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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania

From Official Cemetery Records 
Thanks to Louise JOHNS Neu for obtaining the records 
and Mary PARIS Copp for typing them

Watson Cemetery Burial Records

Page Seven - Rockwell to Smith

Roseville, Rutland Township, Tioga County PA 

Even though these are the official burial records from the Cemetery Association, we know that they are not complete. We personally know people buried here who are not on the list and have attended funerals where burials not recorded here occurred.

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Adams to Benson
Benson to Copp
Cowles to Gott
Gould to James
Jenkins to McConnell
McKay to Richmond
Rockwell to Smith
Soper to Taylor
Temple to Webster
Welch to York
S4 L14 G5 ROCKWELL Almira BENSON 21 Sep 1849 29 Jun 1910    
S2 L9 G4 ROCKWELL Mary A.   14 Apr 1876 67yr 12da wife of Rev. M.
S2 L9 G3 ROCKWELL Rev. M.   22 Jul 1885 80yr 9mo 2da "Finally Brethren Farewell & May the Grace of God be With You"
S13 L15 G1 RODRICK Cora B. 1884 1967    
ROSE G4 ROSE Acenath   14 Sep 1865   wife of Erastus
S5 L2a G2 ROSE Alanson 27 May 1822 6 Sep 1893    
S8 LH15A G5 ROSE Alice S. 1914 5 Apr 1997  
S9 LIn14B G2 ROSE Anna 1859 1934   wife of Arnot
S8 LH15A G4 ROSE Arland W. 6 Apr 1914 18 Dec 1996   PFC US Army. Purple Heart
S9 LIn14B G1 ROSE Arnot 1854 1930    
ROSE G5 ROSE Arnot   12 Mar 186? 36yr 8mo 5da son of Erastus & Acenath
ROSE G12 ROSE Austin   4 May 1840 29yr 1mo 17da  
ROSE G6 ROSE Cordelia   1831 3yr dau of Erastus & Acenath
S1ex L8 G1 ROSE Denzel ("Happy") 1907 25 Sep 1991  
ROSE G11 ROSE Didamia   1843 62yr 10da wife of William
S8 LH15A G1 ROSE Donald 1911 1913    
S9 LI20 G1 ROSE Durward 1904 1951    
ROSE G8 ROSE Elizabeth   8 May 1884 51yr 8mo 21da wife of Arnot
ROSE G13 ROSE Elizabeth   22 Dec 1853 4mo 1da daughter of J & Elvira
KELLEY G4 ROSE Ellen        
S8 LH15A G3 ROSE Elmer A. 1889 1958    
ROSE G9 ROSE Erastus   1875    
ROSE G7 ROSE Frank        
S9 LI20 G2 ROSE Herman B. 1877 1943    
S8 LH15A G2 ROSE Infant      
ROSE G2 ROSE Jane        
ROSE G18 ROSE Marietta 12 Jan 1866 52yr 1mo 16da wife of Royal 
S8 Lin14a G2 ROSE Martin        
S9 LI20 G3 ROSE Mary W. 1880 1970    
ROSE G17 ROSE Royal   10 Nov 1865 50yr  
S5 L2a G1 ROSE Sally 2 Dec 1831 12 Apr 1894   wife of Alanson
ROSE G1 ROSE Sarah J.   1850 1yr dau of William & Jane
KELLEY G5 ROSE Susan   1901    
S4 L8 G7 ROSE Warren 1825 1894    
ROSE G3 ROSE William   6 May 1871 62yr 2mo 14da  
ROSE G10 ROSE William   10 May 1852 71yr 6mo 12da First settler in Roseville
S8 Lin14a G3 ROSE         wife of Martin
S8 LG18 G5 ROUSE Cornelius A. 1872 1951    
S8 LG18 G1 ROUSE Donald        
S8 LG18 G4 ROUSE Emma E. 1874 1959    
S8 LG18 G2 ROUSE Fred L. 1902 1932    
S8 LG18 G3 ROUSE         wife of George
S10 L18 G5 ROY George R. 15 Sep 1925 15 Jun 1944   PFC 25 Marines 4 Marine Div. WW2
S10 L18 G6 ROY Lehman R. 1903 1968  
S10 L18 G7 ROY Lodema 1908 Jan 1989  
S10 L18 G2 ROY Rexford L. 18 Jun 1936 15 Jun 1981    
S8 LG4 G5 RUMSEY Charles S. 1862 1934    
S8 LG4 G6 RUMSEY May L. 1866 1912   wife of Charles
S8 LH8 G8 RYNKOWSKI Irene Smith 1912 19 Mar 1998   wife of Kenneth Rynkowski
S8 LH8 G7 RYNKOWSKI Kenneth 1907 24 May 1990   U S Army WW2
S8 LH14 G1 SARGEANT Amos F. 1842 1935    
S8 LH14 G5 SARGEANT Emaline 1 Aug 1849 1 Dec 1914   wife of Levi
S8 LH14 G3 SARGEANT John J. 1866 1928    
S8 LH14 G4 SARGEANT Levi D. 20 Apr 1872 15 Dec 1913    
S8 LH14 G2 SARGEANT Milissa J. 1848 1926   wife of Amos
S12 L5 G4 SARGEANT Royal L. 1869 1951    
S12 L5 G3 SARGEANT Sazie Burritt 1876 1967    
S5 L3b G4 SEELEY Allen        
S11 L2 G6 SEELEY Carrie M. 1899 1973   wife of Lewis V.
S11 L2 G7 SEELEY Lewis VanNess 28 Oct 1894 12 Jan 1964   Pvt Co K 162 Inf WW1
S3 L5 G4 SEELY Infant        
S6 L3 G2 SEELY Lewis 9 Apr 1823 9 Feb 1900    
S6 L3 G3 SEELY Mary 1832 1919   wife of Lewis
S12 L25 G3 SHARP John J. Jr.   28 Jan 1973   Infant son of John & Rita
S12 L25 G4 SHARP Stewart J. 1884 1959    
S6 L11b G1 SHERMAN Benjamin P. 1845 1923    
S5 L9 G1 SHERMAN Charles   5 Apr 1895 79yr  
S6 L5 G4 SHERMAN Charles N. 1840 1914    
S5 L16 G2 SHERMAN Clarina 1833 1918    
S9 LH5 G1 SHERMAN Colie 1908 1966    
S6 L5 G5 SHERMAN Diantha E. 1842 1911   wife of Charles
S5 L8b G1 SHERMAN Edith   3 Aug 1877 Dau of H.A & E.A.
S5 L16 G3 SHERMAN Eliva 22 Jul 1809 24 May 1875    
S5 L8b G3 SHERMAN Elizabeth A.   19 Jan 1890 46yr wife of Hiram
S6 L5 G8 SHERMAN Etta        
S6 L5 G7 SHERMAN Eugene        
S7 L16 G2 SHERMAN Frank        
S7 L16 G4 SHERMAN George R.        
S8 LH7 G4 SHERMAN Georgiana   17 Mar 1996 87yr
S5 L8b G4 SHERMAN Henry 1886      
S5 L9 G3 SHERMAN Hester H. 1851 1853    
S5 L8b G2 SHERMAN Hiram A. 1843 1924    
S9 LH5 G4 SHERMAN James        
S5 L16 G4 SHERMAN Jefferson 22 Apr 1802 6 Aug 1885    
S5 L9 G4 SHERMAN Jessie 1856 1903    
S5 L8b G5 SHERMAN L. G. 1875 1931  
S7 L16 G3 SHERMAN Lucinda       wife of George R.
S5 L9 G2 SHERMAN Matilda G.   8 Jun 1888 78 yr wife of Charles
S6 L5 G6 SHERMAN Maude 23 Oct 1876 16 Dec 1894   wife of Eugene
S6 L11b G2 SHERMAN Nettie M. 1858 1930   wife of Benjamin P.
S6 L11b G4 SHERMAN Ross        
S8 LH2a G1 SHERMAN Sarah 1839 1923    
S7 L16 G1 SHERMAN Susie J.       wife of Francis
S9 LH5 G3 SHERMAN Walter        Nick
S5 L16 G5 SHERMAN  Allen E. 23 Oct 1831 1859    
S5 L6b G4 SMITH Archie Clarence 1881 1955    
S8 LH8 G6 SMITH Bert W. 1873 1950    
S10 L3 G2 SMITH Boyd 11 Apr 1915 5 Dec 1989  
WATSON G5 SMITH Crystal 1904 1913    
S8 LH7 G3 SMITH Daniel 1871 1961    
S7 L11 G3 SMITH Dorothy 3 Jul 1823 1857    
S8 LH17 G4 SMITH Edd E. 15 Oct 1894 11 Mar 1991  
S8 LH17 G5 SMITH Edith Jane Brace 30 May 1896 21 May 1985  
S7 L11 G2 SMITH Eliza A. 5 Jun 1837 2 Mar 1899   wife of William
S10 L21B G6 SMITH Elizabeth H. 1917 24 Nov 1989  
S7 L11 G6 SMITH Emeline       wife of Morris
S7 L8b G3 SMITH Ethel Wilson 1883 1928  
S7 L7b G1 SMITH George F. 1814 1895    
S10 L13 G7 SMITH George F. Jr. 1870 1950    
S12 L19 G4 SMITH George W. 1902 1959    
S10 L3 G4 SMITH Harriet L. 1922 1 Jan 1998   wife of Warren
WATSON G3 SMITH Henry 1845 1913    
S10 L2 G4 SMITH Iva N. 1914 1914    
S2 L8 G6 SMITH Jennie Watson 7 Jul 1889 25 Feb 1920   wife of Ross H. Children Eleanor & Leaman
S5 L6b G1 SMITH Lewis W. 1879 1941  
S5 L6b G3 SMITH Lucas       Mryth (Ashes) 21 Dec 1992
WATSON G4 SMITH Lucinda       wife of Henry
S8 LG12 G3 SMITH Mabel 2 Mar 1894 16 Jul 1973    
S10 L13 G5 SMITH Manley G. 1898 1973    
S10 L13 G6 SMITH Mattie L. 1879 1933   wife of George - Own surname VanDusen
S8 LH8 G5 SMITH Max B. 1905 1907    
S8 LH7 G8 SMITH Mike   24 Aug 1979  
S12 L19 G3 SMITH Mildred 1903 1970   wife of George W.
S7 L7b G2 SMITH Milly Wilson 1837 1902   wife of George
S7 L11 G5 SMITH Morris        
S5 L6b G2 SMITH Myrtle F. 1886 1977    
S5 L6b G5 SMITH Myrtle Wheeler 1892 1992   wife of Archie
S10 L2 G5 SMITH Nora E. 1898 3 Nov 1997   wife of Walter H.
S10 L21B G5 SMITH Robert C. 1914 3 May 1986  
S8 LH7 G4 SMITH Susie 1872 1945    
S10 L2 G6 SMITH Walter H. 1885 1964    
S8 LH7 G1 SMITH Wendell E. 20 Jun 1908 24 Aug 1979   Pvt WWII U S Army
S7 L11 G1 SMITH William 3 Oct 1818     No death date on stone
I am writing you to say thank you for this web page.
Also to say that in the Watson Cemetery, I had a baby brother , burial was with my grandparents - Smith George F And Mildred(VanDusen) Smith.
Name- Robert Jay Smith son of Richard & Betty Smith D.O.B 11-3-73 D.O.D 11-3-73b his name isn't on the stone so I wanted to let you know. 
 Thank you
Sherry Smith  (October 2006 note)