ward Apoplexy Ward
Thomas Uriah 5/8/1895 W M 55 yr Farmer Wales Ward Sickness - 90 da Ward William L. & Jane Thomas
Thompson George A. 3/15/1894 W M 73 yr M Herkimer Co,NY Wellsboro, Pa Paralysis Charleston Twp. 3/18/1894
Thompson Mariett 2/2/1895 W F 58 yr M Chatham Chatham Heart - 3 m Hill Cem.
Thompson ? 7/41896 W M 17 mo Lawrenceville Lawrenceville Knoxville William Thompson
Thompson Alanson 8/12/1896 W M 73 yr M Wellsboro Delmar Heart - 15 min. Charleston Joseph Thompson & Susan Cole
Thompson Mary A. 4/28/1896 W F 58y1m22d M Harrison Valley, Potter Co. Maple St., Westfield Cancer - 7 mo Westfield
Thornton Louis 7/17/1893 W M 3 yr Tioga Boro, Pa. Tioga Boro, Cowanesque St. Fever - 1 wk Evergreen Cem.-Tioga, Pa. Wm. & Mary Thornton
Thornton William 9/4/1894 W M 57y19d M Laborer Tipperary,Ireland Cowanesque St. Tioga Boro Consumption - Several months Tioga Twp.
Thorp Delos 9/14/1895 W M 3y11m Columbia,Brad.Co,Pa Roseville Boro inflammation bowels - 10 da Roseville Wm. & Jennie Thorp
Tillinghast Charles 5/10/1895 W M 77y3m18d M Farmer Watkins, NY Jackson Rupture - 10 da Jackson
Tillinghast Maria L. 5/9/1896 W F 70y5m11d S Watkins, NY Millerton Fever - 14 da Jackson Twp
Tiney Judith 12/4/1895 W F 83y9m1d Yates Co., NY Delmar Erysipelas - 3 mo West Branch Jeremiah & Sally Reed Beebe
Toles Stella 4/8/1894 W F 30y11m6d M Delmar,TiogaCo,Pa Main St.,Westfield Covulsions - 3 da Wellsboro 4/11/1894 Newell & Angeline Campbell
Tomb France Ann 8/31/1895 W F 33y1m9d M Delmar Delmar Consumption -5 mo Stoney Fork Jacob & Mary Cole
Townsend Frank 6/6/1895 W M 5m22d Elkland River St.,Elkland Blood Poison - 5 wk Davenport W. M. & E. M. Townsend
Townsend Frank 6/6/1895 W M 5m22d Elkland River St.,Elkland Blood Poison-5 wk Davenport W. N. & E. M. Townsend
Tracey John 5/8/1894 W M 93 yr Laborer Ireland,Co.Roscommon Main St,Hoytville old Age Cath.Cem,Wellsboro 5/11/1894
Travis Mary 6/10/1893 W F 92yr Lawrence Old Age - 2 da. River Cem. 12/28/1893
Tremain Helen 10/23/1895 W F 39 yr Chatham Chatham Female dis. - 2 wk Wormer Cem.
Tripp Martha E. 7/28/1895 W F 9y1m22d Rockford, Mi, Traverse Co. Pattison Ave, Elkland Jaundice - 8 da Cohocton, NY J. D. & Martha Tripp
Trowbridge Onson 12/18/1893 W M 51 yr M Farmer Clymer Clymer Pneumonia - 6 da Lovell Cem.
Trowbridge Henry 6/10/1896 W M 71y11m11d M Kennebec, ME Trowbridge Pneumonia - 8 da Jackson Twp
Trumbull Chauncey C. 3/27/1896 W M 66y5m21d M Gorton, Thompkins Co., NY Chatham LaGrippe - 2 wk Groton T. Co
Tryphena Short 3/14/1896 W F 54y12d M Farmington Farmington Cancer - 4 mo Farmington Charles & Polmira French
Tubbs Roy 8/16/1893 W M 1m16d Brookfield, Pa Brookfield, Pa Heart failure - 1 hr Plank Cem Chas. F.& Ada May Tubbs
Tubbs Ella L. 3/9/1894 W F 27 yr Deerfield Twp Consumption Riverside
Tubbs Albert 8/27/1895 W M 41y8m16d M Osceola, Pa Osceola Fever - 3 wk Osceola James R. & Caroline Tubbs
Tubbs Clara 2/16/1897 W F 76y7m14d S Osceola Osceola Paralysis - 1 wk Osceola
Turner 3/22/1896 W M 1 da Leetonia Leetonia Asthenia Leetonia Case W. & Kate Turner
Tuttle Belle E. 3/2/1894 W F 21y22d Factory Girl Windsor,Broome,NY Buffalo St.,Elkland Burned - 10 da Elkland E.A. & Mary M. Tuttle
Tuttle Susan 11/29/1895 W F 55y3m29d M Readbank, Armstrong Co. Westfield Twp. General Debility - 3 wk Champlin Cem
Tuttle Ida E. 11/18/1895 W F 19y10m Westfield Twp Westfield Twp. Typhoid fever - 2 wk Champlin Cem
Tuttle Perez S. 1/28/1896 W M 87y11m6d M Green Co., NY Tioga Boro Old Age - 1 mo. Addison, NY

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Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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