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Name of Cemetery:    East Herrick Cemetery
Read By:  Joan Edsell
Date Read:   Summer 2003
Typed By:   Pat Smith Raymond
Location:  East Herrick  -On SR 1012 right on the Pike Township line
Other comments: Many missing & broken stones & many are impossible to read because of weathering & age. Phil Herman did a partial audit on this. He intends to work his magic and try to get information from the more difficult stones when the weather improves.
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Cogswell A. Fletcher   Apr.16.1880? 17y6m10d s/o F. N. & Mary L.
Cogswell Frederick N.   Mar.16.1907 78 yr  
Hitchcock Mary L.   Jan.8.1906 69 yr w/o Frederick N. Cogswell--On same stone
Coleman Matilda   May.9.1818   d/o Rosella & ??? Coleman
Coleman Elijah   Aug.1815    
  Sarah       Stone is buried
Matson Asa   Jan.14.1833 65 yr  
Matson Sally       His wife - On same stone - No other info
Read ??na Matson       Buried & broken
Platt Betsey E.   Sep.16.1864 39y5m d/o Nathaniel & Mary Platt
Platt Ursula   Dec.30.1829 9y11m d/o Nathaniel & Mary Platt - On stone w/Betsey
Platt Nathaniel   Oct.16.1828 42 yr  
Platt Mary   Oct.6.1851 53 yr w/o Nathaniel - On same stone
Platt Zopher   Mar.20.1834 82 yr  
Platt Rebecca   Mar.22.1884 74 yr On stone w/Zopher
Greene Henry 1823 1895    
Greene Valetta M. 1847 1899   w/o Henry - On same stone
Brown Samuel S. 1854 1934    
Brown Wealthy A. 1865 1933    
Mints Welthy   Aug.14.1864 59y9m22d w/o Rev. Ezekiel B. Mints
Mints Cordelia   Mar.15.1876 42 yr On stone w/Welthy
Mints Rev. Ezekiel B.   Mar.16.1878 74 yr  
Burlington Jane Alice Apr.1.1839 Jan.8.1896   w/o R. Burlington
Platt Isaac   May.11.1849 40y1m18d  
Taylor Benjamin P. Feb.12.1812 Jan.27.1868    
Taylor Lucy A.   Mar.11.1849 34y10m w/o Benjamin Taylor
          3 Unreadable stones
Cogswell Newton Marshall   ?? 27.1892 1 yr s/o F.N. & M. L. - Rest of stone buried
Hitchcock Marshall   Apr.7.1854 50y9d  
Hitchcock Julianna Mar.15.1810 Feb.9.1900   w/o Marshall Hitchcock
Matson Martha   Mar.31.1850 39y8m2d w/o Lyman Matson
Matson Vierna R.       Probably says d/o ? L. J. & P. E.
Matson Lyman   Apr.19.1887 80 yr  
  Phebe E.       Rest Unreadable--Guessing this is wife of Lyman Matson
          3 Unreadable stones
Blakeslee Willie B.   Sep.3.1863   s/o G. L. & H. ? - Rest of stone buried
Higley Miles       Co H 12 Reg. PA VOL
Rowley? Lydia   Nov.6.1818 73 yr May be 1878 - w/o William Rowley?
Mosgrip/Moscrip? Andrew   Jun.5.1821 63 yr Year may be 1871 - Not sure of spelling of surname
Higley Miles P.   Apr.2.1865   s/o ?? & Lydia Higley-Rest of stone buried
White Lyman   Feb.12.1871 63y5m  
Dyer Harriet   Nov.16.1903 95y4m "His Wife"
White Elizabeth   Feb.14.1862? 19y1m5d d/o Lyman & Harriet White
Blair Linus S. Jun.8.1824 Aug.1.1888   Co E 157th PA VOL "Gone but not forgotten"
Dyer Hulda     1 or 4.1863 w/o Samuel Dyer
Dyer Samuel S.   Oct.4.1852 67 yr  
Atwood Reuben S.   May.31.1857 22y6m19d  
Atwood Phebe M.   Oct.19.1871 57y7m21d w/o Silas H. Atwood
  Mary Ann       d/o ??? - Stone unreadable
Platt Frankey K.   Apr.1.1881   s/o Squire & Cordelia Platt-Rest unreadable
Platt Wm. Z.   Aug.6.1854 2y20d s/o Squire & Cordelia Platt
Platt Sarah E.   Sep.8.1851 1y9m? d/o Squire & Cordelia Platt - Rest buried
Fausey Henry       Unreadable
Esseltine Dorthy A. 1909 1916    
Roof Mable G. 1894 1918    
Garriss Nathanael May.16.1830 May.5.1919   Co B 58 PA VOL
Garriss Emily Feb.24.1850 Feb.6.1931   w/o Nathanael - On same stone
Babcock Charles F. Apr.10.1835 No date   Co K 6 Pa Res.
Babcock Mary Jun.7.1840 May.12.1887   w/o Charles F.
Payne Mary G. Aug.19.1848     On side of above stone
Wells Alonzo F. 1861      
Wells Flora J. 1865 1933   On stone w/Alonzo F.
Wells Lena E.   Nov.15.1900 14y5m7d? d/o Alonzo & Flora J. Wells
Schoonover J.W.M. 1864 1916    
Lockwood? Sarah W.   Apr.30.1873 54y6m10d w/o Capt. Edwin Lockwood?
Fairchild Edmond 1786 1853    
Fairchild Mahettabel 1795 1877   w/o Edmond - On same stone
Fairchild Shepard M. 1829 1875   On stone w/ Edmond Fairchild
Fairchild Phebe B. 1838 1906   On stone w/ Edmond Fairchild - w/o Shepard M.
  Mary       Broken stone - Possibly Fairchild
Fairchild Geo. M.   Feb.4.???? 3m5d s/o M. M. & M. J. Fairchild
Taylor Ida M.   May.28.1861 6y10m12d d/o ?? & M. A. Taylor
Taylor Minor O.       Co D 6 PA Res.
Platt Judson 1845 1921    
Reeve Mary 1848 1943   w/o Judson Platt
Platt Zopher Dec.6.1811 Dec.4.1909    
Platt Edwin M.   Unreadable 19 yr s/o Zophar & Lucretia Platt
Platt Lucretia   Nov.9.1873 54 yr w/o Zophar Platt
Overfield Henry H. May.3.1864 Aug.28.1883   s/o E. & H. Overfield
Phelps Henry L. Sep.22.1819 Jul.7.1907    
Brewster Sarah E. Jul.6.1825 Aug.18.1889   w/o Henry L. Phelps
Agnew Judah Sep.30.1880 73y8m w/o William Agnew
Agnew         dau of - Guessing daughter of William & judah Agnew
Agnew John M.   Mar.2.1864 27y20d s/o William & Jane S.
Agnew William SP?   Jun.5.1889 82y6m On the side of above marker
Platt Charles   Nov.1.1872   Broken stone
Platt Mary Dec.1.1825 Feb.7.1901    
Platt Jefferson C.   Jan.17.1878? 28y ??  
Platt Lawrence Jan.5.1860 Dec.18.1887    
Platt Dayton H. 1864 1945    
Pennell Hettie R. 1869 1922   w/o Dayton H. Platt
Coleman Permelia Brewster 1812 1888    
Coleman Nathan   Mar.25.1880 63 yr On back of above marker
Brewster Roxania   Apr.13.1870 81y10m28d "Mother
Brewster Daniel   Apr.11.1871 93y1m19d "Father" - On stone w/Roxania
Brewster Emily   Oct.17.1885? 72y4m20d w/o H. M. Brewster
Brewster H. M.   Feb.24.1877? 67y2m11d  
Brewster Asa G.   May.7.1863 21y6m4d s/o H. M. & Emily Brewster
Jarvis John K.   Oct.2.1870 32 Rest of stone buried
Jarvis Darling   Aug.19?.1862 64 y?  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12/15/2003
By Joyce M. Tice