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Some Bradford County Deaths, 2000

From:  The Sunday Review, Towanda, PA Supplement, "The 2000 Year in Review"; 28 Jan 2001
Copyright © 2001 The Daily/Sunday Review; James Towner, Publisher (Printed with permission of James Towner)
Transcribed by:  Richard J. McCracken; Towanda, PA; 30 Jan 2001

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Surname Given Name Add. Name Add. Name Title Date Age of… Address/Notes
Irvine Odessa M.     12-Dec 65 Towanda, PA RR 2
Iszard Anna Lee     16-Jun 105 formerly of Elmira, NY  
Jackson Ralph W.     08-Apr 82 Athens, PA RR 1
Jayne Alvin R.     15-Oct   Tunkhannock, PA Wyoming Co
Jennings Mariah Lynn     28-Feb   Towanda, PA RR 3
Jennings Muriel Quick     21-Jun 89 Wysox, PA  
Jensen Gladys Lusk     05-May   formerly of Burlington  
Johnson Walter James     29-Jan 49 Towanda, PA 22 Mechanic St.
Johnson Mercur F.     12-Feb 88 formerly of Syracuse, NY Onondaga Co
Johnson Anna Mae     11-Jun 66 formerly of Towanda, PA  
Johnson Lucinda       02-Oct 96 Troy, PA  
Johnson Charles R.   Sr. 02-Oct 74 New Albany, PA RR 1
Johnson Henry Edward     09-Dec 65 Terrytown, PA  
Jones George J.     21-Mar 96 Sayre, PA  
Kacyon Gertrude       25-Nov 89 Summerville State/Co not stated
Kamarauskas Lottie G.     05-Dec 74 West Auburn, PA Susquehanna Co
Karschner George V.     08-Jun 64 Towanda, PA  
Kasson Olin "Sammy"   Jr. 19-Oct 68 Ulster, PA  
Kast Zeta Burgess     08-Apr 86 Forksville, PA RR, Sullivan Co
Kauffman James Edward     22-May 43 Marion, MT formerly of Dushore, PA
Keck Marie E.     08-Apr 75 Hornbrook, PA  
Keegan Walter C.     21-Nov 78 Athens, PA  
Keeler C. Ellen Huff Pollack   03-Jun 80 Stoneville, NC  
Keeler Geraldine E.     24-Jun 85 East Smithfield, PA  
Keir Benjamin       25-Aug 21 Warren Center, PA  
Kellogg Donald Jerry     02-Nov 56 Milan, PA  
Kennedy Harold E.   Sr. 10-Apr 82 Roaring Branch, PA RR 1 Lycoming Co
Kenyon James W.     13-Feb 80/89 Troy/Troy Twp, PA reported twice
Kepner John E.     14-Oct 46 Ulster, PA RR 2
Kerr Kenneth D.     06-Dec 75 Wyalusing, PA  
Kimball Harold A.   Jr; CPA 11-Nov 79 Laporte, PA Sullivan Co
Kinch Gladys L.     22-Jan 89 Troy, PA RR 3
King Annabel Roberts     16-Apr 86 Duluth, MN  
Kintner William Robinson     14-Sep 70 Wyoming Co, PA  
Kipling Joseph George     16-Jun 79 Towanda, PA  
Kirk Donna M.     28-May 55 White Haven, PA ?? Co
Klein Josephine       29 Feb 61 Troy, PA  
Klump Margaret Knapp     13-Feb 89 formerly of Canton area, PA  
Knecht Howard Wesley     24-Feb 92 formerly of Gibbsboro, NJ  
Kobbe Beltha       19-Jan 77 Forksville, PA RR 2 Sullivan Co
Kot Adele Matilda Esenwein   25-Dec 81 Sugar Creek, PA  
Kravitz John     Jr. 30-Oct 80 Lopez, PA Sullivan Co
Kreitzer Rachael M.     25-Jan 61 Canton, PA  
Kremer Robert D.     28-Feb 70 Colley Twp, PA Sullivan Co
Kuyper Hazel M. (Siney)   22-Oct 87 Columbia Xroads, PA  
Kvergas John E.   Sr. 12-Nov 76 Friendsville, PA Susquehanna Co
LaFrance Dorothy M.     28-Jun 80 Lawton, PA Susquehanna Co
Lake Elizabeth E.     22-May 83 Ulster Twp, PA  
LaMont Helen Lelia     25-Sep 99 formerly of Granville Summit, PA  
Langford Gordon E.     24-Nov 83 Sayre, PA  
Lantz William P.     13-Mar 81 Leraysville, PA RR 1
Lantz Raymond H.     15-Dec 83 Towanda, PA RR 4
Lattimer Harry Earl     06-Dec 63 Canton, PA  
Layman Kathryn G.     10-Oct 100 Hollenback, PA  
Lazaar Isaac I.   Dr. 03-Sep 79 Athens, PA  
Learn Mary Jane Thompkins   26-Apr 95 formerly of Sheshequin Twp  
Learn Philip L.     08-Nov 75 Sheshequin Twp, PA  
Lee William Bruce     17-Jul 71 Troy, PA  
Lee Robert A.     07-Dec 83 Towanda, PA RR 3
Lenox John D.     06-Jan 80 Vestal, NY Broome Co
Leonard Marcy Jean     29-Mar   Gillett, PA RR 1
Leonard Dorothy Kemp     17-Jul 82 Canton, PA  
Lewis Florence Amelia Lutz   06-Mar 76 Beverly Hills, FL  
Lewis George Janiton     23-Mar 83 Beverly Hills, FL  
Lewis Doris Barnes     26-Mar 83 Towanda, PA  
Lewis Cedric Austin     07-Aug 77 Towanda Twp, PA  
Lindley Alma L.     14-Mar 86 Troy, PA RR 3
Line Paul R.   Jr. 25-Jun   Laceyville, PA RR 2 Wyoming Co
Lines Marie VanNess     09-May 71 Asylum Twp, PA Towanda RR 2
Little Henry       07-Apr 90 Nordmont, PA Sullivan Co
Litzelman Mary T.     19-May 89 Dushore, PA  
Lockwood John W.   Jr. 10-Jun 81 Matawan, NJ formerly of Towanda, PA
Loek Reinhold "Gene"     06-Aug 86 Wyalusing, PA  
Logan R. Mark     20-Aug 35 Canton, PA RR 1
Long Margaret B.     31-Jan 90 Laceyville, PA RR 2 Wyoming Co
Long Norrine "Pipher"     10-Aug 70 Sayre, PA  
Loomis Earl R.     07-Mar 92 Milan, PA RR 1
Loughnane Mae       26-Nov 90 Nordmont, PA Sullivan Co
Luckey Dora Helen (Ripley)   10-Jan 82 of Sylvania, PA  
Ludwig Leo       31-Jan 86 Athens, PA RR 2
Lundy Ethel       30-Aug 103 formerly of Towanda and Hornbrook, PA  
Lundy Elouise A.     15-Dec 92 Canton, PA  
Lutz Oliver M     21-Jan 90 Towanda, PA RR 4
Lynch Barbara E.     28-May 82 formerly of Athens, PA  


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