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 Read by Sherry, Stacy, and Chrissy Nichols in 1999

Typed by Linda Selub

Photo by Joyce M. Tice August 11, 1999

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Name of Cemetery: Scotchtown Cemetery
Read by: Sherry, Stacy and Chrissy Nichols
Date Read: All burials found from the actual reading or records up to Dec. 1999
Typed by: Linda Selub
Location: Scotchtown is located about halfway between Breesport and Erin, NY. Coming from Breesport its on the right side of Route 223.
Organized: The First Associated Reformed Church of Erin was established in 1836 with the first burials around the church. The church was torn down in 1874 and the Scotchtown Cemetery Association was incorporated in 1880.
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Hollenbeck Daisy  1908 23-Dec-1970   wife of Charles E. Hawkins M
Hollenbeck Albert F. 1903 22-May-1980     I
Hollenbeck Rita K. 1960 25-Jun-1971     I
Hollenbeck Merrill F.   26-May-1952   Still born  I
Hollenbeck Albert M. 1854 28-Dec-1923     E
Hollenbeck Mary E. 1862 1909   wife of Albert M. E
Hollenbeck Chauncey 1845 19-May-1929   Co. I 50 NY Eng. G
Hollenbeck Charlotte Park 1844 28-Dec-1926   wife of Chauncey; maiden name Park G
Hollenbeck Bertha 1874 7-Jul-1953   daughter of Chauncey & Charlotte G
Hollenbeck Clayton L. 1901 22-Jan-1970     M
Hollenbeck Lillian P. 1903 25-Feb-1980   wife of Clayton M
Hollenbeck Doris Elizabeth   10-Nov-1912 age 1y-1m-10d daughter of Fred J. & Lena A
Hollenbeck Elizabeth 1832 1913     H
Hollenbeck Elzie Brink 1893 4-Mar-1968     M
Hollenbeck Joyce V. 1926 4-Dec-1965   wife of Elzie Brink M
Hollenbeck Erwin J. 1847 15-Mar-1932     F
Hollenbeck Della L. 1853 12-Dec-1942   wife of Erwin J. F
Hollenbeck Frank E. 5-Jan-1889 24-Sep-1911     F
Hollenbeck Firmin L.   24-Mar-1930 age 68 years no tombstone H
Hollenbeck Francis Belle   21-Dec-1924 age 62 years wife of Firmin (no tombstone) H
Hollenbeck Fletcher J. 1900 13-May-1981   buried with W. Manley Hollenbeck I
Hollenbeck Mildred B. 1903 18-Jan-1997     I
Hollenbeck Floyd T. 1870 1900     D
Hollenbeck Carrie B. 1867 1912   wife of Floyd D
Hollenbeck Garrett R. 1894 1925     H
Hollenbeck Frank H. 1871 4-May-1943     I
Hollenbeck Cecil S. Getman 1882 15-Nov-1930   wife of Frank H. (maiden name Getman) I
Hollenbeck Ralph 1906 28-Jul-1966   son of Frank & Cecil I
Hollenbeck Horace C. 1858 20-Jul-1949     D
Hollenbeck Martha M. 1858 27-Jun-1926   wife of Horace D
Hollenbeck Garrett R. 1869 22-Jun-1957      
Hollenbeck Nellie Jones 1871 1929   wife of Garrett (maiden name Jones) D
Hollenbeck Garrett M.   12-Dec-1902 age 82y-3m   A
Hollenbeck Mary   5-Aug-1892 age 69y-5m wife of Garrett  
Hollenbeck Giles 1836 15-Oct-1918   with Wells H. Hollenbeck I
Hollenbeck Eliza M. 1839 23-Feb-1923   wife of Giles I
Hollenbeck Giles A. 1887 20-Dec-1969     I
Hollenbeck Glenn H. 1892 16-Nov-1970   with Wells H. Hollenbeck I
Hollenbeck J. Jacob 6-Jun-1850 15-Apr-1909     A
Hollenbeck Martha 26-Jan-1854 6-May-1914   wife of J. Jacob A
Hollenbeck James R. Sr. 1902 14-Sep-1985   with Roy & Bell Hollenbeck G
Hollenbeck James   17-Dec-1880 age 22y-4m-8d son of James & Susan F
Hollenbeck Jedd L. 1875 18-Oct-1953     F
Hollenbeck Louise L. 1880 14-Sep-1962   wife of Jedd F
Hollenbeck John 1856 1-Nov-1936     A
Hollenbeck Emma L. 1854 8-Nov-1936   wife of John A
Hollenbeck Edith Maud   28-Feb-1882 age 10 weeks daughter of John & Emma A
Hollenbeck Mildred M. 23-Dec-1887 13-Dec-1918     A
Hollenbeck Kenneth K. 1903 12-Jul-1934     I
Hollenbeck Kenneth W. 1931 12-Dec-1996   with Joseph Struzinsky, Matthew Stumpff K
Hollenbeck Leon E. 1898 27-Feb-1960     G
Hollenbeck Cecile M. 1902 20-Dec-1992     G
Hollenbeck Leon Floyd 1929 18-May-1991     M
Hollenbeck Yvonne Wald 1934     wife of Leon (maiden name Wald) M
Hollenbeck Lynn K. 1914 28-Jun-1923   with W. Wayne H
Hollenbeck Marcia F. 1891 1-Aug-1964     I
Hollenbeck Martha   27-Jun-1926 age 64 years no tombstone G
Hollenbeck W. Wayne 1923 1944     H
Hollenbeck Mary Helen   10-Oct-1929 age 58 years no tombstone G
Hollenbeck Ronald E. 1907 12-Feb-1978     F
Hollenbeck Dorothy Squires 1908 4-Aug-1996   wife of Ronald (maiden name Squires) F
Hollenbeck Roy 1903       G
Hollenbeck Bell 1923     wife of Roy G
Hollenbeck Susie 1823 1888   wife of James (with Dollie Terpening) A
Hollenbeck Wallace E. 1862 13-May-1931     H
Hollenbeck Margaret Ann 1895 14-May-1932   wife of Wallace  H
Hollenbeck W. Manley 1895 14-May-1932   with Fletcher Hollenbeck I
Hollenbeck Wells Hamilton 1863 2-Dec-1944   with Giles I
Hollenbeck Eunice Carpenter 1863 18-Oct-1946   wife of Wells (maiden name Carpenter) I
Hollenbeck Wilford Wayne 19-Apr-1923 13-Oct-1944   2nd Lieut. 451 AAF Bomber Squad WWII (with Lynn K.) H
Hollenbeck Dollie 1866 1901   wife of William Terpening A
Hollenbeck Debbie 1872 5-Jul-1955   wife of Floyd Wood I
Hortis Katherine       buried 8-Aug-1995 (no stone) L
Hortise Katherine Emma 12-Apr-1895 9-Oct-1952     L
Hotchkiss Leland P. 1908 9-Mar-1979     K
Hotchkiss Elsie M. 1909 18-Nov-1994   wife of Leland K
Houck Helen D. 1844 16-Sep-1916   wife of Charles Rumsey G
Houck Mildred  1898 17-Jul-1980   wife of Harry Golliday K
Houck Gertrude 1906 24-Jan-1986   wife of Ernest Vetter (sister of Mildred Goliday) K
Houck Alvern 1872 6-Feb-1936     K
Houck David Dudley 1870 5-Dec-1954     M
Houck Edward S. 1866 29-Mar-1936     H
Houck Emma F. 1872 25-Apr-1925   wife of Edward H
Houck Hazel N. 1907 1909   daughter of Edward & Emma H
Houck Helen M. 1905 12-Jul-1919   daughter of Edward & Emma H
Houck Ester E.   29-Jul-1934 age 85 years no tombstone F
Houck Harvey  1829 1913     D
Houck Marietta C. 1831 1904   wife of Harvey D
Houck Harvey F. 1895 18-Jan-1965   with Miles Moore K
Houck Irma W. 1894 20-May-1993   wife of Harvey F. K
Houck Albert Asa 1893 19-May-1975     K
Houck L. Jay 1867 2-Aug-1935   with Kenneth Moore K
Houck Jeanette 1870 24-May-1958   wife of L. Jay K
Houck Mary Ostrander 1880 15-Jun-1950     L
Houck Maude 1880 20-Jul-1947     L
Houck Watson 1884 1-Jul-1968     L
Houck Samuel C. 1840 21-May-1922     A
Houck Myrtle 1878 1891     A
Houck Josie M. 1880 1904     A
Houck William W. 1856 28-Dec-1931     H
Houck Estella E. 1857 1913   wife of William H
Houghtaling Charles E. 1910 6-Aug-1965     M
Houghtaling Mary E. 1913 16-Dec-1970   wife of Charles M
Howard Frank T. 1886 20-Dec-1970     H
Howard Ivah E. 1890 22-Jan-1984     H
Howard Mary E. 1911       H
Howard Infant Male   20-Oct-1921   Still born (no stone) H
Howard John E. 1881 16-Dec-1935     G
Howard Emma P. 1882 5-Mar-1942   wife of John G
Howard Lester E. 1903 3-Dec-1961     M
Howard Jennie 1904 17-Sep-1967   wife of Lester M
Howe Marian 16-Mar-1925     wife of Kenneth W. Blauvelt H
Howe Clarence S. 1875 6-Nov-1959     H
Howe Ida May 1878 24-Apr-1930   wife of Clarence H
Howe Earl James 8-Apr-1894 11-Apr-1928     H
Howe Norma Graves 6-Jul-1888 23-Jan-1980   wife of Earl (maiden name Graves) H
Howe Joan Raetha   20-Mar-1930 age 6 days no tombstone  
Howe Theodore S. 1847 19-Apr-1931     H
Howe Nettie L. Elslone 1855 1913      
Hubbard Edna Irene 1907 7-Jan-1995   wife of Ellis Hampton Richards L
Huddle Fred C. 1894 6-May-1979     L
Huddle Lena E. 1896 24-Jul-1945   wife of Fred L
Humfrey Infant son         B
Hummer Albert 1852 31-Mar-1927     A
Hummer Irene 1857 17-Sep-1921   wife of Albert A
Hummer Grace   21-Jan-1881 age 1y-1m-25d daughter of Albert & Irene A
Hummer Alexander         G
Hummer Caroline         G
Hummer Catherine E.   20-Jun-1860 age 34y-2m-13d wife of Joseph Hummer E
Hummer Harriet Cornelia   3-Sep-1846 age 3 months daughter of Joseph & Catherine (with McDole's) E
Hummer Ida Mae   17-May-1881 age 26y-7m-18d wife of Benjamin Hummer A
Hummer Johnson 1849 16-Jan-1925     H
Hummer Mary L. 1852 11-Jul-1924   wife of Johnson H
Hummer Sidney E. 1878 20-Oct-1924     G
Hummer W. Ivan 1896 20-Jun-1977     F
Hummer Agnes M. 1897 6-Nov-1989   wife of W. Ivan F
Humphrey Helen Elsie   21-Dec-1922 age 75 years no tombstone  
Humphrey John N. 1842 7-Feb-1926     B
Humphrey Henrietta 1845 1884   wife of John B
Humphrey Ira 1881 1881   son of John & Henrietta B
Humphrey Mark K.   6-Jun-1920 age 91 years born in Virgil, Cor[t]land County (no stone) A
Humphrey Myron H. 1840 14-Nov-1919     B
Humphrey Sarah Eliza 1837 1899   wife of Myron B
Humphrey William 1816 1852     B
Humphrey Ann Neish 1817 1889   wife of William; born in Scotland (maiden name Neish) B
Hunsinger Charles L. 1921 9-Jun-1988     L
Hunsinger Norma Scriven 1921 4-Nov-1984   wife of Charles (maiden name Scriven) L
Hunsinger Dorothy 1950 27-Oct-1977   daughter of Charles & Norma (married name Ward) L
Hunter Bess 1892 13-Nov-1966   wife of Charles Rosecrans K
Huntsman Angeline 1845 1910   with John Hawley B
Hutcheson Alexander 1900 26-Aug-1972     L
Hutcheson Eleanor J. 1903 27-Jan-1986   wife of Alexander L
Hutcheson Betty 1920 5-Aug-1942   wife of Richard Howard Shinebarger L
Ingalls Richard M. 1914 4-Jun-1975     L
Ingalls Gertrude L. 1914     wife of Richard L
Ingersol Robert E. 1928       L
Ingersol Janice M. 1933     wife of Robert  
Subj:  Scotchtown Cem. Erin, NY
Date: 06/30/2001 3:50:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Mary  Kolodziej)

Dear Joyce,
My great-grandparents are listed but there is no date of birth or death. I have their death certificates if you need a copy of them. I just want someone else who is searching for them to have more information. I hope it can be added to the website.
SIDNEY E. HUMMER (son of Albert & Irene)
GRACE HUMMER born November 7, 1876
                                          died March 25, 1912
CAROLINE HUMMER born April 1830
                                       died April 27, 1903
                                        Maiden name DAVENPORT
I hope this will help.
All of you are doing a fantastic job. I can't begin to remember how often I refer to your web page.
Thank you all very much.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 01/25/2000
By Joyce M. Tice