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Lawrenceville High School Alumni 1891-1948
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1949 Williamson High School - Keystone Yearbook
Scanned pages submitted by Samuel Leonard
Alumni Directory
In 1948/49 three small high schools, Tioga, Lawrenceville and Millerton,  merged into Williamson. This is now part of the Northern Tioga School District.
Editor of Lawrenceville alumni list - Arlene Patterson, Lawrenceville, PA
Lawrenceville High School Graduates 1891-1948
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1949 Williamson High School YearBook
Tioga High School  1886-1926 1927-1935 1936-1948
Lawrenceville High School 1891-1910 1911-1919 1920-1928
1929-1935 1936-1941 1942-1948
Millerton High School 1914-1923 1924-1931 1932-1936
1937-1943 1944-1948
Williamson High School 1949 1950
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High Schools in general
Surname First Name Year Spouse Deceased by 1949 Residence
Lawrenceville - Class of 1936          
Barber Evelyn L. 1936 T. Middaugh   Sly Ave., Corning, NY
English Harold H. 1936     Lawrenceville, PA
Howe Richard J. 1936     New Haven, Conn.
Kemp Launenza E. 1936 Carlton Davis   Nelson, PA
Miller Eudora E. 1936 G. Manley   Nelson, PA
Reep Julia E. 1936 R. Catchpole   Corning, NY
Reep Wayne A. 1936     Lawrenceville, PA
Richardson Lloyd T. 1936     Lawrenceville, PA; RD
Schoner Howard L. 1936     Elmira, NY
Shoemaker Raymond 1936     Addison, NY
Lawrenceville - Class of 1937          
Bailey Guy V. 1937     Ithaca, NY
Button Mary Jane 1937 R. Jones   Tioga, PA
Cary Elsie M. 1937 Charles Miller   Lawrenceville, PA
Cary Louise Ellen 1937 D. Cummings   Mansfield, PA
Croft Pauline M. 1937 Arthur Watson   Elkland, PA
Deats Inez E. 1937 Phillip Egleston   Lawrenceville, PA
Garrison Marie A. 1937 Robert Young   Lawrenceville, PA
Holder John L. 1937     Westfield, PA
Rumberger Walter E. 1937   yes  
Seamans Guy W. 1937     Lawrenceville, PA
Tilford Anna H. 1937     Lawrenceville, PA; RD
Lawrenceville - Class of 1938          
Bailey Robert C. 1938     Oklahoma City, Okla.
Barber Ellsworth E. 1938     Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA
Burrows Leon C. 1938     Camp Mead, Maryland
Cole Gordon A. 1938     Lawrenceville, PA; attending Mansfield State Teachers College
English Vera Jeanne 1938 Gordon Houghtaling   Galeton, PA
Farr Edward R. 1938     Addison, NY
Holder Robert R. 1938     Wellsville, NY
Houghtaling Gordon A. 1938 Vera Jeanne English   Galeton, PA
Kemp David C. 1938     Elkland, PA
Kemp Elnora Mae 1938     New York City
Manley Ruth Irene 1938 R. Orr   Presho, NY
Preston Erma Goldie 1938 W. Pease   Nelson, PA
Swan Arthur T., Jr. 1938     Lawrenceville, PA
Tillinghast Elizabeth C. 1938 Allen Collum   Tioga, PA
Lawrenceville - Class of 1939          
Baker Florence Ruth 1939     Rochester, NY
Brennan Elwin F. 1939     Lancaster, PA
Crane Alwyn E. 1939     Lawrenceville, PA
Dimmick Elizabeth A. 1939     Lawrenceville, PA
Edgar Laura Lee 1939     Corning, NY
Gleason Paul E. 1939     Nelson, PA
Reep Eva Jane 1939 Donald Knaus   66 East Ave., Wellsboro, PA
Satterly Joyce E. 1939 Ellsworth Howe   1247 Park Street, Alameda, Calif.
Lawrenceville - Class of 1940          
Bump Dorothy Jean 1940 John Coughlin   Washington, D.C.
Cary Harvey C. 1940     Lawrenceville, PA
Burrows Clarabell 1940 J.J. Zremski   Elkland, PA
Cleveland Theron N. 1940   yes  
Cole Jean A. 1940 Charles Hackett   Westfield, PA
Croft Richard R. 1940     Elkland, PA
Doud Eloise E. 1940 Charles Heffener   14 Spring St., Port Javeus, NY
Elliott Dilbert J. 1940     Nelson, PA
Hackett Charles R. 1940 Jean A. Cole   Westfield, PA
Hulslander Helen M. 1940     Lawrenceville, PA
Howe Eloise R. 1940 Paul Pauley   Elmira, NY
Ingersoll Betty Lou 1940 Foster O. West   Lawrenceville, PA
Seamans Bessie W. 1940 Guy Bialey   Ithaca, NY
Shoemaker Velma Lois 1940     Binghamton, NY
Whitney Mary e. 1940 ?? Mitchell   Elmira, NY
Lawrenceville - Class of 1941          
Blend Helen E. 1941     Rochester, NY
Brown Elwin C. 1941   yes  
Davis Naomi Lucile 1941 Frederick W. Eiffert Jr.   490 Orchard Street, New Haven, Conn
Dimmick Willard R. 1941   yes Killed in Action, World War II
Edgar Roger M. 1941   yes Killed in Action, World War II
Eiffert Frederick W., Jr. 1941 Naomi Lucile Davis   New Haven, Conn.
Garrison Lois Elayne 1941 ?? Lauper   637 Reynolds St., Elmira, NY
Guisewite Grace Ruth 1941 Lawrence Brown   Lawrenceville, PA
Heysham Keith E. 1941     Nelson, PA
Heysham Kenneth M. 1941     Nelson, PA
Kemp Robert M. 1941     Attending Mansfield State Teachers College
Merritt Ella Julia 1941     Nelson, PA
Owlett Harold A. 1941     Nelson, PA
Reep John H., Jr. 1941     Corning, NY
Rumberger Donald S. 1941   yes  

Last Updated on 9/27/2010
By Joyce M. Tice