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Name of Cemetery:    East Herrick Cemetery
Read By:  Joan Edsell
Date Read:   Summer 2003
Typed By:   Pat Smith Raymond
Location:  East Herrick  -On SR 1012 right on the Pike Township line
Other comments: Many missing & broken stones & many are impossible to read because of weathering & age. Phil Herman did a partial audit on this. He intends to work his magic and try to get information from the more difficult stones when the weather improves.
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Hitchcock Theron 1893 1967    
Hitchcock Aura 1892 1961   On stone w/Theron
Hitchcock Frank L. 1859 1932    
Hitchcock John W. Mar.17.1852 Mar.27.1898    
Atwood Hollis H. May.28.1838 Apr.4.1899    
Bosworth Alice Aug.1.1853 May.14.1945   w/o Hollis H. Atwood - On same stone
Atwood Carl B. Sep.23.1893 Jan.24.1913   s/o H. H. & A. B. Atwood - On same stone
Atwood Jay Edward Oct.17.1895 Feb.1.1912   On back of above stone - s/o H. H. & A. B. Atwood
Atwood Infant daughter Aug.17.1886 Aug.18.1886   On back of above stone - d/o H. H. & A. B. Atwood
Anderson John J. 1829 1914    
Newman Helen Feb.7.1829 Jul.7.1902   w/o John J. Anderson - On same stone
Agnew William Dec.7.1838 Oct.6.1909    
Wood Lydia A. Feb.28.1842     w/o William Agnew
Agnew Henry L. Mar.20.1849 Apr.9.1921   On back of above stone
Wood Fannie J. Feb.24.1850 Jun.10.1919   w/o Henry L. Agnew - on same stone
  Carl       Between above stone and next (Doud) stone
Doud Winifred G. 1902      
Doud Charles H. 1890 1973   On stone w/Winifred G.
Matson Lydia A.   Oct.1905 78y1m10d  
Payne Ezra L. 1846 1911    
Baldwin Susan J. 1857 1899   w/o Ezra L. Payne - on same stone
Payne Frederick E. 1888 1966    
Watson Mable E. 1891 1935   w/o Frederick E. Payne - on same stone
Pratt Georgiana Atwood Oct.15.1865 Nov.1.1892   w/o Leslie W. Pratt
Pratt Alice L. Aug.30.1896 Sep.6.1898   d/o Leslie W. & Georgiana Pratt - On stone w/Georgiana
Pratt Clement A. 1871 1958    
Pratt Elizabeth Atwood 1867 1930    
Atwood Martha Oct.2.1869 Sep.25.1894   w/o R. C. Atwood
Atwood Carrie A. 1872 1963    
Atwood Rollin C. 1870 1946   On stone w/Carrie
Atwood Fred G. (or "C") 1868 1955    
Atwood Anna V. 1870 1957   On stone w/Fred G.
Atwood Glen W. 1904 1963   On back of above stone
DeWalt Elaine A. 1905 1946    
DeWalt Robert W. 1937 1992    
Pratt Bertha Kennedy Alford 1879 1949    
Baldwin John W. 1865 1932    
Baldwin Harriett L. 1870 1954    
Balwin Guy H. 1897 1970    
Baldwin Ruth A. 1902 1991    
Reeve Carl A. 1907 1973   "Husband"
Reeve Charles C. 1880 1966    
Reeve Aliph W. 1884 1957    
Reeve Dale A. Oct.25.1945 Nov.23.1993   EONCE - US Navy
Reeve George C. 1903 1928   Private Battery A 14 Coast Arty
Bowker Edith M. 1882 1970    
Bowker Gladys J. 1894 1989   On stone w/Edith M.
Bowker Julius Avery 1851 1925    
Bowker Hattie A. Wood 1851 1946   w/o Julius Avery Bowker
Wood Arthur Warren 1855 1955    
Wood Milicent Bowker 1852 1943    
Bowker         Large Pillar
Skilton Melicent P.   Mar.1.1904 87y2m8d w/o Wm. M. Bowker - On left side of pillar
Bowker William M.   Feb.17.1886 69y8m23d Right side of pillar--Methodist minister written on cross next to stone
Lloyd Whitman Eli 1834 1918    
Lloyd Minerva E. Birchard 1851 1927   On stone w/ Whitman Eli
Squires Katie Reeve Apr.1.1841 Jun.2.1935   w/o C. L. Squires - On right side of stone
Squires Constant L. Jul.23.1840 Mar.7.1897   On left side of above stone
Canfield Seymour W. 1860 1913    
Brown Emma L. 1861 1944   w/o Seymour W. Canfield - On same stone
Canfield Anna L. 1894 1970   "Daughter" On stone w/Seymour & Emma
Lear Maria   Feb.23.1888 76y9d w/o Jonas Lear
Casebeer Caroline   Jul.27.1885 59y9m10d w/o George Brutzman
Johnson George L. 1851 1931    
McDowell Sarah 1854 1926   w/o George L. Johnson-On same stone
Johnson Elizabeth A. 1889 1965   "Their daughter" - On same stone
Coleman Orrin 1842 1918    
Coleman Josiah 1858     On stone w/Orrin
Reeve Ward R. 1905 1978    
Reeve Myrle Cole 1906 1986   On stone w/Ward R.
Waterman Clarence F. 1881 1959    
Payne Myrtle 1876 1932   w/o Clarence F. Waterman - On same stone
Payne Lee-On B. 1910 1929   "Their son"
Arnold Lyman May.23.1824 Jan.30.1896    
Arnold Elizabeth A. Apr.6.1836 Nov.23.1911   On stone w/Lyman Arnold
Coleman Archibald Aug.26.1812 Mar.3.1893    
Coleman Marinda Apr.8.1823 Sep.27.1901   On stone w/Archibald
Coleman Russell S.   May.14.1890 37y7m18d  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12/15/2003
By Joyce M. Tice