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Name of Cemetery:    East Herrick Cemetery
Read By:  Joan Edsell
Date Read:   Summer 2003
Typed By:   Pat Smith Raymond
Location:  East Herrick  -On SR 1012 right on the Pike Township line
Other comments: Many missing & broken stones & many are impossible to read because of weathering & age. Phil Herman did a partial audit on this. He intends to work his magic and try to get information from the more difficult stones when the weather improves.
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Keeler Elisha   Apr.12.1874 78y14d  
Keeler Mary   Dec.16.1876 79y3m22d w/o Elisha Keeler
Warner Addie G.   Sep.30.1878 33 yr w/o H. B. Warner
Warner Monroe   Feb.2?.1871 5 da s/o H. B. Warner
Herrick Samuel B.   Apr.14.1876 43y5m18d  
Herrick Mary   May.8.1883 59y4m1d w/o Samuel B. Herrick
Titus George   Sep.8.1851 1y7m26d s/o M. H. & Mary Titus
Titus George   Dec.2.1862 4y7m11d s/o M. H. & M. J. Titus
Titus Floretta A.   Dec.9.1862 8y8m21d d/o M. H. & M. J. Titus
Titus Elliot   Dec.2.1862 2y3m s/o M.H. & M. J. Titus
Titus Hattie L.   Aug.29.1863 21m11d? d/o Silas & Na??? Titus
Titus Son       Small unreadable pillar
Titus Minor H.   Jun.16.1861?   ? Birth or death date?
Titus         2 Unreadable stones
Titus Obadiah Apr.25.1817 Jan.6.1901    
Robbins Mary May.8.1815 May.20.1879   w/o Obadiah Titus - On same stone
Wilson George L. Mar.1.1862      
Titus Carrie L. Dec.15.1869 Dec.24.1902   w/o George L. Wilson - On same stone
Titus Cora B.   1860   d/o G. H. Titus
Morse Melinda Jan.3.1845 Dec.31.1917   w/o Leonard Fowler
Baldwin Hilda Marie   Nov.2.1917 2 da d/o Carl & Grace Baldwin
Beardsley Ella A.   Sep.25.1872 2 yr d/o N. B. & L. S. Beardsley
Unreadable N. B.       Probably Beardsley--stone tipped and buried.
Beardsley Samuel   Mar.4.1853 61y5m19d  
Beardsley Nancy Nov.4.1794 Jan.13.1877   Born in Orange Co., NY
Morse Esther Oct.19.1822 Aug.14.1902   On same stone w/Nancy Beardsley
Titus Byron   Apr.4.1891 41y4m10d  
Payne Larenzo B.   Apr.27.1819   s/o ?? Payne
Payne Samuel   Aug.15.1846 2y6m15d s/o Ezra M. & Eunice A.
Payne Ezra M.   Jul.5.1852 39 yr  
Payne Eunice A. Dec.12.1816 Sep.30.1886    
Warner Samuel   Apr.24.1871 80y10m5d  
Warner Susannah   Dec.19.1859 70y3m12d w/o Samuel Warner
Porter Manoah B.   Jun.23.1825 66y6m2d  
Peck Sabra   Apr.6.1822?   w/o Manoah B. Porter
Porter Manoah B.   Apr.20.1816 4 yr s/o M. B. & Sabra Porter--Rest of stone buried
Frede Rick H.       Broken
Barnes Kellogg   Apr.14.1869 22 yr  
Barnes Walter M.   Jul.20.1869 50 yr  
Warner Jessie & Melvilles       Children of O. J. & S. R. Warner
Warner Melville   Sep.19.1871 On side--Age unreadable
Warner Jessie Flora   Mar.7.1870 3y9m Guessing days--On other side of marker
Warner Elwin       Dates & othyer sides unreadable
Hitchcock Joseph Feb.26.1814 Mar.5.1867    
Lines Alvira M. Apr.20.1818 Dec.28.1901   w/o Joseph Hitchcock -On stone w/Joseph
Hitchcock Joseph Jr. Aug.2.1837 Aug.14.1837   Their son - On stone w/Joseph & Alvira
Hitchcock George W.   Apr.12.1834 1y6m s/o J. & A. Hitchcock
Hitchcock Helen M.   Mar.2.1870 19y4m21d d/o Joseph & Alvira Hitchcock
Jenkins Nelson H.   Feb.11.1860 5y4m17d Son of ??? & ????
Warner Lyra Jun.5.1807 Mar.6.1897    
Warner ??   Mar.30.1862 2m9d Rest unreadable
Warner Oliver J. Jul.21.1827 Mar.12.1896    
Chaffee Sophia R. Jun.15.1831 Jan.7.1896   w/o Oliver J. Warner - On same stone
  Martha H.       Rest Unreadable
Anderson Charlie L.   Jul.26.1876 14y25d s/o J. J. & H. M. Anderson
          Many missing stones in this part of cemetery
Hetzel John H. May.19.1949 Living   "Dad"
Hetzel John Evenden Mar.5.1980 Sep.4.1997   "Son" On stone w/John H.
Hetzel Mildred A. Mar.1.1950 Living   "Mom"
Brown Aaron 1812 1902    
Brown Ueluah M. Aug.14.1815 Feb.16.1901    
Coggins Martha   Dec.7.1869   Date may be Dec. 12 or 17--w/o Unreadable
Coggins Rev. Timmothy   Sep.10.1888?    
Hine Martha   May.8.1830 28y19d w/o John Hine
Hine Almira   ?? 24.18??   w/o John Hine
Coleman Chancy H.   Sep.25.1875   s/o Levi & Viola S. Coleman
Unknown         Buried & Broken stones & many more missing
Clapper Eliza J.   Jan.25.1900 44y5m Rest of stone buried
Gray Mary E.   Jan.1882?   w/o J. ???
Bowker Sally   Dec.31.1821   Date may be 1871--w/o Willard Bowker
McAllister Chaunce       Co C 18 Reg. PA CAV - No dates
Rockwell Susie M. 1869 1947    
Cogswell Ina A. 1867 1947    
White Effie C (or G) 1872 1943    
White George S. 1865 1934    
Mace Kathryn 1905 1908    
Mace Carrie L. 1877 1880    
Mace Annie? 1870 1871    
Millard Harriete 1862 1869    
Brown Nelson L.       s/o ?? & ?? Brown - Rest Unreadable
Hitchcock Lucy L.   Apr.15.1866 25y5m10d w/o Albert L.
Hitchcock Emma E.   May.31.1877 16y6m9d d/o Albert & Lucy Hitchcock
Hitchcock Lucy A.   Aug.8?.1866   Age Unreadable - d/o Albert L. & Lucy L.
Hitchcock David   Aug.2.1862 12 da. s/o Albert & Lucy Hitchcock
Hitchcock Asa W. 1871 1904    
Hitchcock Harriet B. Clapper 1870 1944   w/o Asa Hitchcock - Same stone
Hitchcock Albert L. May.2.1839 Apr.14.1926   Co C 82nd PA VOL
Hitchcock Mary Baldwin Mar.29.1852 May.6.1904   w/o Albert L. Hitchcock--Same stone
Warner Lucina A.   Feb.14.1874 34y4m23d w/o A. E. Hitchcock
          Broken & buried stone
Brister         "At Rest"
Chubbuck Esther A. 1848 1910    
Brister Elizabeth 1883 No date   d/o Esther A. Chubbuck Brister
Pratt Carrie L. 1882 1967    
Pratt Cecil F. 1913 1913   s/o Geo. F. & Carrie
Pratt Fay S. 1911 1911   s/o Geo. F. & Carrie
Pratt Charles C. 1909 1920   s/o Geo. F. & Carrie
Casselbury Cora L. 1876 1941    
Casselbury Chester H. 1876 1969   On stone w/Cora L.
Forker Guy 1907 1951    
Forker Isabel 1909     On stone w/Guy
Pratt Leon A. 1907 1951    
Titus Pluma Pratt 1838 1924    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12/15/2003
By Joyce M. Tice