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Name of Cemetery:    East Herrick Cemetery
Read By:  Joan Edsell
Date Read:   Summer 2003
Typed By:   Pat Smith Raymond
Location:  East Herrick  -On SR 1012 right on the Pike Township line
Other comments: Many missing & broken stones & many are impossible to read because of weathering & age. Phil Herman did a partial audit on this. He intends to work his magic and try to get information from the more difficult stones when the weather improves.
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Coleman Merton 1902 1953    
Coleman Alpha Reeve 1904 1985   On stone w/Merton
Brewster Eldad 1822 1907    
Woodruff Mary A. Jul.10.1854 Feb.1.1897   "At Rest"
Brewster Jane Apr.11.1817 ??? 23.1998   "Mother" w/o Samuel B. Woodruff (Stone broken)
Coleman Anna Harris 1836 1922    
Coleman Mary Esseltine   Dec.25.1888 30 yr w/o A. Coleman
Wolcott Warren W.   Dec.28.1881 72y3m19d "Gone and greatly missed"
Rogers George L. 1875 1931    
Slocum John J. Sep.16.1848 Mar.16.1908    
Slocum Helen Dec.16.1857 Jul.29.1947   w/o John-Same stone
McCauly Hattie 1877 1918   On back of above stone
Slocum Carrie   Feb.23.1880 1y2m24d d/o A. H. & Stella Slocum "Gone but not forgotten"
Slocum Charles W. 1846 1918    
Keeler Ida M. 1852 1916   w/o Charles W. Slocum--Same stone
Wood John M. 1858 1934    
Wood Fedelia A. 1861 1919   On stone w/John M.
Warner Stephen P. 1840 1912   Co. E 48 Regt. PA Inf.
Hitchcock Sophia A. 1839 1932   w/o Stephen P. Warner--On same stone
  Cora 1889 1922   This stone next to following one
Warner Miller R. 1870 1913    
Warner Louis V. 1874 1950   On stone w/Miller R.
Warner George F. Dec.29.1839 Dec.5.1907    
Towner Martha S. Feb.23.1842     w/o George F. Warner (Same stone) "Where the roses ne'r shall wither"
Wilson Melsa M.        
Wilson Phoebe Rosabell       His wife -On same stone
Walker Mary O.? Sep.28.1832 Unreadable   w/o B. F. Walker
Cole Charles L.       "Father" - Dates are buried
Cole Francelia ?       "Mother" - on same stone
Cole Grace?       On same stone
Warner Herbert B. Jun.15.1844 Jun.25.1907    
Warner Clara A. Walker Sep.25.1855 Dec.26.1921   w/o Herbert B. Warner--On same stone
Warner Asa   Nov.1.1884 70y6m May be 8 m.
Warner Lucy A.   May.23.1879 69 yr w/o Asa Warner - On same stone
Warner George N.   Jun.28.1879 28 yr On side of same stone
Tupper Alice       DAR (Info for this & next 2 stones below)
Tupper Edmund        
Tupper Marion        
Tupper Elmira Jan.18.1822 Jul.1.1892    
Tupper Vesta R. Jan.9.1855 Mar.17.1905   On stone w/Elmira
Tupper Spence B. Jun.15.1846 Jun.8.1915   On stone w/Elmira
Tupper Edmund S. 1881 1965   On stone w/Elmira
Tupper Alice M. 1883 1940   On stone w/Elmira
Tupper Marion A. 1905 1993   On stone w/Elmira
Warner Capt. M. E. 1835 1905   Captain of Co. D 14 PA Volunteer
Chaffee Docia A. 1833 1914   w/o Capt. M. E. Warner
Warner Harmon   Jun.25.1882 85 yr  
Joyce Sally M.   May.25.1880 80y2m4d w/o H. Warner
Roberts Neva M.   Aug.12.1881 3y6m?d d/o F. F. & Bertha Roberts
Walker Susie Worden 1866 1896   w/o Fred V. Walker
Walker Geo. E. Mar.15.1853 Jan.6.1881    
Walker Unreadable       w/o Geo. Walker
Unreadable         2 Unreadable & Partially buried stones
Mace Harvey M. 1843 1912   Co. C 50 Regt. PV
White Kathryn R. 1843 1928   w/o Harvey Mace - Same stone
Carey Emily V. 1879 1967    
O'Connor Traver H. 1920 1997    
O'Connor Kathryn A. Apr.18.1909 Oct.18.1990   Our beloved "sis"
Taylor Lucy A.   Jan.14.1879 21y10m1d? Rest of pillar unreadable
Ford Fay 1884 1959    
Unreadable         2 stones unreadable
Ford Viola E. 1917 1917   d/o Fay & Eva
Stephens Mary Jane Sept. 15.1860 Jun.16.1898   d/o Clark & Mary Smith// w/o A. R. Stephens
Stephens Alonzo R., M.D. 1835 1911   Co. B 149 N.Y. Vol
Sweet Nancy 1845 1886   w/o Alonzo R. Stephens
Oline J. P.       Co. A PA Inf. No dates
Ford Henry A. 1850 1913    
Ford Elma A. 1849 1916   w/o Henry A. - Same stone
  Millie   1829?   No other info
  Walter H.   Mar.20.1851   No other info
Ford Willie 1882 1882   s/o Henry A. & Elma F. Ford
Black Ella 1858 1889    
Watson Percival P. Apr.11.1846 Jan.19.1917   Born in Yorkshire, England
Titus Florence E. May.25.1861 Aug.3.1891   w/o Percival P. Watson - On same stone
          Believe Wade Warner is buried in next plot/Died in 2003…Between age 40-43
Titus Jennie E. Agnew   Jun.1897 23y2m14d w/o B. W. Titus "Asleep in Jesus"
Titus Inez M.   Jul.23.1882 4y5m19d d/o C. B. & Jennie Titus
Titus George H. 1843 1924   Co. B 52 Regt. PA Vol.
Titus Jane Coleman 1844 1910   w/o George H. Titus - On same stone
Titus Newton   Jun.17.1894 22y9m9d son of G. H. & Jane Titus
Adderson Anna M.   Feb.10.1883 22y5d w/o A. H. Struppler "Tis with believers well"
Struppler Michael   Jul.30.1882 56y6m3d "Sleep on dear father lifes troubles are o'er"
Struppler Ellen   Jun.3.1906 76 yr w/o Michael - On same stone
Titus Jennie E. 1855 1929   Stone says Titus Kleihege
Titus Charles B. 1852 1934   On same stone w/Jennie E. Titus
Brewster Fred N. 1857 1940    
Brewster Arthur L. 1888 1890   On stone w/Fred N.Brewster
Brewster Effie A. 1865 1950   On stone w/Fred N.Brewster
Brewster Amy B. 1897 1898   On stone w/Fred N.Brewster
Brister Dora Platt 1883 1954    
Platt W. M. Sep.7.1851 Nov.24.1933    
Vanness Rachael Sep.26.1861 Jul.17.1922   w/o W. M. Platt - On same stone
Carr Laura A.   Nov.8.1896 1y7m8d d/o John & Susie Carr
Rogers Henry F. Mar.5.1848 Mar.6.1903    
McAllister Alice J. Apr.15.1848 Apr.19.1935   w/o Henry F. Rogers
Brewster Nancy H.   Sep.7.1855 25 yr w/o P. S. Brewster & d/o M. D. F. & A. Hines
Hines Amy H.   Jan.27.1864? 56 yr w/o M. D. F. Hines
Hines M. D. F.   Oct.13.1878 72y10m8d  
Hines Betsy R.       w/o S. D. Burnett--Stone broken in half
  M. E. A.        
  E. K.        
Rogers Linus C.   Oct.13.1876 73 yr  
Rogers     May 2?.1885? 73 yr w/o Linus Rogers - Stone broken

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12/15/2003
By Joyce M. Tice