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Name of Cemetery:    LeRaysville Cemetery
Submitted by: Marjorie A. Templeton
Date Read and Reader:   Not specified
Typed By:   Pat Smith Raymond
Location:  LeRaysville, Bradford County, PA

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/Comments
Pease Orlo O. 1868 1944    
Pease Esta E. 1875 1971    
Pease Verna        
Pease Alpheus   Sep.11.1862 78 yr  
Pease Prudence   Dec.24.1858 69 yr  
Pease Ossian   Jan.23.1878 66 yr  
Pease Betsy K.   Apr.12.1884 50 yr  
Pease L. K.   Sep.7.1887 69 yr  
Pease Flora   Dec.13.1894 26 yr  
Pease Joseph K. Dec.25.1825 Jun.2.1905    
Pease Emory S. 1903 1979    
Pease Laura G. 1904     w/o Emory S.
Peck Baby Boy   Jun.23.1967    
Pelton Westley H. 1903      
Pelton Edith C. 1909 1969   w/o Westley H.
Pendleton Wallace L. Sep.11.1846 Jan.15.1905    
Pendleton Etta B.   Jun.13.1882 26 yr w/o W. L.
Pennay Adeline Humphrey 1836 1921    
Pierce William Sep.13.1863      
Pierce Adelaide Cogswell Apr.14.1841 Nov.5.1917   w/o William
Pierce Con'l Lewis B.   Oct.30.1876 45 yr GAR
Pierce Elizabeth H.   Jul.23.1880 54 yr w/o L. B.
Pierce Benjamin   Feb.6.1881 84 yr  
Pierce N. W. Sep.3.1818 Jan.18.1894    
Pierce Ellen W.       w/o N. W. Pierce
Pierce Jane A. Weed   Apr.12.1857 30 yr w/o N. W. Pierce
Pierce Mary H.   Nov.24.1866 2y1m2d d/o L.B. Pierce
Pierce Jehael   Jul.10.1858 17 yr s/o Ben & Mehtable
Pierce Jackson   Oct.6.1854 36 yr  
Pierce William L.   Feb.11.1861   s/o Jackson & Hulda
Pitcher Edward M. Nov.16.1840 Mar.2.1901    
Pitcher Annie Feb.14.1850 Feb.2.1889   w/o Edward M.
Pitcher George W. Feb.26.1882 Feb.22.1896    
Pitcher Emma L. Feb.27.1886 Apr.28.1907    
Platt Rose S. 1876 1900    
Platt Charles J. 1881 1967    
Powell Olyn C. 1888 1953    
Prentice Martha A.   Aug.28.1883 48y2m2d  
Prentice Lottie Buck Jul.5.1850 Jul.21.1899    
Prentice Millie E.        
Ralston Nancy A. Brink   Jul.12.1846 28y2m3d w/o Thomas Ralston
Riley Paul   Dec.13.1874 84 yr  
Riley Mehetable   May.29.1869 68 yr w/o Paul
Robbins Fredrick D. 1862 1938    
Robbins Polly L. 1863 1953   w/o Fredrick
Robbins Charlotte E.   Jan.10.1863 14 yr  
Robbins Clara A.   Sep.21.1868 15 yr  
Robbins Lelburn   Sep.28.1866 22y4m12d  
Robbins Willie S.   Jan.6.1861 8 yr  
Roberts Arthur C. Jul.1.1855      
Roberts Harrett Lines   Jun.10.1863 54 yr w/o A. S. Roberts
Rockwell Permilla 1840 1917    
Rockwell Allen C. Mar.8.1853 Jun.1.1913    
Rockwell Permelia A. Jan.9.1854     w/o Allen C.
Rolleson Lavern Hobson 1898 1975    
Rolleson Sarah Jan 1900 1982   w/o Lavern
Sanders Howard L. 1933 1936    
Seymour Juliett   Jul.16.1861 48y1m w/o Chauncey
Seymour Robert Jul.1839      
Seymour George   Sep.21.1852 47y10m3d  
Seymour Isaac   Apr.23.1860 81y2m13d  
Seymour Ruth   Feb.10.1862 87 y w/o Isaac
Seymour Clarrissa   Mar.8.1850 47 yr d/o I. & R.
Seymour Gould   Jan.22.1819    
Shaner Harry C. Sep.7.1868 Aug.23.1920    
Sheive George E.   1870    
Shortelle Lt. J. E.   Aug.5.1821 22y7m Graduate West Point
Shortelle R. P. Mar.5.1815 Nov.   GAR Star
Siller Morlly Hodgson Apr.5.1872 Jul.28.1906    
Slocum William Jun.6.1851 Jun.19.1918   Spanish/American War
Slocum Edna A. Mar.28.1888 Oct.15.1918    
Slocum Rena M.   Sep.29.1854 3y29d  
Slocum Melinda A.   Jan.5.1834 1y 29 d  
Smith Martha Hutchinson May.24.1812 Jul.12.1895    
Smith Harry   Oct.25.1876 8 yr  
Smith Alonzo   Feb.9.1870 50y 4m  
Smith Ann Eliza   May.15.1879 55 yr w/o Alonzo
Smith Franklin L.   Oct.23.1872 19 yr s/o A. & A. E.
Smith Ida H.   Sep.25.1878 24 yr d/o A & A. E.
Smith Lebbeus   Jan.17.1873 87 yr  
Smith Betsy K.   Jul.3.1848 59y8m w/o Lebbeus
Smith Rebecca   Feb.20.1838 95 yr w/o N. S. Smith
Smith Tilson D.   Oct.15.1863 30 yr Co. B ???
Smith Janis H. Apr.1.1835 Feb.19.1912    
Smith Fred J. 1878 1944    
Snoo (Snow?) Pansy E. Sep.9.1892 Jan.10.1893   d/o E.D. Snoo
Snoo (Snow?) Hazel E. Jun.11.1894 Nov.25.1902   d/o A.B. & E.D. Snoo
Snoo (Snow?) Infant   Jan.10.1893 4 mo d/o A.B. & E.D. Snoo
Snow Abel B. Oct.4.1842 Feb.4.1917    
Spaulding William   ??27.1883 57 yr  
Spieeh?? Joshua E.   Apr.25.1883 76 yr  
Stevens Mersell   Jul.17.1834 7 mo d/o Samuel & Nancy
Stevens Samuel W.   May.16.1838 38 yr  
Stone Thomas Feb.6.1824 Apr.18.1897    
Stone Adaline Brink Dec.18.1825 Nov.1.1908    
Taylor Horton May.25.1833 Oct.27.1906    
Taylor Marie Lewis Nov.20.1831 Jan.1.1904   w/o Horton Taylor
Taylor William G.   Jun.28.1874 39y11m18d  
Taylor George B. Dec.28.1862 Mar.11.1908    
Taylor Mercy B. Jan.19.1838 Jul.25.1913    
Taylor Egbirt   Aug.12.1850 2y2m8d s/o N. & Martha
Taylor Elbirt   Feb.17.1850 1y8m7d s/o N. & Martha
Taylor Harvey B. May27.1827 Mar.24.1891    
Taylor Simeon   Dec.21.1871 83y8m  
Taylor Tharzy   Dec.30.1831 41 yr w/o Simeon
Taylor Betsy Mar.22.1835 Mar.24.1897    
Terrill Mary Esther Jan.8.1800      
Terrill Philip J.   Mar.18.1812 19y19d  
Tinkeraugh Edward 1917 1918    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 2/12/2003
By Joyce M. Tice