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 Read by Sherry, Stacy, and Chrissy Nichols in 1999

Typed by Linda Selub

Photo by Joyce M. Tice August 11, 1999

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Name of Cemetery: Scotchtown Cemetery
Read by: Sherry, Stacy and Chrissy Nichols
Date Read: All burials found from the actual reading or records up to Dec. 1999
Typed by: Linda Selub
Location: Scotchtown is located about halfway between Breesport and Erin, NY. Coming from Breesport its on the right side of Route 223.
Organized: The First Associated Reformed Church of Erin was established in 1836 with the first burials around the church. The church was torn down in 1874 and the Scotchtown Cemetery Association was incorporated in 1880.

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Daly Louise 1889 23-Nov-1978   wife of Harold Osborne F
Dauman Roy H.   1970     H
Dauman Florens W. 1889 22-Jun-1968     H
Davenport Bertha I.  1899 20-Oct-1944   wife of Clarence F. Bixby K
Davenport Miles 1872 1912     F
Davenport Miles 1870 1910   with Isaac Elston F
Davis Lucille 1906 12-Sep-1990   wife of Raymond Rounds K
Davis Mina 1851     wife of Adam C
Davis Albert E.   11-Mar-1867 age 2 months son of C.W. & E.D. Davis B
Davis Bertha M.   21-Jun-1892 age 19 years wife of John S. B
Davis Caroline   27-Jul-1922 age 74 years no tombstone G
Davis Charles Lewis   31-Mar-1932 age 57 years no tombstone F
Davis Clarence L. 1878 17-Oct-1940     H
Davis Grace Z. 1884 23-Aug-1936   wife of Clarence H
Davis Constance   9-Jan-1986 age 67 years no tombstone K
Davis Cornelius 1838 21-Jul-1920     D
Davis Eliza D. 1840 23-Oct-1919     D
Davis C.R. 1854 1912   small broken stone F
Davis Dewitt G. 1872 16-Aug-1926     B
Davis Lena B. 1874 25-Feb-1947     B
Davis Glen C.     age 26 days son of Dewitt & Lena B
Davis Infant   16-Sep-1912   daughter of Dewitt & Lena B
Davis Ernest   9-Oct-1914 age 28 years no tombstone  
Davis Floyd A.   4-Sep-1941 age 79 years no tombstone F
Davis Frank 1869 19-Jan-1963     D
Davis George W. May 1877 1907     G
Davis Harriet   20-Jun-1933 age 52 years no tombstone  
Davis Harrison 1850 1909     F
Davis Nancy Letts 1855 1907   wife of Harrison F
Davis Harry 4-Jun-1901 16-Nov-1967     F
Davis Hattie E.   25-Nov-1930 age 58 years no tombstone  
Davis Hattie M.   16-Dec-1920 age 57 years no tombstone  
Davis James H. 1853 20-May-1932     I
Davis Emma J. 1857 26-Apr-1931     I
Davis Joel 24-Aug-1814 2-Nov-1901     A
Davis Matilda 14-Mar-1831 11-Jan-1908   wife of Joel A
Davis James A. 1832 1906      
Davis Eugene E. 1857 1928      
Davis John C.   23-Mar-1943 age 91 years no tombstone A
Davis John C. 1874 7-Feb-1958   with Dewitt Davis B
Davis John L.   22-Mar-1870 age 45 years son of John S. & Elizabeth B
Davis Nancy M.   10-Jan-1868 age 28y-11m-6d wife of John L. B
Davis Herman   2-Jun-1866 age 3y-5m son of John L. & Nancy M. B
Davis John M. 1841 10-May-1923   Co. B 179th NY Vol. C
Davis Lydia A. 1840 1909   wife of John M. C
Davis Gertie L. 31-Aug-1870 24-Mar-1896   daughter of John & Lydia C
Davis John 1917 14-Mar-1929     F
Davis Pauline Apr-1924 14-Jul-1924   infant daughter of Wm. Davis F
Davis John S.   28-Mar-1874 age 80 years   B
Davis William W.   4-Mar-1862 age 29 years son of John S. & Elizabeth B
Davis Leon J. 1926 22-Aug-1994     M
Davis Anna S. 1928 11-Aug-1954   wife of Leon M
Davis Leonard   20-Jul-1921 age 87 years no tombstone  
Davis Leroy 1893 23-Nov-1968   (all together) I
Davis Edith 1893 29-mar-1951     I
Davis Eugene E. 1929 5-Aug-1934     I
Davis Lucinda M. 1900 18-Sep-1990     I
Davis Lewis B.   6-Nov-1921 age 26 years no tombstone  
Davis Lloyd 14-Jan-1892 16-Mar-1892   son of William & Hattie A
Davis Nora 15-Mar-1894 31-Oct-1900   daughter of William & Hattie A
Davis Mary E.   11-Dec-1926 age 70 years no tombstone  
Davis Monima 1846 1906   with Silas Davis I
Davis Nathan F. 1855 4-Apr-1926     F
Davis Philip 1848 1911     G
Davis Ralph L. 1913 21-May-1978     K
Davis Raymond   20-Jun-1959 age 55 years no tombstone F
Davis Silas K.   30-Sep-1886 age 81y-17d   B
Davis Catherine A. 1807 1895     B
Davis Janet   18-Apr-1859 age 24y-6d daughter of Silas & Catherine (buried John L. Davis) B
Davis Ward E. 1875 9-Nov-1938     K
Davis Addie E. 1875 14-Sep-1942   wife of Ward K
Davis Wells  1862 14-Jan-1926     A
Davis William   15-Jul-1938 age 82 years no tombstone  
Davis William H. 1875 13-Nov-1924     F
Davis Lone 1881 1933   wife of William F
Davis William H. 1874 11-Apr-1939     L
Davis Anna K. 1884 31-May-1972   wife of William L
Davis William M. 27-Jul-1837 2-Jul-1917     B
Davis Alice B. 30-Oct-1855 30-Apr-1891   wife of William B
Davis Emmeline 1858 7-Feb-1914   wife of William (2nd) B
Dean Leo Sr. 1923        
Dean Catherine M. 1929     wife of Leo Sr.  
Dean Leo Sr. 19023 1999      
Dean Catherine M. 1929        
Deats John         B
Deats Sarah   1-Aug-1892 age 60y-10m-18d wife of John D
Deats Mary J.   9-Mar-1892 age 44y-4m-10d daughter of John & Sarah D
Decker Anna Mae 1920     (all together) H
Decker Ethel E. 1915 24-Sep-1997     H
Decker Gertrude S. 1908 2-Jul-1924     H
Decker Harold G. 1918 4-Mar-1923     H
Decker John 1836 1913   Co. A 1st NY Vet. Cav. B
Decker Sarah 1840 29-Oct-1922   wife of John B
Decker Amelia 1866 1894     B
Decker Susie   1-Oct-1888 age 14 years daughter of John & Sarah B
Decker John J. 1880 27-Sep-1966     H
Decker Mary F. 1880 1-Feb-1956   wife of John H
Decker Mary L.         I
Decker Thomas   15-May-1849 age 9y-6m-10d son of Harry & Alice F
Deett Otto C. 1854 1931     H
Deett Ollie 1865 1928   wife of Otto C. H
Deett Clayton L. 1893 1916   son of Otto & Ollie H
DeGraw Ernest 1910 7-Jun-1981   with Harold Comfort, his brother M
DeGraw Cora M. 1915     wife of Ernest M
DeGraw Herschel L. 1903 10-Jun-1961   with Erma Taylor M
DeGraw Frances C. 1907 10-Sep-1964   wife of Herschel M
DeGraw Jepthar Richard 1864 20-Oct-1941     M
DeGraw Martha J. 1868 23-Jul-1952   wife of Jepthar M
Denmark Anne Henning   19-May-1946 age 60+ years no tombstone I
Dibble James 1822 1892   with Rose Bower B
Dibble Eliza Young 1820 1902     B
Dibble John A. 1884 8-Sep-1958   with daughter Maude Terwilliger K
Dibble Mala A. 1888 28-Aug-1976   wife of John K
Dibble Maude G. 1908 15-Jul-1951   married name Terwilliger (with parent John Dibble)  
Dibble Milton F. 1918       L
Dibble Rose J. 1922     wife of Milton L
Doran Harold I. 1905 24-Apr-1957     G
Doran Waldo J. 1902 9-May-1928     F
Doran Walter S.       "Infant" F
Drake Charles T.   24-Jul-1940 age 76 years no tombstone F
Drake Floyd W. 1888 18-Jan-1981     M
Drake Bertha M. 1908     wife of Floyd W. M
Drake Smith 1858 9-Sep-1925     H
Drake Helen 1851 13-Mar-1932   wife of Smith H
Draucker Charles 1887 22-Oct-1952     L
Dubois M. Helen 1860 12-Aug-1926   with George Moll G
Dunbar Adelia 18-Dec-1851 2-May-1904     B
Dunbar Nathan   7-Jan-1887 age 75y-4m-3d   B
Dunbar Mary   3-Feb-1884 age 72y-8d wife of Nathan F. B
Dunbar Frank 25-Jan-1870 18-Aug-1885     B
Dunbar George H. 25-Jul-1881 17-Aug-1889     B
Dunbar Maggie 24-Mar-1884 21-Sep-1889     B
Dunbar Mary F. 6-Feb-1875 9-Feb-1889     B

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 01/25/2000
By Joyce M. Tice