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 Read by Sherry, Stacy, and Chrissy Nichols in 1999

Typed by Linda Selub

Photo by Joyce M. Tice August 11, 1999

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Name of Cemetery: Scotchtown Cemetery
Read by: Sherry, Stacy and Chrissy Nichols
Date Read: All burials found from the actual reading or records up to Dec. 1999
Typed by: Linda Selub
Location: Scotchtown is located about halfway between Breesport and Erin, NY. Coming from Breesport its on the right side of Route 223.
Organized: The First Associated Reformed Church of Erin was established in 1836 with the first burials around the church. The church was torn down in 1874 and the Scotchtown Cemetery Association was incorporated in 1880.
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MacDonald Vera L. 1905 26-May-1989   with Frankie Mitchell I
MacDowall Addie 1884 28-Nov-1958     G
MacDowall Doris Mae 1917 28-Nov-1937     G
MacDowall Everett J. 1890 26-Dec-1966     A
Maheson Henry 1858 1937      
Maheson Eleanor 1863        
Makinster Ethel Mae 1892 10-Mar-1977   with Samuel Riley H
Mallacoccio Floyd J.   14-Mar-1927 age 2-1/2 years   I
Mallacoccio Junior   30-Apr-1928 age 7 months   I
Mallacoccio Pearl & S.       Infants I
Mallacoccio Robert L.   4-Nov-1938 age 1 day   I
Marks June Ann Rogers 25-Apr-1947 3-Jan-1996     K
Masin Frank 1891 5-May-1965     H
Masin Agnes 1895 18-Nov-1986   wife of Frank H
Matejka Charles H. (Gus) 4-Aug-1919 6-Jun-1986     K
Matejka Gertrude A. 5-Jul-1924       K
Matejka John W. 1888 15-Jun-1973     H
Matejka Jennie C. 1895 21-Jun-1977   wife of John H
Matejka John R. 31-Mar-1918 26-Dec-1994   Tec. 5 US Army WWII H
Matejka Joseph Sr. 1882 15-Jun-1962     K
Matejka Otila 1883 12-Jan-1969   wife of Joseph K
Matejka Jerry W. 1912 23-May-1979   son of Joseph & Otila K
Matejka Joseph Jr. 1909 18-Nov-1873     I
Matejka Helen E. 1910 22-Feb-1993   wife of Joseph I
Matejka Velma Marie 6-Jul-1916 21-Sep-1916   with Mrazik I
Mathurin Truman   4-Nov-1946 age 58 years no tombstone L
Matteson Henry 1858 21-Nov-1937     D
Matteson Eleanora 1863 12-Jul-1937   wife of Henry D
McAlpin M. Dexter 1886 18-Apr-1972     H
McAlpin Eva L. Jones 1891 30-Apr-1991   wife of M. Dexter (maiden name Jones) H
McCarrick John   16-Sep-1939 age 74 years no tombstone K
McCasline Abe L. 1876 3-Jun-1924   (1916)? No tombstone K
McCracken Infant   19-Nov-1949   Still born (no stone) L
McCracken Neva M.   2-Mar-1949 age 3 years no tombstone L
McDoel Clarinda 6-Nov-1825     wife of Garret S. Becker B
McDole Thomas   31-Mar-1844 age 44y-3m-3d   E
McDole Hannah   16-Oct-1842 age 38y-3m wife of Thomas E
McDole Mary   9-Jan-1834   daughter of Thomas & Hannah (infant) E
McDole Mercy   30-Jul-1825 age 6 months daughter of Thomas & Hannah  E
McDole Thomas   22-Feb-1833 age 6 weeks son of Thomas & Hannah E
McDowell Albert C. 1893 12-Jun-1923     G
McDowell Albert H. 1-Jan-1831 9-Nov-1881     E
McDowell Cyrus Burr 1904 28-Nov-1965     G
McDowell Alice B. 1907     wife of Cyrus G
McDowell Lola E. 1899 29-Dec-1984     G
McDowell Varnum P. 1868 4-Dec-1951     G
McDowell Alice Cornell 1867 16-Jul-1943   wife of Varnum G
McGarrick John 1865 1939     K
McGarrick Alice 1875 26-Mar-1961   wife of John K
McGrain Roxanne L. Hoyle 15-Jun-1944 27-Nov-1987     L
McIntyre David H. 1840 1911     I
McIntyre Mary Elizabeth 1848 7-Feb-1922   wife of David I
McIntyre William A.   11-Aug-1907 age 86y-8m-11d   E
McIntyre Hariet   10-Sep-1896 age 82y-11m-10d wife of William E
McIntyre L.L. 1852 1909   brother of William E
McKibbin Charles A. 10-Feb-1932 25-Mar-1972   CPL US Army Korea L
McKibbin Eugene A. 1914       L
McKibbin Frances M. 1911     wife of Eugene L
McKibbin Irene Winfred 31-Jul-1938 10-Oct-1938     L
McKibbin Welcome John 3-Apr-1910 2-Feb-1944     L
McKibbin Eugene T. 1874 17-Jan-1949     L
McKibbin Hattie 1871 23-Jul-1959   wife of Eugene L
McKibbin Marion   23-Oct-1997 age 73 years no tombstone L
McKibbin Rickey A.   30-Nov-1956     H
McKibbin W. Iselain   26-Feb-1930     H
McKibbin William T. 1902 19-Feb-1994     I
McKibbin Charlotte  1911     wife of William I
McKibbin Russell L. 1924 18-Apr-1974     I
McKibbin William T. Jr. 1924 18-Apr-1974     I
McMillan Joseph   14-Jan-1867 age 64y-4m-14d   B
McMillan Mary   16-Nov-1877 age 71y-8m-28d wife of Joseph B
McMillan Thomas L.   6-Jan-1835 age 3y-3m-10d son of Joseph & Mary B
McMillan Joseph 1845 1913   Co. A 1st NY Cav. GAR D
McMillan Marietta 1855 2-Feb-1933   wife of Joseph D
McMillan Henry 1874 1891   son of Joseph & Marietta D
McMillan Smith 1881 1904   son of Joseph & Marietta D
McMillan Lydia B. 1816 19-Dec-1885   with Isaac Bush B
McMillan Birdie A.   4-Jul-1948 age 65 years no tombstone  
McMillan James D. 1853 1904     F
McMillan Francis M. 1857 1946     F
McMillan Erwin   14-May-1935   Pvt. US Marine Corps F
McMillan Terrence E. 18-Aug-1914 6-Nov-1993   Sgt.US Army WWII - born in Dorthy Alberta, Canada M
Mellin Herbert 1912       L
Mellin Helen G. 1915 27-Sep-1960   wife of Herbert L
Mellin William H. Jul-1948 Apr-1949   or died 18-May-1949; with Arthur Gardner L
Merinen Emily 8-Nov-1924       L
Messing Herman A. 1910 6-Jun-1989   married 19-Apr-1936 M
Messing M. Helen 1918 29-Jul-1992     M
Mestan Charles 1898 12-May-1990     K
Mestan Agnes 1902 4-Jan-1985   wife of Charles K
Mestan Frank 1865 9-Aug-1939     K
Miller Annetta   12-Jun-1954 age 82 years no tombstone I
Miller Anthony J. 1886 29-May-1978     H
Miller Jindrich 1885 12-Dec-1958     I
Miller Mary 1890 16-Jan-1965   wife of Jindrich I
Miller George 1915 29-May-1924   son of Jindrich & Mary I
Miller Vladimer 1909 12-Oct-1927   son of Jindrich & Mary I
Miller R.K.   18-Sep-1883 age 70y-5m-18d   B
Miller Betsey       wife of R.K. B
Miller Robert T. 1939       H
Miller Winifred H. 1926 15-Dec-1978   wife of Robert H
Miller Samuel C. 1859 2-Apr-1933     I
Millspaugh William H. 1855 24-Aug-1927     G
Millspaugh Mary L. 1860 1955   wife of William G
Mitchell Burr B. 1855 7-Mar-1964     I
Mitchell Francis K. 1915 3-Jan-1919 age 3 years   I
Mitchell Frankie V. 1888 25-Jul-1933   with Vera MacDonald I
Mitchell Kenneth D. 1908 13-Jun-1970     I
Mitchell Margaret 1908 4-Mar-1966   wife of Kenneth I
Mitchell James Monroe 1874 19-Nov-1942   Co. L 3rd Reg. NY Inf. I
Mitchell Lola Bertha 1890 22-Mar-1978   wife of James I
Mitchell Claude Boyd 1929 23-Jun-1935   son of James & Lola I
Mitchell James R. 1848 10-May-1929     I
Mitchell Malona 1852 14-Jul-1936   wife of James I
Mitchell John Cresswell 1845 23-Mar-1929     G
Mitchell Mary Emily Pierce 1851 10-Jun-1927   wife of John (maiden name Pierce) G
Mitchell Ward 1876 14-Feb-1965     I
Mitchell Mary Lou 1929     wife of Ward I
Moll George A. 1874 27-Mar-1948   with M. Dubois G
Moll Mary E. 1877 7-Aug-1962   wife of George G
Moore Charles G. 1859 27-Jan-1940     F
Moore Anna W. 1865 25-Nov-1959   wife of Charles F
Moore George M. 1860 17-Mar-1935     I
Moore Ella M. 1863 29-Mar-1942     I
Moore Kenneth A. 1908 25-Jun-1971     K
Moore Blanche A. 1914 5-Nov-1968   wife of Kenneth K
Moore Kenneth M. 1937 16-Sep-1943   with L. Jay Houck K
Moore Miles E. 1863 15-Jun-1934   with Harvey Houck K
Moore Mary Della 1873 11-Mar-1956   wife of Miles K
Morgan Carrie   9-Feb-1921 age 62 years no tombstone  
Morgan Ethel S. 1885 25-Feb-1939     L
Morgan Fred E.   9-Jun-1961 age 61 years no tombstone I
Morgan Harold F. Sr. 1922 16-Feb-1985     L
Morgan Betty S. 1927     wife of Harold; married 7-Oct-1945 L
Morgan Beverly 26-Mar-1948 5-Apr-1948   daughter of Harold & Betty L
Morgan Jamison A.   24-Nov-1996   no stone; a baby; with Manford Chilson M
Morgan Rose Bailey   12-Dec-1951 age 71 years no tombstone F
Morrison Alpheys   10-May-1914 age 65 years no tombstone  
Morrison Christina   16-Mar-1915 age 64 years no tombstone  
Morrison Edward 2-Feb-1907 15-Feb-1988     F
Morrison Dorothy 26-Oct-1908 26-Jul-1995   wife of Edward F
Mospan Joseph J. Sr. 1920       F
Mospan Mary C. 1928 13-Feb-1992   Mary Carolyn Smith Mospan died November 13, 1992 F
Moulter Adam   8-Feb-1922 age 78 years no tombstone  
Moulter Florence   23-Sep-1892 age 74y-11m-21d stone hard to read D
Moulter Floyd   17-Mar-1935      
Moulter Frank   11-Aug-1936 age 61 years no tombstone H
Moulter George   18-Aug-1940 age 66 years no tombstone D
Moulter Gertrude   24-Sep-1932 age 79 years no tombstone  
Moulter Leslie G.   5-Oct-1923 age 8 years no tombstone  
Moulter Lloyd 1885 9-Feb-1967     I
Moulter Lillian E. 1883 4-Dec-1933   wife of Lloyd I
Moulter Nora J. 1878 25-Feb-1950     H
Mrazik Venzel W. 1864 2-Feb-1922   with Velma Matejka I
Munson Frank A. 1854 11-Mar-1938     H
Munson Malida J. 1853 1909   wife of Frank H
Munson Frank W. 1888       H
Munson Harriet E. 1888 1911   wife of Frank H
Munson John N. 10-Jun-1832 2-Jan-1906     A
Munson Sarah 3-May-1833 4-Feb-1896   wife of John A
Munson Belle 1872 1967   with John & Sarah Munson A
Munson Sarah Belle   20-Nov-1967 age 95 years no tombstone A
Munson Jessie 1877 21-Dec-1921   wife of Willard S. VanVliete G
Myers Julius C. 1906 23-Dec-1987     L
Myers Mildred H. 1908 11-Aug-1981     L
Subj: Mary Mospan date of death correction
Date: 11/08/2003 11:51:59 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (ecomun)

My mother, Mary Carolyn Smith Mospan died November 13, 1992.  You have her date of death listed as February of 1992.  She was
born February 26, 1928.  My Father died February 1999, I think February 1st, and was born March 6, 1920.
Elyse O'Connor 

October 2006 - Dear Joyce,
Just found this website and find it most valuable.  Would like to correct and add information.  Herbert, Helen and William Mellen should be spelled MELLIN.  William was infant son on Herbert and Helen Mellin and you are right about the date of death 5/18/49.
Thank you for having this information available. Beverly Buckbee

First Published On Tri-Counties Site On 01/25/2000
By Joyce M. Tice