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31 DEC 2002 Happy New Year
The State of the Site Message - A Review of our 2002 Progress and Development
Chemung County Newspapers - History
PICO Search Engine Reindexed with 8110 Pages on Tri-Counties site
30 DEC 2002 Salute to Hibbards (Hibbards Hardware, Horseheads)
History of the Grange
Indian Trails in Chemung County
Jewelers in Mansfield
29 DEC 2002 1879 Four County History - Chapter 55 - Town of Southport
Erin & The Chemung County Irish
1789 Famine
Clippings Page 189 - Steele Library Scrapbook - Part C -1
Clippings Page 190 - Steele Library Scrapbook - Part C -2
Tioga County Birth Records 1893 - 1901 B entries - over 1300 new records
1899 Will of Charles T. Hill of Millport
Wills of Wells Township Residents filed in Bradford County 1812 - 1874
Wills Filed in Tioga County NY by Residents of (later) Chemung County
Veterans of War of 1812 in Tioga County PA
Advertisers in the Mansfield Advertiser 1911
1892 First Night Football EVER held in Mansfield PA
25 DEC 2002 Merry Christmas from Joyce, Enki and Sullivan - We're Snowed IN.
1902 Clippings From Troy Register (Covers many MORE areas than Troy) (Columns for 12 Neighborhoods in 7 Townships)
1904 Clippings from Troy Register (Columns for 14 Townships - Over 29 Neighborhoods)
24 DEC 2002 New Reading of Old Section of Park Cemetery, Canton (2001)
Ansonia Cemetery (2002)
23 DEC 2002 1911 Canton Souvenir Booklet and Directory
Underground Railroad
The Chemung County Fair
Construction Photos on the P. B. & E Railroad (The Railroad That Never Ran)
22 DEC 2002 Early Schools in Chemung County
Old Gardens
Covered Bridges
Early Industry in Chemung County
Early Settlers of Horseheads
Fact or Fiction
A Short History of Sayre
1886 Dedication of the Magee Monument at Wellsboro
1879 History - Chemung County - Chapter 45 - Ecclesiastical History
Farming a Hundred Years Ago
The Neighborhood Baker
History of the Williamson Road 1792-97
History of the Mansfield Methodist Church
20 DEC 2002 Extremes
Beecher Babies
History of Mansfield Borough 1857-1957 - The Centennial Book - All Thirteen Chapters
1876 The Centennial Celebration in Elmira
1897 Tioga County History - Chapter 42 - Tioga Township
19 DEC 2002 Simonson - Horton Bible Records
The Days of the Trolley Car
The Watering Trough
1890 Elliott Address at the Normal School
18 DEC 2002 Hotel Packard - Canton - 1911 Directory Ad added to page
Park Hotel - Canton - 1911 Directory Ad added to page
17 DEC 2002 [Origin of Phrases and] Words We Use
16 DEC 2002 New York State Reformatory at Elmira
The Canals in Chemung County
History of US Route 6
200th Anniversary of Williamson Road
15 DEC 2002 1907 Armenia Township Directory
The Trades Our People Followed - Article
Tioga County History 1897 - Chapter 43 Tioga Borough
Sharron's Death Certificate Abstracts - Chemung County Irish
14 DEC 2002 Comfort Cemetery, Columbia Township
Guardianship of children of Jesse Hancock of Pike Township
E. H. Dewey Store, Sylvania - 1870 era Receipts
Horseheads by Helen M. Samson
13 DEC 2002 Heverly - Pioneers & Patriots, Vol. 2, pp 171-189
Volunteer Help Wanted - Check List of Projects in Process or Pending that YOU Can Chip In On..
12 DEC 2002 Today at Joyce's
11 DEC 2002 Saunders-Wolcott Descendants
1887 Brown Schoolhouse, West Warren
1911 Students at Soldiers' Orphans School from Bradford & Tioga Counties
10 DEC 2002 Anna Greatsinger - Ezekiel Rhoades Family
09 DEC 2002 Bradford County Death Records 1893-1901 A
08 DEC 2002 The Cowanesque Indian Trail - article by Chester P. Bailey
Carousel Finds New Home - article by Chester P. Bailey
The Oregon Colony - 1870s Methodist Migrants from Mansfield area to Hood River
Historical Marker - Corning-Blossburg Railroad
Mann's Field - A brief history of Mansfield
Tioga County Bicentennial
Humor - New Guest Photo added to the bottom of my Sept. 2000 PT Cruiser Page
1880 Census - Liberty Township
07 DEC 2002 It's Carlton Wolfe Day at Tri-Counties. Carlton has just sent in the final submission of a FOUR YEAR project transcribing the 1880 census for ALL THREE of our counties. Send him a special thanks at Most are already on the site and the remainder will be on the site when I catch up with him. His work has been used by thousands of people. Three Cheers for Carlton.
1880 Census - Borough of Knoxville
06 DEC 2002 Marietta CLOSE & Elias CLARK of Deerfield
05 DEC 2002 Austin-Cox Post - 100th Anniversary of Capture of Mansfield Civil War Company
82 S. Main St., Mansfield PA - History
04 DEC 2002 Heverly - Pioneers & Patriots, Vol. 2, pp 153-170
03 DEC 2002 1906 Death Certificate of Lloyd R. Huyler of Westfield
Yes, you too can transcribe death certificates for the site. The format used by this contributor is a good one to follow. A picture of the person or tombstone would be a good accompanying illustration (HIGH Resolution JPG format only)
02 DEC 2002 1906 - The Ill Starred Railroad that Never Ran.
Yikes, I really did add 44 pages to the site yesterday and the pain in the back of my neck tells me it's true.
I reindexed the search engine to include them
01 DEC 2002 Oakwood Methodist Episcopal Church, 1929-1930 Directory - Elmira Heights NY
Millerton M.E. Church Records
Armenia Baptist Church Old Home Days Records, Ladies Aid records, etc.
Armenia Wesleyan Church
St. John's Protestant Episcopal Church Baptisms 1843-1886, Lawrenceville
Maple Grove Cemetery Office Records pp 36-42 added
Maple Grove Cemetery Tombstone Readings - Section A Added
1810 Census Smithfield, Lycoming County PA (Predecessor of Several Bradford County Townships)
1880 Census, Shippen Township
1880 Census Town of Catlin
1880 Census Ward Township
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