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Some Bradford County Deaths, 2000

From:  The Sunday Review, Towanda, PA Supplement, "The 2000 Year in Review"; 28 Jan 2001
Copyright © 2001 The Daily/Sunday Review; James Towner, Publisher (Printed with permission of James Towner)
Transcribed by:  Richard J. McCracken; Towanda, PA; 30 Jan 2001

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Surname Given Name Add. Name Add. Name Title Date Age of… Address/Notes
Packard Effie M.     04-May 94 Williamsport, PA Lycoming Co
Paddock Barbara R.     11-May 72 Herrickville, PA  
Page Edith C.     17-Apr 85 Towanda, PA RR 2
Page Henry William     11-May 91 Ogdensburg, PA Tioga Co
Page Frank C.     06-Jul 87 Towanda, PA RR 2
Page Philip E.     18-Nov 80 Sayre, PA  
Palipkonich Hazel E.     13-Jan 58 Sayre, PA  
Panetta Albert J.     25-Apr 78 Elmira, NY Chemung Co
Park Junia Nell Huddle   25-Mar 77 Windham Twp, PA  
Park Margaret W.     22-Oct 78 Milan, PA and Orange City, FL  
Parker Paul Lowry     07-Aug 82 formerly of Canton, PA  
Parks Geraldine "Jerry"     08-Mar 88 Alba, PA  
Parks Laura Emily     01-May 90 Towanda, PA  
Parks Beatrice Marcella     24-Jul 94 Waverly, NY Tioga Co
Parsons Robert Alvin   Jr. 02-Feb 62 Asylum Twp, PA  
Parsons William H.     27-Jun 88 Sayre, PA  
Pastusic Peter P. "Corkey"   09-Nov 52 Mildred, PA Sullivan Co
Patterson Gene B.     30-Oct 77 Milan, PA RR 1
Payne Robert F.     22-May 70 Jacksonville, FL  
Pedro Anthony C. "Tony"   07-May 59 Albany Twp, PA  
Pelton Gertrude A.     24-Aug 87 formerly of Athens, PA  
Pepper Rancy K.   Sr. 07-Jun 73 formerly of Leroy and Troy, PA  
Persing Joyce Kressler     12-Apr 67 Lebanon, PA Lebanon Co
Persing Joyce Kressler     12-May 67 Lebanon, PA Lebanon Co; also recorded as 12 Apr
Peters Sally Mae     30-Jul 88 Berkshire, NY  
Peters Catherine Burke     19-Dec 91 Ulster, PA RR 1
Peterson Charlena F.     14-Jun 87 North Towanda Twp, PA  
Peterson George R.     20-Jul 69 Dushore, PA RR 2 Sullivan Co
Peterson Harold F.     03-Nov 101 Sayre, PA  
Petrucci Duane       14-Jul 52 Burlington, PA also reported as 16 July
Philippi Thelma Mae     13-Oct 88 Wilmot Twp, PA  
Pierce Margaret Baxter     15-Mar 87 Burlington, PA  
Pierce M. Adelaide Hulslander   28-Mar 74 Burlington, PA  
Potter Eugene "Max"     06-Mar 71 E. Smithfield, PA  
Prevost Warren S.     15-Jun 63 Meshoppen, PA Wyoming Co
Proof Dorothy Dodge     08-Jun 92 formerly of Wyalusing Twp, PA  
Raker Sarah G. "Sara"   03-Oct 88 East Smithfield, PA  
Rathbun John A.     31-Oct 86 Edgewater, FL  
Raub Kathryn H.     21-Feb 67 Dushore, PA RR 2
Raub Marilyn L.     17-May 59 Pine City, NY  
Raub Dorothy Elizabeth     07-Dec 78 Dushore, PA RR 1 Sullivan Co
Rawley Margery L.     13-May 81 Athens, PA  
Rees George E.   Rev. 16-Jan 84 Towanda, PA  
Reese Agnes L.     16-Apr 91 formerly of Sayre, PA RR 1
Reynolds Nina G.     09-Nov 47 Athens, PA RR 2
Rice Thomas G.     14-Oct 79 Montrose, PA Susquehanna Co
Rice Edith Mae     02-Dec 103 formerly of Springfield Twp, PA  
Richart Vicki       15-Nov 56 Canton, PA RR 2
Richlin Edith P.     25-Sep 78 Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Rickard Joseph Henry     19-Oct 88 formerly of Canton, PA  
Ridall Beverly A.     11-Jan 56 of Canton, PA  
Robbins Lawrence M. "Larry"   18-Sep   Nokomis, FL  
Robinson Edna Freer     11-Dec 91 Rome, PA RR 3
Robinson Edna L. Blend   11-Dec 91 Rome, PA RR 3 may be a correction
Rockefeller Norman       16-Jun 72 Warren Center, PA  
Rogers Catherine L.     12-Apr 73 Sayre, PA  
Rogers Alice E.     09-May 90 formerly of Athens, PA  
Rogers Betty J.     02-Jun   Troy, PA RR 3
Rogers Betty J.     02-Jun   formerly of Waverly, NY Tioga Co
Rolston Elizabeth Ann "Rene"   08-Aug 69 Warren Center, PA  
Rose Kenneth L.     18-Jan 85 Muncy, PA Lycoming Co
Ross Orrin C.     18-Jan 68 Laceyville, PA RR 1 Wyoming Co
Roth Dorothy Anne (Keck)   11-May 93 Wellsboro, PA Tioga Co
Rouse William J.     01-Sep 83 Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Rowles Carmella Rose     27-Jul 77 Laporte Twp, PA Sullivan Co
Roy Mary Catherine Whyte   14-Mar 76 New Smyrna Beach, FL  
Rudloff Russell L. "Rusty"   25-May 74 Sayre, PA  
Rundell Naomi Rogers     18-Sep 92 formerly of Canton, PA  
Russell Katie Marie     27-Nov 12 Orwell, PA  
Russell Michael F.     28-Nov 64 Towanda, PA  
Ruth Markley M.     01-Oct 92 Columbia Xroads, PA  
Ryan Catherine G.     14-Mar 86 Cherry Twp, PA ?? Co


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