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Photos of East Herrick Cemetery by Joyce M. Tice October 16, 1999
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Name of Cemetery:    East Herrick Cemetery
Read By:  Joan Edsell
Date Read:   Summer 2003
Typed By:   Pat Smith Raymond
Location:  East Herrick  -On SR 1012 right on the Pike Township line
Other comments: Many missing & broken stones & many are impossible to read because of weathering & age. Phil Herman did a partial audit on this. He intends to work his magic and try to get information from the more difficult stones when the weather improves.
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Casselbury Dannie E. 1918 1989    
Casselbury Janice M. 1934 1998   On stone w/Dannie
Cutler William John Mar.27.1917 Sep.29.1988   Back--William J. Cutler, Sr., PFC US Army World War II
Cutler Dorthy Mae 1920     On stone w/William John
Benjamin Ernest 1913 1989    
Cathers Thomas W. Dec.1.1947 Aug.3.1981    
Orshaw Leslie L. 1915 1975    
Orshaw Othel E. 1918     On stone w/Leslie L.
Warner George  1900 1962    
Orshaw Lawrence Mar.23.1943 Oct.4.1987    
Houghtaling Leon R. Feb.18.1923 Mar.18.1999   Sept.14.1952 Wedding Date?
Houghtaling Katherine P. Jan.15.1934     On stone w/Leon
Kress Lewis 1871 1935    
Kress Anna S. 1875 1956   On stone w/Lewis
Aeppli Oscar J. Dec.26.1929 (Living)   Married Apr.26.1952--Back-Our Children: Forrest S., Roland B., Vicki Jo, Jeffery E.
Aeppli Pearl S. Feb.8.1931 (Living)   On stone w/Oscar J.
Lent Gregory Scott Jun.17.1968 Jun.14.1986    
Chamberlin Brian E. "Bucky" Aug.21.1960 Jul.20.1987    
Sickles Frances E. 1924 1999    
Sickles Clarence R. 1924     On stone w/Frances E.
Searchfield Merle L. 1898 1977    
Searchfield Oliver W. 1903 1985   On stone w/Merle L.
Frantz Paul Weldon  1893 1983    
Frantz Edna Higgins 1899 1983   On stone w/Paul Weldon Frantz
Sands Donald R. Nov.2.1932 Jan.5.1984    
Sands Kenneth James Jan.15.1952 Apr.17.1987   PFC US Army Vietnam
Casselbury George L. 1922 1985   Back: PFC US Army WW II
Casselbury Florence 1931     On stone w/George
Cobb Floyd J. Mar.22.1941 Jan.2.1990   Married 6-6-64--Back: US Army 1941-1990
Cobb Mary L. Jun.3.1942     On stone w/Floyd J.
Chamberlin J. Camille Dec.19.1916     Married July 18.1936-Back-Our Children: Ronald 1936, Donald 1938, David 1939, Audrey 1943, Butch 1945, Pat 1947
Chamberlin Cleon L. May.14.1915 May.5.2001   On stone w/J. Camille
Weingartner Robert W. Sr. Jul.17.1928 Feb.14.1986    
Weingartner Virginia S. Aug.18.1927 (Living)   On stone w/Robert
Hitchcock Laverne W. Jun.26.1915 Mar.27.1990    
Hitchcock Iva Emma Sep.21.1918     On stone w/Laverne W.
Hitchcock Kenneth Ward Mar.11.1951 Jul.2.2002    
Brink Althea M. 1934      
Brink Kenneth C. 1915 2001   On stone w/Althea
Blaine Ronald L. Jun.6.1926 Mar.13.1995   Capt. US Army WWII Korea Vietnam (Ground Plate)
Blaine Ronald L. 1926 1995   Married 3/31/1950
Blaine Dora M. 1928     On stone w/Ronald L.
Presley James Ruffcorn 1917 1996   Amm. 3 US Navy World War II (Plate)
Ruffcorn Presley J. May.17.1917 Dec.21.1996    
Ruffcorn Margaret E. Jun.5.1920     On stone w/Presley
Burk Robert Apr.15.1928 Feb.15.1997    
Burk Margaret  Jun.12.1926     On stone w/Robert
Gardner Joseph Michael 1953 1999   "Beloved Son"
Taylor H. Browing Jan.29.1841 Aug.12.1900   Back: "The first volunteer from Pike Township 1861 Co. F 5th Reg.
Taylor Sarah E. Hine Jan.1.1842 Feb.26.1908   "His Wife" - On stone w/H. Browing
Warner Grace M. 1894      
Warner Edwin F. 1857 1927   On stone w/Grace M.
Warner Emma D. 1863 1920   On stone w/Grace M.
Warner Paul S. 1904 1949    
Warner Ethel A. 1898 1965    
Warner Hiram L. 1902 1992   On stone w/Ethel A.
  Elizabeth Joyce 1900 1925   No surname, but next to Orshaw stone
Orshaw Warren W. 1856 1913    
Orshaw Sarah E.  1864 1938   On stone w/Warren W.
Schoonover Alfred R. 1870 1946    
Schoonover Flora M. 1878 1954    
Schoonover Earl 1882 1911    
Schoonover Aneta 1898 1908    
White Fred C. 1880 1918   Co L Div 109 Inft. Killed on Marne
White Clark Jun.29.1840 Jul.26.1933   On stone w/2nd Fred C. White headstone
White Fred C. Apr.27.1880 Jul.16.1918   Vet. Of Spanish American & World War - Killed in action in France--Back: Soldiers of the Civil, Spanish American & World Wars.
Gould Daisy P. 1900 1989   Near and same type as Esseltine stone
  Edna  1889 1968   Near and same type as Esseltine stone
Esseltine Nelson C. 1864 1922    
Esseltine Della F. 1867 1951   w/o Nelson C. - On same stone
Blair Addison F. Jun.18.1830 Mar.13.1911   On stone w/Mercy J.
Blair Mercy J. Jul.13.1825 Jun.18.1900   w/o Addison "She hath done what she could"
Blair Nettiea   Apr.26.1888 3y1m11d d/o L. C. & M. R. Blair
Blair Lester C. 1858 1920    
Blair Malinda R. 1859 1960   On stone w/Lester C.
Rosengrant William L. 1891 1943    
White Josephine Cowles Apr.8.1881 Sep.19.1930    
White Medie A.  Apr.21.1870 Feb.26.1904    
White Fannie L. Mar.16.1885 Mar.31.1885   On stone w/Medie A. White
White Margaret E.   Sep.8.1954    
White Hannah H. Dec.14.1852 Aug.12.1912   "Mother"
White Carrie M. Aug.12.1882 Jan.30.1902    
Heywood Wm. Wallace Jan.8.1826 Feb.19.1903    
Baker Phebe L. Sep.25.1844 Jul.10.1932   w/o Wm. Wallace Heywood
Hine David P. Aug.28.1808 Feb.27.1888    
Buffington Phebe  Apr.2.1815 Mar.15.1899   w/o David P. Hine
Titus James R. Mar.27.1859 Jul.28.1919    
Chaffee Phoebe G. Aug.1.1860 Mar.11.1928   w/o James R. Titus
Vannest Jesse W. 1876 1944    
Vannest Maude 1879 1957   On stone w/Jesse W.
Vannest Cornelius Oct.1.1846 Apr.24.1916    
Dunn Amanda A. Jun.27.1852 Jul.26.1903   w/o Cornelius Vannest - Same stone "At rest"
Vannest Benjamin S.   Oct.22.1889 66 yr "Heavens portal gained at last"
Lloyd Sarah W. Jul.4.1828 Nov.24.1913   Other side of stone: w/o B. S. Vannest - "Christ is all in all"
  A.M.M.       No readable face
  W. H. M.       "Asleep in Jesus"
McCauley F. J. Dec.26.1833 Jul.31.1916    
McCauley Jane M. Feb.25.1839 Oct.8.1906   w/o P. J. McCauley - Same stone
McCauley William H. Aug.30.1868 Nov.30.1894   s/o P. J. & James M. McCauley
Morrison Anna McCauley 1863 1932   On stone w/William H.McCauley
Wells Grove L. Nov.21.1859 Jan.11.1921    
Allis Flora V. Jun.16.1860 Sep.17.1951   w/o Grove L. Wells - On same stone
Thompson Richard 1869 1934    
Hattie       No readable face..assuming Slocum below
I have enjoyed your website very much.  I do not have many relatives there, but that is where I was raised and know many of the families of the area.
On my father's marker, East Herrick Cemetery, Leon Houghtaling, which is under # 2, on this website has Sept 14 1952? This is date of marriage to my mother Katherine Houghtaling.  I thought you might like to have the question answered.

Thanks again,

Shelley K. Houghtaling

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12/15/2003
By Joyce M. Tice