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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
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From Official Cemetery Records 
Thanks to Louise JOHNS Neu for obtaining the records 
and Mary PARIS Copp for typing them

Watson Cemetery Burial Records

Page Ten - Welch to York

Roseville, Rutland Township, Tioga County PA 

Even though these are the official burial records from the Cemetery Association, we know that they are not complete. We personally know people buried here who are not on the list and have attended funerals where burials not recorded here occurred.

Adams to Benson Benson to Copp Cowles to Gott Gould to James Jenkins to McConnell
McKay to Richmond Rockwell to Smith Soper to Taylor Temple to Webster Welch to York
S9 LI16 G6 WELCH Grace S. 1885 1975   wife of Ray H.
S13 L14 G1 WELCH Mirrell A. "Gus"       Loretta HEYLER Welch also here but not on listing. Her death date had not been inscribed on tombstone. 
S9 LI16 G5 WELCH Ray H. 1889 1949    
S5 L5 G7 WHEELER Anna J. 1886     No death date
S7 L15a G2 WHEELER Elizabeth A. 1854 1917   wife of Frank
S7 L15a G3 WHEELER Frank        
S5 L5 G8 WHEELER Homer 1882 1956    
S5 L5 G6 WHEELER Hulsey B. 12 Apr 1854 3 Dec 1917    
S5 L5 G1 WHEELER Isaac B. 1822 1901    
S5 L4b G1 WHEELER J. P.        
S5 L5 G5 WHEELER Libbie 1877 1891   dau of H. B. & Anne
S5 L4b G2 WHEELER Martha       wife of J.P.
S5 L5 G2 WHEELER Polly M. 1823 1903   wife of Isaac
S7 L15a G1 WHEELER William W. 1875 1927    
S4 L10 G13 WHISPELL Mary S. 1872 1944     81268 Soper
S5 L11 G5 WHITE Blanche E. 1870 1932   wife of Thomas
S5 L11 G6 WHITE Delos        
S5 L11 G1 WHITE F. H.   18 Mar 1885 106yr "Dr" 18768
S6 L10 G1 WHITE Fritz H. 1895 14 Apr 1980    
S5 L11 G3 WHITE Jennie        
S5 L11 G2 WHITE Mary   1887 49yr wife of Dr. F.H. 18769 Snover
S6 L10 G2 WHITE Pearl M. 1895 2 May 1989   wife of Fritz
S5 L11 G4 WHITE Thomas J. 1867 1935    
S6 L5 G3 WILCOX Bertha       wife of Fred
S3 L6 G11 WILCOX Charles R.   8 Jun 1881 1yr 4mo son of Ellery & Helen
S8 LH13 G5 WILCOX Cornelia 1841 1909   wife of Floyd 79494
S8 LG2 G7 WILCOX Earl 1924 19 Apr 1993  
S8 LG3 G6 WILCOX Elery 1856 1927    
S8 LG2 G5 WILCOX Eva M. 1899 1922 wife of Verne
S8 LH13 G4 WILCOX Floyd C. 1839 1915     79493
S6 L5 G2 WILCOX Fred        
S3 L6 G5 WILCOX Helen M. 17 Jan 1862 1895   wife of Ellery
S3 L6 G4 WILCOX Helen V. 1918 1933  
S8 LH13 G6 WILCOX Jack F. 1908 19 Apr 1981  
S9 LH17 G5 WILCOX Jennie TERWILLIGER 1857 1929   wife of Josiah
S6 L6b G1 WILCOX John H. 26 Jun 1820 1894    
S8 LH13 G3 WILCOX John H. 1868 1964    
S3 L6 G3 WILCOX John N. 1883 1956    
S9 LH17 G4 WILCOX Josiah 1846 1916    
S3 L6 G2 WILCOX Leda J. 1884 1969    
S8 LH13 G2 WILCOX Rhoda METCALF 1882 1971    
S8 LG2 G6 WILCOX Verne F. 1899 1939   Birth date may be 1889 instead 
S6 L5 G1 WILCOX Wayne        
S6 L6b G2 WILCOX         wife of John H.
S8 LG2 G8 WILCOX        
S11 L8 G7 WILLIAMS Cecil L. 1900 1962    
S11 L8 G4 WILLIAMS Donald 1932 1955    
S11 L8 G6 WILLIAMS Edith E. 1874 1945   wife of Frank
S11 L8 G5 WILLIAMS Frank 1880 1958    
S9 LI14A G3 WILLIAMS Ina E. 1881 1946   wife of Norman E.
S9 LIn10A G1 WILLIAMS Jacob 1844 1929    
S11 L7 G2 WILLIAMS Kenneth D. 1908 10 Nov 1997  
S9 LIn10A G2 WILLIAMS Martha 1843 1914   wife of Jacob
S9 LI14A G4 WILLIAMS Norman E. 1884 1965    
S11 L7 G1 WILLIAMS Viola 1905 13 Jul 1982   wife of Kenneth D.
S12 L12 G1 WILLIAMS Ward 1 Oct 1927 2 Nar 1857   Pvt 250 Gen Hosp WW2
S7 L17a G1 WILSON Benjamin D. 1827 1905    
S4 L5 G4 WILSON Bert        
S10 L15 G8 WILSON Charlotte M. 1882 1945    
S10 L15 G7 WILSON Elmer E. 1871 1953    
S4 L5 G3 WILSON Emily 1848 1924   wife of Hiram
S7 L9b G3 WILSON Emily       wife of John
S4 L5 G5 WILSON Frank        
S9 LH13 G5 WILSON Fred        
S11 L10 G5 WILSON George M. 1886 1960    
S4 L5 G2 WILSON Hiram 1851 1928    
S9 LH13 G2 WILSON Infant        
S7 L8b G1 WILSON James I. 1863 1949    
S7 L9b G4 WILSON John        
S9 LH13 G6 WILSON John        
S4 L5 G1 WILSON Lafayette        
S11 L10 G7 WILSON Lois C. Greenleaf 27 Nov 1914 8 Aug 1993  
S5 L3b G1 WILSON Lucy E.   31 Jul 1893   wife of Silas
S7 L17a G2 WILSON Lucy V. 1829 1903   wife of Benjamin
S11 L10 G6 WILSON Mabel P. 1885 1960    
S9 LH13 G7 WILSON Mary       wife of John
S7 L8b G2 WILSON Mary M. 1862 1909   wife of James
S9 LH13 G4 WILSON Myrtle McLane 1893 1913   wife of Arthur
S8 LH9 G1 WILSON S. Faye 1884 1910    
S4 L5 G6 WILSON Saloma 1831 1894   wife of William
S5 L3b G2 WILSON Silas B.        
S9 LH13 G3 WILSON Wallace 1900 1918   Co H 109 Pa Inf
S4 L5 G7 WILSON William 1823 1891    
S13 L5 G1 WINKLER Eric Josef 13 Feb 1947 2 Feb 1982   ashes on Grandmother's grave. AC3 USAF
S13 L5 G3 WINKLER William P.   11 Sep 1990    
S2 L3b G1 WOLCOTT Caroline 20 Aug 1826 10 Aug 1884    
S12 L22 G7 WOLFE Lloyd C. 1891 1969    
S2 L5 G3 WOLFE Nelle 1887 1974    
S12 L22 G8 WOLFE Olive M. 1900 1959    
S1 L1 G1 WOOD Aaron 2 Aug 1821 30 Apr 1888    
S1 L1 G3 WOOD Annis 1858 1877    
S1 L1 G2 WOOD Catherine 23 Nov 1822 25 Mar 1892   wife of Aaron
S1 L3 G4 WOOD Early E. 1863 1932    
S1 L3 G3 WOOD Emily C. 1883 1933   wife of Early E.
S1 L3 G1 WOOD Ezra 2 Oct 1826 21 Apr 1887    
S8 LH8 G2 WOOD Faith Elizabeth 22 May 1985 22 May 1985 Stillborn twin
S1 L2 G1 WOOD Holloway 19 Feb 1835 3 May 1910    
S9 LI2 G1 WOOD Lester D. 1917 1986  
S9 LI2 G3 WOOD Lester Jr. 1948 5 Jul 1998    
S1 L2 G2 WOOD Mary 31Mar 1845 19 Jun 1902   wife of Holloway
S1 L3 G5 WOOD Minnie 1861 1903   wife of Early E.
S9 LI2 G2 WOOD Shirley M. 1925 1957    
S1 L1 G4 WOOD Sollie 3 Aug 1849 1884    
S1 L3 G2 WOOD Vianna 11 Dec 1835 13 Dec 1900   wife of Ezra
S7 L11 G4 WOOD         Mrs James Phillips
S12 L10 G7 WOODBURY Elizabeth 1902 7 Jan 1995   wife of Raymond J.
S1ex L4 G1 WOODBURY Perry 1901 1973  
S12 L10 G6 WOODBURY Raymond J. 1904 1963    
S8 LH9 G4 WOODWORTH John P. 1898 1974    
S8 LH9 G3 WOODWORTH Joyce Soper   23 Mar 1984    
S6 L4 G2 WRIGHT Eleanor 1925 18 Sep 1989 wife of Ernest
S6 L4 G1 WRIGHT Ernest 1900 1969    
S9 LH2 G5 WRIGHT George        
S9 LI11 G1 WRIGHT Jonas E. 1847 1931    
S6 L4 G3 WRIGHT Lewis   1895 53yr  
S9 LH2 G3 WRIGHT Lewis M. 1907 20 Oct 1985  
S9 LH2 G4 WRIGHT Libbie A. 1941 1992    
S6 L4 G5 WRIGHT Lydia E. 1886 1962    
S9 LI11 G2 WRIGHT Lydia E. 1860 1946    
S9 LH2 G8 WRIGHT Mrs.       wife of William
S6 L4 G4 WRIGHT Rosanna F. 22 Feb 1849 29 Sep 1921   wife of Lewis
S9 LH2 G7 WRIGHT William      
S9 LH2 G6 WRIGHT William Jr.      
S9 LI15A G1 YORKE Jennie 1881 1923   wife of Milton
S9 LI15A G2 YORKE Milton H. 1877 1940