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Tioga County, Pennsylvania Records

Helpful Genealogical Data Abstracted From Docket Books A B C

1804 - 1880

With the exception of a few Typographical errors copied ver batim

Tioga County Docket Book
Abstracts of Wills and Administration
1976 Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd and others
Retyped for Tri-Counties by Nicole Parker
No. Surname First Name Death Date Probate Date Township Names
p.1 Herman John Nov. 18,1878 at 8 p.m. Jan. 22,1879 Union Wife - Hannah Harmon Sons - William, Henry, and James Harmon Grandson - James Harmon Exec. - James Herman. Wit. - J.E. Cleaveland, David Irvin, B.F. Irvin. * note - different spelling *
p.2 Amell Thomas E. Nov. 08,1875 Jan. 27,1879 Rutland Died Southport, Chemung County, N.Y., November 08,1875 Adm. - widow - Susan C. Amell.
p.2 Hughes Joseph Nov. 19,1877 Feb. 15,1879 Liberty Exec. - Wife - Sarah Hughes. Wit. - David G. Edwards, John Gutsell and John Messner.
p.3 Cole William   March 03,1879 Delmar Adm. - widow - Elizabeth Cole. Wm. Cole drowned in Pine Creek Sept. 09,1878. Bonds - Jacob Cole, M.N. Davis.
p.4 Thorp Mary Aug. 07,1878 March 11,1879 Wellsboro Adm. - Wm. Bache
p.4 Trowbridge John C. Feb. 14,1879 March 12,1879 Clymer Died at home of John Maynard, Elk Twp. Died Feb. 14,1879 at 8 A.M. Adm. - Carrie E. Trowbridge, widow.
p.5 Schimpf John Nicholas Feb. 14,1879 at 8 a.m. March 15,1879 Charleston Exec. - Leopold Schimpf, son. Wit. - Chas. L. Siemans, M.F. Elliott.
p.6 Smith Silas Oct. 06,1876 at 12 p.m. March 17,1879 Covington Adm. - Peter Van Ness of Mansfield Twp. Widow mentioned, but not named.
p.6 Potter Henry H.   March 29,1879 Middlebury Wife - Melinda Potter Sons - Alanson C, Jerome G., George W., Albert W., Benjamin A. and Howard H. of Barabor, Wisc. Daughters - Jane, wife of A.H. Mcclean, Delia, wife of A.C. Cole, Harriet, wife of Wm. H. Currier of Shaker Village, N.H., Julia, wife of L.A. Potter of Manlins, N.Y. and Alice Potter. Exec. - Wife - Melinda Potter & David L. aiken Wit. - Thomas Kenney, Joel M. Palmer. 1886 - Oldest son - Jerome G. appointed to complete accounts. 
p.8 Gridley William H.   April 03,1879   Minor child of ------------ Guardian - James Kelley.
p.8 Stewart William Feb. 18,1879 April 16,1879 Blossburg Adm. - Orilla Stewart - widow.
p.9 Kolb E. G. March 30,1879 April 17,1879 Lawrenceville Adm. - Fanny M. Kolb - widow.
p.10 Place Ann Jane   April 28,1879   Minor child of Ambrose Place, late of Farmington Twp. Guardian - J.G. McCallum.
p.10 Hough Harriet and Charolette   April 01,1879   Minor children of Emerson Hough, late of Steuben County, N.Y. Guardian - Truman Crandall.
p.10 Seaman Gardner   April 30,1879 Richmond Son - Orrin H. ( only one surviving, son, Samuel P. dec'd.) Daughter - Jane, wife of D.M. Shaw. Children of son, Samuel P, dec'd. Children of son, Gilbert, dec'd. Children of daughter Sarah H. Brock, dec'd. Exec. - Orren K. Seaman, S.B. Kelsey, Edw. A. Fish. Wit. - Geo. O. Derby, Hiram D. Deming.
p.12 Seelye George   May 05,1879 Richmond Wife - Emily Seelye Grandson - Allen G. Seely, son of son, Chas. E. Seelye Wit. - Henry Allen, W.E. Adams.
p.13 Allen Charles B. April 02,1879 May 10,1879 Delmar Killed by a tree, April 02, 1879 Adm. - Anna Allen, widow. Sureties - Robert Rowland, John Karr.
p.13 Button Henry H. May 27,1878 at 5 a.m. May 13,1879 Delmar Adm. - Electa J. Button, widow. Bonds - Sidney M. Powlison, C.P. Grinnell.
p.14 Elliott William May 27,1878 at 11:30 a.m. May 16,1879 Farmington Adm. - Edgar D. Fish
p.14 Lockwood Josephua May 09,1879 June 02,1879 Chatham Died in the woods, May 09,1879. Adm. - Almina Lockwood, widow. Bonds - Almira Lockwood, Reuben Close, M.V. Purple.
p.15 Walker Abram May 18,1879 at 1 a.m. June 07,1879 Charleston Adm. - Esther Walker, widow. Bonds - Darwin Thompson, Geo. Green, Wm. roberts.
p.15 Johnson Maryette May 13,1879 June 21,1879 Delmar Adm. - Abram Johnson Bonds - J.B. Wilcox, Calvin Dibble
p.16 Shephard Melissa J. June 11,1879 at 12:20 p.m. July 01,1879 Mansfield Adm. - N.A. Elliott. Died at home of Chas. N. Shephard.
p.16 Berry Thomas J. June 28,1879 July 07,1879 Tioga Adm. - F.A.D. Berry, widow.
p.17 Sheive Jordan   July 09,1879 Jackson Widow - Henrietta Sheive. Adm. - Charles Sheive, Son.
p.17 O'Brion Daniel July 11,1879 July 15,1879 Covington Wife - Mary O'Brion Sons - Michael and John O'Brion Daughters - Julia O'Brion, Mary, wife of Barney O'Harrington. Exec. - Matthew Skelly Wit. - Walter and Henry Sherwood.
p.19 Conlon James   July 15,1879 Blossburg Died in New York City, November 1878 Wife - Mary Conlon Exec. - James Guron, J.J. Mc Carty.
p.20 Rich Charles   July 30,1879   Minor son of Lydia Rich of Tioga County. Guardian - Sylvester Treat.
p.20 Everitt Jesse Feb. 01,1875 at 3:10 p.m. July 31,1879 Deerfield Adm. - Noah Everitt, J.D. Everitt.
p.21 Trull Robert Aug. 08,1879 at 7:50 a.m. Aug.12,1879 Wellsboro Wife - Sarah A. Trull Sons - William R. and Samuel W. Trull Exec. - Robert Kelsey Wit. - John & Sarah Harkness, G.W. Merrick
p.22 Comfort Truman G.   Aug. 16,1879 Richmond Widow - Betsey Comfort Adm. - Peter Van Ness
p.22 Moore David R. April 16,1879 Aug. 25,1879 Jackson Widow - Lucy M. Moore Adm. - Timothy S. Pratt.
p.23 Maynard Sarah M. Jan. 08,1879 at 4 p.m. Aug. 25,1879 Elk Exec. and heir - Stepson - George Maynard. Wit. - R.G. Maynard, J.C. Trowbridge.
p.24 Hastings F.C. Aug. 30,1879 Sept. 03,1879 Wellsboro Adm. - E.H. Hastings, brother.
p.24 Cleaveland Benjamin Sept. 03,1879 Sept. 08,1879 Richmond To be buried in the Frost Settlement. Wife - Emily Cleaveland Son - Ora L. Cleaveland of Co.B 101st Reg., whose pension came to Benj. and is saved. Sons - Silas, Stephen J., Norman Cleaveland. Daughters - Lutia and Martia Cleaveland, Phebe, wife of Silas Cleaveland. Exec. - S.S. Packard. Wit. - L.S. Townsend, norman Buck.
p.27 Hughs Benjamin   Sept. 25,1879 Liberty To be buried on Briar Hill Wife - Mariah Hughs - Exec. Wit. - Henry Smelhiger, Josiah Hughs, Geo. C. Lee, Henry Sinethiger, in another place.
p.28 Garner Jeremiah   Sept. 27,1879 Chatham Son - Delos Garner and Wife - Josephine. Lores Garner and his wife, Mary. Sarah F. Sensebaugh - no relation stated. Exec. - J.S. Slocum of Clymer Twp. Wit. - J.P. Abbey and Mary Abbey.
p.29 Smith William A.   Oct. 03,1879   Minor child of Wm. A. Smith, late of Delmar Twp. Guardian - Harvey R. Smith
p.30 Reed Gerden   Oct. 18,1879   Minor child of ( no name ) Guardian - Alexander Wass.
p.30 Billings Silas X. Oct. 13,1879 at 8:45 p.m. Oct. 20,1879 Gaines Adm. - Widow - Sarah M. Billings. Citation to heirs below to appear and complete. C.F. Billings, A.B. McNeil, Mary C. Dexter, Nancy C. Temple, David T. Billings, Sarah M. Billings. Bonds by Jesse Locke and Job D. locke. 1880 - Abby and husband , P.S.S. McNeil appeared. Jury of 12, called to ascertain value of lands in Gaines, Elk Twp. and in Morris Twp. and Pike Twp., in Potter county. Many thousands of acres worth over $250,000. 1882 - Laurette Johnson added to list of heirs. 
p.31 Hammond Charles Sept. 02,1879 at 1:10 p.m. Oct. 21,1879 Mansfield Daughters - Mrs. Mary B. Sherwood, Mrs. Marinda Wilson, Mrs. Hannah E. Howe. Grandsons - Charles H.Sherwood, when 21. Chas. C. Howe and Bertrand F. Howe. Adm. - F.W. Clark Wit. - Philetus R. Dorsett, Frank H. Elliott, Frank W. Clark
p.33 Focht Daniel Sept. 23,1879 at 6:45 p.m. Oct. 17,1879 Delmar Sons - Frederick D., Daniel E., Thomas Focht. Daughters - Elizabeth Moyer, Margaret Thomas, Mary Ann Buitter, Susy Callahan. Exec. - son - Thomas Focht & son in law - Wm. Moyer. Wit. - Adeline D. Wilson, Israel Stone.
p.34 Shearer Hannah Oct. 20,1879 at 6 a.m. Oct. 27,1879 Wellsboro Husband - Exec. - John H. Shearer. Son - James M. Rathbun, my house in Brooklyn, N.Y. Money owed to Dr. E.R. Eastman and A.L. Ensworth. Wit. - Thomas Allen, Margaret M. Wylie. 1882 - Margaret M. Wylie, now a Shearer.
p.36 Adams Abram   Nov. 11,1879 Middlebury Son - Henry P. Adams to care for mother and pay each of his half sisters and Martha T. --------. No exec. named. Wit. - Edwin Pratt, Martha Pratt
p.37 Clark Chad B. Oct. 19,1879 at 3 p.m. Nov. 17,1879 Chatham Wife - Mary Clark Heirs - Mary and Grant Cole, heirs of Dennis Cole and his wife, Sarah. Brothers - Elenason Clark and Amasa Clark. Exec. - M.J. Churchill and Chad P. Churchill Wit. - F.M. and Theodore Churchill.
p.38 Blanchard Charles July 11,1878 Nov. 17,1879 Lawrence Wife - Lovina Blanchard son - Oliver H. Blanchard. Daughters - Rebbeca, wife of Chester Hoyt, Califurnia, wife of Wm. Phelps, Jane Elizabeth, wife of George L. hurlburt, Emily, wife of Merritt Randolph Other - George Kepple. Lands in Farmington and Lawrence Twps. Codicil Oct. 13,1879 - added heirs - Minnie, Wm. P., Chester H. and Francis R., children of Mary Jane, present wife O.H. Blanchard. Wit. - Wm. G. Miller, Joseph Phippen, Geo. R. Harris, Geo. S. Hurlburt, Isaac M. Gillivary. Exec. - son - Oliver H. Blanchard.
p.41 Smyth H.G. Nov. 11,1879 Nov. 25,1879 Mansfield Sisters - Cordelia Smythe, Lovenia Shaler. Nephew - Rufus Shaler. Exec. - Philip Williams, P.V. Van Ness Wit. - Henry Allen, Rufus Shaler.
p.43 Champlain Robert Sept. 26,1879 Dec. 01,1879 Westfield Widow - Eliza Champlain Adm. - T.C. Sanders Bonds - Alfred D. Ashcraft, Henry Ackley
p.43 Nittrower Perry Dec. 02,1879 at 6 p.m. Dec. 15,1879 Covington Wife - Lucia Nittrower Sons and Daughters - not named. Exec. - wife - Lucia and charles Ely Wit. - R.B. Freeman, S.T. Marvin
p.45 McClelland Levi   Dec. 16,1879 No Twp. Died on or about March 17,1879 Adm. - Stephen H. Wood.
p.45 Boom Menzo Oct. 10,1879 at Danville, Pa. Dec. 17,1879 Chatham Widow - Lucy Boom, Exec.
p.46 Austin Emma M.   Dec. 21,1879   Minor child of Benjamin Austin, now Emma M Hihl. Guardian - Thos. Allen.
p.46 Newhall Ira A. Dec. 22,1879 at 3:45 Dec. 31,1879 Charleston Wife - Delana Newhall Son - William Newhall Exec. - Wife - Delana and Walter Sherwood Wit. - William McEnter, William Houcks.
p.47 Ives Ambrose Oct. 17,1879 Jan. 02,1880 Brookfield Wife - Catherine Ives Son - Timothy H. Ives Daughters - Viola and Philena Ives. Exec. - William Austin, Giles Roberts. Wit. - David B. Hunt, Calvin L. Phenix.
p.49 Dunham William Oct. 06,1879 Jan. 02,1880 Knoxville Wife - Ruby Dunham Exec. - Wife - Ruby and W.W. Dunham.
p.50 Brown C.N. March 07,1879 at 1:30 p.m. Jan. 05,1880 Wellsboro Adm. - Mary R. Hastings Husband - E.J. Brown, renounced right to adm.
p.50 Yeomans Addison and Olive   Jan. 19,1880 No Twp. Minor Children of --------- Guardian - Charles H. Ferguson.
p.50 McIntosh Andrew Dec. 20,1879 at 7 a.m. Jan. 26,1880 Covington Widow - Ida McIntosh Adm. -Henry Welsh Bonds - George Johnson, O.F. Taylor
p.51 Gross Susan Aug. 10,1879 Jan. 26,1880 Brookfield Adm. - Catherine Fuller, Daughter. Bonds - F.B. Babcock, Sidney Beach
p.31 Powell Sarah Dec. 26,1879 Jan. 26,1880 Union Died Newberry, Ohio Requests grave with stone wall around it. Heirs - Elizabeth Lewis, ----- Neals, Joseph Russell and George Russell. Exec. - Jonathon Thompson Wit. - Thos. Mulholland, Esther Mulholland, and Patrick Wynn, all Union Twp. 
p.52 Moore David R.   Jan. 27,1880 Jackson Widow - Lucy M. Moore Adm. - Timothy S. Pratt Bonds - Nathaniel and Frank Smith, Timothy S. Pratt.
p.53 Simmons William   Jan. 27,1880 Brookfield Wife - not named Daughters - Elizabeth, Mary, my baby daughter, my house in Washington, D.C. Angie and Willie, children of Willie and Ella Rose Lumandy. Exec. - Sons - Andrew and John Simmons, Randolph Leonard. Wit. - G.W. Snyder of Harrison, Pa. and Hattie Seely.
p.55 Renslow Levi H. Dec. 29,1879 at 6 p.m. Feb. 09,1880 Delmar Exec. - wife - Eliza P. Renslow Bonds - John L. Barnes, Lura Barnes, John Skelton.
p.55 Goodall Elmer A.   Feb. 09,1880 late of Louisville, Ky. Died at the Canal Government work, Louisville. Widow - Ellen D. Goodall Wit. - Thomas Goodall, E.J. Purple. 
p.56 Goodwin Charles   Feb. 14,1880 Middlebury Heirs - George H. Goodwin, Rosena Briggs, Evelyn Hays. Exec. - same as heirs. Wit. - Daniel Holiday, M.G. White.
p.57 Landon Ezra Dec. 27,1879 at 4 a.m. Feb. 26,1880 Union Wife - Nancy A. Landon, to be Exec. Wit. - Joseph G. Brooks, Wm. Spencer.
p.58 Moyer Frederick J. Dec. 18,1879 Feb. 28,1880 Delmar Widow - Lucretia Moyer Adm. - wife, Lucretia and Job W. Symonds Bonds - Wm. D. Kriner, Julius Dort.
p.59 Allen Fordyce A. Feb. 11,1880 at 8 p.m. Feb. 28,1880 Mansfield Adm. - widow - Jane M. Allen Bonds - P.V. Van Ness, V. R. Pratt, Fred A. Allen
p.59, see p.62 Wilbur Joseph Feb. 07,1880 at 6 p.m. March 05,1880 Union Wife - Nancy Wilbur Sons - William, John, Charles, and Reuben Wilbur Other heirs - maybe daughters - Ann Middaugh, Elizabeth Spencer, Minerva, wife of Wm. Wilbur. Exec. - son - Charles Wilbur Wit. - J.E. Cleveland, G.W. Terry, Henry Ayers.
p.60 Cloos Newbury Jan. 16,1880 March 05,1880 Middlebury 4 Children - Amarillas Shaff, Rhoda Kilborne, Jane Cloos, Luther Cloos. Exec. - Jane Cloos. Wit. - W.H. Peck, H.J. Shaff.
p.62 Wilbur William June 06,1880 March 13,1880 Union Exec. - widow - Minerva Wilbur Bonds - Nathan Ridge, A. M. Spencer.
p.63 Rexford Job Feb. 23,1880 April 09,1880 Harrison Twp., Potter County Died February 23, 1880 at residence in Harrison Twp., Potter, Co. Son - Emerson Rexford to support mother and have lands in Westfield Twp. Daughters - Rilla and Stella Rexford Wit. - J.W. Stevens, Dr. E.J. Shaw. 
p.66 Ackley Henry C. April 09,1880 April 12,1880 Westfield Widow - Eliza A. Ackley Adm. - Chancy Ackley and Alvin Sweazey Bonds - Chas. Decker, Hattie Decker, Maude Pride. 
p.67 Paul Carl G. April 08,1880 April 13,1880 Wellsborough A Coppersmith Sosn - William A. and Rudolph Paul Daughters - Mrs. Lena Etner and Mrs. Bertha Haigh. Exec. - son - William A. Paul Wit. - August Petit, Geo. W. Merrick 
p.67 Heyler Jacob March 27,1880 April 19,1880 Liberty Adm. - Mary Heyler, John F. Schanbacher Bonds - Gottleib Heyler, Chas. F. Veil
p.68 Woodward Mary Sophia March 25,1880 April 20,1880 Tioga Adm. - John W. Guernsey, Thos. B. Woodward Bonds - Thomas B. Francis, J. Sidney, N. Woodward.
p.28 Griffin Silas S.   April 22,1880 Clymer Wife - Susanna Sons - Silas Alvin, Lemuel Alfred, when 21. Daughters - Maretta Lovice, Lucetta, Sophia, Mellitta, Lovina, Sarah Jane, Anice Adora Griffin Exec. - Son - Silas Alvin and wife, Susannah Griffin. Wit. - M. H. Abbey, Mary M. Abbey, Emma M. Abbey.
p.70 Longwell G.T. Jan. 15,1879 April 23,1880 Rutland Adm. - Charles E. Longwell Widow, not named. A. Longwell, R.R. Longwell, and oldest son refused to adm. 
p.70 Ordway William Feb. 11,1880 at 2 p.m. April 21,1880 Covington Wife - Mahala Ordway Oldest daughter - Emily, wife of Joseph Jaquish of Cory City, Erie Co., Pa. Daughters - Lydia Paine in Granby, Conn., Marion , wife of Albridge Day in Springfield, Mass. Grandson - Clarence Ordway of Troupsburg, N.Y. Granddaughters - Ally Perry and Elnora Larcum of Covington. Josephine, wife of Patrick Wilcox, Laura Cecilia and Emma Rosetta, daughters of Benjamin Maxson. At death of wife, all to go to William Ordway. To be buried on farm of Joseph Jaquish, Richmond Twp. Adm. - Mahala Ordway, Benjamin Rew. Wit. - William Ferrer, S.S. Packard.
p.72 Stickley Millie A.   May 03,1880   Monor daughter of Jacob Stickley, late of Middlebury Twp. Final acct. of guardian - James H. Niles.
p.72 Evans Ann Jan. 06,1880 at 5:15 a.m. May 03,1880 Blossburg Exec. - sons - John J. Evans and Evan J. Evans. Daughter - Martha Evans Wit. - A.T. James, James Cox, R.B. Freeman.
p.74 Paul  Elizabeth April 08,1880 May 14,1880 New York City Died Middlebury Twp. Adm. - William A. Paul Bonds - Lena Etner, Ida Hazelett.
p.74 Jenkins John T.   May 26,1880 of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., N.J. Wife - Christiana, land in N.J. 3 children - John F. Jenkins, Chas. D. Jenkins, and Laura M. Jenkins. Exec. - wife - Christiana and Professor Geo. H. Cook. Wit. - Justus Henick, Abram V. Schenck, Andrew K. Cogswell, C.H. Hill of Surrogate Court, N.J.
p.77 Cuer Benjamin May 07,1880 May 31,1880 Westfield Died in residence in Knoxville. Exec. - wife - Paulina Cuer Son - William, now in Wisconson. Daughters - Electa, wife of Eddy -------- and Alphia, wife of John Howland. 5 children of son - Jonathon Cuer - Paulina C., Wm. K., Jonathon C., Benjamin S., and Kate M. Cuer. Amanda, wife of Jonathon Cuer. Exec. - with Paulina - friend, Walter Sherwood. Wit. - Henry and Walter Sherwood. 
p.79 Fleet Henry S.   June 02,1880 late of Watkins, Schuyler County, N.Y. Wife - Sally Ann Fleet Son - Albert H. Fleet Daughters - Mary Fleet, Azubia Ann Bohlmers. Adm. - F. E. Smith Exec. - Albert H. Fleet, Geo. Simmons. Wit. - James Decker and C. H. Firman, Watkins, N.Y. Freemont Cole of Courts of N.J. 
p.86 Eberenz Willaim May 31,1880 at 10 p.m. June 09,1880 Delmar Son - Charels Eberenz Daughters - Mary Mattison, Cornelia Brown, Caroline Smith. Grandson - William, son of son, charles Eberenz. Grandchildren - Mary and William Guernsey, children of my daughter - Margaret Guernsey. Exec. - son, Charles and son in law, Elisha J. Brown. Wit. - A.S. Brewster, David Heise 
p.88 Douglass Clarissa   June 14,1880 Clymer Son - Cashus I. Briggs, when 21. Daughter - Abba Birean Exec. - Abba Birean, Chas. Douglass Wit. - J.S. Stocum, W.W. Stocum.
p.89 Wylie David March 24,1877 at 4 p.m. June 10,1880 Liberty Widow - not named. Adm. - James Wylie Son - Robert Wylie Bonds - Robert Wylie, Michael McMahon
p.90 Swimley Julia A. Jan. 18,1880 June 16,1880 Westfield Adm. - Edd Swimley, husband. Bonds - Edd Swimley, Wm. Swimley, Benj. F. Swimley.
p.90 Tanner Alfred B. April 12, 1880 at 11 p.m. June 21,1880 Westfield Wife - Dorcus M. Tanner Son - Hiram Tanner Daughters - Lucy A. Embree, Philena Metcalf. Graddaughter - Anna Wood. Exec. - wife - Dorcus, James H. Metcalf, I.C. Thompson. Wit. - Nelson Gardner.
p.92 Jenkins William G. April 14, 1879 June 28,1880 Morris Run Wife and Exec. - Ann Jenkins, house in Bloss. Granddaughter - Elenor Ann Thomas, till she is 16. Wit. - Thos. T. Rees, Evan Price of Morris Run. 
p.93 Houk Louisa  Nov. 07,1877 July 01,1880 Wellsboro Husband - William Houck Adm. - F.R. Fishler
p.94 Thomas Nelson B. Sept. 1879 July 02,1880 Covington No widow. No children. Brother - Shelton Thomas. Adm. - Jane E. Franklin, John S. Everitt Wit. - Harrison Robbins, E.W. Bloss. 
p.95 Stewart H.W. June 23,1880 July 02,1880 Delmar Wife - Emeline Stewart Son - Clarence A. Stewart Mary L, wife of John Doumaux, relation not stated. Adm. - John Doumaux Wit. - Joseph Riberolle, Walter Sherwood.
p.96 Browning Eli Dec. 14,1879 July 09,1880 Union Widow - Mary E. Browning Exec. - A.E. Browning.
p.97 Temple Nancy C. March 26,1880 at 5 p.m. July 16,1880 Elmira, N.Y. Adm. - Mary A. Temple as requested by Laura B. Kitt and Julia Ketchum. Bonds - Sarah M. Billings, Henry F. Kitt, Edw. C. Ketchum.
p.97 Button Jesse April 13,1880 July 19,1880 Tioga Widow - Nellie Button Adm. -Wm. Kimball, by request of the widow. Wit. - T.B. Mitchell, J. H. Mitchell
p.98 Baker John July 24,1880 at 12:30 a.m. Aug. 04,1880 Rutland Wife - Lettie Baker Son - Willis Baker Daughters - Jennie and Maude Baker Exec. - Brother - William Floyd Baker, Geo. Palmer and William F. Baker. Wit. - Henry Allen, Harry Ellis.
p.99 Hymes Henry S. Aug. 01,1880 Aug. 06,1880 Middleburg Died at home of Emma Hammond. Adm. - widow - Alice M. Hymes. Wit. - J.J. Hammond, Thos. A. Root
p.100 Kizer James June 18,1880 Aug. 13,1880 Deerfield Adm. - wife - Martha M. Kizer Wit. - Joel Kizer.
p.100 Berwert Geo. Frederick Aug. 09,1880 at 7 p.m. Aug. 13,1880 Wellsboro Wife - Salome H. Berwert. Heir - Emma Suhr, wife of Oliver Padgett. Exec. - wife, Salome and heighbor, Andrew Sturrock. Wit. - David Heise, John J. Sticklin.
p.102 Warriner Nancy E.  Oct. 27,1879 Aug. 18,1880 Delmar Adm. - husband, Charles R.Warriner Wit. - Russel Lawton, Lucius Sabin.
p.102 Rumsey Seth S. April 24,1880 Aug. 24,1880 Manesburg Sons - Warren, Artemus, Subine, Alonzo Rumsey. Daughters - Mary Ann, Abigail, Juliett Rumsey. Children of Alonzo - Curtis and Maria Rumsey Exec. - B. Frank Fletcher. Wit. - Mrs. Elect Doud, Mrs. Libbie D. Dewey Wants stones put at graves of children - Horace and Sarah Rumsay.
p.106 Roupp Charles Edward June 22,1880 Sept. 02,1880 Liberty Adm. - Joseph Roupp Wit. - Chas. F. Veil, J.J. Werline.
p.106 Reynolds Lyman Aug. 19,1880 Sept. 03,1880 Mansfield Wife - Levina Reynolds Son - Calvin Reynolds and his wife, Isabella. Grandson - Abija S. Reynolds. Granddaughters - Lovena Mitchell. Grandchildren, children of my daughter, Lucy, dec'd. and her husband, Joseph Robins viz. - Calvin Robins, Manford Robins, Martha and Lovina Robins, Amanda Ludington, Lucinda Packard. Other heirs - no relation stated - Lorany Reynolds, Emma Reynolds, Fanny Peck, Minerva Reynolds. Exec. - Pter Van Ness, O.V. Elliott. Wit. - A.J. Webster, Chas. L. Kingsley. 
p.108 Bailey Justus M. Aug. 22,1880 Aug. 10,1880 late of Eldorado, Kansas Adm. - R.B. Bailey, Henry Allen. Wit. - T.H. Bailey, W.V. Bailey.
p.109 Dunn Elijah Aug. 28,1880 Sept. 11,1880 Wellsborough Wife - Ann Dunn, Exec. Sons - James R. and Samuel Dunn Pa. Joint Land & Lumber Co. in Delamr Twp. Wit. - Chas. G. Osgood, E.M. Bodine.
p.110 Frost Julius S. July 13,1880 Sept. 14,1880 Wellsboro Widow - Mary J. Frost Adm. - James B. Niles Wit. - Mary J. Frost, S. F. Channell
p.111 Cleaveland Orwell Jan. 09,1880 Sept. 20,1880 Covington Widow - Lucina Cleaveland. Heirs - Rudolph Cleaveland, Sarah M. Buck, Amanda E. Miller, Janett Buck, Fannie Wilson. Adm. - William E. Buck Wit. R.W. Sumner, I.P. Lounsbury.
p.111 Hubbell Joseph Sept. 05,1880 Sept. 24,1880 Covington Wife - Catherine Hubbell Heirs - no relaion stated. Mrs. Susan Arnold, widow of Thos. Arnold, Millertown. Catherine, wife of Henry Kilborn. Isaac B. Evans to pay expenses of my wife. Exec. - Henry Kilborn, Jr. Wit. - Stephen S. Packard, Chas. Howland, Isaac B. Evans.
p.113 Gustin Benejah Aug. 24,1880 Oct. 04,1880 Ward Widow - Margaret Gustin Bonds - Chas. L. Smith, A.J. Tuter
p.113 Dewitt Caleb H. Sept. 10,1880 Oct. 05,1880 Sullivan Wife - Mary Dewitt Sons - Joseph H., John W., Calvin H., and William Dewitt Exec. - James Cudworth. 1895 - Blanche Dewitt, graddaughter, now Reynolds.
p.114 Fisk Benjamin S.   Oct. 09,1880 No Twp. Widow - Margaret Fisk. Heirs - Emma C. Hornby, Mary E. Spencer. Adm. - S.F. Channell Wit. - John B. Hornby, creditor.
p.115 Carroll Margaret Dec. 05,1879 at 9 p.m. Oct. 13,1880 Fall Brook Brother - James Egan, all my property in Blossburg. Exec. - James Egan, James Geron.
p.116 Jones Wm. Langdon Oct. 04,1880 Nov. 08,1880 Tioga Wife - Esther Jones to be exec. Wit. - Eleazer Seagers, Samuel W. Trull
p.117 Patterson John H.   Nov. 08,1880   Minor son of Thomas Patterson, dec'd. Guardian - J.G. Argetsinger
p.117 Robb John C. Oct. 07,1877 Nov. 11,1880 Tioga Boro. Adm. - widow - Susan Robb Bonds - James L. Robb, Jennie Green.
p.117 Musselman E.   Nov. 10,1880 Blossburg Widow - Clara Spink, late widow of E. Musselman Adm. - H. Hollands Wit. - H.J. Landrus
p.118 Edwards David G. Oct. 06,1879 Nov. 19,1880 Charleston Wife - Elizabeth Edwards Children mentioned, but not named. Exec. - Elizabeth Edwards and son, Thomas Edwards. Exec. - Joseph H. Edwards, appointed as Thomas is now in Kansas.
p.120 Ruggles Orin Aug. 21,1880 at 6 p.m. Nov. 19,1880 Sullivan Wife - Sally Ruggles Sons - James and Archibald Ruggles Daughters - Hannah Lay, Mary Compton Grandsons - Orrin and George Lay, sons of Hannah Lay. Exec. - Henry B. Card, Homer B. Card.
  Gee Nancy J.   Dec. 03,1880   Minor child of George H. Gee, late of Osceola. Guardian - E.E. Bosworth.
p.122 Jones David, Jr. August 1880 Dec. 04,1880 Blossburg Adm. - widow - Sarah A. Jones.
p.122 Van Ness H.P. October 1880 Dec. 06,1880 Rutland Sons - Peter V. Van Ness, John N. Van Ness and George Van Ness. Wife - Catherine V. Van Ness Daughters - Margaret Walters, Susannah Van Ness. Wit. - Wilson Hall, Daniel Watson, Fremont Walters.
p.125 Dearman Justus Dec. 14,1880 Dec. 24,1880 Knoxville Died at home of Levi Faulkner Adm. - Albert Dearman Sarah A. Faulkner, refused Bonds - L. Faulkner, Joel Johnson, L.B. Reynolds.
p.127 Stebbins S.H. Nov. 18,1880 Dec. 28,1880 Clymer Adm. - widow - Lydia A. Stebbins. Wit. - A. Stebbins, D.D. Roberts, G.A. Roberts.
p.126 Copp Arminta Nov. 28,1880 Dec. 24,1880 Richmond Died Cherry Flats To be buried in Covington Twp. Sons - D.L. Copp, James Copp. Duaghters - Martha Brown, Harriet Robbins, Laura Smith. Heirs - children of Jane Simmons. Ann Vannett, Solomon Wash ----, Olivia Bellinger, Diana Sudolack, Esther Ling. Exec. - S.G. Parsons Wit. - W.C. Ripley, Eliza J. Beach. 
p.128 Walborn N.W. Dec. 01,1880 at 12 noon Dec. 29,1880 Wellsboro Died at home of Chas. Petrie of Charleston Twp. Adm. - Benjamin Walborn Bonds - Augustus Walborn, Esther Frank, Benj. Walborn, brothers and sisters dec'd.
The next few wills, I looked up for somone and will include them. (Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd Note)
Registers Docket D.
  Fulkerson Alfred B. Jan.14,1882 Feb. 17, 1882 Liberty Adm. - Matilda Fulkerson.
p.340 Foulkrod Isaac June 16,1883 July 09,1883 Liberty Sons - John and Jacob Harer. Exec. - John Harer.
p.413 Zucker Christopher June 02,1884 Jan. 28,1884 Liberty Wife - Anna Mary Zucker Children - Joseph, Christian, Franklin, Henry, and Mary Mitstifer. Exec. - wife - Anna Mary Zucker.
p.501 Baker Emmett   Feb. 24,1885   Guardian for Maud Baker, minor child of John Baker, late of Tioga County. Final Accounts.
p.503 Hartsock Daniel Feb. 17,1885 at 10:30 p.m. March 03,1885 Liberty Sons - Richard H, George, John and Levi Hartsock. Son - William Hartsock if he returns here. Daughters - Mary Raker, Elizabeth Kehler, Christiana McVoy, Harriet Wilson. Grandsons - Chas. Daniel, son of Daniel Hartsock. Exec. - John Hartsock, Geo. W. McCracken. To be buried in Lutheran Brick Church, Jackson Twp.
p.592 Button Charles Jan. 08,1886 Jan. 18,1886 Tioga Grandchilren, children of my children, dec'd. Eva Sisson, Lafayette Button, Sylvia Button, Murta Button, Maza Button, Chas. B. Inscho, William Ryan, Charles Ryan, Sarah Jane Ryan. Wife - Rachel, Exec. Living Children - William K. Button, Alpheus Button, Alexander Button, Henry Button, Wallace Button.

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