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Name of Cemetery:    LeRaysville Cemetery
Submitted by: Marjorie A. Templeton
Date Read and Reader:   Not specified
Typed By:   Pat Smith Raymond
Location:  LeRaysville, Bradford County, PA

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/Comments
Ayres John   Apr.7.1853 62y6d  
Ayres Mary     76 yr w/o John
Ayres Adalade        
Ayres George   1864    
Babcock Jessie B. 1868 1949   w/o George
Babcock George 1867 1931    
Baier Mabel S. Feb.22.1891 Apr.10.1977    
Baker C. Vann 1896      
Baker Clara E. 1898 1969    
Baker Horace C. 1923 1924    
Baker William   Jul.31.1856    
Baldwin Dora F. 1873 1942    
Baldwin Frank L. 1874 1960    
Baldwin Amos S. Apr.14.1842 Jan.21.1908   GAR Star
Baldwin Harriet M. May.7.1826 Feb.27.1900   w/o Amos
Baldwin Ema C. Aug.16.1863 Oct.2.1890   d/o AS & HM Baldwin
Baldwin     Jan.2.1828 24y11m15d w/o J. S.
Baldwin     Feb.21.1878 2 m  
Baldwin   Oct.24.1881   31 yr w/o J. S.
Baldwin   Dec.12.1853 Dec.28.1925    
Baldwin Mabel Dimock 1876      
Baldwin Lulu Apr.2.1884 Jan.6.1920    
Baldwin John Oct.2.1815 Dec.12.1898    
Baldwin Ellen Stevens Nov.7.1828 Sep.10.1898   w/o John
Baldwin Susan S.   Jan.18.1874 21y3m  
Baldwin Philo Dep.25.1788 Dec.25.1864    
Baldwin Hannah Ann   Aug.23.1833 41y8m w/o Philo
Barns Hazel Watson 1894 1971    
Beardsley Russell Apr.18.1781 Nov.24.1873    
Beardsley Abigail Nov.24.1788 Nov.17.1878    
Beardsley Adaline Downs Nov.24.1810 Dec.20.1835   w/o Seymour
Beardsley Emeline Nov.24.1810 Nov.30.1872    
Beardsley Andrew B. Jun.3.1863   48 yr  
Beardsley Burritt H. Feb.28.1841 Sep.10.1908    
Beardsley Mary Gorham Aug.20.1850 Feb.22.1923   w/o Burritt
Beaumont Thomas E. 1830 1900   Co. D. 171 PA Vol
Beaumont Mary Lewis 1834 1907   w/o Thomas E.
Beebe Mary A. 1856 1921    
Beebe Isaiah S. 1850      
Beebe Nettie D. Carter 1838      
Beecher Milton E. 1847 1895    
Beecher Mary Codding 1850 1940   w/o Milton E.
Beecher     May.2.1885    
Beecher Elizabeth   Aug.24.1888 68y11m  
Beecher Almon   Feb.18.1888 68y11m  
Beecher Fay 1869 1848    
Beecher Cora J. 1866 1942    
Beecher Martin W. 1855 1898    
Beecher H. Ward Jul.7.1868 Nov.30.1916    
Beecher Hattie Carside Jan.7.1874 Dec.23.1951   w/o H. Ward
Beecher Kenneth G. Aug.19.1903 Nov.21.1908    
Beecher Keith E. Dec.12.1909 Dec.18.1909    
Beecher Fannie Jan.28.1860 Sep.21.1864    
Beecher Samuel Oct.19.1850   66 yr  
Beecher Marion R. Brink 1845 1926   w/o George M.Brink
Beecher Mercy   Feb.26.1846 61 yr w/o Samuel
Beecher Fanny   Jan.20.1883 17 yr  
Beecher Aubury Apr.16.1836 May.16.1867    
Beecher Elizabeth Dec.6.1838 Feb.10.1917    
Beecher Bradford   Feb.7.1895 85y11m3d  
Beecher Fanny D.   Mar.28.1876 70y9m w/o Bradford Beecher
Beecher C. H.   Jan.10.1877 28y7m27d  
Beecher Lovisa W. Feb.28.1869 47 yr w/o Myron
Beecher Harris   Aug.8.1898 78 yr  
Beecher Elina   Jan.3.1874 49 yr w/o Harris
Beecher Sarah Morris   Oct.19.1887 34 yr  
Beeman Ira   Sep.3.1878 72 yr  
Beeman Mary A.   Jul.20.1896 85 yr w/o Ira
Beeman Aaron   Jul.15.1842 69y1m1d  
Beeman Zina   Mar.31.1867 87 yr  
Beeman Ruth Ann   May.6.1860 71 yr w/o Zina
Beeman George A.       s/o Zina & Ruth
Beeman Jerusha   May.19.1888 92 yr mother of Ira
Beeman Amirilla   Sep.17.1836 1 yr d/o Ira & Mary
Beeman Harmon S.   Jul.19.1892 29 yr s/o Ira & Mary
Benham Charles H. 1861 1916    
Benham Carrie D. 1866 1945    
Benham Joy M. 1886 1887    
Benham Trumbull   Jun.6.1890 87y4m26d  
Benham Sophronia Stone   Aug.12.1874 71y5m13d w/o Trumbull
Benham Evaline H   May.19.1842 18y6m d/o Trumbull & Sophronia
Benham Melagendra   Apr.20.1851 12 yr d/o Trumbull & Sophronia
Benham Josiah   Jan.28.1820 9y25d  
Benham Mary   Apr.10.1863    
Benham Trubull Sophoni   May.19.1812    
Benjamin Polly Brink   Nov.15.1819 27y w/o Nathaniel Benjamin
Birbeck Edward   Mar.11.1831    
Birbeck Almira E.   Mar.31.1835   w/o Edward
Black John Dec.11.1813 Oct.9.1908    
Black Elizabeth Cook Oct.23.1819 Sep.2.1899   w/o John
Blackman Eliza Ann   Nov.27.1844 27 yr w/o William
Boston Edward 1895 1931   Sgt.Inf.Med.D.P.
Boston Lida V. 1897      
Bosworth Harry A. 1872 1964    
Bosworth Mary J. 1877 1970   w/o Harry
Bosworth Kathryn 1912 1918    
Bosworth Baby Winifred   Mar.18.1881   d/o J. & Anne Bosworth
Bosworth Susan S.   May.19.????    
Bosworth Medina Oct.29.1797 Mar.5.1879    
Bowen Olive Jun.12.1816 May.8.1895   w/o Noah G. Bowen
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