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Some Bradford County Deaths, 2000

From:  The Sunday Review, Towanda, PA Supplement, "The 2000 Year in Review"; 28 Jan 2001
Copyright © 2001 The Daily/Sunday Review; James Towner, Publisher (Printed with permission of James Towner)
Transcribed by:  Richard J. McCracken; Towanda, PA; 30 Jan 2001

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Surname Given Name Add. Name Add. Name Title Date Age of… Address/Notes
Sabin Wesley B.     05-Mar 69 Sayre, PA  
Sabitus Walter M.   Jr. 29-May 66 Sheshequin Twp, PA  
Sacks Isabella M. (Gaugler)   25-Nov 85 Upper Salford Twp State/Co not stated
Samson Charlotte E.     06-Sep   Monterey, CA  
Santosuosso Sally Haxton     19-Apr   East Windsor, ?? State/Co not stated
Sarnosky Edna A.     18-Jan 74 Laceyville, PA RR 1 Wyoming Co
Saunders Laura       20-Dec 80 Canton, PA  
Sawyer Walter Arthur   Jr. 14-Dec 68 Austinville, PA  
Saxe James Richard     19-Feb   New Albany, PA RR 1
Scarborough Ronald David     28-Jan   Canton, PA  
Schaad Franklin J.   Jr. 28-Feb 76 Mildred, PA Sullivan Co
Schleeter William C.     01-Mar 52 Dushore, PA RR 2 Sullivan Co
Schoonover Eleanor "Abby"     08-May 76 Troy, PA  
Schrader Florence N.     21-Sep 85 Wyalusing and North Towanda, PA  
Scott Louise (Smiley)     15-Feb 79 Troy, PA  
Scrivens Frank L.   Sr. 01-Feb 94 Athens, PA RR 1
Seaborg Natalie Walik     18-Nov 74 Towanda, PA  
Seaborg George A.     24-Nov 75 Towanda, PA  
Searfoss Harold R. "Dutch"   05-Mar 79 Sayre, PA  
Searfoss Joseph N.   Sr. 12-Aug 62 Wellsboro, PA RR 2
Seeley Gordon W.   Sr. 12-May 80 Troy, PA  
Seeley Ashley Crystalyn     17-Nov 12 Canton, PA  
Seipler Doris L.     01-Jan 76 Towanda, PA RR 3
Seymour Milton C.   Jr. 19-Sep 82 Columbia Xroads, PA  
Shaffer Cora E.     10-Mar 95 Sayre, PA  
Shallenberger Paul H.     24-Jun 73 Towanda, PA  
Shankweiler Ivy B.     04-Jul 71 Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Shannon Faith Evelyn     02-Feb   Dushore, PA RR 4 Sullivan Co
Sharer Marie Place     19-Jun 89 Laceyville, PA  
Shay Paul McCloskey     26-May 73 formerly of Towanda, PA  
Shearer Anita O. "Bettie"   24-May 77 Towanda, PA  
Shepard Robert Gerald     06-Feb 66 McNett Twp, PA ?Tioga Co, PA?
Sherman Charlotte Marie     05-May 70 Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Shertz William R. "Bill" Jr. 25-Mar 85 Canton, PA  
Sherwood Howard H.     27-Nov 83 Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Shores Llewellyn       04-Oct 74 Rome, PA RR 3
Shultz Helen Frances     05-Nov 79 Laporte, PA Sullivan Co
Shuman Paul K     07-Mar 74 Sayre, PA  
Shumway Louise       28-Dec 81 Tempe, AZ  
Siegel Daurine A.     28-Feb 67 New Albany, PA  
Sims Lottie Mae Rought   08-Apr 89 formerly of Wysox, PA (Lived in Asylum Twp)
Siverinac Margaret       22-Mar 76 South Fork, PA ?? Co
Smalet Anne       01-May   Standing Stone Twp, PA  
Smith Leaman Rex     28-Jan 89 formerly of Roseville, PA Tioga Co
Smith Harold Dean "Smitty"   22-Jul 75 Wheelerville, PA Sullivan Co
Smith Adelbert "Del"     26-Aug 88 Milan, PA  
Smith Samantha Jo     12-Sep Infant Canton, PA  
Smith Charles L.     20-Sep 73 Sheshequin Twp, PA  
Smith Thomas Joseph     31-Oct 63 Ulster, PA RR 1
Smith Charles A.     08-Nov 76 Canton, PA  
Smith Laurence E.     12-Nov 71 Montour Falls, NY  
Snell Marie Baumunk     01-Nov 72 formerly of Wysox and Towanda, PA  
Snyder Adelaide Louise     17-Sep 74 Rochester, NY  
Soper Lillian Katherine Crum   19-Oct 92 Troy, PA  
Southard Robert George     10-May 68 Forksville, PA RR 1
Souto Frances Shenuski     28-Mar 85 formerly of Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Spacek Mary Elizabeth Wayne   10-Aug 85 Canton, PA  
Speg Mary Magdalene March   17-Nov 88 Shepherdstown, WV  
Spencer Barbara J.     14-Jan 48 Troy, PA  
Spencer Pearl Baker     29-Mar 103 South Waverly, PA  
Spencer Terry LaVerne     06-Apr 26 Greenville, SC  
Spencer Joshua Thomas     10-May 15 Mainsburg, PA Tioga Co
Spencer Eloise "Ellie" (Dibble)   09-Jun 69 Troy, PA  
Spencer Steven Lee "Steve"   30-Jul 34 Stevensville, PA RR 1
Stabryla Ann Marie     20-Jun 63 Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Stahl Julius       28-Aug 76 East Smithfield, PA  
Stalford Thomas Scott     29 Feb 74 Mountaintop, PA Luzerne Co
Stalford Evelyn P.     14-Aug 90 formerly of Vestal, NY Broome Co
Stanley Hazel Baldwin     12-Aug   Wyalusing, PA RR 1
Startzel Ruth Marion   Mrs. 22-Jun 80 Wyalusing, PA  
Stehr Warren W.     29-May 86 Hatboro, PA ?? Co
Stephenson William H.     23-Jun 54 Sayre, PA  
Stevens Mildred C.     09-Dec 96 Towanda, PA  
Stone Carl P.     16-Jan 79 Gleason, PA ?? Co
Storrs Alice       04-Feb 88 Canton, PA  
Stout Dorothy L.     27-Mar 84 Troy, PA  
Stowell Stanley A.     29-May 92 Unionville, VA  
Strange Elisabeth       23-Jan 71 Athens, PA RR 2
Strange James "Joe"     19-Nov 68 Sayre, PA  
Street Donald T.     15-Jan 86 Largo, FL  
Strickler Emma M.     27-Aug 89 formerly of Tioga and Mansfield, PA Tioga Co
Strope Mattie J.     05-Apr 77 Niagara Falls, NY  
Strope Donald Manley     01-Jun 73 Burlingtron Twp, PA Towanda RR 3
Strope Charlotte M.     12-Jun 86 formerly of Rome, PA  
Strunk Thomas William     31-May 75    
Sullivan Dorothy Cottle     16-Jan 77 Towanda, PA  
Sullivan Francis J. "Shang"   15-Oct 84 formerly of Macedonia, PA  
Sutton Susan D. "Sue"   13-Dec 39 Towanda, PA  
Suydam Russell E.     22-Oct 74 Wyalusing, PA  
Swain-Ellers Cassidy Nicole     04-Mar 2 Athens, PA  
Swartz Howard E.     30-Jun 88 Canton, PA  
Swingle Frederick R.   Sr. 28-May 62 Laceyville, PA Wyoming Co
Szymanski Joseph R.     01-Aug 74 Dushore, PA  


Published On Tri-Counties Site On 02/02/2001
By Joyce M. Tice