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Tioga High School Alumni 1886-1948
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1949 Williamson High School - Keystone Yearbook
Scanned pages submitted by Samuel Leonard
Alumni Directory
In 1948/49 three small high schools, Tioga, Lawrenceville and Millerton,  merged into Williamson. This is now part of the Northern Tioga School District.
Editor of Tioga alumni list - Betty Hughes, Tioga, PA
Tioga High School - 1886 - 1948

Photo of Tioga School sent in by Mr. Marion Smith


1949 Williamson High School YearBook
Tioga High School  1886-1926 1927-1935 1936-1948
Lawrenceville High School 1891-1910 1911-1919 1920-1928
1929-1935 1936-1941 1942-1948
Millerton High School 1914-1923 1924-1931 1932-1936
1937-1943 1944-1948
Williamson High School 1949 1950
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Troy High School Graduates 1873-1941
Elkland High School Graduates 1880-1963
Ulster High School Graduates 1902-1953
Mansfield High School Graduates 1913-2010
Liberty High School Graduates 1913-1983
High Schools in general
Surname First Name Year Spouse Deceased by 1949 Residence [in 1949]
Tioga - Class of 1886          
Smith Clive 1886   yes  
Smith Inez 1886 E.D. Brigham yes  
Smith Winifred 1886 Will Alcorn yes  
Tioga - Class of 1887          
Baldwin Lewis 1887   yes  
Barden Olive 1887 Fred Nearing   Tioga, PA
Broughtin Hannah 1887     Roaring Branch, PA
Smith Charles, Dr. 1887   yes  
Tioga - Class of 1888          
Inscho Lena 1888 William McCormack   Tioga, PA
Smith May 1888 Herman Kemp yes  
Wilkins Will S. 1888   yes  
Tioga - Class of 1889          
Aiken Frank L. 1889     Tioga, PA
Dewey Alfred 1889   yes  
Farr Lowell       Shelton Hotel, Lexington Ave. at 49th Street, New York City
Hazlett Allie 1889 Joseph Rhodes yes  
Johnson Ada 1889   yes  
Krieger John 1889     Greenwood, NY
Shappee Fred 1889   yes  
Schiefflin Edward 1889   yes  
White Emma 1889 William Smith yes  
Tioga - Class of 1891          
Beers Ella 1891 John Decker   Mount Zoar St., NY
Smith Elmer B. 1891   yes  
Wheeler George 1891   yes  
Tioga Class of 1892          
Babcock Mary 1892 Charles A. Wright   247 E. Genesse St., Auburn, NY
Dailey Matteson E. 1892     79 Norman St., Corning, NY
Wilkins Anna 1892 Fred Shappee   299 Adelphi St., Brooklyn, NY
Tioga - Class of 1895          
Boughtin Harriet 1895   yes  
Tioga - Class of 1898          
Dagett Leah 1898 Maynard Murch   19115 Shaker Blvd., Cleveland, OH
Griffin Bertha 1898 F.W. Watts   723 Market St., Kingston, PA
Kraiss Dorothea E. 1898     4518 Osage Ave., Philadelphia, PA
Krieger Fredrica 1898 Meade Close   Tioga, PA
Shea Ella 1898     8 Elmhurst Park, Knoxville, TN
Tioga - Class of 1899          
Bishop Lou 1899 J.A. White   142 Riverside Drive, Binghamton, NY
Engler Louise 1899     Tioga, PA
Field Kathleen 1899 D.W. Longwell yes  
Grammenstetter Louise 1899     Fort Lee, NJ
Greene Lewis 1899     14 Cone Street, Wellsboro, PA
Tioga - Class of 1901          
Alford Bess 1901 John Stevens   Blossburg, PA
Dewey Mazie 1901 Lewis Greene yes  
Kraiss Helen 1901 Herman Snyder   Philadelphia, Miss.
Steele Clara 1901     Corning, NY; RD#1
Tioga - Class of 1902          
Lechner Rose 1902     424 Lincoln Highway, Coatesville, PA
Tioga - Class of 1903          
Berry Erma 1903 Amos Reese   California
Green Anna 1903 J.G. Stull   New Brunswick, NJ
Lechner John 1903   yes  
Leutner Louis 1903     131 Eldred St., Williamsport, PA
Peck Jennie 1903 John Foster   197 Beers St., Keyport, NJ
Rhodes Gertrude 1903 Charles Slavin   126 Lowell Ave., Youngstown, Ohio
Tioga - Class of 1905          
Blanchard Oliver 1905     Tioga, PA
Camp Edna 1905 Burton Buckbee yes  
Candey Eva 1905   yes  
French Helen 1905 Leslie Reynolds   Danville, PA
Hall Louise 1905 Perry Elliot yes  
Hughes Joseph 1905     First National Bank of Wilmerding, Pitcairn Branch, Pitcairn, PA
Krieger Eva 1905 Fred LaVancher   Tioga, PA
Lechner Fred [Dr.] 1905     Montoursville, PA
Ramsdell Maude 1905 Vine B. Hughes yes  
Tioga - Class of 1906          
Berry Martha 1906     121 Summit Ave., Summit, NY
Groome Katherine 1906 Joseph Smart   190 Hood St., Lock Haven, PA
Krieger Fannie 1906 Joseph Berry   904 Sycamore St., Elmira, NY
Rathbun Mary 1906 Frank Graham   Tioga, PA
Tioga - Class of 1907          
Barney Anna 1907      
Berry Louise 1907   yes  
Rawson Lila 1907     1112 Ovid St., Elmira, NY
Tioga - Class of 1909          
Abrams Milan 1909     148 Berkshire Ave., Buffalo, NY
Adams Fred 1909   yes  
Brown Eliza 1909 Augustus Holleran   Tioga, PA
Butler Cecil 1909 Will Fish   Knoxville, PA
Campbell Edna 1909 ?? Dean   Wellsburg, NY
Collins Susan 1909 ?? Tome    11 Walnut St., Wellsboro, PA
Dibble Bertha 1909 Raymond Guton   Johnson City, NY
Hughes George 1909     2027 Dover St., Denver, Colo.
Hughes Lee [Dr.] 1909     19 Haskier Road, South Orange, NJ
Hughes Winifred 1909 Harold Rose yes  
LeBaron Harry 1909     6th & Broadway, Room 442, Savings & Trust Bank Building, San Diego, Calif.
Saxton Hazel 1909 Leon Shoop   5 Bryant Court, Great Barrington, Mass.
Stermer Alvena 1909 Edwin Gilmore   Hughesville, PA
Tioga - Class of 1910          
Daggett Myrtle 1910 Kenneth McNeil   97 North Pine Ave., Albany, NY
Grammenstetter Minnie 1910 J.L. Stair   7740 Saginaw St., Chicago, Ill.
Hyres Cheneta 1910 Moses Dorsey   31 Haendel St., Binghamton, NY
Lind Jennie 1910     China
Lyons Rose 1910 ?? Perry   115 Covins St., Long Beach, Calif.
Rhodes Richard 1910     265 Pine St., Corning, NY
Tioga - Class of 1911          
Burtch Olive 1911     Tioga, PA
Howe Jessie 1911   yes  
Leutner Francis 1911     77 Coligni Ave., New Rochelle, Long Island, NY
Poggendorf Gladys 1911 Ralph Minier   Tioga, PA
Price Mildred 1911   yes  
Reynolds Susie 1911 Richard Stitt   Fort Herodnga, Arizona
Saxton Doris 1911 Clive Burtch   Tioga, PA
Scott Hazel 1911 Veryl Downing   Wellsboro, PA
Shaw Ethel 1911 Abe Walker   Wellsboro, PA
Tioga - Class of 1912          
Ashdown Alfred 1912     59 Pearl St., New Hartford, NY
Brunner Leona 1912   yes  
Butler Crystal 1912 Francis Colegrove   Nelson, PA
Clark Martha 1912 Fred Fuller   Sunbury, PA
Engler Albert 1912     c/o Packard Garage, Williamsport, PA
Hall Philip 1912     11 Melon Ave., Troy, NY
Kettle Freda 1912 Andrew Marty   Wellsboro, PA
West Mae 1912 Ross Brown   Tioga, PA, RD#1
Wheeler Alice 1912 Leman McCann   Tioga, PA, RD#2
Tioga - Class of 1913          
Abrams Mary 1913 Fred Lechner   Montoursville, PA
Colegrove Francis 1913     Nelson, PA
Decker Mazie 1913 Ernest Ellison   331 Jerome St., Painted Post, NY
Colegrove Walter 1913     Port Chester, NY
Planke Mildred 1913 Clarence Mitchell   Wellsville, NY
Satterlee Louise 1913   yes  
Steele Sidney 1913     Corning, NY, RD#1
Tioga - Class of 1914          
Bergh Louise 1914 Daniel Barron   Cherry Tree, PA
Kinney Kathleen 1914 Joseph Frick   Hamilton Circle, Painted Post, NY
Shutter Grace 1914 Wayne Cleveland   Mansfield, PA
Tioga - Class of 1916          
Brigham Adelaide 1916 Dennis ?? [unreadable]   106 Ridenour St., Clarksburg, W. VA
Clark Miriam 1916 Ivan Draper   430 Vermont St., Buffalo, NY
Connelly Irene 1916 Donald Worthington   Tioga, PA
Cornelius Elizabeth 1916 Earl Compton   Chestnut St., Harrisburg, PA
George William 1916     1642 W. Calvin St., Syracuse, NY
Kennedy Ralph 1916     Niagara Falls, NY
Lind Esther 1916 Russell Farmer   Elmira, NY, RD
Smith Gladys 1916 Thomas Worrall   Tioga, PA
Tioga - Class of 1917          
Ashdown Emma 1917   yes  
Carlson Selma 1917 Erwin West   Tioga, PA
Hughes Donald 1917     Mansfield, PA
Hughes Ruby 1917 Harold Shaw   71 Longfellow Drive, Springfield, Mass.
Shaw Harold 1917     71 Longfellow Drive, Springfield, Mass.
Treat Edward 1917     Tioga, PA
Urell Catherine [Dr.] 1917 Olin Lutes   141 Joralemon St., Brooklyn, NY
West Erwin I. 1917     Tioga, PA
Tioga - Class of 1918          
Ashdown Dorothy 1918 Ira Woolson   1858 Ontario Ave., Niagara Falls, NY
Brigham Sarah 1918 Olin Rhodes   506 High Ave., Union, NY
Burtch Oscar 1918   yes  
Duffy Francis 1918     230 Park Ave., New York 17, NY
Hughes Celia 1918 Donald Loveless   Tioga, PA
Kentch Emma 1918 ?? Neary   29 Arthur St., Binghamton, NY
Keeney Marion 1918 Chester Holland   1 Dewitt Road, Elizabeth, NY
Mitchell Winfield 1918     1221 Cherry St., Williamsport, PA
Nearing Carolyn 1918 R.B. Walter   Tioga, PA
Rouse Robert 1918     Presho, NY
Sheldon Isabel 1918 Chauncey Taylor   11401 Frankstown Road, Wilkinsburg, PA
Smith Karl 1918     42 Southridge Drive, Glendall 22, St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri
Taylor Chauncey 1918     11401 Frankstown Road, Wilkinsburg, PA
VanDruff Aaron 1918     Tioga, PA, RD#1
Tioga - Class of 1919          
Aiken Eunice 1919 Colie Smith   Tioga, PA, RD#1
Hillman Marie 1919 ?? Davis yes  
Holmes Ethel 1919 Ernest Stoddard   Lawrenceville, PA
Keeney Louise 1919 H.H. Wilcox   Mexico, NY, RD#2
Layton Mabel 1919     Johnson City, NY
Tioga - Class of 1920          
Andrus Rawson 1920   yes  
Benson Walter 1920     52 Liberty St., Kearney, NJ
Buckbee Genevieve 1920 Colie Smith yes  
Camp Ethel 1920 Robert VanZandt yes  
Surname First Name Year Spouse Deceased by 1949 Residence [in 1949]
Tioga - Class of 1921          
Buckbee Ethel 1921 Joseph Swain   Tioga, PA; RD1
Button Leila 1921 Willard Raife   Vestal, NY
Carleton Percy 1921     Yale St., Elmira, NY
Field Mildred 1921     New York City, NY
Hughes John 1921     24940 Gratiot St., East Detroit, Michigan
Hughes Henry 1921     18240 Kentucky St., Detroit 21, Michigan
Kemp Mary 1921 Emerson Rice   Elmira, NY
Lincoln Rachael 1921 Peter Phinney   Watkins Glen, NY
Manning Hazel 1921 Hugh Ives   Nelson, PA
Mitchell Ernest 1921   yes  
Nearing Robert 1921     12 Huston St., Towanda, PA
Pettigrew Margaret 1921 Herbert Cleveland   Mansfield, PA
Wells Helen 1921 Sherwood Wirt   Univ. Congl. Church, E. 43rd and Brooklyn St., Seattle 5, Washington
West Marjorie 1921 Oliver Hughes   Tioga, PA; RD2
Woodruff Hazel 1921 Ernest Rommel yes  
Tioga - Class of 1922          
Carleton Dorothy 1922 Edgar Cole   203 Broadman St., Elmira, NY
Ellis Louise 1922 W.A. Martin   Endicott, NY
Heck Genevieve 1922 Morris Butman   Howard St., Elmira, NY
Keeney Chancy 1922     487 Union Ave., Belleville, NJ
Loveless Donald 1922     Tioga, PA; RD1
Loveless Robert 1922     Tioga, PA; RD2
Mann Elvira 1922 Victor Finch   Nelson, PA
Swain Elizabeth 1922 ?? Quayle   321 Madison Ave., Elmira, NY
West Doris 1922 Wilfred Cambers   201 E. Franklin St., Endicott, NY
Willis Mary 1922 Ralph Bala   3228 Ash St., Mt. Louise, Washington
Tioga - Class of 1923          
Brunner Mildred 1923 Frank Reeve   Endicott, NY
Urell Louise 1923     87-71 256th St., Floral Park, Queens, NY
Tioga - Class of 1924          
Close Merritt 1924   yes  
Decker Averil 1924 Edward Early   509 Herrick St., Elmira, NY
Havens Frederick 1924     9 Delaware St., Cooperstown, NY
Holleran Daniel 1924     57 Third Ave., Kingston, PA
Kemp Maynard 1924     Nelson, PA
Leach Myra 1924 David B. Bachman   44 N. Bradford St., Dover, Delaware
Loveless Bethel 1924 R.S. Muller   1149 Anna St., W. Englewood, NJ
Loveless Harriet 1924 William Briggs   Wellsboro, PA
Mitchell Marguerite 1924 Harold Jones   Tioga, PA; RD2
Prugh Louise 1924 Frank Button   Tioga, PA; RD2
West Rita 1924 Ned Biery   Franklin, PA; RD
Surname First Name Year Spouse Deceased by 1949 Residence [in 1949]
Tioga - Class of 1925          
Benson Vendetta 1925 Raymond Hatfield   Tioga, PA
Butler Ruth 1925 Reginald Folts   Orchard Park, NY
Hughes Chester 1925     958 McHinley Place, Elmira, NY
Hughes Dorothy 1925 Leonard Brachley   Lawrenceville, PA
Lain Leora 1925 Frederick Baker   Millerton, PA
Mitchell Mildred 1925 ?? Griffin   Newark Valley, NY
Reynolds Kathryn 1925 ?? Olson   Corning, NY
Treat Hazel 1925 Rhodes Butler   Tioga, PA, RD#1
Warters Leon 1925     Big Flats, NY
Tioga - Class of 1926          
Aiken Dorothy 1926 Wayne Hutchinson   Covington, PA
Brigham Edwin D. 1926     615 Church St., Endicott, NY
Deming Howard E. 1926     842 Grosvenor Road, Rochester 10, NY
Herrington Emma 1926 Juney Butler   Lawrenceville, PA
Horton Robert L. 1926     Tioga, PA, RD#2
Horton Ruby 1926 Norman Colegrove   Tioga, PA, RD#2
Jones Harriet 1926 ?? King   Tioga, PA
Jones Jeannette 1926 Robert Nearing   12 Huston St., Towanda, PA
Lincoln Samuel 1926     c/o Fred Reynolds, Engineer, 601 19th St., N.W., Washington, DC
Loveless Helen 1926 James Brown   Crooked Creek, PA
Mitchell Helen 1926 W.J. Miskimins   Salem, Ohio, RD#4
Reese Frank 1926     Lindley, NY
Simonds Oscar 1926     Tioga, PA, RD#1
Stowe Thelma 1926   yes  
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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