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Name of Cemetery:    LeRaysville Cemetery
Submitted by: Marjorie A. Templeton
Date Read and Reader:   Not specified
Typed By:   Pat Smith Raymond
Location:  LeRaysville, Bradford County, PA

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/Comments
Cook Mary B. Apr.13.1848 Oct.17.1918    
Coolbaugh Leon A. 1892 1967    
Coolbaugh Lydia L. 1859 1942    
Coolbaugh Nellie M. 1894 1983    
Corbin Anna H. Jan.20.1874 Feb.14.1901    
Corvin Lucy C. Jan.23.1822 Sep.11.1909    
Cowgil Louvina 1862 1938    
Davies Robert P. 1876 1931    
Davies Alice V. 1885 1954    
Davies Margerite 1910      
Davies William Nov.28.1817 Nov.16.1877    
Davies Margaret Apr.15.1822 Feb.28.1859   w/o Wm. Davies
Davies Lottie Jun.17.1857 Jan.24.1863    
Davies Elizabeth H. 1849 1918    
Davies Millicent Fell 1840 1922    
Davies Samuel H. 1840 1927    
Decker Clarence E. 1874 1948   Spanish/American War
Decker Florance H. 1883 1926    
Decker Clarence G. 1912 1959    
Dewitt Amelia Vellsworth        
Dewitt Alice V. Jan.15.1854      
Dieffenback Reuben F. 1861 1933    
Dieffenback Elizabeth A. 1863 1934    
Dimock Mabel Baldwin 1876 19--    
Dimon Richard M.   Apr.12.1875 60y10m  
Dimon Zelia C.   Jul.12.1863 7 yr d/o R.M. & Lydia
Dimon Sarah J.   Jun.14.1851 2 yr d/o R.M. & Lydia
Dimon Infant   May.3.1861   d/o R.M. & Lydia
Dimon John H.   Jul.28.1855 2y6d s/o R.M. & Lydia
Dimon Samuel W.   Jul.2.1863 4y8m s/o R.M. & Lydia
Dimon Justin   Jul.11.1837 70 yr  
Dimon Clarinda       w/o Justin
Dimon Alby   Jun.22.1874 78y5m15d  
Drambler William J.        
Drinkwater Nancy May.29.1829 Jan.20.1875    
Drinkwater Hester A. Nov.3.1836 Jul.11.1905    
Drinkwater Betsy E. Jun.15.1828 Dec.16.1893    
Edsell Jesse M. 1877 1954    
Edsell Stephen F. Sep.28.1826     Co. H. 15th NY Eng.
Edsell Lydia M. Oct.19.1834     w/o Stephen F.
Edsell Edith G. 1889 1922    
Edsell Genevieve 1909 1924    
Edsell Jesse   Oct.4.1855 73 yr  
Edsell Polly   Jul.13.1877 93 yr w/o Jesse P.
Edsell Lydia S. Aug.14.1853 Dec.8.1858   w/o Orrin (Death date probably should be 1885)
Edsell Samuel H. Jan.9.1808 Sep.12.1885    
Ellsworth Eunice   Jul.19.1886 70 yr w/o Merwin
Ellsworth Mosley C. Aug.31.1813 May.10.1889    
Ellsworth Mary Brink Apr.12.1819 Apr.19.1889   w/o Mosley
Eveitt Oliver B.   Apr.7.1844 32y8m23d Drowned at Towanda
Eveitt Betsy E.   Jun.21.1838 22y7m18d w/o Oliver B.
Fell Rachel Dec.21.1826 Feb.22.1895    
Finnerty Jean Marie   Jul.17.1968    
Ford Clarence J. Aug.10.1863 Jun.5.1931    
Ford Eva Abbott Aug.5.1862 Nov.21.1915   w/o Clarence
Ford Clyde Jun.24.1889      
Ford Lucina R. Jul.18.1888 Oct.31.1906   w/o Clyde
Ford Edwin Mar.16.1833 Dec.4.1892   199 Reg. Co. F PA Vol.
Ford Eva   Jun.15.1875 25 yr w/o C. W.
Forys George W. 1887 1947    
Forys Lucy C. 1892 1974    
Foster Pearl D. 1902 1902    
Foster Sylvia Reynolds 1864     w/o Jones E.
Foster Jones E. 1859 1918    
Fowler B. F. 1852 1938    
Fowler France Babcock 1848 1919   w/o B.F.
Gage Christine Camp Jun.8.1906      
Gage Horace W., Jr. May.24.1901      
Gage Robert Johnson Feb.12.1935 Oct.16.1968   LCDR US Navy
Gage Mildred Long Sep.25.1911      
Gage George W. Mar.25.1908 Aug.27.1973    
Gage Catherine J. Apr.15.1897 Sep.10.1945   D.A.R.
Gage Julia Johnson Jun.24.1876 Mar.29.1939    
Gage Horace W., Jr. Sep.14.1873 Feb.21.1945    
Gage Marion E. Feb.22.1905      
Gage Ruth A. Feb.12.??? 16---1909    
Gage William H. Feb.19.1850 May.6.1917    
Gage Adaline White Nov.1.1852 Sep.11.1918   w/o W. H.
Gaylord Merwin   Dec.25.1888 85y5m9d  
Gaylord Mary   Dec.3.1836 27y7m  
Goodsell Harriet J. Dec.2.1834 Jan.25.1917    
Goodsell Erma D. Dec.22.1854 Dec.4.1923    
Gorham Stephen F. Sep.27.1821 Dec.22.1893    
Gorham Sabra Mar.4.1827 Nov.6.1888   w/o Stephen
Gorham Julius Oct.14.1814 Jan.8.1892    
Gorham Lucy B. Champion Jan.16.1825 May.29.1891    
Gorham Wilbur Mar.6.1855 May.3.1917    
Gorham Mame Corbin Jun.23.1863 Jan.29.1928   w/o Wilbur
Gorham George Sylvester Mar.26.1810 Feb.14.1888    
Gorham Oliver G. Feb.14.1852 Mar.23.1927    
Gorham Flora A. Hutchinson Sep.25.1854 Jul.25.1938   w/o O. G.
Gorham Luthera   May.29.1848 25 yr w/o George S.
Gorham Viola R. Sep.10.1861 26 yr 1st w/o J. J. Gorham
Gorham J. J. Dec.29.1831 Sep.8.1894    
Gorham Mary A. Sep.1844 Jul.20.1916   2nd w/o J. J. Gorham
Gorham Joseph   Apr.18.1855 75 y  
Gorham Lucy   Apr.18.1854 71 yr w/o Joseph Gorham
Gorham Charles S.   Jan.2.1859 6y6m8d s/o Silvia & Stephen
Gorham William I.   Mar.16.1859 6 mo  
Gorham Burret   Nov.24.1859    
Gorham James   Sep.14.1863 8m 14d  
Granger Luther A. Jan.30.1830 Jul.2.1863   Killed at Gettysburg
Granger Sabra J. White Jul.13.1839 Jun.2.1914   w/o L. A.
Granger Clara A. Sep.16.1858 Apr.15.1904 ?   d/o L. A. & S. J. (Original reading said 1804)
Gray Jonas S. Feb.21.1836 Nov.8.1923   Vet 61-65
Gray Huldah O. Mar.20.1841 Apr.4.1920   w/o Jonas
Gray Dollie H.   Mar.29.1894 74 yr  
Gray Cyrus W. May.1.1821 Oct.21.1874    
Gregory Melvin       Co. E. GAR Star
Gregory Maggie   Apr.17.1877 8 mo  
Gregory Ralph   Mar.30.1876 80 yr  
Gregory Mercia   Dec.24.1867 73y1m6d w/o Ralph
Gregory Dennison   Jul.19.1863 30 yr Co B. PA Vol. 141 Reg.
Gregory Deborah G.   Jan.8.1856 49y12d w/o Stephen
Gregory Stephen F.   Aug.25.1851 35 yr  
Gregory Julia Johnson   Mar.1.1840 10 mo d/o Deborah & Stephen
Gregory Jesse   Jul.28.1874 81 yr  
Gregory Ursula   Jul.11.1882 80 yr w/o Jesse
Gregory Henry   Apr.4.1833    
Gregory Fredrick Sep.27.1822 Jun;15.1878    
Gregory Nancy Sep.10.1824 Dec.13.1906    
Gregory Erastus Mar.6.1837 Aug.21.1874    
Gregory Abbey Segar Mar.20.1802 Sep.5.1844   w/o Sam L.
Gregory Samuel L. Sep.10.1802 Apr.2.1883    
Gregory Elizabeth   1824    
Gregory Josie E. Sep.8.1846 Jul.29.1896   w/o M. A. Gregory
Green Charles E. 1855 1927    
Green Jennie L. 1857 1927   w/o Charles E.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 2/12/2003
By Joyce M. Tice