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This listing includes additions to the site - newest items first. Also, pages that have been significantly modified will be included. 
It's Legal Documents Month at Tri-Counties. Dig through your folders,get out the wills, deeds, etc, and type them up for the rest of us. You can type them into your email or send as an attached Word file. No fancy formatting, just plain and simple typing needed. Thanks for participating in making the site grow for the benefit of yourself, other researchers, and most of all for the memory of our predecessors.
Date What's New
30 JUN 2002 One year ago, the site had  5600 pages. Today we have 7189
133 pages added this month and 1600 in the past twelve month period - average of 4.5 new pages per day.
Yikes!!. That takes a lot of busy people. Thanks to all of you helper folks who help me make this possible.
Our new pages this month include over 60 legal documents sent in response to this month's special drive as well as eight new Bible record transcriptions sent in response to last month's special drive. Keep them coming, special drive or not.
*****Baptist Church in Sullivan divided following Civil War over slavery issue.
Church records of Regular Independent Baptist Church of Sullivan given public exposure for first time ever.
This is an important piece of history seeing the light of day for the first time in 130 years.
At least read the first paragraph addressed to Future Generations - That's us!
29 JUN 2002 South Creek Sesquicentennial 1838 - 1983 (Entire Book) - Working on it
28 JUN 2002 Fellows - Backer Bible
Carpenter Bible Records
Ayers - Collins Family Bible
Taylor Family Bible
1884 Civil War Pension Records - Van Orman 1
1877 Civil War Pension Records - Van Orman 2
1887 Albert Newell Pension Records
1878 Henry Newell Pension Records
1890 Cevilius Berry Pension
1860 Indenture Harry & Amanda Bailey & A. J. Drake
1862 Indenture John McKean & Andrew J. Drake
1884 - Will & Testament of Julius Bailey
1892 Will of Elijah Phillips of Shippen
1855 Wills of Caleb Williams and Johnson Williams of Troy
1867 Will of Jere Adams of Waverly NY
1906 Will of Joel Adams of Troy
1853 Will of Thomas Parsons of Troy
1851 Will of Lucretia "Kent" of Springfield
1839 Will of Ezekehel Burt of Springfield
1817/1835 Will & Probate of Aaron Case of Springfield
1849 Will of William Grace of Springfield
1859 Will of Charles Phillips of Springfield
1890 Will of Martin Phillips of Springfield
Date What's New
27 JUN 2002 "Downtown" Windfall - Turn of Century
New Postcard added to Granville Township Page
Three Articles added from Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd 1985 work
24 JUN 2002 1910 Standing Stone Census
23 JUN 2002 Judd -Oakley Family Bible
22 JUN 2002 Tioga County Farm Death Records 1868 - 1895
21 JUN 2002 1889 Daniel Newell Pension Papers
PICO Search Engine Reindexed for all 7142 pages
20 JUN 2002 1910 Will of William Lloyd
Civil War Pension Papers of Reuben G. Simmons
1934 Deed of Ellsworth Pease of Big Flats (Harris Hill)
Tioga County Marriage, Birth, Death  Records 1852 - 1853 -1854 -1855
Abstracts of Tioga County Wills (Docket A)
Frost - Vandemark Bible
18 JUN 2002  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Westfield - 
Cemetery Reading to Be Conducted. Contact Betty Cary if you want to help
17 JUN 2002 Riverview Cemetery at Potter Brook 2002 Reading
Bethel Cemetery in Sullivan County bordering Overton
German Cemetery in Sullivan County bordering Overton
North Union Cemetery (2001/2002 List)
Station Road Cemetery, Lawrence Township
Dutch Hill Cemetery
1970s Article about Glenwood Cemetery
1879 - George BOURNE Diary Extracts
1921 Matson School in Delmar
16 JUN 2002 1908 McInroy School - Charleston
Hotel Bloss, Blossburg PA
Seymour House, Blossburg PA
1893 Will of Solomon Morse of Troy
1905 Will of Marietta RUGGLES Morse of Troy
15 JUN 2002 1821 Deed Mitchell to Inscho
1820 Letters of Administration Estate of Obadiah Inscho
1849 Deed - Benjamin Bentley to Richard Mitchell
1853 Deed - Henry Dent to Richard Inscho
1869 Deed - Henry Dent to Richard Inscho
1870 Deed - Richard Inscho to Mahala Hughes
1881 Pension Papers of William Newell
1827 Indenture Doane to Burgess of Windham
14 JUN 2002 The "Min Fethers House" at Elk Runin Sullivan Township 1902 and 1995
The Lafayette Gray - Amanda Haven House at Gray Valley in Sullivan Township
13 JUN 2002 1882 Will of Joel Adams of Lawrenceville
1893 Will of Edwin Sweetland of Lawrenceville
1920 Will of Charlotte ADAMS "Merchant" of Lawrenceville
1894 Deed - James Gorham to Mary "Gorham"
1890 Will  of Judson Sturdevant of Tuscarora
1822 Deed - Uriah Spencer to John Inscho
12 JUN 2002 Alexander Family Bible
1876 Deed - Beardsley - Gorham
Civil War pension papers of William A Gavett
Charles Hoose military papers
1864 Deed - Johnson & Shirner of Wells
Mary Amanda MOORE "York" of Sullivan 1841 - 1910
Estella PAGE & Bird YORK 50th Annniversary Photo added to earlier page
A. F. of L. Tombstone Insignia NEW in the Flagholder Section
P.O.S. of A. Medallions in Flagholder Section
Covington Church of Christ
Wellsburg Baptist Church Records 1789 to 1833 (this is a BIG one)
1890s - York Homestead in Sullivan Township
10 JUN 2002 1847 Zina Beeman Will
1861 Indenture Between Gorham and Beeman
Alpheus Crawford Pension Papers
09 JUN 2002 1907 The York Children of Sullivan
07 JUN 2002 1877 Will of Joseph Hughes
1887 Will of Sarah Hughes
1879 Will of David G. Edwards
1879 Will of Benjamin Hughes
1851 Will of David Edwards
1882 Deed Amaziah & S. M. Gillett to Nelson Gillett
1828 Indenture BT Vincent Le Ray de Chaumont and Zina Beeman
1827 Will of Joseph Gamble
1857 Will of Joseph Morrow
1842 Will of William Nesbitt
1804 Estate Notice - Benjamin Crawford
1905 Deed Shirner and Canfield
06 JUN 2002 1893 Snowplow Photos at Canton NCRR Station
05 JUN 2002 The Family of Lydia Jane DEWEY & Richard Franklin ASHLEY of Sullivan
1866 Photos and family history from SRGP database
04 JUN 2002 Golden Jubilee of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain
03 JUN 2002 VanHart Bible Records
02 JUN 2002 Then and Now - Mansfield's Opera House and Borough Hall
Comparative Photos 1908 -2002
Then and Now - Mansfield's Little Tavern and Condensary and the BiLoGrocery
01 June 2002 June is Legal Documents Month at Tri-Counties - Submit to 
Tri County Wills, Deeds, Pension Papers, Etc.
I count 130 Pages of Legal Documents as the month starts. 
Let's see how many we can add this month - Start Transcribing!
If you have them, We want them.!
1850 Pension Papers of Bridget HUBBARD Burnham of Armenia
1907 Will of Abram Rowe of Millport
1890 Will of Eunice WADE Beardslee
Allen's Business College - Classroom Postcard added to page
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