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Some Bradford County Deaths, 2000

From:  The Sunday Review, Towanda, PA Supplement, "The 2000 Year in Review"; 28 Jan 2001
Copyright © 2001 The Daily/Sunday Review; James Towner, Publisher (Printed with permission of James Towner)
Transcribed by:  Richard J. McCracken; Towanda, PA; 30 Jan 2001

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Surname Given Name Add. Name Add. Name Title Date Age of… Address/Notes
Caccia Jennie E.     27-Oct 85 Mildred, PA Sullivan Co
Cady Attarah Blackwood     05-Jul 90 Waverly, NY  
Calaman Jeremy Malcolm     23-Apr 9 Monroe Twp, PA  
Campbell Stephanie Lynn     11-Jan 19 Rome, PA  
Campbell Frank D.     14-Apr 78 Athens, PA  
Campbell George William "Red"   18-May 93 Winter Haven, FL  
Campbell Carl S.     28-Jul 87 Burlington, PA  
Campbell Franklin Ransford "Randy"   18-Oct   Canton, PA  
Carter Earl K.     09-Dec 78 Laceyville, PA  
Case Sara A.     19-Jul 83 formerly of Troy, PA  
Casselbury Harold E.   Jr. 26-Mar 61 Durell, PA  
Caulfield John Douglas     02-Jun 54 Wysox, PA RR 2
Cease Nelson D.     04-Dec 91 Canton, PA  
Chaffee Olyn     Sr. 07-Jan 87 Leraysville, PA RR 1
Chaffee Fred E.     06-Feb 62 Warren Center, PA  
Chaffee Florence       02-Mar 87 Millville, PA Columbia Co
Chaffee Francis William     22-Jun 78 formerly of Sheshequin Twp  
Chamberlain Doris G.     08-Aug 90 formerly of Bently Creek, PA  
Chambers Michael C.     04-Apr   Sayre, PA  
Champion Anna       25-Sep 91 formerly of Towanda  
Chandler Daisy Morley     26-Feb 74 Rome, PA  
Cheney Leola D.     19-Jun 91 Endwell, NY formerly of Towanda and Lake Wesauking, PA
Chilson James L.   Sr. 10-Jul 74 Sayre, PA  
Chilson Helen Marian Hatch   18-Aug 77 Troy, PA RR 3, formerly of Durell, PA
Chilson Paul J.     13-Sep 54 Canton, PA RR 2
Chodkowski Julia     Mrs. 17-Jul 81 Lopez, PA Sullivan Co
Chreptak Catherine Vischansky     11-Sep 90 Troy, PA  
Ciavardini Joseph S.     09-Nov 72 Waverly, NY Tioga Co
Cividanes Belia "Bea"     13-Nov 82 North Brunswick, NJ  
Clark Stephen A.     07-Mar 42 Hornbrook, PA  
Clark Robert I.     22-Jun 75 Towanda, PA  
Clark Richard W. "Dick"   11-Nov 77 Laceyville, PA Wyoming Co
Clarke Walter William   Jr. 29-Aug 83 Canton, PA  
Clouse Tiffany D.     13-Jan 3 Leraysville, PA  
Cole Wilson E.     16-Feb 86 South Waverly, PA  
Cole Lewis N.     12-Mar 86 Alpine, NY  
Cole Scott L.     25-Jul 23 Columbia Xroads, PA  
Cole Jordan David   Rev. 01-Oct 86 Putney, VT  
Coleman Olive E.     18-May 82 Leraysville, PA RR 1
Coleman Lola M.     08-Nov   Coleman, NC  
Collins Barbara Louise     12-Jan 51 formerly of E. Smithfield, PA  
Collins Dorothy Andes     30-Jul 74 Laporte, PA Sullivan Co
Collishaw Theodore John     22-Apr 37 Standing Stone, PA  
Comstock Carol Ruth     04-Mar 86 Laceyville, PA Wyoming Co
Connor James       26-Aug 79 Wilmot Twp, PA  
Connor James Francis     26-Aug 79 Wilmot Twp, PA  
Coolbaugh Claire Lindley     21-Jun 86 North Towanda Twp, PA  
Coombs Myrtle A.     02-Jun   Athens, PA  
Coon Felda Marie Lane   17-Aug 81 Ulster, PA  
Cooper Adelaide (Bentley)     10-Mar 86 Elmira, NY Chemung Co
Cooper Emma Lena     16-Jul 78 Camptown, PA  
Cornell James J.     17-Jun   Troy, PA  
Correll Riley James     11-Apr   Mansfield, PA Tioga Co
Costello Patricia Walsh     30-Nov 73 Towanda, PA  
Covey Verna Blaine     29-Oct 81 Athens, PA  
Cowell Ernest K.   Sr. 07-Mar 83 Bolivar, NY  
Cox Gaynella Paulina Pittenger   13-Jan 91 Monroeton, PA  
Crandell H. Dewaine     19-Jan 70 Troy, PA  
Crandell Edna K.     14-May 83 Franklindale, PA  
Crandell Patricia Seeley     05-Aug 63 Canton, PA RR 2
Crandle Arthur W.     12-Jan 72 Millerton, PA Tioga Co
Crayton Albert L.     27-Jan 89 Monroeton, PA RR 1
Crofut Roy Warren     16-Jan 82 Shunk, PA Sullivan Co
Cronrath Walter O.     01-Mar 68 Laceyville, PA Wyoming Co
Crumm Clement Howard     23-Jan 88 Canton, PA  
Crynock John N.     13-Jun 76 North Towanda Twp, PA  
Curry George       17-Nov 81 Lincoln Falls State/Co not stated
Dailey Sue A.     09-Jul 79 Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Daly John E.   Sr. 11-Jan 79 Towanda, PA  
Daugherty Madeline McKeon     02-Jan 75 Ulster, PA  
Daugherty Francis P.   Sr. 06-Jul 78 Sayre, PA  
Daugherty L. May     29-Aug 91 Warren Center, PA RR 1
Davidson Elsie M.     20-Sep 64 Sayre, PA  
Davis Frederick       11-Jan 81 of Leesburg, VA  
Davis Robert H.     06-Feb 86 Neath, PA  
Davis Milton T.   Jr. 26-Feb 73 Athens, PA  
Davis Irene D.     21-Nov 80 Forksville, PA  
Dayton George V.   Jr. 31-Dec 86 Towanda, PA RR 2
Decker Stephen Mathew   Jr. 12-Jan 84 Mildred, PA Sullivan Co
Dehler Siegfried "Sig"     01-Oct 69 Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Denkenberger Michael       08-Apr 90 Troy, PA RR 2
Denkenberger Richard       23-Apr 88 Alba, PA  
Depew Robert D.     07-Jan 82 Milan, PA  
Depew Evelyn Leree Bidlack   06-Jun 74 Zephyrhills, FL  
Deskins Sarah Ann     03-Dec 65 Wyalusing, PA RR 1
Detrick Lyle G.     18-Dec 67 Waverly, NY Tioga Co
Dickinson Malcolm I.     01-Apr 71 Rome Twp, PA  
Dickinson Warren Samuel     10-Oct 87 New Era, PA  
Dieffenbach Carl       25-Oct 70 Astor, FL  
DiMarcontonio Dominick       01-May 76 Luthers Mills, PA  
Dimon Lula M.     11-Oct 87 Middletown Center, PA ?? Co
Dixon William E.     28-May 83 Troy, PA RR 3
Dixon Doris Marie     30-Oct 70 Towanda, PA RR 2
Doherty Jane Cranmer     14-Aug 65 Chapel Hill, NC  
Donahue Helen M.     25-Apr 67 Laceyville, PA RR 1 Wyoming Co
Doyle Francis J. "Frank"   15-Oct 77 Sayre, PA  
Dry Jane K.     23-Oct 88 Mansfield, PA Tioga Co
Dugan Bonnie K.     28-May 51 Athens, PA  
Dunbar Julia M.     08-Feb 84 East Troy, PA  
Dunbar Phyllis "Sally"     05-May 58 Rome, PA  
Dye Clayton W. "Bill" Jr. 06-Nov   Canton, PA  


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