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Some Bradford County Deaths, 2000

From:  The Sunday Review, Towanda, PA Supplement, "The 2000 Year in Review"; 28 Jan 2001
Copyright © 2001 The Daily/Sunday Review; James Towner, Publisher (Printed with permission of James Towner)
Transcribed by:  Richard J. McCracken; Towanda, PA; 30 Jan 2001

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Surname Given Name Add. Name Add. Name Title Date Age of… Address/Notes
MacAfee Audrey Fay     15-May 67 North Augusta, SC  
Manley Helen       01-Sep 84 Troy, PA  
Mann William J.     03-Oct 63 Troy, PA  
Manuel George H   Sr. 30-Jan 50 Cherry Twp, PA ?? Co
Manuel George W.   Jr. 25-Nov 74 Mildred, PA Sullivan Co
Mapes Kenneth Wayne     03-Mar 72 Sugar Run, PA RR 1
Mapes Gordon Douglas     08-Jun 27 formerly of Sugar Run, PA  
Marcy Charles W. "Chuck"   16-Jun 32 Monroe Twp, PA  
Margerum Helen U.     19-Dec 88 Wyalusing, PA RR 1
Markhouse Jennie       29-Mar 86 Ulster, PA  
Maskarinec Michael       27-Oct 72 Towanda, PA  
May Nichole L. "Nikki"   14-Nov 27 Apalachin, NY Tioga Co
Maynard Rexford L.     23-Jan 81 Fassett, PA ?? Co
McClure Alfred W.     15-Mar 82 Troy, PA  
McClure Lewis E.     21-Sep 83 Columbia Xroads, PA  
McConnell Aldine Brown     12-Jan 95 Towanda, PA  
McConnell Earl Luther     27-Jun 42 South Waverly, PA  
McCormick Dorothy "Dottie" Rose Shores   10-Jun 71 Towanda, PA RR 1
McDonald Wilma Betty     17-Nov 74 Philadelphia, PA Phila Co
McEneany Joseph J.     14-Feb 92 Terry Twp, PA  
McGee Joseph L.   II 28-Nov 51 Pottstown, PA ?? Co
McGovern Thomas       18-Nov 84 Towanda, PA  
McGrath Francis V.   Sr. 25-Aug 69 Athens, PA  
McIntire Thomas I.     16-May 57 formerly of New Albany, PA  
McKinney Frances B.     18-Sep 100 formerly of Sayre, PA RR 2
McLinko Michael       05-Feb 80 Towanda, PA  
McMahon John L. "Jack"   07-Apr 66 Pennsdale, PA ?? Co
McMorran Florence Wealtha Hicks   05-Jan 90 formerly of Towanda, PA  
McNeal Willis R.   Sr. 06-Jun 74 Towanda, PA RR 3
McNeal Francis L.     10-Sep 73 Port Charlotte, FL  
McNeal Roberta Coleen     07-Oct 81 Topeka, KS  
McPherson Alferd       06-Feb 74 Canton, PA  
Meredith James Evan     25-Aug   Towanda, PA (of Wysox Twp)
Merrill George L.     08-Apr 75 Litchfield Twp, PA  
Merrill Helen D.     22-Aug 83 East Athens, PA  
Merritt Merle       12-May 86 Athens, PA  
Milinski Benny E.     12-Mar 66 Shunk, PA Sullivan Co
Miller Robert Walter     18-Feb 75 Dushore, PA RR 2, Sullivan Co
Miller Lois M.     21-Apr 60 Willseyville, NY  
Miller Zoe Irene     09-May 89 Eagles Mere, PA Sullivan Co
Miller Mildred Lois     08-Jun 86 Tunkhannock, PA Wyoming Co
Miller Charles L.     01-Aug 81 formerly of Athens, PA  
Miller George       13-Sep 63 Lopez, PA Sullivan Co
Miller Marley R.   Jr. 10-Nov 69 Bloomsburg, PA ?? Co
Miller John H.     19-Nov 76 Towanda, PA  
Mills Mary L. Timmerman   14-Mar 65 Ulster, PA  
Mingos Vauneta L.     20-Apr 89 Elmira, NY Chemung Co
Minier Samuel H.     26-Jan 64 Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Mitchell James L.   Sr. 15-Jun 72 Hector, NY  
Mohila Catherine       20-Feb 84 Towanda, PA  
Molyneaux Helen V.     13-Aug 91 formerly of Forksville, PA Sullivan Co
Molyneaux Lulu       07-Nov 88 Forksville, PA Sullivan Co
Montanye Frances D.     07-Apr 92 Towanda, PA  
Montgomery Paul C.     27-Aug 82 Wyalusing, PA RR 4
Moody Harold L.     03-Jul 25 formerly of Troy, PA  
Moore Elmer T.     11-Jul 89 North Orwell, PA  
Moran Joseph F.     10-Oct 73 York, PA York Co
Morgan Richard L.     16-Jan 77 formerly of Elmira, NY Chemung Co
Morley Harold Kenneth "Kenny"   25-Dec 80 Burlington, PA  
Morris Julia Clara "Jule"   02-Nov 87 Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Morse Richard R.     24-Feb 69 Sayre, PA  
Mosier Louise       03-Jan 86 Wyalusing, PA  
Mott Myrtle Irene Brackman   03-Oct 87 Troy, PA  
Mowry Kenneth V.     14-Jun 76 Meshoppen, PA Wyoming Co
Mowry Shirley A.     21-Jul 64 South Auburn, PA Susquehanna Co
Mullican Elsie B.     12-Jan 82 Wyalusing, PA RR 1
Mushallo Anne Moschiewsky     15-Jul 87 Weston, CT  
Musser Esther Vought     21-Sep 88 Miffllinburg, PA 8 Ward Way, ?? Co
Nagle Helen M.     23-Nov 93 Sayre, PA  
Nati Louis Francis     27-Dec 89 Dushore, PA Sullivan Co
Naugle William T.     29-Jun 91 Towanda, PA  
Newill James H.     06-Nov 90 Milan, PA RR 1
Nichols Sibyl       06-Jul 86 Barton, NY Tioga Co
Nichols Leon       13-Sep 73 Athens, PA RR 1
Nilsson Catherine       03-Apr 84 Great Neck, NY  
Nitcznski Marjorie       23-Jun 75 Sugar Hill, Cherry Twp, PA ?? Co
Noble Frances (Manley)     25-Jan 86 formerly of Gillett, PA  
Nohse Marion A. "Hall"   27-Sep 89 formerly of East Smithfield, PA  
North Albert S. "Al"   02-Apr 92 formerly of Athens, PA  
Northrop Robert Brian     10-Feb 36 Ontario, NY Ontario Co
Northrup Elaine       09-May 85 Sayre, PA  
Northrup Josephine Thelma Scott   28-May 78 Milan, PA  
Nowlan Ernest Robert     26-Dec 93 Gillett, PA  
Nuckolls C. Irma     16-May 90 formerly of Tuscon, AZ  
Oakes Maryann "Terry"     15-Mar 77 Rome, PA RR 2
Oberholtzer Frances M.     10-Jan 70 formerly of Canton, PA  
Oberholtzer John W.     13-Jun 57 Boyerstown, PA ?? Co
O'Connor Richard D.     19-May 68 formerly of Athens, PA  
Ostrander Melvin J. L.   30-Apr 77 Homer, NY  
Owczarski Rosella "Rose"     21-Dec   Peoria, AZ  
Owen Shirley M.     15-Oct 59 Binghamton, NY Broome Co


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