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01 AUGUST 2002 to 30 SEPTEMBER 2002
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
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August Introduction- Hi All Tri-County Friends, Most of you know that for the past year and a half, since my parents went into the nursing home, I have been living half a week at my NY house where I have been 25 years, and half at the PA house that has been in the family since 1917. A week or so ago I casually mentioned to a NY neighbor that I'd be selling that house in a YEAR or TWO. Well, talk about grape-vine. To make a long story short, within a 48 hour period I had a signed contract on the house from people who really want it whether it is for sale or not. It is in their neighborhood, next to two of their children and her sister. They  have just sold their larger house and need a smaller one, and they do not want to leave the township. They want it as is, no repairs, no painting, no hassle. I just have to get out in 60 days. My head is swimming, to say the least. It is too good an opportunity to turn down even though the timing is bad. BTW, even though my NY house in almost a hundred miles from my Sullivan Township house, the woman buying it has Sullivan Township ancestry. She and her family are already in my 75,000 person database of Sullivan Township Descendants.

So, for the next two months I'll be pretty well consumed trying to get a household full of stuff, including a 4,000 volume library, into a house that was never moved out of in the first place. At least I have a two story empty barn for temporary storage until I have the chance to build an office/library extension. This will be primarily a simplification of things, but adds a few complications as well, at least short term.  SO, to you this means fewer new pages on the site for that period. I'll do what I can, but both my mental capacity and my time are consumed. All offers of local help will be appreciated. If you have a truck, I can fill it.

I had intended to set August as Birthday Month at Tri-Counties. We all have a birthday this month. The PT Cruiser is TWO. Both the cat, Sullivan, and the Tri-Counties Site itself, are SIX years old. Can you imagine - six years this site has been growing. Enki the dog is THIRTEEN. And, I will be considerably older than all of them combined. But, with the move we will have to put that off for another year. Next year we'll celebrate the site's longevity.

There will be new pages as I can manage, but site development will have to slow during this period. With almost 7500 pages on the site, I can guarantee you, there are wonderful things already here that you have not had time to read. Make this your catch up month.

September 01 Update on the Move - So far I have packed 111 boxes of books, and the end of that task is in sight. The movers (Yes, Dimon & Bacorn) will pick up the big stuff on the 17th and I WILL survive this and get back to my life in a month or so. It will probably take the better part of a year before I find everything again. Joyce
Date New Page
11 OCT 2002 Archives Week Open House at Chemung County Historical Society 4-7
Don't miss this event if you are local
02 OCT 2002 Covington Borough 1897
Hillcrest Cemetery, New Albany
01 OCT 2002 LAST load of STUFF out of NY - PA house a shambles of boxes and chaos
7520 Pages on Site
28 SEP 2002 Tioga County Post Offices Updated (Important source of locations of villages & hamlets)
25 SEP 2002 Tired of Moving, Joyce's Spare tire escapes and has an adventure.
19 SEP 2002 Joyce's STUFF arrives in PA
18 SEP 2002 1897 History - Mansfield Borough
A Keen Family Bible
17 SEP 2002 Movers take Joyce's furniture from NY house
11 SEP 2002 Remember our 2800 world citizens lost a year ago and their loved ones still grieving their loss
09 SEP 2002 Robbins-Packard Family of Covington
08 SEP 2002 Query Pages Updated
06 SEP 2002 Rosebell YORK & Edgar JONES of Sullivan
Burrittt - Shattuck Bible with Addendum
Home is Where the Podocarpus Is
02 SEP 2002 1885 Effie HAVEN and Samuel Egbert JUDSON marry in Mainesburg
01 SEP 2002 Photo M. E. Church of Charleston (Now Gone)
Valley Home Cemetery 2002
Tri-County Pico Search Engine Reindexed with 7501 pages on site
31 AUG 2002 1953 Pine Valley School Photo (Added to 1999 Photo page)
Ballibay Cemetery 2002
Maple Grove Cemetery Office Records (Pages 29 to 35) Another 1000 burials
Krusen Cemetery - 2002 Adjustments to 1970 List
Potter Brook Cemetery 2002
Old Methodist Church, West Burlington 1822
29 AUG 2002 1897 Tioga County History - Chapter 64 - Biographical Sketches
26 AUG 2002 1826 Letters of Administration - VanCampen of Chemung
25 AUG 2002 Decker - King Family Bible
Descendants of William Matchew & Mary
1911 Hendy Creek School
1930 Hendy Creek School
1935 Hendy Creek School
1924-1975 Cold Book Park School History
1935 New Era School
1946 Elk Run School - Graduates
18 AUG 2002 1934 Mailing List for Larcom Reunion
16 AUG 2002 Updated Listing for Town Historians of Chemung County
Larcom Family Reunion Notes 1899 - 1935 
15 AUG 2002 Peters - Morse Family Bible
Pierce - Burgess Family Bible
13 AUG 2002 Scrapbook Clippings Page 182
11 AUG 2002 York Family Reunion Notes 1932 - 1936
Brewer - Schofield Bible & History
The Bennitts of Erin - A Letter
1890 - Route of Lee Circus
10 AUG 2002 1864 Letter of Cynthia Lodeska to her husband Henry Roberts - Union Township
06 AUG 2002 Burritt - Shattuck Family Bible
05 AUG 2002 Jackson Township History 1897
1885 - 1910 Alumni of Horseheads High School
04 AUG 2002 New Era Cemetery, Terry Township
August starts with 7453 pages on site

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By Joyce M. Tice

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