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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania

From Official Cemetery Records 
Thanks to Louise JOHNS Neu for obtaining the records 
and Mary PARIS Copp for typing them

Watson Cemetery Burial Records

Page Eight - Soper to Tyler

Roseville, Rutland Township, Tioga County PA 

Even though these are the official burial records from the Cemetery Association, we know that they are not complete. We personally know people buried here who are not on the list and have attended funerals where burials not recorded here occurred.

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Adams to Benson Benson to Copp Cowles to Gott Gould to James Jenkins to McConnell
McKay to Richmond Rockwell to Smith Soper to Taylor Temple to Webster Welch to York
S8 LG11 G2 SOPER Adella 1857 1933   wife of Elwyn
S8 LG11 G1 SOPER Anna Vera 8 Dec 1884 9 Nov 1900    
S8 LH12 G1 SOPER Burr        
S7 L10 G6 SOPER Charles Morton 8 Apr 1860 6 Aug 1897    
S7 L10 G8 SOPER Collins W. 22 Feb 1818 21 Dec 1893    
S7 L10 G7 SOPER Didamia 30 Jul 1820 24 Sep 1895   wife of Collins
S7 L10 G3 SOPER Donald Llewllyn 1904 1955    
S10 L22 G1 SOPER Earl 1893 1963    
S10 L24 G2 SOPER Eliza B. 1898 1972    
S2 L2 G7 SOPER Ella 1856 1935   wife of Lewis
S4 L10 G2 SOPER Ellis         81239
S8 LG11 G3 SOPER Elwyn 1846 1910    
S10 L12 G3 SOPER Estella       wife of Ray
S10 L12 G1 SOPER Fina E. 1889 1944   wife of Harry
S8 LH11 G3 SOPER Frances E. 1857 1926   wife of Walter
S4 L11 G1 SOPER George W.   19 Aug 1881 59yr  
S7 L10 G2 SOPER Geraldine Benson 1905 1988  
S10 L24 G1 SOPER Guy S. 1888 1961    
S4 L10 G8 SOPER Harris   1866    
S10 L12 G2 SOPER Harry B. 1891 1945    
S7 L10 G1 SOPER Hazel L. 1894 22 Feb 1995  
S7 L7a G1 SOPER Heman 1847 1914    
S4 L10 G5 SOPER Henry         51543
S7 L10 G4 SOPER Hettie S. 1865 1943   wife of Lewellyn
S6 L8a G2 SOPER Horace   2 Jun 1881    
S4 L10 G9 SOPER Ida May   15 Jul 1862 12yr daughter of Harris & Susannah
S8 LH12 G3 SOPER Ida May 1867 1915   wife of William  17184 Fadley
S2 L2 G6 SOPER Infant        
S7 L7a G2 SOPER Josephine 1852 1900   wife of Heman
S7 L7a G3 SOPER Julia 1873 1877    
S6 L8a G5 SOPER Kate 1844 1932    
S8 LH12 G4 SOPER Leo 5 Aug 1906 30 Sep 1906   son of J. W. & Ida May Soper 81244
S8 LH12 G5 SOPER Leola 5 Aug 1906 3 Oct 1906   daughter of J. W. & Ida May Soper 81243
S7 L10 G5 SOPER Lewellyn 1856 1933    
S2 L2 G8 SOPER Lewis 1840 1935    
S4 L10 G6 SOPER Lottie A. 15 Jul 1843 2 Mar 1902   wife of Henry 51544 Wylie
S8 LH11 G1 SOPER Lottie H. 1887 1972    
S7 L7a G4 SOPER Lula 1891 1892    
S4 L11 G2 SOPER Maranda   19 Nov 1855 28yr wife of George W.
S4 L10 G14 SOPER Margaret W. 1878 1942     81240
S4 L10 G10 SOPER Mary E.   1 Jun 1838 7mo 2da daughter of Harris & Susannah
S10 L22 G2 SOPER Maude 1887 11 Aug 1979  
S7 L10 G9 SOPER Patricia & Collin       Infants
S10 L12 G4 SOPER Ray 1890 1948    
S6 L8a G4 SOPER Rebecca 7 Feb 1819 9 Jun 1894   wife of William
S8 LG11 G4 SOPER Ross Wallace 1880 1957    
S8 LH11 G5 SOPER S. Alberta 24 Nov 1874 17 Jul 1895   wife of Roy C.
S4 L10 G7 SOPER Susannah 8 Jul 1815 1900   wife of Harris 03772 Mansfield
S5 L16 G7 SOPER Thomas J.   30 Oct 1868 77hr 1mo ?da  
S8 LH11 G2 SOPER W. Rollin 1887 1938    
S8 LH11 G4 SOPER Walter S. 1849 1928    
S6 L8a G3 SOPER William H. 27 Jun 1814 7 Mar 1894    
S8 LH12 G6 SOPER Willis        
S8 LH12 G2 SOPER         wife of Burr
S9 LI18 G3 SPENCE George S. "Scotty" 1930 1934    
S11 L2 G5 SPRAGUE Carl H. 17May 1958 19 Feb 1966   son of Howard & Doris
S11 L2 G8 SPRAGUE Doris SEELEY 21 Oct 1931 15 Feb 1975   wife of Howard
S2 L3a G1 ST JAMES Delphene 1847 1918   wife of Morris
S2 L3a G3 ST JAMES George W.        
S10 L7 G1 ST JAMES Homer        
S2 L3a G2 ST JAMES Morris 1849     no death date on stone
S13 L4 G2 STERLING Carl J. 1900 1965    
S10 L18 G1 STERLING Eugene D. II   27 Oct 1965    
S13 L4 G1 STERLING LaVera 1903 3 Dec 1995   wife of Carl J.
S10 L20 G3 STERLING Millard H. 1903 1962  
S10 L20 G4 STERLING Pauline M. 1905 8 Apr 1983  
S11 L6 G4 STEVENS Gladys M. 1904 1970   wife of Lewis Dee
S11 L6 G3 STEVENS Lewis Dee 1900 30 Apr 1982    
S9 LH1 G2 STEVENS Maude        
S9 LH1 G1 STEVENS Silas        
S7 L14b G2 STOUT Addie       wife of David W.
STOUT G3 STOUT Caroline       wife of Josephus
S7 L14b G1 STOUT David Wilmot 2 Sep 1845 29 Oct 1895    
S9 LI14A G2 STOUT Ella 1859 1924   wife of John
S8 LG5 G2 STOUT Herbert M. 6 Aug 1915 3 Apr 1985  
S8 LG5 G4 STOUT Ida M. 1872 1910   wife of Jonah
STOUT G1 STOUT Infant        
S8 LG5 G3 STOUT Jessie        
S9 LI14A G1 STOUT John T. 1855 1934    
S8 LG5 G6 STOUT Jonah 1870 1962    
S9 LI10A G1 STOUT Joseph H. 1888 1932  
STOUT G2 STOUT Josephus       Co. G. 7th Pa. Cav.
S8 LG5 G5 STOUT Katie 1888 Sep 1977    
STOUT G4 STOUT Nina   1872 4yr dau of Josephus & Caroline
S9 LI7 G1 STOUT Peter R. 1864 1941    
S9 LI7 G2 STOUT Rosetta BENSON 1869 1950   wife of Peter
S2 L4a G4 STOUT Willie F.   2 Jun 1884 6yr  son of Frank & Martha
S9 LI10A G2 STOUT         wife of Joseph
S11 L11 G2 STRAW Donald 21 Mar 1907 6 Oct 1992  
S11 L11 G1 STRAW Hazel S. 18 Oct 1908 9 Sep 1990   wife of Donald
S11 L5 G8 STRUNK Edgar Lavere 28 Apr 1929 13 Aug 1994  
S13 L6 G2 STUART Helen G. 1897 16 Apr 1993    
S13 L6 G1 STUART Merton L. 1894 Dec 1965    
S5 L4a G1 SUTTON Coral H. 1886 1886    
S5 L4a G3 SUTTON Mrs.       wife of Fred
[Ina Richmond] 
S5 L4a G2 SUTTON William 1857 1893    
S12 L23 G2 SWEELY Cora 1897 1980   wife of Fred
S12 L23 G1 SWEELY Fred 1888 1961    
S12 L23 G3 SWEELY Keith 3 Oct 1923 27 Oct 1987    
S11 L20 G3 SWEELY Margaret M. 1905 25 Feb 1997   wife of William
S11 L20 G4 SWEELY William T. 1901 Oct 1995  
S9 LI16 G1 SWEELY Belle 1883 1950     13427
S10 L21B G2 SWEELY David H. 7 Sep 1890 2 Jan 1984  
S8 LG13 G5 SWEELY Emma F. 1854 1912   wife of J. Mack, Sr
S9 LI16 G3 SWEELY Ira Curtin 1861 1933    
S8 LG13 G6 SWEELY J. Mack Sr. 1852 1921    
S8 LG13 G2 SWEELY James Mack 1892 1957    
S9 LI16 G2 SWEELY Jane King 1860 1930   wife of Curtis
S9 LI4 G1 SWEELY Mable       wife of Mackie
S8 LG13 G3 SWEELY Mable R. 1887 1902    
S8 LG13 G4 SWEELY Rosa M. 1885 1902    
S8 LG13 G1 SWEELY Walker Leonard 1874 1957    
TANNER G2 TANNER E. Jane 22 Dec 1825 30 Sep 1903   wife of George
TANNER G1 TANNER George 18 Sep 1822 30 Apr 1897    
TANNER G7 TANNER Hannibal        
TANNER G3 TANNER Joseph E. 19 Feb 1856 21 Oct 1882    
TANNER G4 TANNER Julia C. 9 Feb 1856 5 Jul 1883   wife of Joseph
TANNER G8 TANNER Norah       wife of Hannibal
S12 L1 G5 TAYLOR Donald W. 1931 1932    
S12 L1 G3 TAYLOR Kenneth H. 1906 1971  

Published on Tri-Counties 02 NOV 1998