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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania

From Official Cemetery Records 
Thanks to Louise JOHNS Neu for obtaining the records 

Watson Cemetery Burial Records

Page Four - Gould to James

Roseville, Rutland Township, TiogaCounty PA 

Even though these are the official burial records from the Cemetery Association, we know that they are not complete. We personally know people buried here who are not on the list and have attended funerals where burials not recorded here occured.

Adams to Benson Benson to Copp Cowles to Gott Gould to James Jenkins to McConnell
McKay to Richmond Rockwell to Smith Soper to Taylor Temple to Webster Welch to York
S9 LH12A G8 GOULD Alfred 1909 1991    
S9 LH12A G7 GOULD Bertha M. 1883 1964    
S9 LH12A G6 GOULD George 1873 1936    
S8 LH5 G2 GOULD Glenn E. 1883 1969    
S9 LH12A G1 GOULD Hannah J. 1846 1908   wife of Naham
S8 LH5 G1 GOULD Howard J. 1907 1918    
S9 LH12A G5 GOULD Naham T. 1838 1916    
S6 L2 G2 GOULD Theresa HAYWARD GOULD 1958    
S8 LH5 G3 GOULD Theresa S. 1880 1968    
S12 L3 G1 GRIFFIN Cecil   1977    
S12 L3 G7 GRIFFIN Cecil T. 1900 1977  
S9 LH20 G3 GRIFFIN Fred 1902 1935    
S12 L3 G6 GRIFFIN Georgia Anna 1889 1956    
S12 L3 G2 GRIFFIN Sarah   1986    
S12 L3 G8 GRIFFIN Sarah E. 1908 1986  
S1ex L6 G1 GROVE Paul E. 13 Jul 1925 18 Oct 1970   New York. PFC, CO G, 542 PRCHT INF, World War II
S12 L16 G8 GROVER Julia Mary 1922 1976    
S12 L9 G2 GROW F. Sheldon 1906 10 Sep 1990  
S9 LI10B G2 GRUBHAM John 1871 1954  
S9 LI10B G1 GRUBHAM Lillie R. 1870 1931   wife of John
S1ex L3 G1 HAFLETT Edna        
S1ex L3 G2 HAFLETT James        
S1ex L3 G3 HAFLETT Robert D. 15 Jul 1940 26 Jul 1959   Penna. Sp4 Co D, 504 ABN INF, 
S7 L8b G4 HAIGHT Alexander        
S11 L9 G7 HALL Blanche J. 23 Jan 1994   [Own name is Jenkins] 13423
S7 L2a G4 HALL Edna C. 1893 1977    
S8 LG3 G5 HALL Fannie Bailey  1867 1941   wife of John {Own name is Beardslee] 8168
S3 L5 G2 HALL George        
S7 L6 G1 HALL Hattie B. 1871 1964    
S8 LG3 G2 HALL Ida 1855 1924   wife of Leonard 6401
S3 L5 G8 HALL Infant        
S7 L18a G1 HALL Infant        
S8 LG3 G4 HALL John 1854 1912    
S3 L5 G6 HALL John M.       COC 7 Pa.Cav. 9699
S11 L17 G3 HALL Laura Nellie 1912 14 Nov 1986  
S8 LG3 G1 HALL Leonard 1852 1919     6404
S3 L5 G1 HALL Mary Jane   15 Feb 1887 46yr 8mo 5da  
S3 L6 G7 HALL Nancy   1868 63yr   52659
S3 L6 G6 HALL Nicholas   15 Feb 1840 36yr 1mo   74169
S7 L2a G3 HALL Ray M. 1891 1972     10082
S11 L17 G4 HALL Russell G. 1954 1963    
S3 L5 G7 HALL Sarah       wife of John
S7 L9b G2 HALL Sarah   1911   wife of Wilson {Sarah Wilson, wife of William Hall] 8881
S3 L6 G9 HALL Sarah A. 1834 1905   wife of William [Sarah A. Bailey] 10119
S3 L5 G3 HALL Vincent        
S3 L6 G8 HALL Warren   25 Feb 1872   son of W. W. & Sarah
S8 LG3 G3 HALL William E. 1873 1951  
S3 L6 G10 HALL William W. 13 Mar 1831 28 Sep 1888     10118
S7 L9b G1 HALL Wilson   1912     13918
S12 L17 G3 HARINGTON Herbert 1902 5 Nov 1979    
S4 L7 G2 HARRIS B. Albert 1853 1936    
S4 L7 G1 HARRIS Nettie May        
S4 L7 G3 HARRIS Rose E. 1859 1933   wife of Albert
S10 L8 G3 HART B. Odell 1858 1936    
S10 L8 G1 HART Ellen N. 1893 1953   wife of Herbert
S10 L8 G2 HART Herbert 1887 1976    
S10 L8 G4 HART Lucina S. 1864 1940   wife of O'Dell
S5 L14 G1 HATFIELD Eva M.   24 Sep 1901    
S4 L9 G1 HAVEN D. W.   10 Dec 1874 52yr 8mo 21da  
S4 L9 G7 HAVEN Dauphin C. 1862 1940    
S4 L9 G5 HAVEN E. H. 5 Apr 1873 20 Nov 1892    
S4 L9 G3 HAVEN Lafayette 1846 1927    
S4 L9 G2 HAVEN Louisa   14 Apr 1881 58yr 3mo 20da  
S4 L9 G4 HAVEN Lucy 1850 1928    
S4 L9 G8 HAVEN Martha A. 1867 1947   wife of Dauphin C.
S4 L9 G6 HAVEN Norman 1931 1938    
S4 L8 G1 HAVENS Dauphin        
S6 L2 G4 HAYWARD Charles H. 1844 1926    
S6 L2 G1 HAYWARD Harry 1817 1898    
S6 L2 G3 HAYWARD Rosetta 1849 1927   wife of Harry
S6 L2 G5 HAYWARD Sophina 1846 1924   wife of Charles
S2 L4a G3 HESS David   23 Dec 1886 59 yr  
S9 LI11 G5 HESS Frank D. 1868 1942    
S10 L21A G4 HEWITT F. Donald 1908 1967    
S10 L21A G5 HEWITT Lillis C. 1917 19 Feb 1981    
STOUT G5 HIBBARD D. W.   3 Jul 1877 58yr 6mo 3da  
S7 L4b G3 HILFIGER Cordelia 1851 1915   wife of Nathaniel
S7 L4b G4 HILFIGER Floyd        
S7 L4b G1 HILFIGER Infant        
S7 L4b G2 HILFIGER Nathaniel 1849 1920    
S9 LI19 G11 HILL Charles F. 1939 3 Jun 1998    
S9 LI19 G1 HILL Charles G. 1885 1945    
S9 LI19 G2 HILL Ella Jane 1864 1936    
S9 LI19 G7 HILL Floyd M. 1890     no death date on stone
S9 LI19 G9 HILL Floyd M. Jr. 1924 1962 Pvt 4th Inf WW2  
S9 LI19 G5 HILL Harry        infant
S9 LI19 G10 HILL Helen G. 27 Jun 1927 22 Nov 1995  
S9 LI19 G8 HILL Sarah E. 1891 1942    
S9 LI19 G4 HILL William M. 1915 1947    
S9 LI19 G3 HILL          
S11 L1 G3 HOBART R. Scott   8 Jun 1955 8mo  
S5 L6b G5 HOFFSCHILDT Clarence F. 1905 1980   Ashes bur.29Dec1980,Mertie Smith grave. Pvt.USMarines
S9 LH18 G1 HOGAN       Mrs. Bump
S9 LI3 G5 HOKE Iva L. VanNess 1920 3 Oct 1987  
S11 L13 G1 HOLBERT Kay A. 1937 1956    
S7 L15a G4 HOLLEY         wife of Silas
S7 L3 G7 HOLTON Abbie E. Benson 1843 1918    
S7 L3 G8 HOLTON Carrie C. 1867 1926    
S7 L3 G1 HOLTON Drexel 12 Jun 1902 30 Nov 1987  
S7 L3 G9 HOLTON Emerson C. 1865 1950    
S7 L3 G6 HOLTON Nellie May 1897 1898    
S7 L3 G5 HOLTON Theodore R. 1930 1931    
S11 L6 G1 HOPKINS E. Grace 27 May 1883 2 Sep 1952    
S5 L10 G6 HORTON Carolyn 1874 1931  
S5 L10 G2 HORTON Catherine 1804 1871   wife of Schuyler
S5 L10 G3 HORTON Daniel S. 1832 1921    
S4 L16 G4 HORTON Jefferson        
S4 L16 G1 HORTON Margaret   28 Feb 1885 75yr 10mo wife of T.W.
S4 L16 G6 HORTON Maude M. 1880 1899    
S4 L16 G5 HORTON Mrs        
S5 L10 G4 HORTON Sarah 1839 1889    
S5 L10 G1 HORTON Schuyler 1803 1887    
S5 L10 G5 HORTON Schuyler 1871 1954    
S4 L16 G7 HORTON Tessie R. 1885 1898    
S4 L16 G2 HORTON Thomas J. 1848     no death date on stone
S4 L16 G3 HORTON Thomas W.     83yr "Father"
S4 L3 G3 HOWLAND David W. 8 May 1856 26 Dec 1888    
S4 L3 G2 HOWLAND Elmer C. 22 Jan 1886 9 May 1888   son of D.W. & Minnie
S4 L3 G1 HOWLAND Jerusha M. 15 Oct 1817 7 Feb 1889    
ROSE G14 HUMPHRY Celestia 6nbsp; 1 Jul 1851 33yr<?font> wife of A.
S12 L1 G1 HUNT John        
S12 L1 G2 HUNT Marie Ethel 1918 1948    
S1 L1 G7 JAMES Ann       wife of Daniel 9587
S1 L1 G6 JAMES Carrie S. 1949 1920   wife of Oscar 2092
S1 L1 G8 JAMES Daniel 1 Oct 1819 10 Jan 1896     9586
S10 L16 G5 JAMES Georgia A. 1884 1935   wife of Roy 6567
S1 L1 G5 JAMES Oscar F. 1846 1922     2093
S10 L16 G6 JAMES Roy 1877 1955     6569
Haynes, Burr David born April 21, 1884 Colvert (Bradford County) Pa.  Died  of pneumonia January 11, 1953 buried in the Watson Cemetery Roseville, plot location unknown.  Parents:  Henry David Haynes and Ella M Wood.  One sister Clara Haynes- Smith.  Wife Anna Rebecca Watkins they  had seven children.  Occupation Farmer. Submitted by Grandaughter Carol A Powers.