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Some Bradford County Deaths, 2000

From:  The Sunday Review, Towanda, PA Supplement, "The 2000 Year in Review"; 28 Jan 2001
Copyright © 2001 The Daily/Sunday Review; James Towner, Publisher (Printed with permission of James Towner)
Transcribed by:  Richard J. McCracken; Towanda, PA; 30 Jan 2001

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Surname Given Name Add. Name Add. Name Title Date Age of… Address/Notes
Taffe Margaret J.     29-Jun 96 Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Tanke Eva       05-Dec 78 Asylum Twp, PA  
Taylor Kenneth Howard   Sr. 06-Jan   Wyalusing, PA  
Taylor Gerald W.     05-Mar 89 Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Taylor Gerald W.     05-Mar 89 Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Taylor Gerald J. (Bruz)   09-Apr 56 formerly of Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Taylor Harold W.     31-Aug 90 formerly of Lawton, PA Susquehanna Co
Tedow Charles "Chuck"     30-Dec   Forty Fort, PA Luzerne Co
Teeter Max I.     23-Aug 76 Albany Twp, PA  
Teeter Blanche E.     21-Oct 95 Smithfield Twp, PA  
Terry Albert Eugene     17-Aug 82 Monroeton, PA RR 1
Tersegno Lucinda       15-Jul 54 Sayre, PA  
Thiede Thomas       02-Aug   Forest City, PA ?? Co
Thoman Melva Vivian     16-Feb 62 Orwell Twp, PA  
Thompson James B.     02-Feb 78 formerly of Towanda, PA  
Thompson Donald L.   Sr. 25-May 67 Monroe Twp, PA  
Thrasher Catherine Louise     22-Dec 64 Monroeton, PA  
Thurston Madelyn D. "Dorothy" Stanton   09-Mar 87 West Burlington, PA  
Tilley Allen Emory     16-Feb 65 Hughsville, PA Lycoming Co
Tillotson Carl D.     02-Feb 72 Canton, PA RR 1
Toia Deanna Jill Williams   14-Nov 61 Manassas, VA  
Trick Grant F.     13-Aug 49 Canton, PA RR 1
Twaska William V.     26-Oct 63 Towanda, PA  
Tyler R. Levi     12-Mar 67 Meshoppen, PA RR 2 Wyoming Co
Ugliuzza Anna Marie Petrix   05-Jul 81 of Pine Twp ?? Co
Ugliuzza Nick       19-Oct 88 Pike Twp, PA  
Urstadt Curtis R.   Jr. 09-Dec 50 Orange Grove, TX  
VanCamp Margaret I. Fox   30-Mar 81 Sylvania, PA  
Vance Wayne E.     22-Jun 67 Canton, PA RR 1
VanDeMark Elwyn John     23-Jul 79 Laceyville, PA Wyoming Co
Vanderpool Letha R.     01-Jan 74 Monroeton, PA RR 1
Vanderpool Ira       03-Apr 77 Liberty Corners, PA  
Vanderpool Rose Marie Johnson   28-Jun 66 Towanda, PA RR 2
Vanderpool Freda E.     04-Nov 85 Athens, PA  
Vanderpool Harold A.     07-Dec 76 Horseheads, NY Chemung Co
VanHorn Kenneth D.     02-Feb 49 Sayre, PA RR 2
VanNess Dennis J.     06-Dec 54 Athens, PA RR 1
VanNoy Virginia       19-Jul 89 Gillett, PA  
VanZandt James       02-Feb 85 McMurray, PA ?? Co
Vernon Laura       07-Sep 99 Waverly, NY  
Wagner Mary       15-Oct 91 formerly of Canton, PA  
Wagner Robert       29-Nov 70 Sylvania, PA  
Walden Myrtle Jeanette     02-Nov 71 formerly of Canton, PA  
Waldron Gertrude M. "Trudie"   12-Dec 85 Waterloo, NY  
Walters Betty M.     24-Feb 71 Troy, PA  
Ward Edward W.     24-Nov 57 Warren Center, PA  
Warfield Kenneth G.     25-Jun 88 Pennsville, NJ  
Watkins D. Lucille     23-Feb 75 Sayre, PA  
Watkins Jack R.     29-Oct 79 Ulster, PA  
Watson Florence Wright     09-May 92 Gillett, PA RR 1
Webb William Harlow     14-Jul 76 St. Clair Shores, MI  
Webster Rosanna Benjamin     20-Feb 64 Towanda, PA  
Weed Lawrence E.     11-Sep 84 formerly of Ulster, PA  
Welch Anna Mae (Cooper)   01-Nov 88 Gillett, PA  
Welker William John     25-Aug 67 Saco, PA  
Weller Barbara L.     02-Oct 73 formerly of Sayre, PA  
Welles George       16-Feb   formerly of Wyalusing, PA  
Welles Amelia Kathleen Wells Mrs. 11-Oct 73 Wyalusing, PA  
Wells Marjorie M.     31-Jan 73 Sayre, PA  
Wells Aletha D.     05-Oct 98 Laporte, PA  
West Paul D.     28-Mar 59 Athens, PA  
Whaley David W.     28-Oct 76 Towanda, PA  
Wheeler Bruce Manuel     24-Sep 57 formerly of Canton, PA  
Wheeler Dolores M. Curchoe "Dolly"   26-Oct 69 Canton, PA  
Whipple Jack Carlton     06-Apr 37 Hughsville, PA Lycoming Co
White Loomis J.     21-Apr 81 Ulster, PA  
White Robert Gerald "Jerry" Jr. 06-Jul 57 Randolph, NJ formerly of Towanda, PA
Wiggins Eva Agnes     05-Mar 88 Monroeton, PA RR 1
Wilber Douglas L.     07-Oct 66 Canton, PA RR 3
Wilbur Pauline M. Bride   15-Jul 90 formerly of Towanda, PA  
Wilcox Kathleen Joyce     23-Aug 55 Canton, PA RR 1
Wilcox Louis William "Lou"   18-Oct 76 Towanda, PA  
Wiles James B.     13-Aug 61 Sayre, PA  
Wilkins Dorothy V.     15-Mar 89 Troy, PA  
Williams Marian Alice (Merrick)   17-Jan 92 formerly of Canton, PA  
Williams Richard Thomas     27-Feb 69 Wilmot Twp, PA  
Williams Herbert R.   Sr. 03-May 94 Wilmot Twp, PA  
Williams Leona Weaver     10-Aug 82 West Corners, NY  
Willlouer Robert L.     17-Feb 93 Forks Twp, PA Sullivan Co
Wilson Douglas R.     03-Jan 51 Barton, NY Tioga Co
Wilson Harold L.     04-Jul 89    
Wolbach Esther C.     14-Nov 71 Franklin Twp, PA formerly of Athens, PA
Wolcott Ruth P.     05-Feb 79 Sayre, PA  
Wolcott William B.     22-Feb 70 Troy, PA  
Wood Leon John     25-May 84 Waverly, NY Tioga Co
Wood Wesley L.     07-Oct 74 Sayre, PA  
Wood Ansel Scott     08-Nov 87 formerly of the Valley  
Woodard Mary Lytle     18-Apr 88 Bently Creek, PA  
Woodruff Martha Lydia     27-Jul 76 formerly of Laceyville, PA Wyoming Co
Woodward Alden C.     26-Apr 75 Troy, PA  
Wooster Heidi M.     26-Feb 25 Waverly, NY Tioga Co
Wren Emma Kathryne Elliott   19-Jun 77 Athens, PA  
Wright Kathryn Young Minier "Kaki"   08-Oct 92 formerly of Wyalusing, PA  
Wright Nancy A.     15-Oct 52 formerly of West Warren, PA  
Wright Connie       18-Dec 56 Millerton, PA Tioga Co
Yale Robert C.     01-Dec 78 Athens, PA  
Yarchak Joseph       11-Mar 76 Laporte, PA Sullivan Co
Yonchiuk Helen Collins     16-Dec   Tunkhannock, PA Wyoming Co
Yonkin John H.     12-Dec   Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Youmans Luann       05-Aug 42 Blossburg, PA Tioga Co
Young Marian K.     02-Mar 80 E. Smithfield, PA  
Young Lloyd A.     25-Mar 85 Springettsburn Twp, PA ?? Co
Young Alonzo C. "Dave"   25-Sep 86 Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Zeese Eleanor Gillette     03-Apr 79 Huntington, NY  
Zygnerski Theresa C.     07-Aug 75 Towanda, PA RR 1


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