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 Read by Sherry, Stacy, and Chrissy Nichols in 1999 

Photo by Joyce M. Tice August 11, 1999

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Name of Cemetery: Scotchtown Cemetery
Read by: Sherry, Stacy and Chrissy Nichols
Date Read: All burials found from the actual reading or records up to Dec. 1999
Typed by: Linda Selub
Location: Scotchtown is located about halfway between Breesport and Erin, NY. Coming from Breesport its on the right side of Route 223.
Organized: The First Associated Reformed Church of Erin was established in 1836 with the first burials around the church. The church was torn down in 1874 and the Scotchtown Cemetery Association was incorporated in 1880.
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Waali Michael  1883 24-Mar-1952     K
Wakefield Mary   31-Mar-1883 age 24y-8m-5d wife of Jay Wakefield (hard to read) D
Waggman Sylvania V. 1906 11-Apr-1994     G
Wagner Harriet   18-Apr-1962 age 64 years no tombstone M
Walker Frances E.   11-Sept-1993 age 72 maiden name Bowman? H
Wallace William 1869 3-Dec-1952     L
Walley Charles I. 1887 18-Jun-1980     K
Walley Mary J. 1908     wife of Charles K
Wallis Elsie M. 1864     wife of of Cyrus Jay Becker M
Wald Yvonne 1934     wife of Leon Hollenbeck L
Wandelt Adolf E. 1900 23-Jan-1979     M
Wandelt Catherine   7-Jan-1993 age 80 years no tombstone M
Ward Dorothy Hunsinger 1950 27-Oct-1977   daughter of Charles & Norma Hunsinger (married name Wald) L
Warner Albert   31-Jul-1952 age 67 years no tombstone L
Warrick David 14-Sep-1921 17-Oct-1989     F
Watson Leman E. 1908 7-Dec-1992     I
Watson Evelyn M. 1913 5-Jun-1991   wife of Leman I
Watson Gerald 1933 18-Jun-1988   son of Leman & Evelyn I
Wedel Eleanor   10-Sep-1990 age 91 years no tombstone M
Wedel George A.K. 1902 24-Nov-1987     G
Wedel Anna M. 1902 27-Jun-1971   wife of George G
Weed William 9-Aug-1920 13-Jan-1987   US Army WWII D
Weethee Clark C. 1889 19-Mar-1962     L
Weethee Mabel L. 1893 13-Mar-1986   wife of Clark L
Weethee James O.   1950     L
Weethee Jack H. 1920 10-Oct-1999     L
Weethee Ella B. 1923 9-Jan-1990   wife of Jack L
Weethee Baby Girl   9-Apr-1979   daughter of Jack & Ella (still born) L
Weethee Oliver W. 14-Jan-1916 24-Dec-1992   T Sgt. USAF WWII L
Welton James A. 1832 1906     F
Welton Eugene E. (?) 1857 20-Sep-1928   wife of James  F
Westbrook   1886 1886     E
Westbrook Josephine 1872 1943   1st husband a Mr. Russell A
Westbrook Charles H. 1880 1-Nov-1959   with Elbert Alexander G
Westbrook Eva D. Alexander 1886 4-Nov-1970   wife of Charles (2nd husband, Blauvelt) G
Westbrook Cornelius J. 1847 31-Oct-1918     E
Westbrook Catherine Stevens 1843 1899   wife of Cornelius (maiden name Stevens) E
Westbrook Millroy   26-Aug-1876 age 6y-4m-18d son of C & C E
Westbrook Infant 1886 1886      
Westbrook Elmer 1869 23-Aug-1933     I
Westbrook Elizabeth Rumpsey 1875 1953   wife of Ramsey I
Westbrook John W. 1857 10-Jun-1931     E
Westbrook Matilda Blauvelt 1861 2-Dec-1909 age 48y-6m wife of John W. (maiden name Blauvelt) E
Westbrook Eva 1889 24-Nov-1904 age 15y-4m-8d daughter of John & Matilda E
Westbrook Lorenzo 1-Sep-1850 19-Dec-1938     D
Westbrook Sarah E. 23-May-1866 8-Jul-1894   wife of Lorenzo D
Whalen Clara   19-Jun-1925     A
Whalen Edger   20-Feb-1936 age 76 years no tombstone A
Wheat Mary   17-Nov-1928 age 66 years no tombstone E
Wheaton Arthur 1886 21-Sep-1965     D
Wheaton Brigham 1853 10-Jan-1927     K
Wheaton Mary Jane Austin 1858 3-Jun-1937   wife of Brigham (maiden name Austin) K
Wheaton Charles F. 1893 9-Jun-1990   son of Brigham & Mary K
Wheaton Helen M. 1914 30-Aug-1989   wife of Charles K
Wheaton Elias   30-Jun-1946 age 89 years no tombstone D
Wheaton Olive 1895     no marker D
Wheaton Roland W. 2-Nov-1923 25-Nov-1980   Tec. 4 US Army WWII D
Wheaton William J. 1894     no marker D
Wheaton William S. 1898 19-Apr-1976     D
Wheaton Lester E. 1895 1899     A
Wheeler Lewis 1858 1902     A
Wheeler Alida J.       wife of Lewis A
Wheeler William G.   24-Dec-1921 age 36 years no tombstone I
Whipple Charles E. 1908 3-Nov-1969     L
Whipple Dorothy E. 1900 12-Mar-1988   wife of Charles L
Whipple Edward E. 8-Dec-1927       F
Whipple Barbara A. 11-Jun-1929 18-Dec-1990   wife of Edward F
White Eva A. 1893 1973   with Martin Phelan F
White Infant   15-Feb-1968 age 25 hours no tombstone M
Whitney Edna S. Earl 1868 1902   wife of E.D. Whitney (with William Earl) K
Wickham Charles B. 1896 2-Feb-1973     K
Wickham Maude M. 1893 12-Jul-1949   wife of Charles K
Wickham Ward P. 1912 19-Jun-1977     L
Wickham Anna M. 1911 17-May-1971   wife of Ward L
Wilcox Clyde J. (Jim) 18-Apr-1957 18-Feb-1985     L
Wilcox Martin Edsall 1902 2-Aug-1969     L
Wilcox John Gordon 1875 13-Jan-1951     L
Wilcox Ellen 1873 1957   wife of John L
Wilkinson Clare 1881 11-Nopv-1921   with Neish & Cowan G
Wilkinson John F. 1905 23-Jun-1966     F
Wilkinson Emma B. 1908 26-Jun-1966   wife of John F
Willis James Arthur 1910 25-Oct-1977     M
Willis Cora L. 1914 21-Jun-1977   wife of James  M
Willsey Harriette 2-Jun-1839 4-Jan-1899     E
Wilmot Thomas C. 1907 27-Feb-1982     M
Wilmot Martha C. 1908     wife of Thomas M
Wilmot Thomas C. (Tip) 1928 22-Nov-1980     M
Wing Sarah Lydia  1837 24-Feb-1915   wife of Alpheus A. Goodrich I
Winslow Harold C. 29-Nov-1915 14-Jun-1989   CM 3 US Navy WWII L
Winslow Iva Verna Austin 15-Nov-1915 26-Aug-1979     L
Wirth Frederick A. 1905 29-Aug-1975     M
Wirth Nellie M. 1913     wife of Frederick M
Withiam Alfred T. 1892 22-Aug-1970     I
Withiam Anna H. 1897     wife of Alfred I
Withiam Alfred Jr. 1920 1988   son of Alfred & Anna I
Withiam Martha B. 1933 18-Jan-1977     I
Wixson     3-Jan-1873 age 79y-7m-27d wife of John D. Rugar A
Wondering Brandon J.   25-Jun-1988     L
Wood Lottie  1900 26-Mar-1982   wife of Tracy C. Harris  
Wood Andrew 1868 14-Mar-1948     G
Wood Cora 1874 27-Dec-1945   wife of Andrew G
Wood Stanley   1909   son of Andrew & Cora G
Wood Arba J.   27-Mar-1922 age 66 years no tombstone  
Wood Arlo   7-Dec-1951   no tombstone G
Wood Clifford   12-Feb-1967 age 66 years no tombstone G
Wood Edith   12-Feb-1946 age 72 years no tombstone I
Wood Floyd I. 1874 5-Nov-1938     I
Wood Debbie Hollenbeck 1872 5-Jul-1955   wife of Floyd (maiden name Hollenbeck) I
Wood Floyd Lee III 14-Dec-1968 28-Jun-1993     C
Wood Frank 1898 11-Aug-1975     I
Wood Ulysses 1905 6-Jun-1981     I
Wood Fred A. 1863 22-Jul-1933     H
Wood Ida M. 1865 23-Feb-1947   wife of Fred H
Wood Harriet M.   25-Aug-1993 age 91 years no tombstone I
Wood Ira D. 1865 22-Nov-1939     K
Wood Isaac 1828 1896     D
Wood Harriet 1836 1900   wife of Isaac D
Wood Joseph B.   9-Apr-1939 age 58 years no tombstone G
Wood Gordon       infant child of Joseph B. G
Wood Kenneth W. 1907 1098   infant child of Joseph B. G
Wood Waverly       infant child of Joseph B. G
Wood Jesse Earl 1894 1-Nov-1971     L
Wood Anna Lawson 1897 27-Apr-1956   wife of Earl L
Wood Lucille M. 1903 15-Oct-1989     G
Wood Margaret 17-Aug-1915 12-Nov-1915     I
Wood Marten 1840 15-May-1925     E
Wood Sarah F. 1845 1890   wife of Marten E
Wood Isabell Park 28-Jan-1842 22-Mar-1898   wife of Marten E
Wood Fred E. 1863 7-Dec-1922   son of Marten & Sarah E
Wood Marten L. 4-Dec-1883 9-May-1895   son of Marten & Sarah E
Wood Minnie B. 1871 1913     G
Wood Percy R.F. 1911       C
Wood Theola B. 1909 16-Jun-1994   wife of Percy C
Wood Tracy Isaac 1895 30-Sep-1960     L
Wood Vera G.   14-Nov-1970 age 83 years no tombstone G
Wood Vern W. 1924       I
Wood Francis 1928       I
Wood Gary M. (Sparky) 1954 12-Sep-1974   son of Vern & Francis I
Wood Wells F.   31-Jan-1948 age 70 years no tombstone G
Woodard Devere   18-Jul-1948 age 82 years no tombstone D
Woodard Henry O. 1907 8-Apr-1961     L
Woodard Faye L. 1913 1997   wife of Henry L
Woodard John David 1870 17-Feb-1941     L
Woodard Flora Bell 1877 30-Apr-1956   wife of John L
Woodard Leon O. 6-Apr-1899 7-Jan-1975   Pvt. US Army WWI D
Woodard Rachel S.   13-Feb-1921 age 76 years no tombstone  
Woods Albert J.   7-May-1952 age 79 years no tombstone F
Woods Anor M.   23-Apr-1969 age 90 years no tombstone F
Woods Donald E. 1928 3-May-1996     L
Woods James Arthur 2-Aug-1829 3-Sep-1904   born in Gloucester, England B
Woods Maria 10-Jan-1836 29-May-1906   wife of James; born in Pompey, NY B
Woods Charles D.   22-Oct-1866 age 8y-1m-20d son of James & Maria B
Woods Eddie L.   8-Mar-1864 age 3m-8d son of James & Maria B
Woolever Ezera   11-May-1888 age 52 years   B
Wright Hollis P. 1879 18-Mar-1961     L
Wright Nellie F. 1879 10-Apr-1962   wife of Hollis L
Young Charles M. 1904 1-Jan-1961     M
Young Margaret E. 1909 14-Nov-1984   wife of Charles M
Youngs Casper L. 1926 23-Jun-1980   Pfc. US Army Korea H
Youngs Thelma M. 1942     wife of Casper H
Subj:  cemetery records
Date:  04/01/2004 11:44:53 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Mary Ann)

Hello,  I have visited your site before and I have just visited again.  I am impressed how nice it looks, what a great job you have done.  I have a question, we have records that tell us that our ancestors William Wheaton and his wife Orpha were buried in the Old Scotchtown Cemetery.  I believe that information first came from Helen M. Wheaton of Erin, N.Y.  They are not on your list for this cemetery and wondered if you could give us any information regarding them.  My guess is the stones have long faded away and this fact can no longer be proved.  Also we thought you would like to know that on the record for William Wheaton (son to the previous mentioned William Wheaton) and his wife Olive the death date was accidentally typed into the birth column.  Thank you for the great job, your efforts are appreciated.  Mary Ann Matlock

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 01/25/2000
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 01/25/2000
By Joyce M. Tice
Email: Joyce M. Tice

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