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 Read by Sherry, Stacy, and Chrissy Nichols in 1999

Typed by Linda Selub

Photo by Joyce M. Tice August 11, 1999

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Name of Cemetery: Scotchtown Cemetery
Read by: Sherry, Stacy and Chrissy Nichols
Date Read: All burials found from the actual reading or records up to Dec. 1999
Typed by: Linda Selub
Location: Scotchtown is located about halfway between Breesport and Erin, NY. Coming from Breesport its on the right side of Route 223.
Organized: The First Associated Reformed Church of Erin was established in 1836 with the first burials around the church. The church was torn down in 1874 and the Scotchtown Cemetery Association was incorporated in 1880.
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Rubin Thora B. 1910 23-May-1985     L
Rugar Charles G.   26-Nov-1861 age 36y-17d   A
Rugar Charles   31-Jan-1860 age 4y-3m-21d son of C.G. & E. A
Rugar John H.   31-Mar-1861 age 5m-24d son of C.G. & E. A
Rugar John D.   15-Jan-1864 age 79 years soldier of 1812 A
Rugar Ann Wixson   3-Jan-1873 age 79y-7m-27d wife of John (maiden name Wixson) A
Ruger Byron B. 1902 19-Oct-1969     M
Ruger Helen S. 1908 26-Mar-1983   wife of Byron M
Ruger Samuel 1853 20-Mar-1922     A
Rugur Byron B. 1858 1913     F
Rugur Lillie B. 1859 24-Feb-1919   wife of Byron F
Rugur Charles 1885 1911   son of Byron & Lillie F
Rugur Frank R. 1894 20-Oct-1954     M
Rugur Eleanora 1899 1990   wife of Frank M
Rumpsey Viola A. 1858     wife of Charles Henry Blauvelt L
Rumpsey Alfred H. 1849 16-Sep-1921     H
Rumpsey Eliza J. 1856 19-Mar-1919   wife of Alfred H
Rumpsey George W. 1882 16-Aug-1940     H
Rumpsey Myrtle H. 1884 1969   wife of George H
Rumpsey Schuyler J. 1887 1933     H
Rumpsey Elizabeth 1875 1953   wife of Ramsey Westbrook I
Rumsey Charles 1831 7-Apr-1922     G
Rumsey Helen D. Houck 1844 16-Sep-1916   wife of Charles (maiden name Houck) G
Rumsey Elizabeth   23-Aug-1953 age 78 years no tombstone O
Rumsey Emma   6-Jul-1945 age 78 years no tombstone F
Rumsey George W.   11-Sep-1893 age 76 years   A
Rumsey Rachel A.   15-Jul-1884 age 67 years wife of George A
Rumsey Libbie Kinner 1837 1913   wife of George (2nd) (maiden name Kinner) A
Ryan Francis J.   3-Oct-1883 age 24 years wife of I.J. (with Robert Austin, father) A
Sands James W. 19-Apr-1915 1-Jul-1977   Pvt. US WWII M
Sands Dorothy Ohler 20-Jun-1924 3-Jun-1995   wife of James (maiden name Ohler) M
Sands Gerald J. 1951 2-Jun-1953   died in Horseheads, NY M
Sawdy W.H.       Co. I 116th NY Inf. A
Schutt Harry 1876 1905     D
Schutt Adaline 1881     wife of Harry D
Schutt Hudson 1901 1903   son of Harry & Adaline D
Schwab Clyde 1908       L
Schwab Marguerite 1917     wife of Clyde L
Scriven Norma 1921 4-Nov-1984   wife of Charles L. Hunsinger D
Scriven Harry W. 9-Feb-1928 10-Feb-1991   Cpt. US Army WWII; married 18-Sep-1948 K
Scriven Waltraud Buhs 1930     wife of Harry (maiden name Buhs) K
Seidel George 1893 20-Dec-1980     L
Seymour Bradley U. 1915 21-Dec-1987     H
Seymour Emma P. 1919     wife of Bradley H
Seymour Edward J. 1895 21-Feb-1947     M
Seymour Louise B. 1898 10-Sep-1947   wife of Edward M
Seymour Gerald H. 1919 26-Jul-1973     M
Seymour M. Arline 1922     wife of Gerald M
Seymour Cindy Lou 1963     daughter of Gerald & M. Arline M
Seymour Donna L. 1965     daughter of Gerald & M. Arline M
Seymour Jack E. 1941 1980   son of Gerald & M. Arline M
Seymour Jane M. 1950     daughter of Gerald & M. Arline M
Seymour Robert D. 1945     son of Gerald & M. Arline M
Seymour Sharon L. 1962     daughter of Gerald & M. Arline M
Shaddack Thomas A.   26-Mar-1939 age 83 years no tombstone D
Sharp Bert J. 1878 27-May-1953     L
Sharp Lena M. 1884 17-Dec-1970   wife of Bert L
Sharp Frank C. 1874 22-Aug-1953     L
Sharp Harry R. 1904 11-May-1991     L
Sharp Luciele L. 1908 17-May-1993   wife of Harry L
Shinebarger Archie B. 1897 26-Sep-1965     L
Shinebarger Richard Howard 1921 5-Aug-1942     L
Shinebarger Betty Hutcheson 1920 5-Aug-1942   wife of Richard (maiden name Hutcheson) L
Shinebarger Wilma B.   5-Aug-1942 age 21 years no tombstone L
Shoemaker Beverly   28-Nov-1929 age 11 days no tombstone  
Shoemaker Charles A. 1860 7-Jun-1942     H
Shoemaker Emme E. 1862 12-Sep-1942   wife of Charles H
Shoemaker Earl D. 31-Mar-1920 14-May-1997   married 5-Mar-1944 M
Shoemaker Vera M. 24-Feb-1926     wife of Earl M
Shoemaker Hartley J. 1902 18-Dec-1955     K
Shoemaker Buena E. 1908 24-Aug-1964     K
Shoemaker Knapp 1872 10-Jan-1940     B
Shoemaker Nellie B. 1876 7-Feb-1953   wife of Knapp B
Shoemaker Ray T. 1887 15-Dec-1957     M
Shoemaker Alice L. 1894 18-Feb-1961   wife of Ray M
Shoemaker Raymond E. 1916 26-Aug-1991     M
Shoemaker Audrey M. 1920     wife of Raymond M
Sholenburg Selina 1829 1905   with Finch, Alexander, Hilliker G
Sickles Alta 14-Jan-1885 25-Jul-1885   daughter of F. & E. (with Blauvelts) D
Siglin George H. 1904 14-Nov-1969     K
Siglin Elsie M. 1906 9-Oct-1990   wife of George K
Simpson Charlie 1855 9-Oct-1933     H
Simpson Cora E. 1858 22-Sep-1942   wife of Charlie H
Simpson Thomas   21-Feb-1935     H
Slauson Della A. 1846     wife of William H. Blauvelt F
Slocum Truxton 1833 1901   Co. D 143 Reg. NY Vol. D
Slocum Philena 1824 1910   wife of Truxton D
Smith Abbie 1869 1927   wife of Smith Ross I
Smith Alvern   11-Mar-1945 age 67 years no tombstone F
Smith Augustus 1836 1904   Co. E 3rd NY L. Art. F
Smith Caroline   8-Mar-1924 age 79 years no tombstone  
Smith Carrie H. 1891 29-Jul-1948     G
Smith Charles D. 1887 16-May-1952     G
Smith Ruth C. 1890 10-Mar-1974   wife of Charles G
Smith Edna E. 1839 13-Sep-1920     H
Smith Emma J. 1871 1898   wife of A.A. Smith (with Helen Neish) B
Smith Fred B. 1865 20-Sep-1938   7th Bat'y Lt. Art. NY Vol. F
Smith Lissie V. 1877 11-Jun-1960   wife of Fred F
Smith Minnie D. 1904       F
Smith George P.   20-Apr-1959 age 68 years no tombstone D
Smith H. Edger 1879 20-Jan-1965   Co. F 26 Inf. K
Smith Edith Fox 1881 28-Jun-1944   wife of H. Edger (maiden name Fox) K
Smith Harry E.   20-Jan-1965 age 85 years no tombstone K
Smith Harry G. 1861 1-Jan-1952     L
Smith Harry W. 188716-Jun-1950       K
Smith Henriette   8-Jun-1929 age 77 years no tombstone  
Smith Hudson D. 1929 17-Feb-1994     L
Smith Hudson Dewey 1899 30-Mar-1951     L
Smith Mary R. 1903 23-Dec-1988   wife of Hudson L
Smith Infant   11-Feb-1928   son of H.D. & Mary D
Smith Infant   22-Nov-1976   Still born (no stone) D
Smith James L. 1885 3-Oct-1973     H
Smith Edith L. 1885 21-Oct-1949   wife of James (maiden name Ohler) H
Smith James Ralph 26-Oct-1919 11-Sep-1978   Tec 5 US Army WWII H
Smith Jack Audie Jr. 10-Jul-1978 25-Jul-1980   son of Jack & Sharon D
Smith Julie Ann   22-Nov-1976   daughter of Jack & Sharon D
Smith John H. 1841 1919     H
Smith Vinnie E. 1848 1-Mar-1937   wife of John H
Smith Nellie 1877 23-Feb-1936   married name Stage; daughter of John & Vinnie H
Smith Lealond Russell 1890 14-Sep-1938     E
Smith Martha   21-Apr-1843   wife of Benjamin B
Smith Raymond C. 1913 12-Feb-1988     H
Smith Marguerite J. 1912     wife of Raymond C. H
Smith Rena M. 1917 8-Jul-1919     E
Smith Spencer   13-Aug-1934   son of H.D. & Mary D
Smith Stanley D. 1919 13-Mar-1922   with Charles Smith G
Smith Stanley J. 20-Sep-1915 20-Jul-1978   Capt. US Army WWII H
Smith Sulden   29-Sep-1885 age 26 years   D
Smith William Carl 1956 20-Apr-1958   no tombstone D
Smith Wimot F. 1860 7-Dec-1940     F
Smith Anne 1867 11-Sep-1939   wife of Wilmot F
Solder Ludwig   28-Jul-1969 age 80 years no tombstone L
Spooner Arthur B.   27-Nov-1960 age 77 years no tombstone L
Spooner Mary Shipman   28-Jun-1883 age 80 years stone is in bad shape A
Squire James 1921       G
Squires Dorothy  1908 4-Aug-1996   wife of Ronald Hollenbeck K
Squires Garfield 1921       G
Squires Emma J. 1933 27-Jan-1997   wife of Garfield (?) G
Squires Cora M. 1959 23-Mar-1983   daughter of Garfield & Cora G
Squires William E. 1854 1-Jan-1950     F
Squires Kittie R. 1858 6-Oct-1939     F
Subj:  Shadduck
Date: 03/10/2001 11:48:15 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (David Shadduck)

Hi Joyce
Have not talked with you in a while. I was in your town this week  getting some work done on my boat at the boat factory there. I'm still hunting up more Shadduck genealogy along with 3 other grandparents lines & one great grandmothers line.  (Wood, Stevens, Arnold & Hillis) Just looked at the Chemung Co Cemeteries. *The Old Scotchtown Cem. at Erin. - I found 3 Shadduck markers there -  in the web page Henry & his wife Ann Shadduck show up as "Henry" &  Samuel  "Shadduck" is spelled incorrectly . I have been there and looked at the stones & I believe the spelling is "Shadduck" surname on all 3. I also suspect the there are more Shadduck's buried there but I did not find any cemetery or church record for that cemetery. Do you know of any  records of the cemetery ?
Henry & Samuel Shadduck's parents were Christopher & Hannah Shadduck and had 6 children: Thomas, Henry, Dolly, John, Samuel & Louise if I have sorted out the census info correctly. They lived a mile or so east of there so the reason for my thinking they maybe buried there. *In the Scotchtown record - you have Thomas A. Shadack died 26MAR1939 @ 83 / no marker
When I checked the lady with the records - I wrote down Thomas A. Shadduck died 26MAR1889 @ 83 / no marker & the record of purchasing the lot on 9JAN1893.
Thomas A Shadduck is the son of Henry & Ann buried in Old Scotchtown
If I get back up there I will check the record keeper again unless  unless you have a quicker way. If the I do have the wrong date of death it will match up to the birth date I have for him so I hope yours is correct.
What a difficult line to sort out - seems every descendant of those lines that I have found so far don't know the line back past their grandfather.  I keep wondering if there family secrets they don't want passed on.
Thank You
David Shadduck

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 01/25/2000
By Joyce M. Tice