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Lawrenceville High School Alumni 1891-1948
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1949 Williamson High School - Keystone Yearbook
Scanned pages submitted by Samuel Leonard
Alumni Directory
In 1948/49 three small high schools, Tioga, Lawrenceville and Millerton,  merged into Williamson. This is now part of the Northern Tioga School District.
Editor of Lawrenceville alumni list - Arlene Patterson, Lawrenceville, PA
Lawrenceville High School Graduates 1891-1948
Photo of Lawrenceville High School Needed for this Space. If you have one, send in in HIGH resolution .jpg format. 
1949 Williamson High School YearBook
Tioga High School  1886-1926 1927-1935 1936-1948
Lawrenceville High School 1891-1910 1911-1919 1920-1928
1929-1935 1936-1941 1942-1948
Millerton High School 1914-1923 1924-1931 1932-1936
1937-1943 1944-1948
Williamson High School 1949 1950
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High Schools in general
Surname First Name Year Spouse Deceased by 1949 Residence
Lawrenceville - Class of 1891          
Darling Carlos Parsons 1891     Lawrenceville, PA
Parkhurst Frederick William 1891   yes  
Lawrenceville - Class of 1893          
Koon May S. 1893 W.S. Cartwright yes  
Lawrenceville - Class of 1894          
Smith Mida D. 1894     743 West Clinton St., Elmira, NY
Matteson Charles 1894     Hampton, VA
Matteson Harry 1894   yes  
Lawrenceville - Class of 1895          
Darling Walter William 1895     Corning, NY
Rolfe John Furman 1895   yes  
Lee Myrtle L. 1895   Lawrenceville, PA
Hill Mary Enza 1895 Floyd Bryant   325 Ervine Pl., Elmira, NY
Bryant Arthur Glen 1895     Lawrenceville, PA
Ryon James Percy 1895     New York City, NY
Lawrenceville - Class of 1897          
Clisham Elizabeth Katherine 1897   yes  
Coon Cora Eulalia 1897 Koon Kuhl yes  
Horton Margaret Towle 1897     Lawrenceville, PA
Linesley Stella May 1897 W.R. Eaton   Lawrenceville, PA
Rhoclimer Caroline Adell 1897 Fred Glover   Elmira, NY
Smith Leora Marie 1897 Harry Webster   Wellsboro, PA
Lawrenceville - Class of 1898          
Holton Minnie 1898   yes  
Seeley Katherine 1898 Linas Inman yes  
Lawrenceville - Class of 1899          
Califf Della 1899 ?? Murphy   Buffalo, NY
Hughes Nina 1899 Ernest Treat yes  
Leinhardt Elsie 1899   yes  
Northrup Leah 1899   yes  
Tremaine Elizabeth 1899 Fred Cornell   Lawrenceville, PA
Lawrenceville - Class of 1902          
Coon Eva 1902     Denver, Colo.
Rockwell Bessie 1902     Lawrenceville, PA
Tilford Anna 1902 Joseph Woodford yes  
Lawrenceville - Class of 1903          
Ballard Clyde M. 1903   yes  
Ballard Edith M. 1903   yes  
Crowl Maud L. 1903 Charles Jackson   Lawrenceville, PA
Hutchinson Ida C. 1903 Allen G. Price yes  
Mitchell Margaret A. 1903 Robert Terwilliger yes  
Smith Effie 1903 W.H. Ryon   Lawrenceville, PA
Walz Leo L. 1903     Lawrenceville, PA
Lawrenceville - Class of 1904          
Caulkins Ines L. 1904 Ben Ball   Nelson, PA
Cloos Helen O. 1904   yes  
Hill Phyllis L. 1904 Morton Bryant yes  
Howard Carrie E. 1904 ?? Coles yes  
Howard Laura A. 1904 Verne Schoner   Lawrenceville, PA
Mitchell Mabel 1904 Robert Terwilliger yes  
Preston Agnes S. 1904 Henry McCulloch   Lawrenceville, PA
Vosburgh Allen M. 1904   yes  
Lawrenceville - Class of 1906          
DuBois Eva 1906 John Carson   Penn Yan, NY
Harrison Grace 1906 Grant Bostwick   Horseheads, NY
Sheffer Myrtle 1906 Leland Andrews   Olean, NY
Lawrenceville - Class of 1907          
Close Howard A. 1907     Lawrenceville, PA; RD
Colby Lawrence T. 1907   yes  
Colegrove Ivedell G. 1907 ?? Goodman   Michigan
Guiles Marion H. 1907     Daytona Beach, Florida
Harrison Fred C. 1907     Elmira, NY
Howe Jerome B. 1907   yes  
Howe Myra M. 1907 Ray Smith   Corning, NY
Hutchinson Dorothy F. 1907     Lawrenceville, PA 
Kuhl Lela E. 1907 Bert Briggs   Waterbury, Conn.
Leggett Verne I. 1907 Roy Andrews yes  
Lawrenceville - Class of 1908          
Barnes Bertha 1908 Frank Andrews   Olean, NY
Colegrove Myrtle L. 1908   yes  
Close Wilbur L. 1908     Salem, Oregon
Day Dorothy S. 1908 Tilford W. Miller   Bedden Hill Road, Wilton, Conn.
Lindsley Phineas J. 1908     Elmira, NY
McConnell Nettie 1908 Wallace Vastbinder    
McConnell Harrison 1908     Buffalo, NY
Saxton Nellie I. 1908 ?? Guy   Williamsport, PA
Smith Helen E. 1908 A.S. Hawkins   Pasadena, Calif.
Lawrenceville - Class of 1909          
Brant Jennie L. 1909 Lee Reep   Lawrenceville, PA
Caton Donovah W. 1909   yes  
Colegrove Alma L. 1909 Arthur DeLong   Detroit, Michigan
Colegrove Charles H. 1909     Corning, NY
Colegrove Irma P. 1909     Lock Haven, PA
Kuhl Rockwell H. 1909     Lawrenceville, PA
Leggett Howard G. 1909   yes  
DeLong Ruth A. 1909      
Pritchard Arland Lewis 1909     Rochester, NY
Smith Hazel 1909 Charles H. Colegrove yes  
Ryon Marguerite Van Valkenburg 1909 Lewis A. Darling yes  
Watson Blanche L. 1909 Adrian Marsh   Lawrenceville, PA

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By Joyce M. Tice