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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania

From Official Cemetery Records 
Thanks to Louise JOHNS Neu for obtaining the records 
and Mary PARIS Copp for typing them

Watson Cemetery Burial Records

Page Nine - Temple to Webster

Roseville, Rutland Township, Tioga County PA 

Even though these are the official burial records from the Cemetery Association, we know that they are not complete. We personally know people buried here who are not on the list and have attended funerals where burials not recorded here occurred.

Adams to Benson Benson to Copp Cowles to Gott Gould to James Jenkins to McConnell
McKay to Richmond Rockwell to Smith Soper to Taylor Temple to Webster Welch to York
S9 LI9 G4 TEMPLE Alice F. 1910 2 Aug 1984    
S9 LI9 G3 TEMPLE Henry J. 1906 17 Feb 1981  
S9 LH4 G2 TENEYCK Bertha 1895 8 Jan 1982  
S9 LH4 G1 TENEYCK Fred 1881 1952    
S9 LI2 G7 TENEYCK Howard 30 Dec 1922 17 Jun 1989  
S7 L15b G3 TENEYCK John        
S9 LI2 G6 TENEYCK John Frederick 19 Oct 1951 17 Mar 1976   Pvt US Marine Corp. Vietnam
S7 L15b G1 TENEYCK Pontie        
S2 L1 G1 TENEYCK Richard        
S7 L15b G2 TENEYCK Unos       wife of John
S7 L15b G4 TENEYCK William        
S9 LI2 G4 TENEYCK William       Son of Howard & Alice
S6 L8A G1 THOMAS Helen 1881 1964   also ashes of Velma Garrison 13801
S1 L2 G5 THOMPSON Ellen M. 1898 1917    
S10 L17 G6 THOMPSON Janet E. 1899 1975    
S10 L17 G5 THOMPSON Richard R. 1895 1941    
S4 L4a G1 THORPE Ada A. 1871 1967    
S4 L4a G3 THORPE Alta        
S3 L1 G3 THORPE Delos        
S9 LH7 G3 THORPE Edward        
S9 LI12 G5 THORPE Harold J. 1903 1927    
S4 L4a G2 THORPE Horace       Co.A.207 Pa.Inf
S9 LH7 G1 THORPE Julia D.        
S9 LH7 G4 THORPE Lydia STOUT 1871 1919   wife of Edward
S3 L1 G1 THORPE Maude        
S4 L4a G4 THORPE Ross D. 1905 1954    
S9 LI12 G6 THORPE William        
S3 L1 G2 THORPE         wife of William
S12 L18 G8 TRIBE Harriett "Louise" 1915 3 May 1997  
S10 L1 G3 TROWBRIDGE Harrison B. 26 Nov 1908 12 Aug 1979    
S10 L1 G4 TROWBRIDGE Richard H. 26 Sep 1941 30 Sep 1941   Infant
S1ex L2 G2 UHLER Infant        
S3 L8 G1 UNKNOWN          
S3 L8 G2 UNKNOWN          
S3 L8 G3 UNKNOWN          
S3 L8 G4 UNKNOWN          
S3 L8 G5 UNKNOWN          
S3 L8 G6 UNKNOWN          
S3 L8 G7 UNKNOWN          
S3 L8 G8 UNKNOWN          
S4 L1 G1 UNKNOWN         Mills
S4 L1 G2 UNKNOWN          
S4 L1 G3 UNKNOWN          
S4 L1 G4 UNKNOWN          
S8 LG15 G7 UPDIKE Colie   14 Nov 1966    
S8 LG15 G9 UPDIKE Inez   16 Aug 1982    
S8 LG15 G8 UPDIKE Lida   2 Aug 1969    
S8 LG15 G4 UPDYKE Amanda 1881 1903    
S4 L13 G5 UPDYKE Anson 9 Apr 1876 2 Mar 1900    
S5 L14 G7 UPDYKE Frannie       wife of Waldo
S5 L14 G5 UPDYKE H. Mariah 1840 1926   wife of Melvin
S8 LG15 G5 UPDYKE Herman 1845 1914    
S6 L11a G2 UPDYKE Infant        
S8 LG15 G6 UPDYKE Julia 1852     wife of Herman
S6 L11a G1 UPDYKE Leola   1 Aug 1986    
S6 L11a G3 UPDYKE Loren        
S8 LG6 G1 UPDYKE Marinda 16 Jun 1849 22 Jun 1910   wife of Waldo
S5 L14 G6 UPDYKE Melvin 1837 1916    
S6 L11a G4 UPDYKE Susie        
S5 L14 G8 UPDYKE Waldo        
S8 LG6 G2 UPDYKE Waldo W. 3 Dec 1841 28 Apr 1907    
S9 LI3 G1 VAN NESS Alden   Jun 1987   Infant son of Carl (at foot of Myrtle's Grave)
S2 L7 G2 VAN NESS Catherine 15 Dec 1798 11 Nov 1891   wife of Henry P.
S9 LI3 G4 VAN NESS Earl J. 1917 4 Sep 1984  
S2 L7 G4 VAN NESS George 12 Nov 1822 29 Mar 1905    
S2 L7 G3 VAN NESS Henry P. 23 Nov 1797 2 Dec 1880    
S9 LI3 G2 VAN NESS Jay N. 1891 1975    
S9 LI3 G1 VAN NESS Myrtle 1898 1944   wife of Jay N.
S2 L7 G1 VAN NESS Susannah   30 Dec 1884 66yr 9mo 2da dau of H.P. & Catherine
S9 LI3 G3 VAN NESS William H. 1925 26 Nov 1978  
REYNOLDS G3 VAN NESS William H.   1831 1yr son of Henry & Cath.
S7 L14b G4 VAN NOCKEN Linda        
S7 L14b G3 VAN NOCKEN Moses        
S5 L5 G4 VAN ZANDT Carrie 1869 1969    
S5 L5 G3 VAN ZANDT Garrett 1874 1956    
S5 L1 G2 VANCE Emma       wife of John
S5 L1 G1 VANCE John        
S12 L15 G2 VANDELINDER Bernice Rae 1893 1987  
S12 L15 G3 VANDELINDER Helen C. 1925 26 May 1998  
S12 L15 G1 VANDELINDER John W. 1898 1974    
S1ex L1 G1 VANDERS Clara A. 1885 1958    
S4 L13 G6 VANZILE Clara B. 1881 1930   wife of James 38886
S4 L13 G8 VANZILE Florence E. 6 Nov 1911 26 Aug 1997   wife of Raymon 38776
S4 L13 G7 VANZILE James B. 1880 1962     38885
S4 L2 G1 VEDDER Jacob D. 27 Dec 1809 7 Jun 1894    
S4 L2 G2 VEDDER Lydia 29 Dec 1811 7 Nov 1892   wife of Jacob
S6 L8b G3 VICKERS Emily M. Benson 1847 1932   Benson is alias from earlier marriage - own surname not known  13583
S7 L4a G2 WALKER Emma J. 1854 1914    
S7 L4a G1 WALKER Hugh 1848 1903   Co.D.76th.Pa.Vol.
S10 L15 G1 WALKER W. D. 1887 1935   Reverend (See Memories of Will Walker)
S8 LH4 G3 WARNER Doris Louise 1913 1919    
S8 LH4 G2 WARNER Gary R. 1950 1975    
S8 LH4 G5 WARNER Harry 1881 1948    
S8 LH4 G1 WARNER Jacqueline E. 1939 1972    
S8 LH4 G6 WARNER Maude E. 1878 1960    
S5 L2a G3 WATKINS Almon 19 Sep 1839      
S8 Lin19a G2 WATKINS Diantha M. Smith 1837 1913   wife of Jason
S10 L21A G3 WATKINS Dorothy Bailey 1912 1988   "Mother"
S8 Lin19a G1 WATKINS Jason A. 1835 1914    
S5 L2a G4 WATKINS Loretta M. 19 Sep 1841 5 Oct 1898    
S4 L17 G2 WATKINS Louis   22 Oct 1883 31yr  
S4 L17 G3 WATKINS Ross G. 1882 1943  
WATSON G10 WATSON Clarina 11 Apr 1834 19 Oct 1907   wife of Daniel
WATSON G7 WATSON D.E. 1878 1964    
WATSON G11 WATSON Damie   12 May 1877 5yr 9mo 21da son of Daniel & Clarina
WATSON G9 WATSON Daniel 10 Jan 1824 5 Mar 1889    
WATSON G2 WATSON Enos   23 Mar 1813 25yr 1mo 1da son of John & Saphronia
WATSON G12 WATSON Ernest D.   26 May 1877 10yr 1mo 10da son of Daniel & Clarina
WATSON G13 WATSON Jay E.   5 Jun 1877 18yr 2mo 16da son of Daniel & Clarina
S2 L8 G5 WATSON Libbie 10 Apr 1853 16 Feb 1891 wife of David C.
WATSON G8 WATSON Lucinda A.   10 Apr 1851 23yr 5mo wife of Daniel
WATSON G6 WATSON Nellie A.     89yr wife of D.E.
WATSON G14 WATSON  Ida R. 1854 1914    
S8 LH16a G2 WEBSTER Ahava 1864 1934    
S9 LH19 G3 WEBSTER Anna       wife of Azor
S9 LH19 G2 WEBSTER Azor R. 1899 1974    
S9 LH19 G5 WEBSTER Bert R. 1861 1931    
S2 L9 G2 WEBSTER Bertha 1872 1943   wife of Fred
S2 L9 G1 WEBSTER Fred E. 1865 1953    
S8 LH16a G1 WEBSTER Horace F. 26 Nov 1859 2 May 1905   M.D.
S8 LH16a G3 WEBSTER Infant        
S2 L8 G1 WEBSTER Joel 11 Feb 1819 23 Sep 1894    
S9 LH19 G1 WEBSTER Laura E. 1902 1929 See Note Below
S9 LH12A G3 WEBSTER Lorinda E. 1871 1955   wife of Myron L.
S9 LH19 G4 WEBSTER Maude   2 Jul 1979  
S9 LH12A G4 WEBSTER Myron L. 1855 1938    
S2 L8 G2 WEBSTER Nancy J. 17 Aug 1827 11 Jan 1905   wife of Joel
S9 LH19 G6 WEBSTER Nora B. 1871 1944   wife of Bert
Subj:  Family Tree
Date:  08/20/2003 7:56:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:  Christmas59Bab
To:  JoyceTice

Joyce In the Watson Cemetery Burial Records you have a Anna being Azor R. Webster Wife..I have this picture and a Marriage License that he married a Laura E. Watkins..This is my Grandfathers brother and wife..Sent this picture as proof..
                                           Shari( Webster)Wodzinski

Published on Tri-Counties 02 NOV 1998