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Photos of East Herrick Cemetery by Joyce M. Tice October 16, 1999
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Name of Cemetery:    East Herrick Cemetery
Read By:  Joan Edsell
Date Read:   Summer 2003
Typed By:   Pat Smith Raymond
Location:  East Herrick  -On SR 1012 right on the Pike Township line
Other comments: Many missing & broken stones & many are impossible to read because of weathering & age. Phil Herman did a partial audit on this. He intends to work his magic and try to get information from the more difficult stones when the weather improves.
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Mckee Emily May.12.1825 Nov.6.1898   w/o Chandler - On same stone
Canfield Florine Thompson Apr.23.1852 Oct.24.1873   Daughters - On same stone
Canfield Minnie Feb.7.1870 Dec.31.1871   Daughters - On same stone
Walters Onida Sep.16.1894 Feb.13.1895   On back of above stone
Canfield Salmon B. Nov.1.1811 Dec.3.1897    
Nichols Angenette Jun.14.1824 Jun.18.1804   w/o Salmon-On same stone (Stone says 1804-prob. Should say 1904)
Canfield Dora A.   Oct.16.1876 25y7m13d w/o W. M. Platt
Platt ???   May.10.1878 10m16d s/o W. M. & Dora Platt
Goodwin         Geo. & ??? Goodwin
Franklin Harry 1892 1930   Loving Father - WWI Vet
Beach Winifred C. 1879 1928   d/o B. V. & M. L. Canfield--w/o Dewitt Hall
Stevens L. M.   Feb.5.1878 56 yr  
Stevens Emily A.   Jun.15.1865 45y15d w/o L. M. Stevens
Stevens Watson A.   Oct.4.1860 6y2m20d s/o L. Mason & Emily Stevens
Coleman         One large stone
Coleman Harriet 1828 1868   On one of 3 smaller stones
Coleman Russell 1823 1912   On one of 3 smaller stones
Coleman Frances 1838 1926   On one of 3 smaller stones--(The 3 smaller stones do not have surnames)
Meagee Adeline A.   Dec.17.1861 31 yr w/o Griffin Meagee
Magee Jasper N.   Dep.21.1865 10 mo ? s/o G. & A. Magee (appears to be spelled differently than above)
Coleman Joseph Mar.13.1825 Apr.8.1887    
Coleman Milly P.   Feb.27.1869 6y3m Also on another stone w/Homer & Jemimia
Coleman Melissa C.   Apr.13.1858   d/o Homer & Jemimia Coleman-Also on other stone w/Homer & Jemimia
Keeler Lamontel   Feb.11.1859 10 mo s/o E. N. & R. U.? Keeler
Coleman Myrtle L.   Dec.21.1875 13y8m23d d/o Joseph & Irena Coleman
Coleman Wm. Worth   Apr.16.1870 19y11m21d s/o Joseph & Irena Coleman
Coleman Violetta E.   Oct.1.1854 2y1m d/o Joseph & Irena Coleman
Coleman Russel A. Jr.   Feb.3.1855 1m2d s/o ?? & U ? Coleman
Cline Clarisa C. 1822 1886    
Cline William H. 1824 1899   On stone w/Clarisa C.
Coleman Claude R.   Dec.4.1880 3y11m4d Child of LeRoy & Huldah Coleman
Coleman Raymond R.   Jul.22.1884 2y9m1d Child of LeRoy & Huldah Coleman--On stone w/Claude R.
Coleman LeRoy 1849 1919    
Coleman Huldah M. Reynolds 1846 1915   w/o LeRoy - On same stone
Coleman R. B. 1851 1915    
Coleman Ina M. 1882 1882   On stone w/R. B.
Coleman Raymond M. 1884 1884   On stone w/R. B.
Cole Franklin L. 1882 1952    
Cole Bernice L. 1886 1972   On stone w/Franklin L.
Burchard Harvey Mar.18.1828     Co G 57 Regt PA Inft. (Rest is buried)
Smith Eldon C. 1863 1939    
Smith Jennie L. 1868 1939   w/o Eldon - On same stone
Smith Ephton H. Nov.30.1870 Jul.5.1943   On stone w/Eldon
Smith Meta C. Lloyd Feb.22.1880 Feb.25.1908   w/o Ephton H - On stone w/Eldon, Jennie, & Ephton
Smith Hart H. Jun.13.1837 Apr.20.1911   On back of above stone
Smith Marcella Stevens Jan.21.1837 Jan.8.1920   w/o Hart H. - On stone w/Hart
Smith Fay LeRoy May.15.1868 May.12.1900   s/o Hart H. & Marcella - On stone w/above
Phelps Burton H. Jun.21.1854 Apr.21.1920    
Phelps Anna Bolles Sep.19.1854 Apr.10.1909   w/o Burton H. - On same stone
Phelps Sarah Alice 1892 1977   "Daughter" - On stone w/Burton & Anna
Denton Grace L.   Dec.26.1882 2y3m18d d/o J. H. & A. E. Denton
Ruger Ella Doane 1885 1913    
Light Allen 1854 1913    
Pratt Ella R. 1857 1922   w/o Allen Light - on same stone
Smith Elden        
Smith Jennie L.        
Smith Fay        
Smith Father        
Smith Mother        
Smith Mary F. 1866 1943    
Smith Marion H. 1866 1949   On stone w/Mary F.
Light John B. Jan.14.1845 Aug.20.1911    
Smith Emeline R. Jun.17.1846 Apr.18.1907   w/o John R. Light - On same stone
Waterman Eliza   Apr.20.1888 73 yr w/o Allen Light
Burlington Thomas J. 1854 1942    
Arnold Caroline M. 1884 1914   w/o Thomas J. Burlington - On same stone
Powell David 1878 1961   On back of above stone
Burlington Anna M. 1886 1910   w/o David Powell - On same stone
Crawford Cora E. 1888 1978   w/o David Powell - On same stone
Hitchcock Nettie V. 1894 1984    
Hitchcock Roy B. 1892 1967    
Hitchcock Sgt. C. Howard 1923 1945   K.I.A. Japan Buried at sea-Northwest Pacific--In center of stone w/Nettie & Roy
Barrows Frank Edgar 1913 1999   On back of stone
Hitchcock Emma M. 1917     On stone w/Frank Edgar
Hitchcock Daniel B. Jun.26.1848 Mar.4.1936    
Woodruff Emma A. Oct.10.1852 Aug.22.1907   w/o Daniel B. Hitchcock--on same stone
Taylor Jarriet E. 1861 1927   On back of above stone--Second wife of D. B. Hitchcock
Coleman Ruth Esther 1897 1897    
Coleman Georgianna 1909 1909   On stone w/Ruth Esther
Coleman Elmer L. 1870 1934    
Coleman Margaret P. 1874 1958   On stone w/Elmer L.
Coleman George 1909 1999    
Coleman Howard J. 1896 1934   PRI Casual Co. P.V.
Matson Newell Mar.26.1836     On stone w/Howard J.
Wilson Anna Nov.10.1836 Apr.14.1908   w/o Newell Matson - On same stone
Coleman John N. Sep.21.1848 Aug.29.1906   Co J 51 Regt PA Vol.
Coleman Emily N.   Jun.13.1898 50y1m12d w/o John Coleman - On same stone
White Rowena Heath 1848 1918   "Mother"
White Orrin S. 1838 1924   "Father"
Stanton Mary 1839 1907    
Trowbridge John 1850 1941    
Trowbridge Francelia 1856 1925   On stone w/John
Trowbridge Andrew 1885 1909    
Robinson Anson E. Aug.31.1863 May.6.1918    
Coleman Ida M. Oct.29.1866 Jun.9.1956   w/o Anson E. Robinson - On same stone

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12/15/2003
By Joyce M. Tice