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 Read by Sherry, Stacy, and Chrissy Nichols in 1999

Typed by Linda Selub

Photo by Joyce M. Tice August 11, 1999

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Name of Cemetery: Scotchtown Cemetery
Read by: Sherry, Stacy and Chrissy Nichols
Date Read: All burials found from the actual reading or records up to Dec. 1999
Typed by: Linda Selub
Location: Scotchtown is located about halfway between Breesport and Erin, NY. Coming from Breesport its on the right side of Route 223.
Organized: The First Associated Reformed Church of Erin was established in 1836 with the first burials around the church. The church was torn down in 1874 and the Scotchtown Cemetery Association was incorporated in 1880.

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Bixby Clarence F. 1899 4-Apr-1966     K
Bixby Bertha I. Davenport 1899 20-Oct-1944   wife of Clarence F. (maiden name Davenport) K
Bixby Fred 1878 12-Nov-1954     K
Bixby Ida B. 1875 19-Jul-1963   wife of Fred K
Bixby Kenneth 20-May-1941 28-May-1979   RCT US Army M
Bixby Leon G. 1903 26-Apr-1993   died in Sebring K
Bixby Helen H. 1902 27-Jun-1975   wife of Leon G. K
Bixby Lula M. 1897 13-Jul-1973   wife of Fred Lyman Jones K
Blackwell Alta M. 1908       I
Blackwell Charles Joseph 1892 26-Mar-1969     I
Blackwell Eleanor H. 1890 15-Sep-1942   wife of Charles Joseph I
Blackwell Eunice Harriet 1919 20-Aug-1940   daughter of Charles & Eleanor I
Blackwell Wells J. 1916 1918   daughter of Charles & Eleanor I
Blackwell Frederick C. 1911 27-Jul-1991     M
Blackwell Marietta L. 1925     wife of Frederick C. M
Blackwell Fred D. 1889 9-Nov-1955   Pvt. NY Btry B. 4th Regt. FARD WWI M
Blackwell Eva D. 1890 4-Jul-1979   wife of Fred M
Blackwell Harold Joseph 1913 18-Dec-1974   M
Blackwell Edna Wanda 1920 9-Apr-1988   wife of Harold Joseph M
Blackwell Joseph J. 1863 7-Feb-1943     G
Blackwell Hattie Bell 1866 1-Sep-1941   wife of Joseph J. G
Blackwell Wells James   16-Mar-1918   no tombstone I
Blauvelt Eliza 1870 4-Jul-1970   married name Eliza Blauvelt Rosekrans D
Blauvelt Albert E. 19-Nov-1855 6-Nov-1944     D
Blauvelt Margaret J. 11-Feb-1861 15-Feb-1935   wife of Albert E. D
Blauvelt Jennie 1885 1887   daughter of Albert & Margaret D
Blauvelt Lena M. 1889 29-Jun-1987   daughter of Albert & Margaret D
Blauvelt Melville C. 1894 1895   daughter of Albert & Margaret D
Blauvelt Archie J. 1867 12-Jun-1930   with Eliza Rosekrans D
Blauvelt Calvin 1855 21-May-1938   H
Blauvelt Elvira M. 1856 11-May-1919   wife of Calvin H
Blauvelt Cameron P. 1905 7-Aug-1962     H
Blauvelt Emma H. 1906     wife of Cameron P. H
Blauvelt Charles Henry 1860 6-Sep-1948     K
Blauvelt Viola A. Rumpsey 1858 12-Jan-1934   wife of Charles Henry  K
Blauvelt Hughie 1887 1911   K
Blauvelt Clarence  1890 20-May-1946   with Roy Edwards L
Blauvelt Rhoda E. 1894 1968   wife of Clarence  L
Blauvelt Della A. Slauson 1846 1907   wife of William H.  D
Blauvelt Emma B. Fox 1858 1896   wife of William H.  A
Blauvelt Eva D. Alexander 1886 4-Aug-1970   wife of Ray; married to Charles Westbrook 1st G
Blauvelt George E. 1871 13-Feb-1930     D
Blauvelt Nettie  1877     wife of George E. D
Blauvelt James 1875 7-Oct-1942     H
Blauvelt Ellen A. 1880 23-Apr-1926   wife of James  H
Blauvelt Jonas D. 1849 14-May-1924     D
Blauvelt Sarah A. 1847 31-Jan-1926   wife of Jonas D. D
Blauvelt Kenneth W. 17-Jan-1926     married 29-Sep-1946 H
Blauvelt Marian V. Howe 16-Mar-1925     wife of Kenneth W. H
Blauvelt Mark H. 1910 2-Feb-1951     K
Blauvelt Madeline M. 1900 2-Aug-1939   wife of Mark H. K
Blauvelt Orace R. 1881 31-Jan-1939     K
Blauvelt Lillian Barber 1885 25-Jan-1956   wife of Orace R. K
Blauvelt Charles B. 1906 23-Jan-1942   son of Orace & Lillian K
Blauvelt Peleg C. 1828 12-May-1914     D
Blauvelt Adaline 1833 1911     D
Blauvelt Peter 5-May-1807 12-Oct-1886     D
Blauvelt Eveline 21-Dec-1809 14-Dec-1886   wife of Peter D
Blauvelt Elizabeth   8-Dec-1864 age 25y-4m-9d daughter of Peter & Eveline D
Blauvelt John H.   28-Jan-1837 age 4y-9m-28d son of Peter & Eveline D
Blauvelt Sylvester 1833 1911   Co. A 147th NY Inf. D
Blauvelt Armena 1837 1901   wife of Sylvester D
Blauvelt John H.   12-Sep-1877 age 23y-3m-15d son of Sylvester & Armena D
Blauvelt William Henry 1890 21-Oct-1970     K
Blauvelt Lottie M. 1887 15-May-1978   wife of William Henry K
Blauvelt William M. 1870 3-Jun-1943     K
Blauvelt Anna M. 1877 21-Dec-1961     K
Blauvelt Matilda 1861 2-Jun-1909   wife of John W. Westbrook E
Blencowe Basil L. 1921 24-May-1984   married 24-Dec-1949 F
Blencowe Marie L. 1924     wife of Basil L. F
Bottone Kristina Maria   5-Feb-1985     M
Bountain Harrison   5-Sep-1897 age 48 years   D
Bountain Oliver G. 16-Sep-1884 23-Sep-1909     D
Bountain William H.   19-Feb-1941 age 59 years no tombstone D
Bower Rose Dibble   1-Dec-1883 age 31y-9m-22d wife of of Philip; with James & Eliza Dibble B
Bowman Floyd W., Sr. 2-Jan-1923 4-Jan-1979   Pfc. US Marines Corp. WWII H
Bowman Francis P. 1922 25-Mar-1986     H
Bowman Mildred Ann 1953 9-Aug-1999   daughter of Floyd & Francis H
Bowman William L., Jr. 23-Apr-1966 1-Jan-1987   was an Airman H
Boyce Julie R. 1893 27-Nov-1980     K
Boyd William F. 1883 29-Oct-1947     L
Boyd May B. 1888 4-Mar-1959   wife of William L
Breese John P. 1867 15-Jun-1923     B
Breese Mary J.   19-Jan-1882 age 56y-10m-10d wife of Moses Breese B
Breese Mary L. 1855 23-Feb-1917   wife of Shadrack F. Robinson E
Breon Edith E. 1912 29-Jan-1975     H
Brink Albert 1838 11-Feb-1923   Co. E 126 NY Inf. Vol. A
Brink Rachel 1844 1900   wife of Albert; Co. E 126 NY Inf. A
Brink Cameron H. 1890 7-May-1957   with Thelma Cummings G
Brink Cora M. 1886 4-Sep-1974   wife of Cameron H. G
Brink Charles H. 4-Sep-1858 23-Sep-1910     G
Brink Carrie F. 10-Nov-1859     wife of Charles H. G
Brooker Donald Clair 1918 4-Jul-1981     M
Brooker Flossie Burbank 1930     wife of Donald Clair M
Brooker Cheryl 1954     daughter of Donald & Flossie M
Brooker Deborah 1952     daughter of Donald & Flossie M
Brooker Donald Clair 1963     son of Donald & Flossie M
Brooker Judith 1957     daughter of Donald & Flossie M
Brooker Kathleen 1965     daughter of Donald & Flossie M
Brooker Pamela 1966     daughter of Donald & Flossie M
Brooker Roland 1959     son of Donald & Flossie M
Brooker Misty Marie   22-May-1989 age 8 months  no tombstone M
Brown Eugene L. 1901 1908   son of D.H. & Nora H
Brown Harold D. 1905 1908   son of D.H. & Nora H
Brown James   15-Jun-1897 age 83 years   A
Brown Elizabeth   9-Dec-1884 age 57 years wife of James  A
Brown Kenneth Arthur 24-Dec-1918 30-Dec-1972   Staff Sgt. US Army NY, WWII M
Brown Richard 1925     US N. Armed Guard I
Brown Bernice E. 1930       I
Buchanan Richard J. 1940       L
Buchanan Verna R. 1945     wife of Richard L
Buchanan Irene M. 1964 21-Jun-1974   daughter of Richard & Verna L
Budde Cora H.   24-Jan-1942 age 44 years no tombstone F
Buhs Waltraud 1930     wife of Harry W. Scriven K
Burbank Emmet G. 1917 10-Jul-1989     M
Burbank Nellie Julia 1917 28-Jun-1990   wife of Emmet M
Burbank Roland A. 1879 Jun-1956     M
Burbank Ella L. 1903 29-Apr-1984   wife of Roland A. M
Burgess Barzillai 8-Mar-1823 16-Jun-1885 age 62y-3m-8d born in Warham, Mass. D
Burgess Lydia Ann 7-Oct-1827 22-Mar-1886 age 58y-5m-15d wife of Barzillai; born in Durham, NH D
Burgess H. Rebecca 21-Oct-1882 20-Oct-1885   daughter of Barzillai & Lydia; born in Breesport D
Burgess B.F. 27-Sep-1856 9-Feb-1896   son of Barzillai & Lydia D
Burgess Joseph B. 1880 6-Sep-1965     D
Burlew Charlotte   31-May-1950 age 55 years no tombstone I
Burlew George Jr.   1-Jun-1942 age 17 years no tombstone I
Burlew George O.   5-Apr-1968 age 77 years no tombstone K
Burlew Harry L. 1883 13-Sep-1976     K
Burlew Grace G. 1883 28-Feb-1984   wife of Harry L. K
Burlew James G. 1921       K
Burlew Irene A. 1925     wife of James G. K
Burlew Pearl Annabelle   6-Nov-1921 age 4 months no tombstone I
Burlingame Fred H. 1887 5-Sep-1940     K
Burlingame Mary Edith 1897 19-Oct-1939   wife of Fred K
Bush Father 1783 1863   with Lydia McMillan & Malida Babcock; Bush's all on one stone B
Bush  Mother 1791 1872     B
Bush Charles       son of Isaac Bush B
Bush George W. 1833 1863     B
Bush Charles       son of J.L. Bush  
Bush Isaac 1811 1879     B
Bush Judson       son of Isaac Bush B
Bush Mary       daughter of A.G. Bush B
Bush Minerva          
Bush William 1827 1846     B
Bush Oakley C. Sr. 1911 21-May-1987     G
Bush Winoma N. 1916 5-Dec-1996   wife of Oakley G
Butler Orval T. 1874 21-Oct-1948   with Benjamin Osborne F
Butler Florence Osborne 1885 28-Dec-1956   wife of Orval T. F
Butters Davis H. 8-Jul-1838 28-May-1916     I
Butters Lydia A. 28-Feb-1845 24-Sep-1909   wife of Davis I
Butts Lois Eva 1876     wife of Milo E. Bement G
Butts Albert Whitley 1896 20-Jan-1918   Co. A 7th Inf. G
Butts Clinton 1924 30-Nov-1977   no tombstone M
Butts Frederic 1855 1912     G
Butts Gerald Duane Jr. 16-Feb-1962 12-Mar-1992     M
Butts Orin   1-Sep-1890 age 65y-2m   A
Butts Dora   6-Mar-1863 age 5y-6m-20d daughter of Orin & Jane A
Butts Orrin W. 1895 5-Mar-1955     M
Butts Ethel M. 1892     wife of Orrin M
Butts Sarah L. 1833 1903   with James F. Earl A
Butts William T. 25-Mar-1850 17-Jul-1906 age 56y-3m-24d   A
Butts Lydia J. 1852 1939   wife of William T. A
Butts Susanna Bell 5-Nov-1894 8-Sep-1895 age 10m-3d   A

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 01/25/2000
By Joyce M. Tice