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This listing includes additions to the site - newest items first. Also, pages that have been significantly modified will be included. 
Date What's New
Swan - Fellows Bible (Needs to be transcribed - sent as JPG images)
Moore Family Bible
31 MAY 2002 PICO Search Engine reindexed - 7056 pages on Tri-County Site
The Bible - Diary Special Drive this month yielded 62 new submissions for the site - This is terrific!! Good for you. Keep them coming even though this special drive ends today. Don't stop now. We now have over 185 Bible records on this site. Three Cheers for the contributors who made this possible.
31 MAY 2002 Custar - Cole Bible
Ballard - Taylor Family Bible
Wilson - Rockwell Bible
30 MAY 2002  Wheeler - Smith Bible
Kiff - Case Bible
29 MAY 2002 Oscaluwa Engine & Hose Company, Troy PA - History
Bullock - Sweet Bible
Millious - Paris Family Records
28 MAY 2002 Goff, Fox, Dimock, Braund, Stine Bible
C. Stanton - B. Rockwell Bible
Burritt - Strait Bible
27 MAY 2002 Zimmerman - Zitter - Hoose Bible
Fuller - Rymer Bible and Diary Extracts
Memorial Day Observed
26 MAY 2002 Mallory - Rundle Bible (2)
Wood Family Bible 
Mallory - Coleman Bible
25 MAY 2002 We have 44 Bible - Diary - Letter submissions so far this month- How high can we get this? Do you have an addition?
24 MAY 2002 Bradford County Birth Records 1893 - 1901 [Added O - P - Q - R]
1937 Diary of Hazel FORREST Pease of Big Flats
1901 Excerpts from Diary of Burt Strange - Gravedigger
1902 Excerpts From Diary of Burt Strange - Gravedigger
1903 Excerpts From Diary of Burt Strange - Gravedigger
1904 Excerpts From Diary of Burt Strange - Gravedigger
1905 Excerpts From Diary of Burt Strange - Gravedigger
Query Pages Updated
23 MAY 2002 McClure - Wright Bible
May Snow - Historical Context {BTW - Today is HOT!!}
22 MAY 2002 Bell - Hankinson Bible
Lemyra A Holcomb Letter to Brother
Briggs - Jewell Bible (This is No. 35 of New Submissions for the Bible / Diary /Letter Drive this month)
21 MAY 2002 Brigden - DeLand Bible
Francke - Grosskopff Prayer Book
1879 - James Strange of Barclay - Coal Miner's Diary
1870 Census - Tuscarora Township
20 MAY 2002 Wilson - Burton Bible
Snow, Snow Go Away. It's really much too late in May. [Just stop it - alright?]
How to Get the Most from your Hardware and Software
19 MAY 2002 Boyden - Calvin Bible
Wylie - McLeod Bible
Howland - Gilbert Bible
1878 Diary - Fanny Gerould of East Smithfield
1881 Diary - Fanny Gerould of East Smithfield
1835-38 Chester C. Wage account of trip on "Old Ironsides"
1872 Royal Gould letter to his sister Harriet
1870s-1920s - Extracts from Diaries of Nelson Welch of Sullivan
Hart - Purvis - Brown Bible Records
Roblyer - Sanford - Gates - Wood Bible Records
I've Been going through my files and digging out Bible records for this month's special project. 
Have you ?
Klinger - Dewey Bible Records
Hannah SMITH - Burr WOOD Bible
Emma WOOD - Horace JOHNS Bible
18 MAY  2002 You Gotta Know the Territory - Genealogy, Geography, and Logic - Article by Joyce M. Tice
No lawn mowing today. The snow is too deep.
Vermilyea - Whipple Bible  (Grover, Canton)
Willson - Predmore Bible
17 MAY 2002 Lamkin Bible
Hodges - Shearman Bible (Sullivan)
Palmer - Smith Bible (Sullivan)
16 MAY 2002 Sturgis - Fuller - Dewey Bible (Ridgebury)
13 MAY 2002 Shaw - Holcomb Bible
11 MAY 2002 Fanning - Spaulding Bible
07 MAY 2002 1900 Athens Township Directory (Athens Borough will come later)
05 MAY 2002 1908 Terry Township Directory
1908 Wyalusing Borough Directory
1908 Wyalusing Township Directory
04 MAY 2002 Wilson, Weiskopf, Moon, Zaner Family records
Graves - Campbell Records
Squires - York Bible
Descendants of Judson Squires, Permelia York, Huldah, and Catherine
02 MAY 2002 Tips and Procedures for Cemetery Readings in Tri-Counties
Diary (Family History) of the Rufus Rockwell , Mary Alvord Family
01 MAY 2002 May is My Ancestral Bible Record Month at Tri-Counties - Submit to My Ancestral Diary & Bible Records 
Bible Records of Chemung, Bradford, and Tioga Counties
Diaries and Letters of Chemung, Bradford, and Tioga Counties
Williams  - Case Family Bible
Kratzer - Allen Family Bible
Stanton - Blow Family Bible
S. Stanton - H. Rockwell Family Bible
Smith - Nichols Family Bible
Rockwell - Alvord Family Bible
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