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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania

From Official Cemetery Records 
Thanks to Louise JOHNS Neu for obtaining the records 
and Mary PARIS Copp for typing them

Watson Cemetery Burial Records

Page Six - McKay to Richmond

Roseville, Rutland Township, Tioga County PA 

Even though these are the official burial records from the Cemetery Association, we know that they are not complete. We personally know people buried here who are not on the list and have attended funerals where burials not recorded here occured.

Adams to Benson Benson to Copp Cowles to Gott Gould to James Jenkins to McConnell
McKay to Richmond Rockwell to Smith Soper to Taylor Temple to Webster Welch to York
S8 LH1 G1 MCKAY Ernest 1908 1985    
S11 L12 G4 MERRICK May 1883 1964   wife of W. Otis
S11 L12 G3 MERRICK W.Otis 1877 1948    
S11 L12 G1 MERRICK Wheeler 1909 1953    
S8 LH13 G1 METCALF Fred E.   18 May 1937    
S3 L11 G2 MILLS Mary J. 1844 1920   wife of Myron
S3 L11 G1 MILLS Myron 1835 1911    
S7 L7a G5 MONROE H. T.        
S12 L20 G5 MOORE Charles E. 1951 1956   son of Charles E. & Lorene
S12 L20 G7 MOORE Lorene W. 23 Aug 1922 1 Feb 1998    
S12 L2 G1 MORAN Hary F. 3 Dec 1914 5 Aug 1989  
S12 L2 G2 MORAN Rose Pauline 22 Apr 1917 9 Jun 1990  
S5 L15 G1 MORRELL Frank M.   20 Jan 1806 15yr son of G.J. & M.A.
S5 L15 G2 MORRELL George        
S5 L15 G3 MORRELL Phay        
S3 L5 G5 MORRIS Judson        
S1 L2 G3 MORSE Jesse 1927 1932  
S10 L4 G2 NEVONA Louise L. 1919 1977   "daughter"
S8 LG12 G1 NEWBRY Henrietta 13 Feb 1836 20 Nov 1900   wife of John
S8 LG12 G2 NEWBRY John 20 Feb 1828 27 Aug 1906    
S10 L9 G6 NILES Anna R. Smith 1876 1971   wife of Wilson
S10 L9 G5 NILES Wilson B. 1876 1936    
S5 L3b G3 NINNINGER Katie SEELEY 1884 1926    
S8 LG16 G5 NYE Caroline C. 1875 1932   wife of Dr. Orrin S. Nye
S8 LG16 G7 NYE Caroline D. 1857 1902   wife of Dr. Orrin S. Nye
S8 LG16 G6 NYE Orrin Sharp 1854 1928   M. D.
S8 LG16 G8 NYE Sylveen A. 1880 1923   World War nurse
S4 L12 G2 OLDROYD Alma   2 Feb 1876 58yr wife of Henry
S12 L10 G5 OLDROYD Clinton E. 23 Jun 1953 23 Nov 1953   "Baby Boy"
S4 L12 G3 OLDROYD Elizabeth S.   1855 6yr dau of Henry & Alma
S12 L2A G4 OLDROYD Emerson H. 6 Dec 1915 29 Jul 1953    
S12 L2A G3 OLDROYD Emerson I. 1953 1962   Christopher Lee Drake, stillborn, on same grave
S4 L12 G4 OLDROYD Helen 1853 1929   wife of Judson
S4 L12 G1 OLDROYD Henry   4 Jun 1876 62yr  
S4 L12 G10 OLDROYD Henry 1882 1963    
S4 L12 G8 OLDROYD Infant        
S4 L12 G7 OLDROYD Jay        
S4 L12 G6 OLDROYD Johnnie A.   21 Jul 1877 4yr 7mo 1da son of Judson & Helen
S4 L12 G5 OLDROYD Judson 1853 1932    
S4 L12 G11 OLDROYD Judson M. 1909 1924   son of Henry & Mildred
S4 L12 G9 OLDROYD Mildred 1888 1976   wife of Henry
S10 L16 G7 OLSON Christine JAMES 1915 1993   wife of Leonard
S10 L16 G8 OLSON Frank Leonard 1909 1992  
S11 L1 G1 OSBORN George W.        
S11 L1 G2 OSBORN Mildred E.        
S9 LI6 G1 PACKER Armina GOULD 1904 1942   wife of Walter H. Sr.
S9 LI6 G3 PACKER Walter H. Jr. 1929 1993    
S9 LI6 G2 PACKER Walter H. Sr. 1906 1966    
S7 L4a G3 PARSONS Minnie WALKER 1893 1928    
S2 L2 G1 PASSERI Infant        
S9 LH13 G1 PAYNE Richard D. 1930 1973    
S3 L3 G3 PERRY Alexander        
S9 LH4 G5 PERRY Barney 1866 1952    
S9 LH10B G3 PERRY Charles H. 1883 1976  
S3 L3 G2 PERRY Dell         
S9 LH4 G4 PERRY Ellie 1876 1941    
S9 LH10B G2 PERRY Emma       wife of Fred [Own Name Benson] 38888
S9 LH3 G1 PERRY Eugene 1882 1956     79168
S9 LH10B G1 PERRY Fred         38887
S9 LH4 G6 PERRY Grace        
S3 L3 G1 PERRY Infant        
S3 L3 G4 PERRY Infant        
S9 LI9 G1 PERRY John C. 19 Nov 1856 5 Oct 1939  
S3 L3 G5 PERRY Josiah 1847 1887    
S9 LI9 G2 PERRY Mary A. 7 Mar 1867 20 Dec 1941   wife of John
S3 L3 G6 PERRY Mary E. 1848 1931   wife of Josiah
S3 L3 G7 PERRY Melvin A. 1879 1889   son of Josiah & Mary E.
S9 LI5 G1 PERRY         wife of Fred
S12 L11 G2 PHILLIPS Earl C. 14 Jun 1903 16 Jun 1982    
S12 L11 G1 PHILLIPS Elva M. 26 Apr 1905 2 Aug 1981   wife of Earl
S9 LIn9A G1 PHILLIPS Infant        
S9 LIn10A G3 PHILLIPS June        
S9 LIn9A G2 PHILLIPS Melene       wife of Earl
S6 L3 G1 PIERCE Bessie H. 1887 1927    
S7 L18a G2 PIERCE Cynthia       wife of Leroy
S7 L18a G3 PIERCE Leroy D.        
S6 L3 G4 PIERCE Sarah J. 1855 1931    
S9 LH7 G2 PORTER Barton        
S9 LI19 G6 PORTER Fanny E. 1900 1978    
S9 LI12 G7 PORTER Louise THORPE        
S9 LH20 G4 POWELL         wife of ??
S10 L4 G1 PRATT Ann 1900 1945    
S1 L2 G0 PRATT Joshua Lee 3 Jun 1976 28 Jun 1976   infant , in middle, between graves of Elmer & Leona Aldrich
S10 L14 G5 PRIEST Donald 1928 1934    
S10 L14 G7 PRIEST Frances 1885 1972    
S10 L14 G6 PRIEST Harry B. 1882 1949    
S7 L5 G5 PRUTSMAN Amanda M. 1854 1943   wife of Damond
S7 L5 G1 PRUTSMAN Austin D. 1892 1972    
S7 L5 G3 PRUTSMAN Carol Lee 1942 1943    
S7 L5 G6 PRUTSMAN Damond D. 1850 1924    
S7 L5 G5 PRUTSMAN Katie 1896 1898    
S7 L5 G2 PRUTSMAN Mable C. 1892 1937   wife of Austin
S12 L16 G5 PRUTSMAN Phyllis Lamphier 1924 1966    
S13 L7 G1 RARICK Nellie M. 1895 1966    
S13 L7 G2 RARICK Orin 1888 1967    
S11 L1 G4 RESIDE Floyd William 13 Jun 1908 21 Jan 1980  
S11 L1 G5 RESIDE William 1878 1953    
REYNOLDS G10 REYNOLDS Anna Mariah   4 Sep 1856 10yr 5mo 11da wife of Norman J.
S12 L6 G1 REYNOLDS Cecil 1915 1992  
S4 L8 G9 REYNOLDS Clinton        
REYNOLDS G2 REYNOLDS Edgar 1848 1864   Co. H. 10th Reg.
S12 L6 G4 REYNOLDS Edna B. 1887 1960   wife of Leon
S4 L8 G3 REYNOLDS Eliza A. 1840 1904   wife of W. B.
S8 LG19b G2 REYNOLDS Emily 1836 1911   wife of G.W.
S8 LG19b G1 REYNOLDS G. W. 1837 1915    
REYNOLDS G6 REYNOLDS George W.   1 Oct 1852 26yr 14da son of John & Rhoda
REYNOLDS G11 REYNOLDS John   26 Mar 1844 66yr 4mo  
S5 L7b G4 REYNOLDS John A. 1852 1936    
REYNOLDS G1 REYNOLDS John C.   1844 66yr  
S5 L7b G2 REYNOLDS Katherine 1897 1930    
S12 L6 G3 REYNOLDS Leon W. 1879 1961    
S4 L8 G2 REYNOLDS May E.   12 Apr 1877 7yr 4mo 8da  
REYNOLDS G7 REYNOLDS Methuen   22 Jun 1851 42yr 1mo 7da  
REYNOLDS G8 REYNOLDS Nancy L.   1867   dau of John & Rhoda
REYNOLDS G9 REYNOLDS Norman   1 Aug 1871 62yr 11mo 18da  
REYNOLDS G12 REYNOLDS Roba   22 Jun 1856 69yr 6mo 22da wife of John
S8 LH8 G1 REYNOLDS Rose COOK   1883 1946  
S5 L7b G3 REYNOLDS Sarah 1870 1911   wife of John A.
S4 L8 G8 REYNOLDS Tryphosa        
S5 L7b G1 REYNOLDS Vernie   8 Mar 1884 8yr 10mo 27da son of J & S.A.
S4 L8 G4 REYNOLDS Wesley B. 1843 1922   Co.A.207 Pa.Vol
S8 LG15 G2 RICHMOND Clyde        
S8 LG15 G3 RICHMOND Helen       wife of Clyde
S8 LG15 G1 RICHMOND Kenneth E. 20 Feb 1913 8 Apr 1914   son of Clyde & Helen
S6 L6a G1 RICHMOND Lyman 1843 1896